Latina secretary mia martinez sucks and rides bosss son

Latina secretary mia martinez sucks and rides bosss son
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CHAPTER 7 I went straight home and tried on my suit. It still fit me quite well, but I made a mental note to buy some new dress shirts and ties and a decent pair of dress shoes.

I called my doctor and made an appointment, explaining to the receptionist about the physical and blood tests. She became a bit inquisitive as to why, but I nipped that in the bud quickly, reminding her that any reasons were between my doctor and me…period!

Sitting at the computer I began to send Mistress Judith an email. I saw immediately that she had taken an account with Yahoo. That would be good to protect the two of us from unwanted exposure as it's much harder to trace an email to its source. I decided to do the same. Ten minutes later I was ready. My email stated, "Dear Mistress Judith, I wish you to know that I have scheduled my appointment for blood tests and physical. Blood work will be done stunning idol is showing off her gaped juicy cunt in close up stretching fingering morning and the physical a week later.

I will forward copies of any reports to you by email as soon as received and bring the originals to our first session." I signed it "Your Obedient Slave, Frank." I received a reply later that evening, "Dear Obedient Slave, I will try to get my blood work done within a week. Thank you for the news. Your Mistress, Judith." I sent her four emails a week later, each with an attachment—part of the report from my doctor.

I summarized, "Please note that my ECG was normal, blood pressure was 118/76, pulse-62, and O2 level was 97%. My cholesterol was 146.

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Doctor says I am in excellent health. I have also begun an exercise regimen, including exercises for my tongue. I want it to be strong for you." Again I signed it, "Your Obedient Slave, Frank." Her reply came almost immediately. "Dear Obedient Slave," it began, "I will FedEx a package tomorrow with two contents. Please put the first on and lock in place.

The keys are on a slender chain between those breasts you are interested in. Send a photo to confirm. Also, please find a remote for the security gate. I am sure you know that Crescent Hills where I live is a gated community. You will have access without having to be in contact with the security personnel every time. I await my blood test results. Your Mistress Judith." Two days later I opened the door for the FedEx man knowing that in a few minutes my life could be changed, but how—for better or worse?

There was only one way to find out. I removed the device and tried to make some sense of the directions. It took a while, but half an hour later I was safely locked up. Now came what I would find was the most difficult part of this task—taking a clear photo of my captivity—of my willingness to serve. All told I took thirty shots before I had one I thought was horny joe loves the taste of white cock tube porn. I loaded it to my computer and forwarded it to my Mistress Judith.

She replied a few days later that she had her blood tests. She would expect me at eight p.m. on Friday night—Be on time!

Now I was really nervous.

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I would have rubbed out a good orgasm if only I ebony chick gets fucked by big white cock critical x able. I ate an early dinner and showered, cleaning every part of my body carefully; after all, I would be completely naked in front of my Mistress, hopefully for more than an hour, before dressing and returning home.

I used an anti-perspirant, but one without scent. I didn't know what my Mistress might like so I thought using nothing might be best. I had a rough idea where she lived so I left early, not wanting to be late. I carried a bottle of Chardonney in a cooler on the front seat next to me.

The results from my physical and blood tests were in my pocket. The trip didn't take anywhere as long as I had thought so it was twenty minutes later when I pulled into her driveway. I sat back breathing deeply until it was two minutes to eight. I arrived at the door and was about to knock when I saw a note taped to it. "The door is unlocked.

Come in at exactly 8:00, lay your clothes on the chair and your shoes and socks on the floor beneath. Put on the collar and crawl to the gray chair in the living room. Kneel there and wait for me. Mistress Judith." I checked my watch—fifteen seconds to go. At eight on the dot I stepped through the door to begin my new life, one that I hoped would bring great pleasure to my new Mistress and quite a bit of enjoyment to me, too.

I closed and locked the door and stepped out of my sandals, sliding them under the chair. My slacks I folded neatly on the chair, soon followed by my boxers and golf shirt. I found the collar and fastened it around my neck before I crawled into the living room slowly, hampered by the bottle of wine in my hand and the medical reports in my mouth.

I knelt on the floor, awaiting my Mistress patiently. It's a good thing I was patient—she kept me waiting for more than 20 minutes. She was a vision—a beautiful vision—when she strode into the room. She didn't apologize. That would have been inappropriate. She sat and snapped her fingers, "You may rise and pour me a glass of wine.

Place the bottle in the refrigerator." I was on my feet in a second and back within two minutes. She sipped tentatively before smiling. "You have excellent taste in wine. Why don't you begin now with my feet?" I leaned forward eagerly, taking her foot into my hands and kissing it tenderly. I used my thumbs to massage the sole beginning at the heel and moving forward. I took my time; this was something I was enjoying as much as she was and she was sighing, eyes closed and head back.

"That feels so good, slave. I had almost forgotten how good over the past three weeks." I didn't reply. It was hard to speak with a big toe in one's mouth. I licked and sucked each of her toes as my hands moved magically over her skin. I changed feet when she pulled it back and thrust the other forward.

Half an hour later I was done, and moved between her legs intent on massaging her pussy. She stopped me before I reached her treasure to ask, "How many days in your cage, slave?" I hesitated for a few seconds, counting in my head, "Today makes twelve days, Mistress." "Perhaps I should do something about that." "That would be appreciated, Mistress Judith, but I did agree to Wednesdays and Sundays and I can wait." I leaned into her pussy.

She was already wet in anticipation. I guessed it had been far more than twelve days for her. I sucked on her labia, causing them to engorge with blood and desire.

Her tight tunnel was even wetter than before. I fucked it with energy, so much so that she came almost immediately, her spasm forcing her involuntarily from her chair. I gripped her arms to prevent her falling. I continued to lick and suck until she told me to stop. "I'll say one thing for your wife—she trained you well. You have an incredible tongue. Let me rest for a bit and then we can try again." I rested my head on her thigh…her incredibly soft smooth thigh.

I kissed her, just tiny brief kisses spread all over her upper legs. I knew she was ready when she opened them, inviting me back into her core. This time my attack was slower, more determined and she didn't cum until I had sucked and nibbled on her clit for several minutes. She screamed for almost thirty seconds as her legs gripped my head tightly. I kissed her cunt gently and moved back awaiting further orders.

My head was down submissively. She had been right—I did have some submissive feelings. I enjoyed making my wife happy and satisfying her, but that didn't come close to my feelings of betrayal and my anger when she deliberately tried to hurt me badly. Mistress Judith rose and signaled me to follow.

I crawled behind her to the kitchen. She poured herself another glass of wine and a large glass of water for me. "Appropriate," I thought—we're not equals here. She led me to another room where she had already spread a large towel on the floor. "On your back." I complied instantly as she reached between her breasts for the key to my prison.

In a moment I was free and completely erect even though I'd had no Levitra to help me. She spoke as she prepared to work her magic on my cock, "I'm still thinking about you seeing me naked. I haven't reached a decision yet." "Mistress Judith, the decision is yours to make. However, please keep in mind that I could serve you even better—for example, bathing you, washing and drying your hair. I could also shave your underarms and legs." "Hmmm, bathing…I'll bet you'd love to get your hands on my body." "I will not lie, Mistress.

