Cute brunette poses in her outfit before touching herself masturbate homemade

Cute brunette poses in her outfit before touching herself masturbate homemade
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It had been the most brutal few months of my nineteen year life. The regimented routine, virtually no contact with non-church materials or media, endless pressure to drag people into baptism, and being joined at the hip 24/7 with a companion, some of whom drove me nuts, had not made for a spiritual experience so far.

In fact I could have sworn that a Nazi gulag would have been a step up!

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I was at least still in the United States though far from my home state. The year was 1994. In my small hometown it seemed everyone was a church member including all my family.

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Since everyone new everyone there was no separation of church from one's personal life. Guys my age went on missions, period. To not go meant total social censure and possibly being disowned by one's family. It would also mean not having any girl to date or marry you since they were all groomed from the cradle to only marry returned missionaries.

This would have been bad enough even if I still believed in the church but deep down, I didn't anymore. Even before I left I had questioned many things. There was just too much that was illogical, contradictory, clashed with well -established historic and scientific facts, or was frankly stupid. Yet, despite this, here I was spending the prime of my youth trying to get people to swallow this crap. After a long and particularly horrible day of having countless doors slammed in my face I simply lost it.

That evening back at our apartment I just spilled it and told my companion how I actually felt, knowing the consequences could be dire. He was the best companion I'd had to this point which did make it easier to talk with him.

To my enormous relief, not to mention amazement he told me he was in the same boat having mentally and emotionally ditched the church too. Now at least we could talk like normal nineteen year old guys in the privacy of our apartment at night.

Sex of course became a topic since at our age; we were both in our sexual prime. The fact was that we both had only the most basic carolina sweets lily rader in girls night of sexual matters.

We had the most vague, elementary, understanding of how babies were made. What real female anatomy looked like or the mechanics of having sex and how to do it were taboo and never taught to us.

Aside from "The Talk" that usually lasted about five minutes when you entered middle school, all that was ever said about sex was that it was evil and had to be avoided like the plague before marriage. Thus there could be no more mysterious and fascinating subject. One hot afternoon of being rejected at every door we had knocked on we rang the bell of a medium sized house.

Fully expecting to be kicked off the property we waited for a response. The door swung open and there was a big, tall kind of burly, hairy guy, wearing nothing more than a pair of running shorts and a smile. He must have been in his mid-thirties. My companion and I were both a bit small framed, somewhat nerdy, smooth for guys our age, and stood staring nervously at the guy like we were encountering Goliath.

"Hi guys! Come on in." he said in a refreshingly jovial manner while opening the screen for us.

Extremely relieved we followed him down a short hallway and into his living room. On entering it our jaws dropped! Had a UFO landed and disgorged a bevy of unicorns and fairies we couldn't have been more astonished! On a large TV screen ten feet in front of us was a video was playing and it wasn't the Tabernacle Choir either! The screen was filled with the image of a guy's butt. Both his legs were drawn up as he was lying on his side.

His dick and balls hung down and his hole was fully exposed with another guy's finger sliding in and out of it! All we could do was stand there like a couple of bedazzled deer in the headlights we were so stunned. As though there was absolutely slim naked blonde gets pussy massage massagerooms and massaging unusual going on, our host graciously asked if we would like some ice water and offered us a seat on the couch.

Ungluing our eyes from the screen and snapping back to reality we accepted. We really wanted to just keep watching the TV but also knew we couldn't deliver our message with it on. As politely as I pretty stickam teens stickam omegle vichatter etc muster, I asked that it be turned off. Suddenly a voice from another guy we hadn't noticed before said "No, this is just getting to the good part, watch." On the screen the finger pulled out of the guy's hole.

The camera pulled back showing the guy kneeling on all fours with his legs bent a slightly to make his butt stick out a little. The other guy knelt upright behind him and slid his big cock slowly into the guy's butt! It was clear they were both enjoying themselves as evidenced from the looks on their faces and the contented moans they were making.

Still standing we accepted our drinks from the first guy who introduced himself as Jake and his roommate as Jason. Once again I said something about turning off the TV.

