Cock sucking and pleasing while being outside

Cock sucking and pleasing while being outside
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It had rained a lot during camp and everything was damp. We were all in two person tents. I felt terrible because my skin was dry and cold. My friend was still in our tent as I went outside. As I zipped up the tent door one of the other people on the camp walked up to me. Her name was Olivia. Olivia was the same height as me.

She was brown, indian and had long thick silky huge tits blonde gagged and anal banged black hair. we had talked before and I knew she was sort of hot but only now did I realise how sexy she was. her face was pretty and slim, her eyes were light brown and sexy. her lips were smooth and covered beautiful white teeth.

her skin had a gentle glow that looked amazing on light brown skin. Olivia was wearing a tight black shirt and very short pink shorts. the tight shirt clenched tightly around her massive juicy boobs. this formed two big mounds on her shirt she spoke without an accent and and asked me if I knew anyone without a tent buddy because she didn't have one.

I told her that I didn't. I wanted to tell her I wanted to be her tent buddy but I knew she knew I had a buddy. I watched her as she walked away, her hair kept bouncing off her back. I thought to myself, man she has sexy long legs.

I realised I was getting a bonner so I pulled my jumper over it. I went to join the others near the campfire.

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there was an equal number of boys as girls. The other girls were ok looking but the only one who stood out other than Olivia was a girl called Bethany.

Although she was nowhere near as sexy as Olivia she had certain features that were better than Olivias. some examples were her bum. Bethany's bum was massive while Olivia's bum was not as big. Bethany was also very fit, she enjoyed playing sports strapon blonde babe in first time double penetration experience the boys and was very good.

she was also very athletic because she did a lot of gymnastics. her body was a bit too toned up while Olivia was very slim around the tummy. Bethany's skin was white and she had long smooth brown hair. her eyes were an innocent light brown but sadly her boobs were small (only small mounds could be seen on her shirt).

Olivia was by far the sexiest girl at camp but if I was asked about which girl I had more of a relationship with it would be Bethany. we weren't going out but we had talked more and I had a feeling that sometimes she was trying to flirt with me.

As we stood around the fire Bethany smiled at me and I smiled back. I walked closer to Bethany but as I did Olivia walked over to me. her big boobs shook with every step and caught my attention.

Bethany looked disappointed as I changed course to Olivia. Olivia took me by the hand and led me to her tent. I was mystified as to why she had brought me here.

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She looked into my eye and winked sexily. Olivia had her shiny black hair down and she pulled me into a hug. I didn't know why she was doing this all I knew was that my erection was pressing against her thigh. as we hugged inside her tent Olivia whispered in my ear. with my erection still pressing against her thigh she told me that she wanted me to have sex with her.

I had a surprised look on my face pretending I didn't know what she meant. she told me that she knew I liked her and that she liked me too. she rubbed her thigh against my erection and I let out a soft moan. she then told me it would soon be dinner time so if I wanted some action I better hurry up. I blurted out the first thing that came to my mind. I asked her if I could feel her boobs. she gave me a funny look and told me attractive babe is showcasing her opened narrow vagina in close up was letting me sleep with her so obviously I could feel her boobs.

my hands leaped onto her boobs.

Even while wearing a shirt they were warm and soft. they felt enormous as I squeezed them. she started kissing my neck. with one hand still rubbing her boobs I used the other hand to unzip my pants. Olivia saw me unzip my pants and moved her hand to stroke my dick.

I felt her warm soft hand wrap around my dick. her hand moved slowly up and down. I moaned softly as she suddenly picked up the pace. she keped going faster and faster. I was no longer feeling cold as my body warmed up. Finally I was ready to cum but nothing came out. I looked down and saw that Olivia had her thumb on the area between the tip of my penis and the shaft. Her thumb pressed down firmly. this blocked by cum from ejaculating.

Olivia smiled mockingly as she kept me on the edge of my climax. although I was in heaven and being on the edge nice deep face hole fellatio pornstar and hardcore climaxing felt amazing, I was still annoyed.

I wanted to go over the edge and ejaculate. Olivia saw I was annoyed so she whispered in my ear, " do you want to cum in my hand or in my pussy?" I realised she was right and gave a simple nod. with her thumb still blocking my cum, she kissed me on my lips.

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she smelled like strawberries and her lips were soft. I still had a hand on her boob but as she kissed me I used the other one to grab a handful of her long flowing hair. I tried being bold by forcing my tongue into her mouth and playing with her tongue.

she played along trying to be equally rough but after a while we realised we didn't like it. when the urge to cum had finally worn off she removed her hand from my dick.

She slowly took off her clothes showing me her naked body one part at a time. I quickly got undressed and we both got inside her big sleeping bag. we lay down on our sides facing fleshy juicy cunt squirts squirting and japanese other. I ran my fingers through her smooth hair and down her back onto her biggish ass. I looked into her sexy eyes and she gave me a dirty smile.

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I moved on top of her and lined my penis with her vagina. I entered slowly her making sure she was ok. She seemed to take it ok and she wasn't a first timer so that helped. once I was fully in I started pumping in and out.

Olivia moaned and put a hand on my bum. I pumped faster and harder. her body was so warm and it felt amazing after being in the cold for so long. her vagina was tight and wet.

I grabbed a hand full of her hair and almost came when I realised I could get her pregnant. I told her in a sad voice,"i might get you pregnant if I cum." Olivia reached into her bag and pulled out a condom.

I put it on and went back to fucking her. I kissed her and groped milf taxi driver seducing young guy in her fake taxi bum and boobs. we were now both sweating and exhausted. I was very close to cuming but luckily so was she. she was moaning louder and dug her nails into my bum. my dick couldn't hold out any more and I came. Two seconds later she came.

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we were both panting. with my dick still inside her I kissed her lips for about twenty seconds. from that day we were always together. we would always pair up for activities, we would eat together and every night I would sneak out from my tent so I could have sex with Olivia in her tent.

if anyone was awake they would surly hear Olivia's moans. everyone was asleep though because the activities we did used a lot of energy.

Part 2--------- the main activity of the camp was following a map through sex ebony desi vidisex stories forrest to a marked location. there would be no tracks to follow and you had to complete the activity in pairs. the pairs would be picked out for us and each group would go to a different location.

as luck would have it I was paired up with Bethany. Bethany had become a bit annoying lately she would be flirting with me even though she knew I liked Olivia. now I had to walk through the bush for 8 hours alone with her. 2 hours into the bush walk I was angry. Bethany was constantly trying to get my attention by breathing heavily and giving me sexy looks. she kept telling me that I could tell her anything and she would keep it a secret.

without knowing it I had gotten a bonner. I had finally had enough so I asked her big boob teen bj first time this gave brice an idea she wanted to know. we stopped walking in the middle of the thick forrest and she started asking me questions. Bethany wanted to get very personal with me so asked me personal questions which she swore to keep secret.

first she asked me which girl I thought hottest on the camp to which I replied Olivia. Next she asked me what were the hottest parts of Olivia and I replied her sexy black hair, massive boobs, slim body and great bum. all this describing Olivia made my erection press against my pants. Bethany noticed and asked me what I thought of her ass. She turned around to show me her bum. although she was still wearing really short shorts you could tell the shape of her huge ass.

it was big and round cramped in her shorts wanting to break free. I was so Horney and I think Bethany knew because next she asked me if I wanted a lap dance. Vote in the comments if you want me to say no to Bethany and stay with Olivia or say yes to Bethany and dump Olivia or should I risk my relationship with both if them and try dating both of them.

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