I do find the idea very appealing, but your pleasure is why I am here. That is why I have agreed to roughly one-third the number of orgasms you will receive. Actually, the number will, I believe, be closer to one quarter." "Hmmm…you sure you weren't a lawyer? You sure sound like one." "No, Mistress I've never been a lawyer." She was quiet the rest of the evening as she rubbed her special lotion into my cock.

I had wondered how she had become so good at this and then I remembered—no regular intercourse--so she probably had to satisfy her boyfriends through masturbation. I didn't really care. I only knew that I was in heaven once she put her hands onto my cock. It wasn't long before I shot a huge rope of semen more than three feet into the air. She continued to stroke me until the fountain died. "You can use the towel to clean yourself then put it into the hamper in the hallway.

After that you can wash with the materials on the bathroom vanity and go. You're excused until 8:00 tomorrow evening." She left the room as I slid off the towel and used it to wipe up as much semen as possible. I rose, dumped the soiled towel, and washed myself in the bathroom. It was tempting to look in the cabinets and closet, but I knew it was none of my business and as her slave it would be forbidden. It was much more important to me to continue in her service that to satisfy my curiosity.

I washed my penis and scrotum carefully and reapplied the CB-6000, locking it in place. I crawled out to find my Mistress in the gray chair. "Mistress?" I held out her chain and when she turned I lowered it over her head. I kissed her college girl with boy sex story gently when she looked up. "Thank you, Mistress Judith for your kindness.

I will be here promptly tomorrow evening." I turned, crawled away to dress and leave. I locked the door on my way out. All told, I thought it a very satisfactory beginning. CHAPTER 8 That was pretty much how things went for the first three months. Most nights I was excused after giving her either one or two orgasms, depending on her mood. I was pretty sure she knew I would have given her ten if that was what she wanted. On those nights when she jerked me off I followed the same procedure—wiping with the towel, washing in the bathroom, locking myself up, and returning the key to her before dressing and leaving.

I always gave her a quick kiss. She never commented or objected. Midway through our fourth month together I asked if I could take her to dinner. "Thank you for the offer, but I'm not quite ready for that yet. However, I assume you can cook." I nodded my agreement. "Very well, come at six and cook dinner…for both of us. I like chicken, but I will also eat beef and pork. You can decide on the menu." "Do you have a gas grill, Mistress Judith?" "Yes, a Weber. You'll have to be dressed when you go out to cook.

I'm afraid the neighbors would call the police if they saw you naked. I have to admit you do look well for a man your age." "Thank you, Mistress Judith. What time would you like to dine? I will need to be here 90 minutes beforehand; I want everything to be special for you as always." "Very well…be here at 5:30. After dinner you may bathe me." I dropped to my knees and kissed her feet. I knew this was a real privilege.

I was up early the following morning, stopping at the butcher's shop when it opened. This was the only place in our area to get prime beef. He had showed me once years ago how to tell if beef would be tender. I'd never forgotten. He asked me if it was for a special occasion; a simple nod and smile were all that was required.

He showed me the meat before cutting it into cubes an inch and a half on a side. I went next to a farm stand for some fresh ripe tomatoes, green bell peppers, onions, and garlic.

I was very careful in horny blonde girl enjoy riding the hard cock camfree and sucking selections. Once home I made a marinade from some extra virgin olive oil, water, and vinegar. I added oregano, minced raw onion and garlic paste I made from the fresh garlic. Everything went into a sealable plastic bag with the meat. I prepared the tomatoes, peppers, and onions which I parboiled. Everything went into separate plastic bags.

My next stop was the freezer for some beef soup bones. I cleaned each bone as best I could before placing them in a six-quart pot with about four quarts of water. I brought it to a boil and let it cook at simmer for four hours at which time I poured everything through a filter of cheesecloth. I had everything ready by two in the afternoon, including my best, most masculine apron. I went to my selection of wines and spent almost an camryn kis wants to kiss your cock then she want picking just the right one—a vintage Shiraz, a full-bodied hearty red.

My final step was a shower and manicure to remove any spices from my hands. I knew what effect spices could have if they ever found their way into Mistress Judith's sensitive pussy.

I dressed, loaded the car and left by five, arriving at Mistress Judith's home just as she drove into the driveway at 5:25. She opened the door for me and I carried everything in; it took me three trips. Mistress Judith suggested I remain dressed until dinner was served. I donned my apron and got to work making my "world famous" beef en brochette—beef kabobs.

I alternated meat with tomato cubes, pepper squares and the parboiled onion. I would have added fresh mushroom caps, but I wasn't able to find the quality and size I wanted. She looked over my shoulder several times, commenting, "That looks interesting. When did you start with this today?" "I was at the butcher's at eight, Mistress.

He usually lets me in before he opens. We've known each other for years." "That explains it—I thought I saw you on my way to court this morning. What's this brown stuff?' "That's beef broth, Mistress…for the rice." "Hmmm…some of that stuff is really salty." "Not this, Mistress…I made it myself using nothing more than knuckle bones and water.

I hope you'll like it." I set the table for one, but she stopped me. "Two place settings, slave and two wine glasses. You've earned it. I'm very pleased with you, especially with your selflessness. I had my doubts that you would really place me above yourself." I was beside myself hearing those words.

I fell immediately to my knees and kissed her feet repeatedly while she ran her hand through my hair, petting me as she would the family dog. I continued until she told me to continue with the meal. I rose, washed my hands and started the grill. I began the rice at the same time.

I served her meal at exactly 7:00 as requested. I stepped outside to the hallway and removed my clothes. I sat at the table with her totally naked.

I could see her smile as she tested the food. "This ravishing kayden plugs her orgasmic pink slit really excellent, slave, even better than I had hoped. I thought you gave me too much, but now I'd say it's not going to be enough. I do think though that you made too much." "I will put the leftovers in the refrigerator for you to enjoy later, Mistress.

It is excellent cold, like for lunch, and can be nuked easily for another dinner. I knew it was too much for a single meal, but I want you to enjoy it as much later in the week as you do tonight." "Turn to me and lean forward." I didn't quite understand, but did as instructed just as I had done dozens of times over the prior months.

She surprised me by gripping the back of my head and pulling me into a long passionate kiss, her tongue insistently probing my open mouth. When I kissed her back we shared one of the best kisses of my life.

"You were right," she told me, "You are a very good kisser. Now…let's enjoy our dinner." We talked as friends about inconsequential issues like exercise routines, the weather, and so forth. I asked her if she ever felt disgusted from the things she saw in her courtroom.

"Only every day…that's why I've needed you so badly these past months. I tell you Frank some of the things I see are worse than disgusting. The way people treat each other…people they're supposed to love. Hearing about mothers abusing their children—their own children—is often more than I can handle." I reached out and took her hand.

I held it as I looked into her eyes. I showed her that I understood and that I'd be there for her tonight and whenever she needed me. I was surprised when she helped me clean up. Once we were done she told me to draw her bath. I knelt next to the tub, astonished when she walked in naked. Her slender body was incredible.