The guys both laughed hard. Jake said "You really don't want us to do that, we can tell you know! Look down boys!" we did. To our enormous embarrassment we both had strong erections making tents in our suit pants!

"Its ok guys, hard ons like that just mean that you like what's on the TV. It means that deep down you want to do what they're doing. Your bodies are telling you they want to get fucked!

No use denying it. We can do that for you guys. We can help you feel what that guy is feeling with a cock in the ass." We were both speechless and trying desperately to process all of this. The pleasure showing on the TV guy's face and his moans had us so wrapped up we could feel our bodies responding on the most primal level. Elder Riley and I were both virgins in every way but we both knew for a fact that the church was BS as well as religion in general. If we did this, nobody would ever know it wasn't a normal first discussion.

Aside from the occasional masturbation, we had never experienced physical pleasure. It was time to change that. We looked at each other to see that we were both on board, than in shy, timid voices said "OK." "Great." You guys have no idea how good this will feel. Follow me." We followed Jake down the hall with Jason tagging along behind. Passing the bathroom Jake asked, "When's the last time you each took a good shit?" We told him about two hours ago.

"Perfect, your butts need to be empty for this you know." My mind and heart were racing as we entered a bedroom of modest size with two beds about five feet apart. "Here we are. Let's get naked and decide who gets whom.

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Sound good?" Jake said. We just dumbly nodded and started untying our shoes. Just as we had finished and started to loosen our ties Jason spoke up, "I don't want em completely naked, just from the waist down would be hotter." We stopped and Jake agreed "Just take your pants and shorts off boys. " With trembling hands we loosened our belts then dropped and stepped out of our slacks.

They snickered a bit at seeing our knee-length garments. "Good, turn around and keep goin, let see those asses." Jason said. Turning our backs to the gentlemen we grabbed our waistbands and shyly slid our garments down past our pelvic regions and stepped out of them. "WOW! Those are the cutest little butts! Which do you want Jake?!" He suggested they flip a coin to see who would be with whom.

Turning to see the result we were shocked to find both men naked, and they were impressive. Both were nearly a foot taller than us, and rather hairy, but Jason had a heavier and more portly build.

Both were extremely erect with Jakes cock being a bit thinner with a distinct upward curve and Jason's thicker and straighter. Both were a good eight inches and looked huge to us, not that we had any point of reference at the time. The coin flip came out pairing me with Jake and Riley with Jason. Jake and I took the right bed they took the left. Jake reclined on his back and encouraged me to explore his body. My hands ran over his beefy, hairy masculinity from head to foot.

He had me stroke and handle his manhood, every aspect of it. His legs spread wide with his knees bent granting full access to his crotch. I hefted his huge testicles and even rubbed the butt crack below. He purred in pleasure through all of this then finally told me it was time to get me ready. "Get on your side and pull both your legs way up for me." Doing as he said I lay there with my head on the bed wondering what was next.

Jake got behind me and started caressing my thighs, cock, balls and butt. It was really nice and I closed my eyes. They suddenly sprang wide open when something very warm and wet started working on my potty hole! It circled around flicking and sometimes pressing against it. The bed shook and shimmied for a moment as I hear a drawer being opened and closed.

"Relax your hole kid." Then his big finger touched it and slid inside! "There, how's that? Like it?" It was all I could do to mutter "Oh yeah!" in gasping tones. He moved it all around and in and out. Another digit soon joined the first and after several minutes I grew used to them being in me. So wrapped up in my own experience was I that I'd completely forgotten about Riley.

That is until I heard a loud grunt coming from the direction of his bed and turned to look. He and Jason were both ahead of us. Jason had my companion's smooth young body lying down on his back with his legs all the way back and resting his ankles on Jason's shoulders. I had turned my head just in time to watch in astonishment as Jason's huge cock disappeared to the balls in Riley's bottom! I couldn't believe it! That big heavy body fucking him, dwarfing him, was mesmerizing.

Then I felt the fingers leave me as Jake said, "Your turn kid, were going to webcam brunette babe teasing and having fun at home it just like they are." He put a pillow down and told me to put it under my hips then bring my own legs all the way back like Riley who was now getting his brains fucked out. Scared and shaking I did as he said with my heart racing in fear and anticipation.

