Catalina vs lex steele tube porn

Catalina vs lex steele tube porn
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I shiver as he runs his hands up my sides, my dress lifting with his hands. I raise my arms as his hands run over the outside curve of my tit and he pulls my dress off of me. He steps back, dropping my dress behind him, before stripping off and looks up at me, rina ellis a dream cum true eyes burning.

I know what he is seeing, me wearing only blue lacy lingerie. My bra demi-cut, my G-string panties over suspenders, holding up my garter belts and sheer stockings. I stand there, watching his eyes travel up and down my body, the fire only increasing.

Tension fills the gap between us, dense enough to be cut by a knife. He steps towards me hesitantly, not wanting to break the tension that is nothing but exciting. Slowly I reach for him, my arm, my hand, my entire body beginning to tremble, to shake.

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Grasping his hand I gently tug him towards me, placing his hand so its covering my tit. My nipple hardens at his touch, pushing into his hand. He smirks, taking his hand off my tit and walking behind me. I stay still, not even considering questioning what he's doing. I feel his body press up against my back, his hard cock wedged between us, pressing into my ass. His hands slither past my hips, one grabbing my tit, the other immediately heading for my clit.

He grinds into me, causing me to moan. I bite my lip and out of the corner of my eye I see him smirk again. He knows I'm already enjoying myself. My body responds so quickly to his wants, his needs. Reaching a hand behind me, I grasp his cock, jerking him softly, teasingly.

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In response he groans, pushing two fingers inside me and pulling down my bra; causing my tits to bounce. He grins, which only reminds me to keep them bouncing for as long as possible just so he can watch. He begins to slide down my body, placing small kisses all the way down my neck, down my back.

When he reaches his knees, his hands grab me by the hips, forcibly turning me around to face him. He looks up at me, somehow managing to still make me feel small, submissive despite still standing. He undoes my bra and pulls it off my body, leaving me entirely topless. This is quickly followed by him taking off my panties lovely bints get slammed in an orgy two hands, hurriedly rolling them down my legs.

I lift one foot and he slips them off, then the other. I place my hands on his shoulders for balance and as I do so he leans forward, attaching his mouth to my engorged clit. I stumble, pleasure shooting through my entire body. Pulling his head back, he pushes me backwards, causing me to stumble again and fall onto the bed.

He quickly walks over and kneeling before me once again, begins to eat me out; running his tongue up my slit repeatedly, causing me to twitch every time he brushes against my clit. My pussy begins to twitch and pleasure begins to build up within my very core and he knows it.

He stops his ministrations, telling me to sit up.

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I obey, disappointment flitting across my features momentarily. "Suck Me", he says. Again, I obey without second thought. His pleasure comes first.

Taking his cock head in my mouth, I suck gently, flicking my tongue over his slit, around his head. I then take the whole thing, suppressing my gag reflex; I take him as deep as I can, holding myself there before backing off, sucking the entire shaft as I do so. I repeat this again. Without warning, he explodes in my mouth and surprised, I gag. Coughing and spluttering my eyes begin to water, tears dripping down my cheeks.

I grin however, letting him know that I'm okay. Pushing me backwards again, I lay down on the bed and he, already hard again, shoves himself deep into my pussy, covering my mouth with his hand, quieting my scream of pleasure and of shock.

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My eyes flare, my cheeks burn, my blush travelling all the way to my tits, which he latches onto with his mouth.

His tongue laps eagerly, sucking. Using his teeth, he softly bits down, and I begin to quiver. Thrusting in and out of me fast, hard, he begins to groan. Faster and harder still, we both become closer to the brink. Suddenly we both cum. My pussy clenching his cock, milking it. He fills me, a mixture of his cum and my juices leak from around his softening cock, running down my thigh and onto the bed.

Flipping me over, he presses my head against the pillow, forcing me to face away from him. I gasp as he slips 4 fingers inside me, hitting my g-spot. He brings his fingers to my mouth, telling me to open. I do, cleaning his fingers why his hand remains wrapped around my neck. I struggle, trying to get him to loosen his hold, although deep down I know that it's turning me on beyond belief. He brings his fingers from my pussy once again to nude girls have fun in the water underwater and swimming mouth and I once again clean off his fingers.

His hand runs down my body, over my collarbone, tracing it, down over my shoulder blade, tracing every vertebra in my spine before finally reaching the dip before my ass. He raises his hand, bringing is down hard. Causing his handprint to be left on my ass. He does it again; bringing me closer to orgasm every time, the warmth from my ass heading straight to my pussy.

Reaching underneath me he rubs my clit once, hard and unable to hold it in anymore, I cum. I thrash about, while he tries his best to keep rubbing my clit. For nearly a whole thirty seconds I twitch before finally laying still, my eyes drifting shut. "Thank you master", I manage to whisper before falling into a much-needed sleep.