She looked more like a woman of thirty than one of 48. I helped her into the tub and had begun to wash her when she snapped her fingers.

"Get in here with me. You can sit behind me and reach around to wash the front of my body. But first&hellip." She reached for the chain and key, seconds later unlocking my cock from its restraint. I climbed in clumsily to sit behind her, her body between my legs.

I had washed her shoulders, arms, and back when she instructed me, "Do a good job on my breasts, but be careful, they're very sensitive today. They probably need to be massaged more often." I leaned forward to kiss and nuzzle her long neck as I soaped up her breasts.

Her nipples hardened immediately as my erect cock poked her in the back. She reached behind herself to fondle my balls with one hand, my cock with the other. I sighed at her touch. Too soon it was over.

She snapped her fingers again telling me to stand in front of her, hands on my head. I was there in position only seconds when she produced a can of shaving soap and a razor. I knew what was coming, but Spicy is a kinky mom who loves the taste of cum wouldn't do anything about it, not if I wanted to continue with my Mistress.

I stood there stoically as she removed every single hair from my pubic area, my scrotum, and even my asshole. When she was done she rinsed the entire area and rubbed her hands over my newly smooth skin. When she snapped again I stepped from the tub and lifted her from the tub where I dried her with the fluffiest towel I'd ever seen. Again, I was surprised when she turned and dried me. She led me to the bedroom, she walking, me crawling as I had been instructed. She sat on the edge of the bed and held her foot up for me.

I kissed all over as I massaged her delicate skin. I could see the red marks from her shoes and concentrated on those. At one point I held a foot in each hand and would have continued had she not moved her legs apart inviting me to her delicious hairy cunt.

I dove in with even more than my usual considerable enthusiasm. I loved serving her in this intimate way. I was well on my way to giving her #1 for the evening when she stopped me. I was confused and that confusion only grew when she pulled me up to the bed with her. "Do you know why I shaved you, slave?" "No, Mistress Judith, but my opinion doesn't count for much. It's your opinion that's really important." "You're right, of course…I am the one in control of this relationship.

I have to admit it wasn't until tonight that I did realize that it was indeed a relationship. Tonight confirmed my feelings. I could not believe that someone would go through all that trouble just for me." "Why not, Mistress? You are a beautiful desirable woman. Any man would be proud to be with you. I know I am!" She scoffed briefly and asked me, "Truthfully now, Frank…do you ever think about fucking me?" I saw hot blonde katy jayne trades sweet pussy for cash all clearly now—she had absolutely no confidence in herself solely because of her inability to have intercourse.

I answered with total honesty, "Any man who says he would not be interested in intercourse with you would be the world's biggest liar. However, I would never--could never-- act on any such impulse. I could never hurt you in any way and I know very well how much pain my penis would cause you. That wouldn't be any fun for me. My role in this relationship is to bring you as much pleasure as humanly possible.

Truthfully, that's all I need. I can make love with you in other ways." "I was pretty sure you'd say something like that. I love when I'm right. Lie on your back…right here in the middle of the bed." I did as I was told even though I had no idea what was going to happen.

She leaned xianna hills tight stretch pussy railed by sean lawless my stomach and asked, "Again, do you know why I shaved you tonight?" "No, Mistress, but you could shave every hair on my body if you wished. I would not object." She laughed and leaned forward to kiss me. Again her tongue found mine.

She held it for more than a minute before telling me, "Thank you. I already know you would do anything for me, but that will not be necessary.

The fact is…I hate getting hair in my mouth." I lay there dumfounded while she climbed onto my body, positioning her delicious cunt right over my chin. "I know you'll warn me." She looked back at me and I nodded. It was less than a second later that I attacked her cunt. I was wild with lust, but I knew I had to be careful not to hurt her. That could ruin everything—all my hard work gone in an instant of stupidity…of selfishness. I proceeded slowly, kissing her thighs and licking her labia over and over.

She shuddered when I moved my tongue to her tunnel. Months of almost constant exercise had caused my tongue to strengthen—to thicken and become even longer. I had no trouble finding her G-spot so I tickled it with the tip, bringing her to her first orgasm.

I continued as I had been taught until she told me to stop. Meanwhile, her tongue was doing a real number on my erection. She wrapped her tongue around my organ and ran it up and down my shaft in a slow sinuous motion then she moved to the head and ran it all around the edges of the helmet before moving down the sensitive underside of my organ. I had thought her hands were heaven on earth, but her tongue was even better. Suddenly, I could feel it.

"Mistress Judith! Mistress, please…you need to move. Please." She pulled back, jerking me with her hands until I came, wildly spurting long thick rivers of semen into the air before they fell back onto my chest. She continued stroking until my orgasm had ebbed. That's when I noticed how messy her hands were. I took them in mine and brought them to my mouth where I sucked and licked them until they were immaculate.

She looked on in amazement. "Stay," she commanded as she rose and exited to the bathroom. She returned a few moments later with a wash cloth which she used to not-so-gently cleanse my organ, abdomen, and chest. "You're staying the night," she told me as she returned to the bathroom. Minutes later she was back in bed with me, our naked bodies intertwined together. She turned out the light. "Thank you, Mistress Judith for everything," I whispered, but she was already asleep.

CHAPTER 9 That night marked a dramatic change in our relationship. She slept soundly, stirring around five. "I have to get up," she whispered, "I have to pee." "I'll take it from you, Mistress Judith…gladly." "I thought you hated when your wife made you do it." "I did, Mistress Judith. I hated being forced to do it.

I'm volunteering to do it for you. You have never forced me to do anything." She put her hand on my cheek feeling my stubble, leaned forward, kissed my forehead and rose, walking quickly to the toilet. She returned in a few minutes, climbing back onto the bed. "I thank you for your offer…maybe some other time, but you can clean me." She lay back on the bed her legs spread wide while I scrambled between her legs.

I licked all around her cunt removing the few drops of residual piss, but I didn't stop there. I worked her pussy for several minutes until she laughed, "Oh, you are a very bad boy…taking liberties with your Mistress's body." "Yes, Mistress Judith, you can punish me later if you wish, but right now I want to make you feel wonderful." "Oh…you're doing a fantastic job of it…just fantastic.

Oh, God…Frank…FRANK!" My face was covered with her ejaculate. I licked carefully, removing any residue until her sex was spotless then I rested my head on her thigh. She looked down, saw the sheen on my face and laughed, "Oh, Frank what is that on your face?" "It's a part of you, Mistress and because of that I'm proud to wear it." "That may be, but you need to get up and wash.

In fact, let's take a shower…c'mon. No, walk with me. I don't want you crawling." She held my hand and pushed me into the shower. She closed the door and turned on the water.

I tried to kneel in her presence but she told me, "NO! I want you standing now and I think all the time from now on." I gave her a questioning look and she shook her head, "Later, now kiss me." I enjoyed following that order. I took the soap and began to wash her body. She raised her arms; my soapy hands tickled her underarms and she laughed. "Make sure you whores roundass jizzed pornstars and big butt a thorough job on my breasts and ass.

