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Amateur brunette teen babe gy style pov pussyfucking webcam xxx 4 collection
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When I was four years old my mother left home leaving my dad to care for me. He struggled to cope and after about a year I ended up in a care home and stayed there until I was 14 when I ran away and decided to fend for myself. I travelled to London in the hope that I could find somewhere to live and a job to earn some money.In reality I ended up sleeping rough on the streets, begging for food and money and sleeping in shop doorways.

I continued with this way of life until one day when I was 16 things changed for me. A friendly middle aged woman took pity on me one evening and offered me food. She raunchy blonde dana receives an anal hammering talking to me and asked if I would like a roof over my head and food in return for me doing certain work for her and her husband.

It sounded better than what I was doing so I agreed and she arranged for her husband to call around and pick me up in his car.

He drove me to their house which to me was a mansion with dozens of large rooms. I was shown to my room which was small but comfy with a bed and television.I was then taken to one of the bathrooms to have a shower and clean myself up. Once I had dried myself with a soft towel that felt like sheer luxory after my years on the street, I was led naked down the passageway to a room where the lady (Linda) and her husband (David) were waiting to inspect me.

While David sat behind the desk Linda walked up to me and grabbed my cock in her hand and started stroking it. I immediately started to get an erection and Linda asked if I had ever been sucked off. I explained I had never had sex so she said she would show me how to suck a cock as this would k tinyk pretty teen rachel james spreads her tiny pussy part of my work I would be expected to do. She got down on her knees and grabbing my throbbing member thrust it into her mouth and started sucking me gently then sliding it in and out of her warm mouth.

I was surprised at what was happening but nevertheless was enjoying it and within no time at all I had shot my load down her throat.

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I looked across at her husband and he had his cock out slowly stroking it with his hands. He was hard and I had never seen another erect cock before. "Do you think you can do what I have have just done, in return for food and accomodation?" Linda asked.

I nodded and she immediately led me to her husband to see what I could do. I knelt down between his legs and stuck my tongue out not sure what to do but hesitantly licked the top of his hard penis.

It twitched with anticipation and David grabbed my sex girl xxx 18 and 90 and moved it so that my mouth was engulfed by his huge cock which he pushed in as deep as possible. Instintively I started riding my mouth and lips up and down his cock as his wife had done to me getting faster and faster as he started to groan.

Suddenly I felt a warm wet sensation as his cum filled my mouth. I continued sucking until he had pumped all his load. When I lifted my head I saw his wife stod there with her panties around her ankles and her shaved pussy moving towards my face.She then explained that I had to play with her pussy fingering it then once it was nice and moist sticking my tongue inside and licking her pussy juices.

I could taste her juices as my tongue lapped around quickly inside her. She was soon groaning with enjoyment and I felt her cum juices flowing into my mouth.

Once finished, I got dresed and Linda explained what my job would be. She explained that they operated a small private restaurant from one of the ground floor rooms and that as part of the "menu" the customers receive sexual satisfaction while enjoying their meal. I was shown into the room where there was one long table with about 20 places set out 10 on either side.

Linda explained that during the meal, myself and another employee would be naked hidden under the tablecloth and our jobs would be to move around the guests during the evening as they ate, giving them sexual pleasure.

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I agreed I would give it a go. I returned to my room until 8.15 that evening when I was taken back down to the dining room. Once there I was told to undress and get under the table so that when the guests arrived a few minutes later they did not see me.

Once under the table I was met face to face with a beautiful girl about my age and she explained that she was Suzi and had been taken off the streets like me and been doing this for a few months and was now enjoying the work.

Suzi was also naked and had a gorgeous body and lovely firm breats like I had never seen before. My cock stiffened immediately and I wanted to fuck her there and then but knew it would not be allowed as we had work to do. I then heard the door open and one by one the guests took the heart sounds mizutani sex out assault fucking japanese and asian places at the table.Suzi explained that we would do one end of the table each selecting people at random but must satisfy the whole table by the end of the evening.

She also said that part of the thrill for the customers was that they didn`t know whether they were being played with by a male or female. We stayed still until a bell sounded indicating that all the starters had been served which was also our sign to start.

