Busty milf makayla cox gets fucked and facialized

Busty milf makayla cox gets fucked and facialized
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A guy and his.? (6) Surprises __________________________________________________________________ Jake dressed and followed an almost breathless Mary back to her desk. He watched her well proportioned ass bounce and twitch as they made their way there. Sitting down at her desk she reached into her drawer and handed him a small card.

"That's my private home number, it also has my cell on the back, just in case," she lowered her eyes a second fake taxi spanish babe has great tits and ass directly at his crotch then looked back at him.

<Gen are you sure that other females are supposed to be this horny around me?> he thought. <No master only when YOU are horny and you think a female is hot looking then of course your body becomes a type of sex magnet to the one you are thinking of near you.> <Gen! You know I am almost always horny when you are around> now Jake was a little worried.

<It won't be like that towards you will it?> <No master as I am in love with you and am always wanting sex with you> she stated as if it was an every day fact. "Mr. Freemon, the CEO will see you now" stated Mary as Jake started to walk by, Mary leaned in and whispered, "I gave him a VERY glowing report of you to him, I think you'll find him very receptive to you and your ideas luck" Again Jake was taken aback as he walked past.

Walking into the plush comfortable office a tall older man told him to be seated as he worked on his office lap top and pulled up Jake's plans. "Young man I have been in this business a long time and I haven't seen plans this sturdy and stable in many years.

It appears you took many things into account including flooding, earthquakes, fire, hell even terrorism and you say you have only finished 2 years of school?" The man stared at Jake waiting for his answer.

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"Yes sir, I just finished my second year, I had been dealing in graphic design and had just certified in it, though I can tell you right now I have the knowledge to handle almost any system" Jake stated as alexandra nice anabolic gangbang girl settled in.

"Uh huh" started the man, "we'll see about that, how about a demonstration, right here and now, if you can pull up the plans for the building where you WERE working and show me any improvements that can be made to it now that some of the work is finished. I will hire you right now, as one of our main consulting architects, full benefits and. More than starting salary because if you can do what you say you can, then it'll be more than worth it." Jake couldn't believe his ears it was his dream to design safer buildings that would last a long time.

A giggle sounded in his head <master you know that the knowledge is there just sit down and do it I have given it all to you> Jake sat and looked at the screen, "Uh.

Mr." "Juno is the name whats the problem son?

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Can't do it?" he said as he looked over Jake's shoulder. "Yes sir I can but, I am an architect not a hacker you need a password to get in" he replied as Juno began to laugh. "Shit son, I must be getting old I just had it open, or it just might be that I am very cautious though I am glad to see that you seem to be as honest as my daughter said you were" Juno said as he entered the password and stepped back to let Jake work.

"Your daughter?" he asked feeling a little uneasy. "Why yes, you know the little blonde you met when you came in or should I say that you came in" Jake looked shocked and was afraid that he was in trouble with Mary's father, as the man started to laugh "it's alright son I haven't seen her this worked up in a long time I think it did her some good she sure is a hell of a lot nicer now" as he started to laugh again, "Oh, by the way just in case you're wondering, I own the whole building and I have it wired for sound and video I have to say you blew my little girl away." Jake didn't know if he should be glad or run for his life.

Juno looked closely at Jake and could see the fear in Jake's eyes "son it's ok, as I said it has been along time for her, how you turned her on I don't want to know, the fact that you did speaks volumes for you." As he sat at Juno's computer he almost forgot what ebony beauty copulates her bf interracial hardcore was going to do he felt a small kiss on his cheek as Gen startled him out of his shook, <Master, it is time to show the man what you can do, just think a minute and you'll have the rest of the knowledge that you were missing.> Jake sat and started in on the plans that were before him, already seeing 5 major safety hazards before he even touched the keyboard.

Making the changes one at a time Jake noticed Juno's face begin to light up but an hour later when he found another major hazard Juno was smiling from ear to ear.

"Damn and here I thought those first five were the only ones," Jake looked at him questionly as the man printed out the plans and called his daughter in. "You were testing me huh?" jake stated.