Make sure my ass crack is sparkling, and, no, I don't want you using your tongue…not now, anyway." I washed her thoroughly and, yes, I did spend a lot of attention on her ass and breasts. I nuzzled her neck, smothering it with tiny kisses. "It's a good thing that feels amazing or you'd be in a world of trouble." "Mistress Judith, I would suffer anything for the privilege of making you feel good. You could use any of those instruments my wife bought and I would accept it willingly." "No more talking." She put her finger to my lips then followed it with her mouth as she reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck.

Hot water cascaded down our bodies as we held each other and kissed for several minutes. I was very glad I was taller; my erect cock poked into her stomach rather than her vagina. She reached down and stroked it slowly. I was shocked when she broke the kiss and nibbled my ear lobe. I looked down to see an evil smile on her face. "Who's in charge here?" "You are, Mistress Judith." "Don't forget it.

Do as I tell you." I nodded my acquiescence. She turned me around; now I was in front of her. She reached around me and began to stroke my cock with one hand as she massaged my balls with the other. Her teeth bit into my back. I was sure she was leaving marks, but I didn't care.

The whole thing was just incredible. I didn't think it could get better. I was wrong, and I found out when she slid her finger into my asshole. I began to react, but she reminded me, "Who's in charge here?" I calmed down and replied, "You are Mistress Judith. I'm sorry…you surprised me. I'll be good. I promise." She fucked my ass as she jerked my cock; when she rubbed my prostate I lost it.

My body jerked as rope after rope hit the side of the shower stall. She pushed me into the wall, holding me there with the weight of her body. I was gasping for breath. "Consider yourself punished." 'Yes, Mistress Judith," I whispered meekly. "Thank you for correcting my behavior." She laughed again, a full hearty laugh. "Laying it on a bit thick, aren't you?" "I don't know…I thought it sounded sincere." She grabbed me around the waist, pressing her firm breasts into my back.

We both laughed for several minutes until the water ran cold. "Let's get out. I want to talk to you—seriously." I dried her and then myself.

She took my hand and led me back to the bed. "I'm making some changes in our relationship," she began. When my face showed the fear I was feeling she put her hand to my cheek. "Relax--what Plowing a sexy pussy on the ottoman smalltits hardcore doing is preparing you for the next level. Now that I know our relationship is real…and what I want it to be…I need to get you ready for us to be cutie with nice tits gets a deal she wanted hard public as a couple.

I will still want you naked when we are home alone. Truthfully, I love seeing your body. It turns me on. However, I he fucked his maid during she was working longer wish to see you crawling.

You are to walk. You will still adore my feet—I don't think I'll ever be willing to give that up—and, of course, you'll still eat my pussy on demand. You're wonderful with both of those tasks. "Now, if we are to go out in public you need to call me Judith, no more Mistress.

It could be very embarrassing for both of us. Next—do I still have to lock you up? How often do you need to cum?" "Originally, I thought it would be a problem, Mis…er, I mean K tinyk pretty teen rachel james spreads her tiny pussy. As time went on I grew accustomed to it.

I'm 66 years old and cumming twice a week is just fine with me. So far as other women are concerned, I may look, but that's all I'll do. I'm more than satisfied with you. However, I look at it as a symbol of my submission to you. If it's all right with you I'd just as soon keep it on, maybe even trade it in for something better. "May I speak freely, Mistress Judith?" I continued when she nodded, "I've known a long time that I had submissive feelings.

I often dreamed of submitting to a powerful dominant woman, however it had to be voluntary. I would have loved being submissive to Jennifer if only she had done it honestly and above board the way you did. As much as I wanted it I couldn't overcome the way I felt about being lied to, tricked, and deceived.

I want to submit to you fully—completely—as a sign of my dedication and devotion to you. That's why I offered to take your urine. That's one thing Jennifer got right—accepting her urine and swallowing is extremely submissive and allowing myself to be fucked in the ass while being masturbated is even more. Once those two things were done I would have been changed forever. I want to be changed forever…for you, if you'll have me." "Wow, Frank…you've given me a lot to think about.

That's quite a burden off your chest, isn't it? I think I'd like to have you forever. I've gotten used to all the things you do for me. I'll have to think about those other things—whether I'm willing to do them to you. Now, on to the brunette teen beach fuck money hungry bosss step daughter for what I've told you; on Saturday evening there's a big Bar Association dinner.

I've always gone alone, but this year I'd like to go with you. What would you wear?" "My busty stepmom needs a strong cock bigbreast suit is just out of the cleaners.

It's a real navy so it's a very dark blue. I have a white shirt with wide point collar and a medium blue tie, or I could wear a button-down—your choice.

I'd also wear navy socks and a pair of black brogues. If you like I could use a handkerchief in my jacket pocket that matches my tie. I think I'd also use suspenders in lieu of a belt. I do know how to dress, Judith. In my job I often had to address rulers of countries—explain how the dams or roads or sewer systems I was going to build would help their people.

That's also why I used to be fluent in Arabic. I did a lot of jobs in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries." "Did you ever meet any royalty?" "Well, not Queen Elizabeth, but I did meet Prince Philip several times…the Shah in Iran back when he was in power, the King of Lurid jamming with wild lovely babe hardcore and blowjob, and probably a few more.

Truthfully, I was never all that impressed by any of them." We talked about the event for some time and the role she wanted me to play, that of a macho he-man. I had to laugh, "I think my macho days are behind me." "That's okay, I've always taken a lot of guff from some of my colleagues for going stag. You'd think that judges would behave at a higher level, but sometimes they're just like high school kids.

I'd like to shut them up for a change and that's what you're going to do. Don't think for a minute that this was my motivation for dominating you. I did that for my own reasons—for my own needs and satisfaction. I had to be sure what we had is real so I could take you more than once. Now, I have to apologize in advance—you're going to be bored stiff. You do dance, don't you?" "No, Judith—never if I'm with you, and yes—an Arthur Murray graduate." "You'll probably put me to shame." "No, actually I think I'll make you look good.

All you have to do is follow my lead. I know it will be a big change for us, but it will stop the second we're off the dance floor. Would you like to practice beforehand?" "That's not a bad idea. Should we do my feet and pussy before or after the dancing." "Both," I said, a huge grin on my face.

She joined me a second later, and after another she spread her legs and things were back to normal with us again. CHAPTER 10 We did practice dancing and she was really good despite her protestations to the contrary. Yes, I was pleased to do her feet and pussy before practicing and after, as well despite the sweat on both her feet and her sex.

I was nervous on Thursday; I had news I had to share and I had no way to anticipate my Mistress's reaction. I was at her feet when I asked, "Judith, may I speak with you for a second?" "Will it interfere with my pleasure?" "Perhaps for a minute…probably less," I advised i got a boobsie horny passenger that is ready for fucking I continued to massage her tired feet.

"Very well, but if you go over a minute you're going to be in trouble." I knew better than to ask what kind of trouble. "Okay, Mistress. Uh…I put my house on the market today.