Suzi started with a guy at the far end of the table while I selected a woman half way along my end. I lifted her skirt and was surprised to see she had no knickers on. I slowly ran my fingers around her thighs gently tickling her, I heard her giggle then moved my fingers slowly up to the top of her legs then in towards her pussy. She opened her legs wide and I started fingering her clit then pulled her pussy lips apart so I could slide my fingers inside. I could smell her pussy juices as I moved my head towards her.My fingers pushed deeper and deeper inside with a circular movement I had been told would help.

She started moving her hips around and suddenly a hand came down grasping my fingers pushing them in even further. I was then shocked as I felt a hand on my bottom which reached under me and started playing with my cock. "stop that Gordon", I heard a voice say, "you will get your turn later". He then let go and I got on with the job in hand.

I removed my fingers and started licking the lady`s pussy as if I was licking an ice cream.

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It tasted good and I then slid my tongue slowly inside and began licking away quickly inside. I glanced down the table and saw Suzi with a mouth full of cock and a finger up the guy`s ass. My lady started panting as I licked her untilI she groaned out loadly and I felt her juices flowing sweetly into my waiting mouth. My cock was throbbing I was desperate to jerk it off but knew I had work to do.

I moved a couple of places along to table to a man this time. I started feeling his cock and balls through his trousers and felt his cock stiffen as I did it. I rubbed him through his trousers for a couple of minutes before reaching up and undoing his zip. I pulled out his cock and started stroking it with wet crack of hotty nailed hardcore blowjob hands just as I had David`s earlier.

His precum had already started flowing so i decided to thrust his large cock into my mouth and for about seven or eight minutes was sliding it deeper and deeper into my mouth. I thought it was going to go on all evening until eventually he shot his hot spunk into my throat.Some of it dribbled out of my mouth over his trousers. Job done I left him with his wet cum covered cock hanging out of his zipper thinking he would do it up buthe didnt. I decided then to move on to Gordon.

Getting more adventurous, I immediately undid his trousers and as he lifted himself off his seat, pulled his trousers and pants down around his ankles and started playing with him the same way he had me earlier.He had a very small cock which just poked out of his flabby body and I could put it all in my mouth in one go no problem. I then slid my fingers under his ass and slowly slid them into his tight hole.I fingered his love spot while sucking on his cock.We continued for about 10 minutes until his partner said "that`s your time up Gordon,you never do manage to cum do you/" I couldnt help feeling sorry for the poor guy and gave him a quick hand job with which he quickly managed to shoot a massive load mostly over my face.

One by one I served all the other guests until all had been satisfied.I looked towards Suzi and smiled and she smiled at me. By now, the main courses had been finished and cleared away and I heard the familar vioce of Linda say, "right, desert is about to be served". She insrtucted myself and Suzi to come out from under the table and lie on our backs on top of the table, myself at one end and Suzi at the other.

"Fresh strawberry yoghurt on Suzi and Chocolate mousse on Steve" she said. With that, the food was poured over mine and Suzi`s bodies.Everyone decided what they wanted and began licking their deserts off our young bodies. It had mostly been poured over my chest penis and balls and it felt great as It was all being licked off. My hard cock was throbbing waiting to explode but I held out. I looked down and saw Gordon stood trousers and pants still around his ankles licking yoghurt from Suzi`s sexy pussy.Lucky sod I thought.

Once everyone had finished they all expressed their thanks and left the room leaving myself and Suzi covered in sticky food. "I`ll be back in an hour and want to find you both cleaned up" said David as he closed the door behind him. these beautiful college girls dont hesitate to have crazy group sex on camera watch them come hard

We needed no second request as we set about licking the remaining yoghurt and mousse off each other`s bodies. We got int a 69 position and I licked Suzi`s glorious pussy clean as she sucked all the mousse of my throbing cock.Once cleaned, we smiledhugged each other as she grabbed my cock in her hand and guided it towards her hot pussy.

Before we knew it we were wildly fucking each other and I felt my balls swell before shooting my load inside her young hot pussy. Something told me this new life was going to be much better than living on the streets!!