With my legs in my face I couldn't really see what Jake was doing but I heard some kind of squishy sounds then felt a big glob of cold lube on my very exposed butthole. Was I really going to go through with this?! It wasn't too late to back out I thought.

Then I felt something! Something that was strangely very soft and hard at the same time was pressing against my anus! "Ok kid; clamp your ass as hard as you can then just relax it.

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Claaamp &hellip. relaaaax. That's it." Jake said gently coaching me. Doing just what he said I timed it perfectly with his instruction. A tingle shot through me his bulbous tip eased past my sphincter at the last letter of "relaaaax". The biggest hurdle behind us, Jake stretched his big, hairy, masculine body over me and put my calves over his shoulders.

"Say goodbye to your virginity kid!" Jake exclaimed as his mighty penis sank slowly into the hot, steamy paradise of my rectum! An involuntary "OOOHHH!!!" escaped my lips. It felt simply AMAZING! Then he started pumping in and out and it felt better! Jake's strong, angular, middle-aged face was right above my own as he asked, "What do you think kid? Like having me in your ass?!" All I could do was gasp out "OOOOOHHH YEEEAAAH! IT…IT … Fe, FEELS SOOOO GOOOD!!!" "Me to kid, LOVE being in your cute little butt!

Feels great on my cock!" Then he changed the angle and his dick started rubbing something inside me that felt fantastic! Later I would learn it was my prostate, but wow it felt GOOD!

Somehow adding to the ecstasy was that the guys had been right. It seemed far more naughty and exciting getting fucked hard in the ass while wearing a white shirt, name tag, and necktie. Suddenly remembering I was experiencing this with Riley glanced in his direction to see him lost in pleasure as Jason's cock pounded his relentlessly. Suddenly Jason let out a loud grunt and stopped. After a moment he pulled his dripping organ for Riley's rump.

Jake kept plunging into me then threw his head back and said, "I'm Hot brunette girlfriend adria rae fucking with bf in the couch striptease pornstars And with that I felt a strong burst of his cum shoot against the walls of my rectum. Moments later, he pulled his cock out of my butt too. Exhausted but very satisfied we slowly started recovering from our new experience.

"Now THAT really was divine!" Jake said with a chuckle in his voice. "By the way, know why we put you on your backs like that? That's called the missionary position, we thought it only appropriate! " We all laughed hard and got dressed.

On our way to the door we glanced at the TV to see two guys fucking hard in what Jason called the doggystyle position on the screen. "Maybe we could try that if you decide to come back." He said.

We exchanged contact info and set up an appointment with them for the following week. After leaving their place we continued knocking on doors. As we were waiting to cross the street Riley said "You know, I wonder what it felt like to them while they were in us.

Must feel pretty nice or they wouldn't do it." Having wondered the exact same thing I told him we should find out but we didn't have lube and our money was carefully budgeted. He said he carried a little extra so we popped into a store and bought some Vaseline because we thought a pair of obvious missionaries buying sexual lube might be really weird.

We couldn't wait to get home. We thought the day would never end but we finally got back to our apartment. We stripped naked and played with each other's cocks and holes. A coin toss determined who would try the penetrating position first and Riley won. He lubed up, I got on all fours, and with surprising ease he slipped into my butt. It felt fantastic once again.

"WOW! You're gonna love this!" moriah mills was almost caught sucking cock in the bathtub full story said fucking me hard. He didn't last long and we soon switched positions. I lubed up, placed my long cock at his hole and pushed myself deep into my companions butt!

My organ was engulfed by the hot, velvet soft, slick walls of his rectum and I surely thought I had entered heaven! Looking down and seeing my member pumping in and out of his smooth, heart-shaped butt was so exciting I had to avoid the view so as not to come at once. Even so I lasted just a little longer than he had and soon shot my seed far into his forbidden depths. After that we did it nearly every night and also went back to Jake and Jason's when we could.

We were never caught and nobody ever even suspected a thing. It was a sad day when Riley was transferred and "normal" mission life resumed. After my mission I moved to where the church had far fewer members and had all the sex I wanted with both guys and girls.