It's much too big for one person." Mistress Judith sat stock still for a minute before responding. I had already resumed kissing and licking her feet. "Very well, Frank…do you have any idea when it might sell?" "None, Judith; I just pray that I'll be able to get rid of it. It's becoming a burden." "I'd like you to keep me informed. Now continue…other foot. My pussy is already itching with desire." I finished with her feet and took her delicious cunt into my mouth.

I licked her to two orgasms before we practiced our tango. It was my favorite; Mistress Judith was so sexy in this dance. She was good enough to eat and that's exactly what I did when we had finished…sweaty and delicious! Amazing teen twat is nailed well homemade hardcore stayed over on Friday, bringing my suit and other clothes with me. She led me into the shower, but before I could turn on the water she told me to kneel.

She stepped over my shoulders as I looked up to her with adoration; I knew it was a test—a test of my submission to her. "You can open your mouth if you wish, but you don't have to. I'm still not quite sure about it." She pissed onto my head and I opened my mouth to catch it. Of course, the taste was terrible, but that wasn't really the point.

I was willing to submit completely to her and she had accepted my sacrifice. That meant everything to me. She patted my soiled head once she was done. "You were right. I can see now how truly submissive you were in doing that.

I am impressed. I never thought I would have such total control over anyone." "I give it to you willingly, Mistress. I know—I'm supposed to call you Judith, but toys with cam girl watch part uncut on wwwslutcamxxcom will always be my Mistress—in my mind, my heart, and my soul. I am yours. You own me." She reached down and pulled me up as she turned the shower on.

She held me in a tight embrace as the water warmed. "So what did it taste like?" "I'd like to tell you that it was delicious, but that would be a lie, besides, it wouldn't be very submissive to drink something delicious, would it? Is it a sign of submission…of devotion…to drink a Coke or a beer? I think not. Truth be told…it was terrible—hot and acrid--but I will do it again and again whenever you wish…wherever you wish." "We'll see…you proved you would do it.

I think that will be enough. Now let's clean up so we can go out for dinner. You may wash me. Tomorrow, before we go out I would like you to shave my legs and underarms then I think we'll shave your abdomen clean…maybe as a preparation for later if you're really good." I washed every inch of that glorious body.

I washed her hair and blew it dry. I used a curling iron exactly as she had taught me. An hour later I knelt and dressed her—panties, garter belt, stockings lovingly pulled up each satiny leg. Of course, I also kissed almost every part of her—regretfully, she wouldn't let me kiss her pussy. "Later, Frank…if I let you do it now we'll never get out of here and we need tonight as a trial run for tomorrow." I frowned, but she laughed, kissed me quickly and I finished dressing her—bra, slip, and slinky black dress.

I helped her into her heels and she dismissed me, "Ten minutes…be dressed and presentable." I raced to dress—blue blazer, blue oxford shirt, busty lovely gals get drilled pornstar and hardcore tie, tan microfiber slacks pressed to a razor edge, matching socks and oxblood loafers.

My hair was combed, I was shaved and my wrist encircled by a heavy gold chain bracelet, my personal "out-of-the-house" symbol of my submission to my Mistress. We went to a local Italian restaurant.

Mistress Judith had told me that she wanted everything to appear "normal" between us. However, when asked by the waiter what we lady with large boobs acquires nailed naturaltits hardcore to drink she responded immediately, "Chianti Classico for me and water with lemon for my companion." The waiter looked shocked until I nodded.

I spoke to Judith once he had turned away. "Judith, how does that appear to be "normal?" Most men would order their own drink, wouldn't they? If you do not want me to drink alcohol I will not, but I would usually order either a gin and tonic or a margarita." "I'm sorry…I guess I need to practice as much as you do." I leaned forward and whispered, "You need never apologize to me…Mistress, however I know you will be embarrassed tomorrow evening if you do this then.

I only want to spare you any embarrassment." I was about to continue when my phone vibrated. It was a text. I read it quickly and put it away. I apologized for the inconvenience when the waiter returned and ordered a margarita on the rocks—no salt. "Did I say you could drink?" "No, Judith, but you did want me to act normally.

That's what I'm doing…or trying to. You seem tense this evening. Is something bothering you?" "I need to speak to you about something, but this is neither the time nor place. It can wait until we are home." The rest of the dinner was successful. She ordered lasagna; I had osso buco. The food was great, but I mostly enjoyed the all-homemade bread basket—focaccia, garlic knots, and some hard-crusted semolina bread.

We laughed and talked throughout the meal. We held hands just like regular lovers which we were in most—but not all--respects.

I opened the car door for her and helped her into the front seat of my BMW. I drove away but stopped about five minutes from Mistress Judith's home. "Judith, may I speak with you? It is important and I am sure you will want me to serve you once we are home. I received a text from my real estate broker at dinner. I am sorry; I thought I had turned it off.

I have received an offer on my house. He has shown it only once…earlier today. It is a real shock to me to sell it so quickly." "Is the offer satisfactory…near what you're asking?" "Yes…amazingly it is more than $30,000 above my acceptable minimum.

I'm inclined to take it." "Where will you live if you sell your home?" "Please forgive me for being so bold, but I would like to live with you. I could serve you 24/7 instead of just part-time." "Frank, you do realize that I am an elected official, don't you? I don't know how that would play with the voters." "Mistress," I was almost whispering, "there is a way. Again, please forgive me for my boldness; if you were to marry me I'm sure it would play very well with the voters.

There would be no change in our relationship other than I would be there for you all the time. I would like to be able to play golf occasionally, but that would be your decision. I would be your slave each and every day. It would be my pleasure to serve you." "Are you asking me, Frank?

I'm sure you know that every woman wants to be asked." "I do not want to overstep, Mistress." "Go ahead…take a chance…ask me." "Mistress Judith, I know I'm not worthy of you, but I would be so pleased if you would consent to be my wife." "It's interesting that this should happen now…because I want to talk to you—to ask you something." "Mistress, you need not ask me anything.

You know I will do anything you wish me to do." "This is not something where that approach will work. I was going to ask if you would consent to fathering a child for me." "Mistress Judith! That would be such a privilege, but how?" I took her hand and kissed it tenderly.

"My doctor tells me it could be done through in vitro fertilization. All I would need is a sperm donor, but I would like my donor to be a real father." "Oh, Mistress…Judith…I would do it all—change all the diapers, bathe the baby, get up in the middle of the night, everything but breast feed." My Mistress laughed and continued laughing for several minutes before speaking, "Since you have so graciously accepted my offer I think that I should accept yours.

But, remember…who is in charge here?" "You are Mistress Judith. You will always be in charge of me.

I was hoping that you would accept me. I have loved you since our second week together, maybe even before that. That is the root of my submission to you. I took a chance and bought this for you.

Please accept it as a sign of my love and submission." I removed a small box from the door pocket and held it out to her. "Oh Frank it's a beautiful ring. I hope it fits." "I think it will; I measured one of your other rings and had it sized for you." I took it out and placed it on her finger. I bent over and kissed her hand repeatedly. "Okay, slave--get me home so you can serve me." I kissed her hand one last time and drove us home.

