Ebony man bangs white gal interracial and hardcore

Ebony man bangs white gal interracial and hardcore
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My wife left me and our 12 year old daughter about 7 years ago. She got a wild hair and left us, going out to California to "find herself". I thought she had it pretty good.I am a fairly successful businessman and come from money. We lived in an upscale suburb of Chicago in a gated community and she had everything she could want, but I guess it wasn't what she did want. Anyway, it was just Debbie and Porn hubsunny leone sex story. She's a great kid.smart, respectful and very outgoing.

She won a full scholarship at my alma mater, U of I, and lived in the dorm her first year. I went down for dad's weekend that year and met her roommate, Cindy. Cindy was a wild kid from what Deb told me.

Even though they were opposite in lots of ways, they clicked and became friends. She came from a broken home as well and was very well put-together. She was short, about 5' 4" and had a great little 18 year old body. I'd be lying if I said I didn't jerk off thinking about her about a dozen times the first week or so after that weekend. One weekend, Deb decided to come home for the weekend and do laundry, have me buy her a bunch of groceries and go to a couple of her favorite restaurants.stuff we always did when she came home.

Deb asked if Cindy could come along, which wasn't a problem for me. We have plenty of room in the house and I welcomed the thought of Cindy being in the house. The very thought gave me a fully engorged cock that I had to take care of myself. They arrived Friday afternoon and Deb ran to me and I spun her around like she was a little girl again. It always made me happy when she acted like my little girl.

I said hello to Cindy and took their bags and stuff inside. After they got settled, they said they napali sex with sister in law hungry and wanted to go out for pizza. While we ate, I noticed Cindy giving me quick looks when she thought I wasn't looking.

She even licked her fingers a couple times in a way that seemed aimed at me. I pegged her as a little cockteaser. Deb told me she was pretty sexually active and had fucked a steady stream of guys so far. It didn't surprise me that she was doing what she was doing.teasing a guy she thought would never big man smile girl sex. I paid the bill and left, wanting to get home to jerk off again to the vision of Cindy fucking some guy.

The next morning, I was at the kitchen table having coffee and reading the paper when they came down. Deb was a runner in high school and did 10-12 miles every day.

She was dressed for her run and asked Cindy if it was cool she left for a bit. "No problem. I need to start my laundry anyway. I'll be fine with your dad to keep me company." she replied. Cindy gave me a quick peck on the cheek and left. Cindy was wearing a robe made of soft terrycloth and it was open a bit in front, giving me a nice view of her cleavage.

She leaned over a bit to make sure I got a good view when she reached for the sugar. Her legs looked firm and tanned and I could imagine she was naked under that robe.

My cock started to stir again, even though I had jerked off for about an hour less than 10 hours before. She was surely teasing me now, slowly stirring her coffee and licking the spoon clean. She had this little smirk on her face, knowing she was driving me crazy. She stood up to go get a refill on her coffee and "accidentally" let her robe fall open a bit. Her incredible tits flopped out for a few seconds before she acted shocked and closed her robe up.

"What the fuck are you doing, Cindy? Are you really this big a tease or do you want to get fucked or what? Let's get this out in the open.

Deb told me you're fucking a bunch of guys all semester.I'm not some dumb college kid. You can't pull this shit on me.

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Either we're going to fuck right now, or you need to stop what you're doing. What's it going to be?" I demanded. She acted incredulous, like she had no idea what she was doing, but that shit-eating smirk never left her face, even when she said, "I'm not doing anything, Mr Smith. You're just imagining things. Besides, what makes you think I'd fuck you? You probably couldn't handle someone like me. I bet you wouldn't last 2 minutes anyway. What a laugh!!" and she turned on her heel and started to walk away.

I felt something flame inside me.rage, humiliation from being shit-talked by some tramp who thinks she's God's gift to men, lust and the fire to possess her.

I grabbed her from behind and spun her around. "You're nothing but a cockteaser and a whore. I'm sick of your shit and attitude. Don't act like you didn't want this." I grabbed her robe and ripped it from her body as she screamed. She was indeed naked under there and had as phenomenal a body as I had imagined. Big tits, slender thighs and legs, a trim waist, shaved pussy and an ass about as tight as a Marine's bedsheet.

I ripped the tie from the robe and looped it around her neck and pulled hard. She started to scream and stopped as I cut off her air. "Listen to me. You need an attitude adjustment and I'm going to give it to you, tramp. Deb won't be back for at least 90 minutes. If you say one word about this, I'll say it was your idea. She knows you're a slut and won't buy your side of it. Let's go." I dragged her up the stairs as she struggled to free herself.

She was crying by this time and had nothing but fear in her eyes. She knew she had gone too far and feared what I might do. I threw her into my bedroom and locked the door. She made a break for the bathroom, but I cut her off and grabbed the tie around her neck again. I wrestled her down and held her there while I fashioned a quick slip-knot and put it around her neck again.

Sliding blonde teen gets roughly fucked in her tight booty penetration and deepthroat tight, but not tight enouIgh to leave a mark, I pulled her to her feet.

She tried to cover her nakedness with her hands, but it was no use.there was not enough hands to do the job. I shoved her down on the bed and quickly stripped my shorts and t-shirt I was wearing. My cock was fully erect and bobbing in front of me.

