Fervid nympho is geeting pissed on and ejaculates wet crack

Fervid nympho is geeting pissed on and ejaculates wet crack
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I was watching a couple going door to door in my neighborhood pushing the bible. I hate it when anybody comes to my door and bothers me on my free time. They looked to be in their late thirties, I noticed that the woman had short wavy dirty blonde hair, glasses and was wearing a conservative long green skirt with a small slit up the back with sweater, suntan pantyhose and short heels.

She wasn't hot, but her figure wasn't bad. They knocked on my door and I invited them in and told them to have a seat. I kept looking her up and down as they gave me pamphlets and preached at me.

I was getting excited, weird scenarios were running through my head the whole time, I knew that I was going to do something to them, but I hadn't made up my mind what. Then finally after almost an hour of listing to them thumping the bible I stepped out of the room and got my gun and put it in the waistband at 9x mother sexy my mother x mother x1 back of my pants. Then as I entered the room I asked the man a question.

"Is your wife a good fuck?" They both had a shocked look on their face and the guy started stuttering, "W-what, what?" That's when I pulled out the gun and said, "I want to see your wife's pussy wrapped around my dick." I then ordered them to stand up and turn around. I told them to put their hands up and I pistol-whipped the man over the head. I kept beating him while the woman stood there crying. When he stopped moving I put duck tape over his mouth and bound his hands, he was unconscious and bleeding badly.

Then I told the woman to face me. I grabbed at her sweater and ripped it off and then unbutton her blouse, then I reached up and took her glasses off. The bitch was shying away from every move I made like a frightened deer.

I told her to turn around and I pushed her back so she was bending over and I pulled up her skirt to see what we had to work with.

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She was crying and started to say a prayer. I pulled out my dick out and started to masturbate with one hand as I pulled her skit up with the other. Her legs were very shapely and sexy looking with pantyhose on. I had a good view of her ass and realized that she wasn't wearing any panties. I reached out and began feeling her pantyhose covered ass. It was firm, I guess all that walking and preaching paid off for her.

Then I started to caress her legs and reached around her and massaged her breasts as I rubbed my dick on her ass. Then after a bit I tied her hands and gagged her with duck tape. I shoved her over the arm of the sexy jennifer takes doggystyle hardcore big tits and began licking her pussy and asshole through the pantyhose.

By now I was so hard that I started dry humping her ass, trying to stick my dick in her through the pantyhose. I could only stretch it part way into her. Frustrated, I tore open the crotch of her pantyhose and rammed my dick into her as hard and as deep as I could.

You could her scream though the gag, which only made me want to hurt her more. I started to fuck her from behind, the after a few minutes of that I flipped her over and pushed her legs far apart and looked down at her exposed cunt.

She was trying to scream through her duct tape gag and was crying which helped to turn me on even more. She was just lying against the arm of the couch not putting up much of a fight, it was so hot. The feeling of power made me light headed, but I like a little fight so I slapped her and pulled her bra up to strangle her a little.

Her legs started to kick a little bit. Now things were getting better. I quickly blew my load in her cunt and got off of her. Then I released her and told her to get up and taking off all of her clothes and put them in the bag I held.

She was whimpering in fear, driving me to an even higher lustful level than I'd ever been before. When she was now down to only her pantyhose, I told her to stop there.

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You could see my cum running down her pantyhose. Her husband wasn't moving and must have been dead so I kicked him in the head a few times to make the woman more fearful of me. Then I walked her into the bathroom and filled the tub with water. She could only imagine what was going to happen to her now. I was enjoying this immensely. I had her sit on the sink and spread her legs for me.

Then I grabbed her and moved up to her and shoved myself into her pussy, then lifted her up and walked over to the tub, still jammed up into her. I leaned over taking her weight and pushed her upper body into the tub of water.

Now she was fighting me and I could feel her cunt muscles contacting around my cock with her exertions, trying to pull her head out of the water.

She was thrashing around desperately trying to escape.

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That's when I started to cum again. It was the longest orgasm I ever had and I watched her desperate face the whole time I was emptying myself into her.

I finally finished cumming.

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She was still kicking, her head was still under water. I left my dick shoved deep inside her until she finally stopped struggling.

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Then I slowly started fucking her lifeless body again, thrusting deeply, using the lubrication from my earlier cums to smooth the way. Finally my body tensed one last time and my life force pumped into her cunt again. As I caught my breath, I looked down at my dead playmate and realized I had a lot of cleaning up to do. I got up and left her there with her legs hanging over the tub as I attended to the task of covering my tracks. END