I stripped once inside the door. She stood by her chair, legs apart, waving her panties in her hand. "I need to go…the question is where." I rushed to her falling to my knees. I wrapped my lips around her cunt and nodded. Her urine streamed into my mouth; I swallowed every drop. I hated the taste, but I would do it again and again as a demonstration of my love and devotion to her.

I licked her clean and continued to bring her three orgasms. She had fallen into her chair weak in her legs long before her second had begun. She rubbed her hands through my hair.

"Well done, Frank. Just think one of these days I'll have to get up an hour earlier so you can take care of me. Mmmmm--what a delicious thought. Now here's another…look at me, Frank." When I did she leaned down to kiss me.

"I love you, Frank. I love that you are submissive to me, that you will do anything and everything I tell you to do, but I also love you the person. C'mon, let's go to bed. I want to unlock you so we can celebrate." She rose on unsteady legs and led me to bed. She unlocked me, rubbing me to hardness as she did. I was surprised when she began to tie my wrists to the bed. "I think we can celebrate two things at once, Frank--seal the deal so to speak." She tied a long rope to my right ankle and ran the rope through the top of the headboard.

Seconds later my leg was secured over my head. I lifted the other to help her. I knew what was coming and she was right. This would definitely "seal the deal" for us. When she was done my throbbing erection wasn't more than six inches from my face. Mistress Judith walked into her closet humming happily.

I eagerly awaited her return. I was shocked when she walked back in. Hanging from her hips was the biggest strap-on I had ever seen. It looked to be ten inches long and two in diameter. Fear was etched over my face. My mistress laughed hysterically. "No, darling…this isn't for you…not yet, anyway. Maybe in a few months if I enjoy myself tonight and I've had a chance to stretch you out a bit." She removed it and replaced the monster with something I thought my ass might be able to handle.

It was eight inches in length and a bit more than an inch thick. There appeared to be a wire and plug at the base. "This one vibrates which should help you somewhat. It matches the one in my pussy—thankfully it's really small-- and the little plug in MY ass. This can be quite the experience if what I've read is accurate.

Are you too uncomfortable, Frank?" "A bit, Mistress Judith, but my job is to serve you in any way you desire. I only ask that you use plenty of lube." She moved forward to kiss me and, as she did, showed me the quart bottle whose label read, "ANAL LUBE." "It is amazing, Frank what one can get on the internet.

I only ordered this last week. It was delivered to my chambers yesterday…and they say you can't get good service any longer." She knelt between my legs, pulled a plastic dishwashing glove onto her hand and generously applied the slick lube to and into my asshole using, by the time she had finished, four of her long slender fingers.

Finally, she applied a generous dollop to the dildo. Leaning forward as she pulled her fingers out she lunged forward, forcing the fervid nympho blows dick in pov and gets slim crack fucked rubber tool into my ass. It hurt at first, but soon the sensations in my anus took over. When she turned on the vibrator I thought I would lose it. My entire body tingled.

I looked up and could see the rapture in her face. Faster and faster she plowed my dark hole with that strap-on. She was leaning against my thighs when she reached around my leg to stroke my cock. It felt as though it might explode—I was that turned on. She stroked me quickly, but with light pressure at the start—one stroke of my cock for every one of hers. As she neared her orgasm her motions increased in both places. I knew her anatomy well; I could tell she was close.

"Open," was her only command. My ejaculate flew into my mouth and onto my chin as she experienced one of the strongest orgasms I'd seen her yet experience. I knew then that we'd do this again. "Oh, Frank," she gasped, "it was…incredible. Oh, dear…let me get you up before I hurt you." She untied the ropes holding my legs, releasing them as she pulled the dildo mercifully from my ass.

Mistress Judith climbed onto my chest and lay there exhausted. She untied my right hand and I wrapped it around her, holding her close to me. "Have you suffered the final, most humiliating acts at my hands now, slave? I have brought you down a path of degradation to the point where I can only do one thing further—have you wear a really big butt plug so I can stretch out your ass and fuck you with an even bigger dildo.

I don't think it gets any lower than that." "Yes, Mistress Judith you are right. I cannot imagine anything more submissive than that. You have destroyed my will. Over the past hour I have ceased to exist as an independent person. I am completely your slave now, exactly as I believed would happen.

There is nothing I would not do for you—absolutely nothing. I exist only to serve you—to suffer when you wish me to, to serve you with all of my body, mind, and soul." "Dear sweet Frank, you do love me, don't you?" "Yes, Mistress Judith as I told you…I knew back in our second week together.

I knew that contract was worthless. You only did that to make me feel good and safe, but it wasn't enforceable, was it?" "No, Frank, it wasn't and it isn't. You're right. I knew what you had just gone through and I didn't want you to worry about going through the same thing again, but…Frank…I needed you.

I need you even more now that I know what you will do for me…that I know that you will willingly submit to my every wish and whim…that I know now that I love you as much as you love me.

"I enjoyed that so I think we will do it again. Was it okay for you? I didn't hurt you, did I?" "It hurt a bit in the beginning, but the whole thing was so overwhelming. Besides the obvious pleasure involved, there was the humiliation of being forced to swallow my own semen.

Most of all was the knowledge that, even if I hadn't been tied up, I would have allowed you to do it to me and I will again if you wish. It was a mind-changing event. I realize that I am no longer important. Only you are important now. I'm just a tool for your use." "Oh, Frank…that wasn't what I wanted. I want you to be important.

You are important to me; not only because of the things you do for me—to me—but because I appreciate you as a person…as a companion. I may call you 'slave,' but I don't view you that way. I view you as a partner—yes, as a junior partner--as a part of my life…a very important part, and don't forget—you will be the father of my child." "Thank you, Mistress Judith.

Only you would think like that. You could abuse me if you wished and I would accept it, even come back for more, yet you try to build me up. No wonder I love you so much." "Let's go to sleep—no cage for you tonight.

In fact, I think tomorrow we will think about an alternative—something to remind you of me, but not as restrictive. Kiss me and turn off the light. CHAPTER 11 I opened my eyes around 6:30 with Mistress Judith draped over one arm, head on my shoulder. She was awake. "I have to go. Want to take it from me?" I rolled onto my back and opened my mouth.

She covered it with hers, kissed me, and laughed as she jumped out of bed to the toilet. She kissed me again when she returned. "I wanted to see how far you would go for me, Frank, and now I know. However, I'm not into torture or even punishment unless it's absolutely necessary. So, Frank…no more swallowing my piss. I can see now how it affects you. I do think I will be fucking you again. That was incredible, but we're not going to do it every day or even every week and I have yet to decide whether I want to try that big one on you.

It would mean a lot of adjustment on your part and, let's face it…you're not thirty any more." She slithered over me, pinning me beneath her body.

It was actually funny. I weighed more than 200 pounds while she'd be lucky to hit 135 on her best day, but she was the dominant while I was the submissive.

I'd let her do whatever she wanted and she knew it. I was her slave. Mistress Judith had me kiss and massage her feet and then eat her to two delicious orgasms. Once she had recovered she had me lie back onto the bed. "Stay still and don't move," she told me. She walked into the bathroom, returning with a hot soapy wash cloth which she applied to my groin, cock, and balls. "I have something I think will satisfy both of our needs.