"Yes, I had to see if you could do what you said you could." Juno replied. "I want these plans to replace the ones they have now. Jake here found another million and a half dollar mistake that those idiots we have working for us missed I have half a mind to fire them all and keep Jake here solo." Mary's smile grew larger as she looked at Jake in sultry jasmyne de leon making large penis for pleasure new light.

"Sure thing Dad I'll get right on it." she said as she walked past Jake on the way out and patted him on his crotch causing him to jump at the intimate contact in front of her father. "I meant the plans not the boy here!" he almost shouted "I know Dad besides I don't see any boys here" as she looked Jake up and down settling on his now hardening cock, "I see and feel, all man" Jake just blushed as she strode from the room.

"Holy shit!

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Son I don't know and don't want to know what you said or did but if she stays like this I might actually get some work out of her." Juno laughed as he watched his daughter trying to get comfortable in her chair, as it appeared she was having trouble sitting still, grinding her slinder ass into her chair harder and harder as each minute passed. Juno reached for a switch as the door closed. "Now," he started as he sat down "Let's get you some money, let's see you saved me a mil and a half so 10% shouldn't be too much." Grabbing a pen carmen kinsley and mckenzee miles are used to getting began to write a check, "here you go" as he handed it to Jake his mouth just hung open as he stared at all the zeros on the paper.

"What's wrong son not enough? I can go another 5 thousand if you like" as Juno grabbed the check from Jake, tore it up and wrote another, "You just keep saving me money like this and you can expect the same." "Mr.

Juno I appreciate this but I don't really d." "Of course you do son, that's for the plans you submitted, for the million and half you saved me on this project and." he looked at the shooked expression on Jake's face saying the last almost in a whisper, "for screwing my daughter's brains out, it's about time she got laid, she's been a bitch for the last year or so.

I think she wants you again to judging by the way she was twitching out there in her seat." Jake just shook his head as he took the check and started for the door.

<Master are you all right? Is there anything I can do?> <I think you have already, I have never had this much money in my life> Gen giggled again, her master was so cute and handsome when he was confused she hoped that what happened next didn't cause him to pass out again she so enjoyed it when he was awake.

Walking in a daze he walked past Mary's desk as she looked up. "Are you are right you look as if you have seen a ghost" she asked the concern showing on her flawless face.

Jake still not all there replied "I'm not sure after what your father just did I am just not sure." Mary looked at the check in his hand as she started to smile, "Ah I see Dad has rewarded you for your work" she smirked as Jake did an about face and stared at her. "You mean to tell me he does this all the time?" he said incredulously. "Oh sure," she said matter of factly, "all the time he appreciates hard work, great effort and recognizes talent when he sees it." whispering she said "as do I" Standing there not moving Mary came around the desk and took his hand "you must be famished," as she once again led him toward the food court although this time she actually brazilian pool orgy and blonde partner threesome hot sneaky yoga him there.

As they were sitting there eating and talking about the business Gen appeared wearing a very sexy short skirt, a tight shirt and a huge smile as she approached them at their table. The closer she got the more dred he began to feel, he knew Gen wasn't going to be jealous, he wasn't sure about Mary though.

"There you are honey" she started "I asked and they said that you were here, hi, I'm Jaks's girlfriend" as she shook Mary's hand warmly, Gen leaned in and said in a low voice "Hon, the other girl we had planned the threesome with cancelled" sighing she continued. "I was so looking forward to it too" as she sat and a pout came on her lips. <It's ok master I have seen her thoughts watch> At the mention of a threesome Mary perked up and stared at the two of them, "so one is not enough huh big boy you're into two or more so.

you need another? I am available right now if you want" she said as a bright smile spread across her face and Jake felt first Gen's the Mary's hands run across his legs and grasp his now hard and straining at his pants cock. "ah does my BIG boy need help?" Gen cooed as she lifted her skirt and shoved Jake's hand into her now dripping wet pussy. Suddenly not to be out done he felt Mary grab his other hand and lift her skirt also and shove that hand into her also dripping wet pussy.

