Paradise films ebony jasmine has got into double trouble

Paradise films ebony jasmine has got into double trouble
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i wrote this earlier and i lost it so there wont be any sex in it. I really hope you all enjoy it though. that will be in part two. i hope you all enjoy it though Hello my name is kyle Weston, i live in el paso texas and im a sophmore in highschool. Im 5'9, and not the skinniest of them but what i do have is just a little pudge.

The girls dont seem to notice because i have very nice toned arms. I have had several girlfriends since freshmen year, but right now im with a really pretty girl named kristen, i have been british milf red fucks herself in tights her since the end of freshmen year, its about december now so a good while but i have a gut feeling that she is cheating on me with her so called bestfriend dushawn.

So it breaks my heart when i think like this but i have to have more proof before i go assuming shit. It was monday morning and i had my head down and thinking about it. 'Well dushawn always is trying to fuck other guy's women, but that is just a rumor, i dont know for sure' deep in my thoughts when a loud scream came into my ears. "WAKE UP KYLE!!!" It was richard who was very childish.

I hated his guts " what the fuck richard, you better not scream in my ear again before i kick your scrawny ass" i said " kyle, there is the door you can go ahead and kick your own butt down to the office" my teacher said to me.

"Fine!" I sighed. As i was walking out the door i exclusive busty and busy latina ladies over to the one girl i would risk my life for, her name was denisse but she prefers cookie. She is the sweetest girl you would ever meet, and very shy.

But she looked at me and said. "Bye kyle" she started blushing. Now i dont know if she was blushing because she was laughing at me or the total opposite. I dont know i was to cranky from not sleeping these past few nights.

I walked into the office and saw my friend phoenix.

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"Hey phoenix, what are you doing in here?" I asked. "Not following directions." 'As i thought, usual phoenix' i thought to myself. "What about you?" He asked "I cussed out richard V. " He started laughing and said "nice" i laughed until i heard my name called out "Kyle wyman, get in here right now" she said.

I walked in and sat down and closed the door. "Hey baby" she said "Hey mom" i replied. Now mrs.harris is technically my mom. After my real parents were murdered in a parking lot, my brother had taken me in until he went to war and was shot twice and he died.

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So her and her husband had taken my in to there loving home after some paperwork and bills i became there son . "Why are you in here right now?" She asked "I swore at richard Valadez, and the teacher sent me here." I replied "Why did you sware at him kyle?" Now i could tell she was getting very frustrated.

"He screamed in my ears to wake me up " She looked down and i knew she was disappointed and id rather her get mad and scream at me then see her nod her head in disappointment. " mommy im sorry, i just havent gotten much sleep lately, ive been so stressed out lately that i couldnt take it." "Its ok, and if you dont mind me asking why have you been so stressed out lately" she asked "Well you know kristen right?" I asked "Of coarse, pretty little brunette that you go out with." "Yeah well i really think she is cheating on me" Then what surprised me was her reaction she looked confused and then said "that stupid little bitch" now the reason i was surprised was because my mom and dad are very religious and never swore in front of me.

All i could really say was "Mom?" "I wont stand by and let her do this to you, if she is cheating i will make her life a living hell ." My jaw dropped right then and there and i said "mom please dont, you know how i am.

Im not much for revenge. You know karma will come back and bite her right on the butt." "Good point. Well i guess i dont get to kill her." We both laughed at the little joke and i walked out but before i did i hot blonde want a threesomes and a facial mom, please cut phoenix some slack will you?" "Sure thing honey." I walked out and was about to walk out when i heard my mom yell "phoenix get in here right now your in big big trouble." "Uh-uh ye.yes ma'am" phoenix replied and jetter for the door like a pack of vicious pit bulls were after him.

I laughed as i knew my mom always messed with him, because he always comes to my house he is technically my brother and there son.well i walked out and it was passing period already and looked over and saw dushawn holding a girl's hand and kissed her on the i couldnt my buddy edik is a football player he had a training that day and asked me to come too so that we co it out to her but it looked so close to her it probably was.

So i walked the halls very slowly not caring about whats happening around me. Until someonepulled my backpack and me in them. It scared the shit out of me. I looked back and it was cookie.

"Hey cookie, what you doing?" I asked.

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"Messing with my bestfriend" she replied. 'Now hold on one god damn second, i know she isnt talking about me we havent talked since like 7th grade, or this morning but i didnt wave or say anything. Who cares ' "Umm cookie. who is that exactly?" "You, you big dumbie" she smiled I tried my hardest to smile but just couldnt. "Whats wrong my love?" She asked "Nothing, im just a little cranky" The way she was looking at me said it all.

It was that 'i know your lying you dumbass' look. "Whats wrong, dont lie to me kyle? She stood there and the way she posed really showed her off. Let me tell you about her. She has dark brown almost black hair, a little past shoulder length, she had a slim body very sexy, very tan body (but that is natural for a latina), she had nice 34 C breasts, and dont get me started about that nice round bubble butt that she shows off every day in short short shorts.

It gave me a major hard on.

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My member was setting up camp, if you know what i mean. "Ok" so then i told her every bit of it of how i think kristen is cheating on me with dushawn. and then she started crying and hugged me tight. i asked "Whats wrong cookie?" "Ive known all along, i would have told you everything but i didnt know yall were going out." I wiped her tears an told her" look its not your fault ok, so dont beat your self up about it.

I just have to deal with the fact that no girl wants to stay with me and love me." On cue she got on her tippy toes and kissed me passionatly.

Not caring about who is watching or anything. "Dont ever say that, because your such a sweet guy, and i seen you all the time and how you showed your love to them and giving those flowers. And i always prayed that you would be with me for the rest of our lives" Im still standing there jaw wide open and hot twbig mommy be fuck, that she kissed me.

She just blushed and told me "Ill see you in chemistry tomorrow" she smiled and gave me another kiss and went to class. I sat there for another minute and went on about my day.

Jus the normal rest of the day and got home ate dinner, took a shower, got in bed. i still couldnt sleep but it wasnt because of stress or anything. I couldnt stop thinking about cookie and that kiss and what she said. TO BE CONTINUED