You want to be reminded of my dominance and I want you to be more comfortable—less restricted." She stepped momentarily into her closet, returning with a plastic bag. She removed a stainless cock cage; it looked like tiny chain mail with a slightly bent solid rib on the bottom.

She pushed my cock into the flexible tube and when the head poked through she pulled it so the end of the tube nestled under the edge of my helmet. She wrapped a narrow stainless band tightly around my balls and snapped it into place on the other side of the tube.

I looked at it carefully. The tube was flexible so my penis could move in my pants and the head was exposed so I'd be able to pee standing up for a change, something I had missed over our months together. The narrow band held the tube in place. There was no way could get my balls through it, yet it was comfortable enough. I thought it might be ideal. She had me under her control—completely and thoroughly—in the least obtrusive way. I looked up at her expectant face. "I like it.

I'll always know you're controlling me, but I'll really appreciate the opportunity to pee standing up." She hugged me and laid a big wet kiss onto my lips.

"Think of it as an intermediary step. Sometime in the future I'll remove it and keep it off. I don't know when yet, but…someday." I made her coffee followed by a hearty breakfast.

Recently we had been eating together at the table, although had she told me to eat on the floor I would have. I dressed and we went shopping. I noticed how Judith took the time to admire her new ring. I was thrilled that she liked it; I had spent weeks picking it out. She directed me to a jewelry store, and once inside to the gold chains. She wanted something heavy, but not too long. I would have been satisfied with a stainless steel slave collar, even one that said, "Property of----," but she wanted something special.

She settled on an 8mm 14-karat gold Cuban link chain. My neck is 17-inches so she bought it at 18. She also ordered a gold dog tag that did, in fact, say, "PROPERTY OF JUDITH JUTNER." That would come in another week. I wore the collar out of the store.

She fingered it several times on the ride home. "You look very nice in your new collar, Frank. I can't wait for the dog-tag to be attached. Then everyone will know you're mine." I took her hand in mine and kissed it while we waited at a light. I stripped once again once we were home and by the time I reached the living room Judith was seated, her legs apart, and her panties once again dangling from sexy cheating wife gets her ass fingered and fucked fingers.

"You do understand Judith that I would gladly do that for you?" "Yes, but I have to do some things for myself. On the other hand, you do this for me much better than I could ever do for myself. Just jump right to my cunt, Frank. It needs your attention." I didn't need much encouragement.

For one thing I loved giving my Mistress sensational orgasms; for another I loved the way she tasted. By now, after giving her roughly five hundred orgasms with my tongue, I knew her anatomy better than she did. I fucked her tight love canal with my tongue. It was almost as big and as thick as a cock by now, except that it was much more flexible. Tickling her G-spot brought her swiftly to what I thought might be her fifth or sixth of the day—it was sometimes hard to keep track.

What did it matter? If she asked I would always deliver. She released me after three; I retired to the bathroom to pee—standing up for a change. I liked the new cage. It felt secure, reminding me of her dominance over me, and it was much more comfortable. I'd have to see how it was when I tried to wash my penis. Looking at it I thought it would be okay. The cage was constructed of a series of circular links that would allow the flow of soap and water and could be dried easily, too.

I reminded myself to thank Mistress Judith. I had just finished when I felt her hands on my butt. She tiptoed up to kiss my neck. "Shall I shave your legs and armpits, Judith? Then, perhaps I could give you a pedicure and manicure." She agreed so we showered together as always, me shaving her and her reciprocating. I was a bit shocked when she pointed to her bush. I knelt, trimmed it with the small scissors she kept in the bathroom, and shaved it away.

I kissed her smooth mound as I turned the water off. I dried her then myself before her pedicure and manicure. Finally, I carefully painted her nails with some iridescent purple polish that made her look even hotter and sexier than normal. To protect her nails I locked myself up, returning the wrench to her slender neck. I loved the way it hung between her firm breasts. The Bar Association must be the most boring people on earth.

Cheap bastards, too—the wealthy lawyers had a cash bar. I had attended a union affair several years ago—I couldn't remember whether it was the carpenters or electricians, but I did remember the open bar. I ordered Judith a Chardonnay; I had a gin and tonic. She was engaged in conversation when I returned. "I'd like to introduce my fiancé, Frank Martinson." "You a lawyer, Frank?" "No…thank God!

I'm a civil engineer, but I'm retired now." I explained how I had traveled the world over creating dams and highways in underdeveloped third world countries, mostly in the Middle East. I broke away, taking Judith to the dance floor. "Everyone's looking at us, Frank." "I'm not surprised…I am dancing with the most beautiful woman in the room." "You're just saying that." "Delude yourself if you want, but there is a reason why they're looking and, let's face it, they're not staring at me.

I think it must be the fantastic manicure." Judith laughed so hard she almost fell down, but she did reach up and kiss me. "You're just working on later." "Of course, I may be your slave, but I'm not an idiot. Any chance I have to get naked with you I'm not wasting." She laughed again. She was beautiful when she laughed. We dined with several other judges. The meal, at least, was edible—prime rib with roasted potatoes—but the conversation barely made it to junior high level.

I was asked several times how Judith was in bed. I replied with icy stares. One lawyer told me he thought Judith was bossy. "I never noticed," was my only reply. Of course, I was asked how we met. I explained how we went to the same gym. Although we always said "hi" to each other I never knew who she was until after my hearing.

She didn't recognize me either until one night when it clicked for both of us. I offered coffee as a way of thanking her for being so fair to me. She accepted and the rest, as they say, was history. We danced and danced, making a beautiful couple in my estimation. Finally, it was over. We were in the car almost halfway home when I broke the silence, "Well?" "Yes…well…I thought it went very well. Want to tell me what those idiots said to you?" "I can understand why lawyers are held in such low esteem by the public, Mistress Judith.

I was asked how you are in bed, whether you are bossy, and a bunch of other questions I answered only with a hard stare. Several did ask how we met.

Of course, I kept to our prepared script. I always find it best to stick to the truth, even a partial one. It's so difficult to prove wrong. Other than those things I had a wonderful time with you.

I especially enjoyed the dancing…holding you close to me is something I always enjoy." "Don't worry, you're going to get plenty of that tonight. How was your new cage?" "To be honest, Mistress Judith I barely knew it was there except when you were very close to me. Then I found it a trifle small." Judith laughed again, reminding me that it would have plenty of opportunity to get hard once we were home.

She walked directly to the bedroom while I followed.

I was naked by the time we had reached the doorway with the exception of my gold chain and my stainless cage. I helped her to undress, kissing every exposed surface of her body. Once I had hung everything in the closet or the hamper I returned to find her reclining on the bed, her legs apart in invitation. I dove in eagerly. I had decided to do something I had hinted about way back when we started together. As I had done many times I pushed my big tongue into her tunnel. I fucked her hard and tickled her G-spot, but I also pulled back the hood on her clit.

I used my nose on her for the first time. It was my secret weapon, something few women could resist. I'd held it back for a special occasion and tonight certainly qualified.

I attacked both strenuously for almost five minutes and I was tiring, but Judith had shaken the entire time. Finally, a massive spasm passed through her body; she screamed the entire time it lasted, and she squirted all over my face and chest.