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I grabbed her roughly by the hair and told her she had this coming. Slapping her, I told her to open her mouth. She resisted and got another hard yank on the robe tie around her neck. As she sobbed, her mouth opened with a tremble and I shoved myself into her hard. She tried to push me away, but I grabbed her hair and started ramming away at her throat.

She gagged and cried as I raped her gullet. She was slobbering all over my cock and retching. Finally, I gave her a chance to get some air and she dry-heaved onto the floor. Coughing and spluttering, she started apologizing and begging me to stop. "I won't tell if you stop. PLEASE?

I don't want you to do this." she managed to say before I forced myself into her mouth again. Tears mixed with spit all over her face as I rammed her with impunity, going balls-deep. She sure could suck a cock, I'll give her that. Finally, I was ready for some of that young cunt. Dragging her onto the bed, I told her to lie back and spread her legs. Trembling, she did it, covering her nikko jordan horny masseuse giving a handjob and blowjob for money with her hand.

I yanked the rope and told her to open wide with her legs. I jumped up between those tan thighs and dove in with my face. Her cunt looked so good that I knew I had to have a taste of it.

She was salty and fairly moist, but I knew she was still scared of me. As I licked her, she sobbed even harder, but didn't resist. When she was wet enough I slid up onto my knees and plowed into her as hard as I could. She screamed as I began to rape her, like she couldn't believe I was going through with it.

As I hammered away on her, she cried and screamed louder, yelling for help. She was out of luck there. I belted her again because it turned me on.she could scream all she wanted.

Finally, she was spent and had no fight left in her. She lay there passively, hoping I'd finish and let her go. I was far from done with her. I attacked her tits with my mouth, sucking and nibbling those hard little nipples. As she squirmed, it seemed that I could feel her pussy starting to tighten around my cock.

I put my mouth on hers and kissed her hard, jamming real wife drugged and used tongue into her mouth. She gagged and sobbed and asked me if I was almost done between sobs. "Not yet, bitch. I bet none of those college boys fuck you this good, do they? DO THEY?" I bellowed. "N-no, they don't. Please stop, you're hurting me." she replied.

"I bet you like being hurt by guys. You ever take it up the ass, whore?" Hearing that energized her again and she nearly pushed me off of her. She screamed for me to please not do that, that she'd do whatever I wanted, but please don't do that. I wasn't going to stop now and slid out of her and rolled her legs back even farther, turning her asshole up towards me. As I pushed the head of my cock into her, she started crying even harder, begging me to stop.

I thrust into her tight asshole with one stroke and she nearly passed out from the impact. I buried myself to the balls over and over again inside her. Sobbing hysterically now, she was desperate to get me out of her and off of her, beating me with her hands and arms.

All she did was make me fuck her harder. Resigned to her fate by now, she simply laid there while I took what I wanted with force and aggression.

Soundless were her tears and sobs. I locked eyes with her and told her I hoped she was learning a lesson about teasing. She didn't answer, only nodded a bit. By this time, I was good and ready to drop my load.

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I wanted to top of the humiliation and knew just what to do. "Open your mouth. I'm gonna cum and you're gonna swallow the evidence." I pulled her to the end of the bed and made her kneel on the floor. Pulling tight on the robe tie, I told her again to open her mouth.

As she did, I told her she was gonna clean my cock of her ass first, then swallow what I gave her. She did a fine job of that, using her tongue to swab my cock clean, gagging and choking the whole time. As I neared my orgasm, I fucked her head as hard as I could, bringing fresh tears to her eyes. My cock twitched in her mouth and exploded with a fury.

The first couple ropes felt like the back of her head was going to be blown off. She gagged them down, and immediately had her mouth re-filled with another couple globs. I told her she better swallow every drop or she'd have to go thru it again. Finally, my cock stopped throbbing and spurting and I let her have some air.

While she filled her lungs with air, her body shook and trembled from relief and exhaustion. I pulled her into my bathroom and released the slip-knot.

"We're going to shower now and clean every bit of evidence off of you so you can't go to the cops. Understand?" She nodded and got under the spray. I told her to wash me first and she did a nice job. She got to my dick last and as she lathered me up, I got hard again. In disbelief, she looked at me.

"How would you like me to take care of this? My pussy, hand or my mouth?" I guess she had learned her lesson and wanted to please me. I told her it was her choice, all internal leas ass goes double anal and gapes to the max she started to jerk me off.

She did it nice and slow and revved up her hand action after I made the suggestion. I didn't think I'd come again, but she looked so good all naked and wet that I couldn't hold back for long. I let go with another orgasm, this one splattering those fantastic tits. She rinsed herself off and washed herself all over while I watched. She got out and we dried off.

I got dressed and let her go do the same. We were both sitting at the kitchen table, with a load of Cindy's wash in the washer when Deb returned. "So what have you been doing besides laundry?" Deb asked Cindy. "N-nothing. Just talking with your dad. He should have been a teacher with all the stuff he knows about." Cindy got out. Deb went up to shower and left us. I told Cindy that if she wanted to fuck again next morning when Deb went for her run, I'd treat her with care and respect and make sure she got off as good as I did.

She rolled her eyes at me and went to finish her laundry.