"We need to get out of here," Mary gasp as Jake began to finger fuck her and Gen with increasing rhythm. "Oh my god you're right!" panted Gen, as Mary began to shake from her orgasm with Gen very close behind not trying to hide the fact that she was cumming. They both leaned in and kissed each other as they pulled Jake up and practically dragged him out of the food court to the elevator.

"I know of an empty office but not sure I can last that long" Mary said between gasps as they rode up and continued to kiss each other and rub their breats through their shirts. Jake was about to bust out of his pants as they both drug him big mom xxx ve dulokal the same office as he and Mary had used only two hours ago. As he closed the door to lock it, he didn't even have it half closed when their clothes started flying off and onto the floor along with their naked bodies.

Moving into a 69 they latched onto each others pussys as Gen began to tongue fuck Mary, as Mary sucked Gen's clit into her mouth, with in moments they were a quivering writhering mass of flesh on the floor moaning and grunting as they started cumming over and over till it seemed one continuous orgasm from both. With 4 holes to choose from Jake decided to start with Gen as he sunk balls deep into Gen.

She groaned as he began to thrust harder and harder feeling Gen ripple around him and then her muscles squeezed his cock. He suddenly felt Mary licking the underside of his balls as that was what he needed as he blasted shot after shot into Gen filling till in began to run out around his cock withdrawing Mary snuggled between Gen's legs as she started sucking his cum from her.

"Damn you two are hot" as he noticed that he was still hard, moved around behind her and thrust all the way into Mary's shaven pussy in one stroke as she screamed out her approval and he began to thrust as hard as he could her inner walls tight around him as his cum was once again begining to rise, my god he thought she's so hot and tight. "Gen, Mary, get ready I'm about to cum again!" he shouted as he began to pump shot after shot of cum for the second time in 30 minutes.

Again as he withdrwdrew this time from Mary, Gen moved in position between Mary's legs and snuzzled up to her pussy as she started to lick and suck the his cum from Mary.

All that could be heard was the slurping and sucking as both women cleaned each other out licking their lips when they finished. Running to the bathroom the women peed as Jake walked in, then as he was peeing they both douched, looking at him with lust and hunger in their eyes.

Back in the room Mary got down on the floor as she spread her legs and Jake moved between them. Licking her inner lips, then her outer, she shuttered as she had yet another orgasm and Jake started to attack her clit. As she reached her second orgasm Jake felt his build as Gen had been busy sucking his cock with renewed efforts. Knowing he wasn't going to last long he licked Mary harder tickling her hole with his tongue, til he plunged as deep as he could go setting Mary off into another orgasm.

Jake began to shoot down Gen's throat, moaning she took each shot savoring it as the most delicious thing she had ever had. Finally switching around Jake lavished love on Gen's pussy, tasting each and every part sending her into orgasm instantly at his touch.

Meanwhile Mary was busy with his cock it was buried as deep as she could get it in her throat, oh my god, I love this cock where has this man been all my life? Feeling Gen tense up again he knew she was close again as he doubled his efforts on her clit and she screamed her appreciation out to the world.

Jake could feel Mary start to suck him harder as his fourth time was about to happen. Therefore he drove his tongue as deep into Gen as he could elicting another scream as her legs tightened around his head and she started to buck wildly Mary heard Gen scream as Jake began to fill her throat and she milked him clean sighing deeply.

Visiting the bathroom again, they were all on wobbly legs Mary leaned over and kissed Gen and then Jake. "Thank you so much guys I haven't had that much fun in years, by the way Jake has my private numbers if you want to contact me but I think I'll give them to you too," she laughed as they all climbed into the shower to get clean and get the smell of sex off of them before they left.

Looking at her watch Mary was surprised that they had been at it for over three hours and it was almost time to go home, all she knew was that this was the first time in years that she would sleep well. Kissing them both again she called her Father and told him she was heading home, he just chuckled and asked her if she wanted a copy of their event, smiling she said yes, to bring it by the mansion later.

Gen stopped Jake outside the building and kissed him a deep and long kiss, "Thank you master," she whispered "T'was another fantasy of mine," kissing him again she leaned close to his ear, "and I know it was one of yours also master, I have never been as fullfilled as I was tonight and I don't think she ever experienced it as intense either" she giggled as they walked to his truck to head home.