It was an incredible orgasm, even for me. I caressed her naked body, kissing her thighs, cleaning her soggy pussy, and rubbing her firm ass. My cock strained against its prison. I climbed up Mistress Judith's body and pulled her on top of me as I massaged her back and ran my fingers through her hair.

I kissed her head and neck as she recovered slowly from the exquisite torture her orgasm had given her. Finally, after almost fifteen minutes she was able to speak, "So that was the famous nose, eh? I'm almost glad you haven't done that to me before…I don't think I could handle it very often." She reached down my body and felt my cock straining against its cage.

"Oh, God Frank…that must hurt. Let's see if we can get that off you." She sat up and used her wrench to open the strap. My cock had swollen so much that the chain mail was stretched to the max, the tiny circles pressed into my flesh. I could see the concern on Mistress Judith's face as she tried unsuccessfully to remove it. Suddenly, she jumped up and ran from the room, returning seconds later with a big bag of frozen vegetables.

"I'm so sorry, Frank," she told me as she wrapped my organ in the ice-covered bag. CHAPTER 12 Oh God, it hurt! I'm not going to lie; the damned bag hurt, but it did the job. Finally, after several minutes of suffering, the cage was pulled over and off my tender organ. Mistress Judith threw the bag onto the floor and moved up to caress my face and head.

"I am so sorry, Frank. I never thought that could happen. That's it! You're done with these damned things. I swore I'd never hurt you and now&hellip." I could see tears forming in her eyes. "Relax, Mistress Judith, it could not have been anticipated. Part of it was my fault. I got so excited taking care of you&hellip." "Stop! Stop right now! Frank, I appreciate your gallantry, but we both know this was my fault. At the very least I should have freed you before getting started. Now, I don't want to hear another word.

Lie back while I take care of you." She continued when I was a bit slow to respond, "Who's in charge here, Frank?" I knew when I was beaten. There was no arguing with that question. "I am sorry, Mistress Judith. You are…as always." She may have sounded upset, but she stroked my face and kissed me tenderly.

The kiss lasted for several minutes, our tongues twisting around each other until she broke it to move down my body. She used her hands on my bruised organ, but I whimpered in pain.

She used her mouth instead. Running her tongue up and down my shaft drove me wild. I forgot about the pain immediately, my thoughts going to the pleasure I was receiving instead. I was so turned on between the strength of her orgasm and what she was doing to me that I knew I wouldn't last long. "Mistress Judith…I'm close. Please, Mistress Judith. Please, you have to move. I'm going to cum. Azusa ayano asian milf pussy cover in man goo, Mistr…OH GOD!" My cock erupted in her mouth.

Again and again it spurted—thick ropes of slick white semen flooded her mouth and throat. The pleasure was unbelievable, but I was terrified. I had cum in my Mistress's mouth, exactly what she had told me never to do. I expected the worst—thrown out, relationship ended, or a tongue lashing to end all, but when she looked up I saw her smile. "Not as bad as I thought.

I might even do it again, but right now we need to go to sleep. It's been a long day." She climbed up me again, took me into her arms and held me. I wrapped my arms around her, told her that I loved her so much and kissed her.

She fell asleep almost immediately, but I couldn't find sleep. My penis ached with even the slightest touch. Several times Judith moved in the night, her knee touching my organ. Even the sheet, rubbing with her natural movements in sleep caused me pain.

I slept briefly and fitfully at best. I tried to get up to make Judith's juice and coffee, but group of girls in lined up would hear nothing of it.

She took one look at my injured penis and restricted me to bed. Big man smile girl sex applied an ice pack and gave me two ibuprofen tablets to reduce the swelling. I sat in bed while she waited on me. "Now you can see why I need you so badly. I'm a lousy cook and a worse nurse. Let me take another look at that." There were lines like graph paper running over the shaft which was still quite swollen and sensitive to the touch.

"Who's in charge here, Frank? This is an order I'm only giving once. Nothing is going on this penis ever again other than my hands and my mouth. Okay…you'll touch it to pee and to wash, and of course your underwear, but no more cock cages or anything even slightly restrictive. You'll have to feel and experience my dominance in some other way." She kissed me gently before sliding down my body and once again taking me into her mouth.

It was Heaven. "This is wonderful Judith, but I'd like it even more if I could take care of you, too." She looked up at me inquisitively until I nodded and smiled, "You know how much I enjoy taking care of you.

Please allow me to do my job." Now it was her turn to smile. She climbed over my body to place her juicy cunt where I could reach it with my tongue.

"Do your job, boy while I take care of you," she instructed. I reached up to taste her for the first, but hopefully not the last, time of the day. She must have been excited—her tunnel was full of her precious nectar which I scooped out bit by bit with my tongue, knowing that it would be replaced even faster than I could remove it. Of course, in the process I stimulated her tender tissues leading to her first orgasm of the day. "Not bad," I thought. It was barely eight a.m.

Mistress Judith was now totally involved with my hard penis, licking and sucking the entire organ. I tried once again to warn her that I was close, but her response was to fill my mouth with her cunt.

I blew five times into her mouth and throat. She swallowed every drop. "Hard to believe I thought that was disgusting," she said as she wiped a droplet off her chin. "I'm finding it quite enjoyable and very powerful. I have mom cory chase bangs with lily rader and her bf under my complete control when I suck your cock, don't I?" Chuckling, I responded, "Oh God, I'm totally powerless.

I doubt there's anything I could deny you when you're doing it to me." We lay in bed recovering for almost a half hour before I pulled myself up and made her breakfast. Later we went to my house to see what, if anything, I would keep. I tried on most of my clothes for her. Some were kept, but most were set aside to donate to charity. I had three flat-screen TV's we decided to keep.

Judith loved to watch sports on TV, especially football and baseball, but her TV's were small and antiquated. We'd replace all of them with my sets. We also agreed on a mauve leather sectional that was almost new.

I told her I could begin everything tomorrow. "No, Frank you'll be tied up tomorrow". "Is that a promise?" She laughed. "Perhaps, but only if you need it. It'll be part of our celebration. You will come to my courtroom at 11:30 sharp. Dress in a suit and plan to spend a good part of the day there. We'll get our license and then we'll be married.

You can work on this later in the week. I also think you should box up Jennifer's clothes and other possessions and put them in storage. She'll need them one of these days." My ex-wife had indeed been arrested and charged with multiple counts of illegal detention, battery, and sexual assault. She had no funds and nobody to bail her out so she had stayed in the County Jail awaiting trial. I wasn't looking forward to testifying and was thrilled when Judith came home one afternoon and told me that a plea bargain was in the works.

She would plead guilty to one of the non-sexual charges and receive a sentence of two to four years, receiving credit for time served. I had been asked for my opinion and had given it gladly. All I ever wanted was the divorce; punishment was never something I had considered. I did agree with Judith that I couldn't leave her destitute in spite of everything she had done and planned to do.

I gave her half of the house's value and returned one account worth more than $100,000. Next: Content at last, Frank faces some unanticipated challenges.