Willow winters pussy romp doggystyle by brick

Willow winters pussy romp doggystyle by brick
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I met my brother in law when i was 10. he was married to my eldest sister and they lived all the way boston while i lived in jamaica. I was a nerd i had never thought bout sex before in my entire life until he came along. We used to just play around like little kids n i thought nothing of it he was a cool guy who listened to me and was there when i wanted someone to talk to. Then when i turned 13 i started to visit them in boston every summer.

My sister worked nights and he worked days so we spent a lot of time alone with each other. We started talking bout different things like sex and boys.I was kinda weirded out at first but i got really comfortable with him.

One night after my sister left i helped him wash his hair braid it (he had dreads). At one point i had to stand in front of him. He said the weirdest thing ever.

He said my pussy smelt nice. I was sorta shocked and all i said was thanks in a weird way. I blamed it on the rum he was drinking. A lovely bints get slammed in an orgy of times while there on vacation i would go on the road with him. I really started to like him but i knew it was wrong but i just wanted to push n tease him. On one of therse rides i started asking him how he liked his women to look.

Shaved pussy or not. Stuff like that. He told me shaved. I went as far as askin how he liked sex n how many women he`s been with n what they did together. I was getting really turned on by it. I guess he sensed my uneasyness. He asked if i was a virgin n i said yes. He told me he didnt believe me. Then i did something drastic.i took his free hand and slid it under my skirt. He pushed my underwear aside and started to slide his finger in.

I winced and told him to stop because it hurt. He turned and smiled at me. We drove home in silence. At home in the living room we sat on the couch and were watching tv. I can be outspoken at times so i asked him if he liked me.

He said "yes but its wrong for me to". I told him i liked him too and i wudnt ornelia get ass fuked tube porn anyone. i snuggled closer to him on the couch. he put his arm around me.

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He Kept going lower until his hand was over my boob. he squeezed it lightly. It felt really good. I got up and sat on his lap. He kissed me it was everything i imagined. He said i shud stop him if i was goin too fast. He took off my shirt and kissed my neck then he unhooked my bra and my B cups bounced out. I quickly covered them with my hands. He told me they look beautiful and that made me feel beter. He moved my hands and started kissing around each nipple. It elt so good.

He licked each nipple so tenderly it made me shiver.

Then he started to suck them. It was the best feeling i ever had i didnt want him to stop. He started to unzip my skirt when we heard the key front door open.

I took up my stuff n rushed upsatirs. WHY DID MY SISTER HAVE TO COME HOME EARLY?? That night i went to my bed very horny and angry. What he did felt so good i didnt want it to stop. I made up my mind. next time we would go all the way. The next day everything went in my favour. My sister had to work in the day and my bro-in-law had the day off. When he woke up my sister was already gone. I made him a nice breakfast and we ate together.

After he went to relax on the couch. I told him i was goin to take a shower and i would be right back. 15 minutes later i came downstais wrapped in a towel. I went and stood infront of him. His mouth fell open n he beckonned me to come blowjob session with lustful beautiful hottie hardcore massage. I did.

he stood up and gave me a kiss just as passionet as the night before. "you`re driving me crazy". he told me "i want u so badly now". All i did was giggle n said "you have me i`m ours to do what you want to". He took me upstairs and laid me on my bed very gently. He took off his T-shirt n sweat pants and just left his boxers on. He came over me on the bed and unwrapped my towel i tried to cover myself up i never had a guy look at me.

He gave me a reassuring kiss. The kiss continued down to my boobs then he kept going lower. He told me to open my legs.

Then i felt the best feeling i ever had in my entire life. His hot wet tongue was stroking my slit. He pulled my legs further apart and pushed his tongue into my tight virghin hole i moaned.

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He then started licking and sucking my clit it felt so good i didnt want it to stop. But he did.

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He moved his head up his face wet with my juices. "You taste so nice" he said "better than i imagined". i kissed him and tasted my own juices. he got off the bed and took off his boxers. I sat up just in time to see his 9inch dick pop out.

I looked at it with my mouth open."How the fuck is that gunna fit inside me i asked". He didnt say a word he just shut me up with a kiss and positioned on top of me.

"Open your legs as wide as possible". i did as i was told. He put the tip of his massive dick at the entrance of my pussy and pushed it in until it stopped at my hymen. I screamed and tried to push him away "take it out!!

it really hurts. stop please!!.But he didnt move. then with one hard slam he pushed his big dick all the way up into sunny leoni ebony faking vedeo virgin cunt.

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"AAGGHHH" I arched my back and cried out in pain tears rolled down my cheek. My pussy felt like it exploded. "Please take it out it really hurts!!!."OOWWW!!" i wimpered but he didnt respond or move.

I relaxed a bit and he pulled out aand slammed back in so hard i swore i felt it in my throat. He wasnt gentle at all he lost control and continued drilling me hard not stopping no matter how much i cried out. My pussy felt like it was being stretched beyond its limits After a few hard and long strokes it started to feel a bit better even though there was more pain than pleasure. I hugged him really tight as he continued to plough deep inside me hard and fast me squealing with each stroke.

My pussy felt like it was burning and on fire. I didnt want him to stop i loved the pain so much. I stared to shake all over. I arched m back and a feeling i never felt before washed over me pure bliss it felt soo good. he stopped fucking me and he made a loww grunt. The feel of his cum shooting into me was indescribable. He let out a deep breath an rooled unto his back putting me on top.

He pulled his dick out of me. My pussy was now gaping as his cum dained out. He smiled at me "I love you and your pussy is the best i ever had". I smiled back "I love ou too and thanks for being my first time" Thanks for reading and leave comments plz