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Teen with big ass and tits fucking on cam watch part on hornyandhotmilfscom
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Caw10 my sister is back "hello is Marisa." These words not often heard, not call my sister a lot. After the usual phrases of circumstance, how are you, what are you doing how are things my sister tells me "stop working in January and would love to return to live in Sardinia. Can you accommodate me?" Marisa, my sister is a nurse. She's gone from Sardinia over thirty years ago, had at that time, I forget, if eighteen or nineteen years old. I say - without being able to hide the surprise - "sure do come Marisa, I'm glad to come home" I still live in our little country of origin, a small village near the sea, one of the most beautiful of Sardinia.

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Now I am an architect and I live alone in the old family house that I renovated over the years and made comfortable and modern.

Strangely, I'm thinking at the time when my sister went away from home, the fire in the fireplace to heat the water and the tub placed in front of the fireplace that was used for bathing. I remember how it was now the pleasure I felt when my sister washed his hands of my body thin and immature.

I echo his words in mind at the time "Matthew will come back one day . come back for you" said as his hand from my chest down to continue the soapy bath, and the first upsets me, between my legs.

That same afternoon, Marisa started and since then we've seen a few times. Now back. Definitely. Marisa will not find a child of thirteen years, but a man much changed, of course crossdressing bisexual lover in secret and away from the small country and its people hypocritical, but she does not know. This morning, Jan. 27, comes my sister Marisa. I have not slept all night, I'm nervous, I do not understand why.

I should be happy but I am perplexed and amazed and disturbed by piensieri that haunted me all night. Even now, in the car while I go to the airport to pick up my sister, I just think the day of his departure from home, to his words, "Matthew will come back one day . come back for you" while I was bathing. The panel noted the arrival of the aircraft to land my sister.

I go to the exit point of the passengers, my legs tremble as I try to think of a sentence is not trivial to welcome Marisa.

Marisa is in the gap, did not remember so good. I stop, I can not go ahead, look you, I fear I have a silly face. Flooded her arms to embrace her, feel her body shaking as her lips to my rest of my. "Hello Matthew, together at last" are the only words he says before you even touch my lips with his.

I still have not managed to say a word. In the car are the looks that we exchange more than words. My sister's hand is resting on my leg, her eyes seem to smile while her tongue was constantly stroking his lips, his face is illuminated by a pleasant expression. After about two hours to arrive in the vicinity of our house, Marisa was not for ten years and has yet to see how the house is now. I ask my sister to close her eyes to her surprise, she accepts laughing and I feel his hands still shake my leg stronger.

I stopped the car in the center of the front garden, the fragrant garden of Mediterranean and cut grass and seems to porn hubsunny leone sex story the granite that covers the house, Marisa opens his eyes and shouts "incredible" and jumping for joy and I I see some hugs and tears out his eyes.

Marisa kisses me, this time I hear her speaking to a nice gentle pressure on my lips closed. We go home, my sister is moved, the poor old fisherman's house is now one of the most beautiful villas on the coast. We go into every room in the house and my sister launches cries of wonder and amazement, you see he is happily surprised, but the maximum of its wonder bursts when he sees the center of one of three bathrooms and used that as the old tub bathtub put in front of the old fireplace.

I wanted to keep the tub and fireplace to the memory of the pleasure and the excitement I felt while I was washing Marisa. That memory has never left me no.

He never left the memory of the last bath before his departure, and the words of my sister "Matthew will come back . come back for you." That day has arrived.

My sister has returned. While these thoughts passed through my mind I realize that Marisa is closest to me. The mouth of my sister close to my ear, I feel the warmth of her breath, I feel excited voice whispers "Mateo came back . I'm back for you" as his hands clasp me to her and his mouth close to my pleasant and gentle pressure of his tongue on my lips when we got wwe diva paige porn storys now becomes a real kiss I opened my mouth and allow our tongues to join.

I feel his hand trying to open my pants right now is not my brain that controls but my hard cock excited, and I put his hand to continue the work. We do not talk. It will not help. Now we're just a man and a woman not his brother and sister. My hands carry bare his body, a body beautiful in spite of years.

Our clothes are scattered at our feet in front of the old washtub. I close my eyes as her lips wrap around my cock, The mouth of my sister seems to fire and his tongue a snake crazy while playing with my dick was now far too hard and yet unable to resist, because I feel the orgasm take my head and feel his legs trembling and push my cock deep the throat of my sister to ejaculate while screaming from pleasure.

One two three go through the violent contractions of my cock while I hear the groans of my sister who continues to suck, hungry and greedy as ever woman I've seen it done. I hear my sister's breasts along my legs and stands up and rises from his knees, feeling her boobs along my belly and my chest when they stop her mouth still full of my sperm, join to my.

I do not remember what all this has lasted. I only remember the great pleasure and wonder tried not to feel any sense of guilt and remorse for what we did and my sister. I remember the smile when Marisa has removed his mouth from mine and after keeping it open a moment to show me two hotties take care of a rod cum on her tongue joined her lips to swallow it all.

It took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom, made ​​me lie down in bed with her legs open and up above me just said "now I give you my virginity." __________________ http://forum.xnxx.com/group.php?groupid=1185

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