Sandra luberc on mini gangbang with dap sz

Sandra luberc on mini gangbang with dap sz
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Author's Note: The purpose of this series is to establish a vehicle through which to explore some far darker themes than I normally do through a series of short individual chapters. Some suspension of disbelief is required, and the narration may shift depending on the perspective of each piece.

If you're reading a chapter in this series for the first time, please read the short Introduction chapter for the background and set up. Walking up the stairs behind Jenna, I suddenly became incredibly nervous, wondering what I was about to get myself into. In fact for the past twenty-four hours my mind had been a complete wreck of swirling emotions.

After having the best sex I'd ever had in the changing room yesterday, the only thing I could think brazzers monique alexander monique keeps it fresh was getting more, and my whole body was giddy at the thought of it.

The fact that I'd found the courage to come back and ask was a huge step for me, but now that it seemed like it could actually happen, I wasn't sure what to think. I found myself staring at Jenna's perfect porn star ass feeling my mind going blank. When we got upstairs I had no idea what to do. "Why don't we have a seat over there and talk about this," Jenna said, walking me over to the big couch in the middle of the room. She had on a pair of black leggings and a tight pink girlie tee that framed her voluptuous body perfectly.

Her dark hair was back in a loose knot, and her pretty face was just slightly made up. She looked so pretty I found myself just staring again, no longer thinking of anything at all. "So, you're Cassie, right?" I nodded, dutifully sitting down and gasping slightly at the coolness of the leather on my skin. I was only wearing a pair of track shorts and a tank top, and it took a moment for the material to warm.

I felt completely flustered now, and the expression on my face must have shown it. "Relax, Cassie. You'll be fine. I just need to ask a few questions and maybe let you in on a few things before we move on, ok?" Again I just nodded and tried to smile, but I noticed I was sitting on my hands and squirming like a thirteen year old in the principal's office. "Sorry, I'm really she loves spit squirting on her tits while sucking I said, trying to force a laugh.

"Tell you what, can I get you a coke or something?" She got up and walked over to the little kitchen area, getting a couple of glasses and a bottle of something out of the cupboard.

She poured a little into each, then got some ice and soda from the fridge, and walked back over. "Thanks," I said, taking a sip.

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Lana violet gets a big hard pecker didn't know what she'd put in it, but it tasted good, so I drank it half the glass like it was a regular coke. "Oh, hey, honey," Jenna said, cautioning me, "Just sip that for a bit, ok?" She took my glass and set it along with her own on the table in front of us.

"So, tell me Cassie. Why do you want to work here?" I didn't know what to say. It seemed like an obvious question but there were so many reasons behind it I couldn't figure out where to start. "Well, I guess I could use the money. I mean, that's why most kids get jobs, right?" Jenna just looked at me, waiting for me to continue. "And I like it here, and the clothes and all." I was starting to panic. I had thought about what I wanted to say, but now it wasn't coming out right at all.

"How old are you?" "Sixteen, gonna be seventeen in two months." "And the boy you were with yesterday, he's your boyfriend I assume?" "Yeah, for like eight months. Yesterday was my fault. I talked him into it and he finally agreed to do it.

But it didn't go at all like I planned it, obviously. I just thought we'd fool around in there, and then it kinda got out of control. Then it got, like, REALLY out of control. But I liked it. I liked it a lot. And when we didn't really get in trouble for it after and I went home and thought about it I really, really started liking it a lot, and I thought it was a place I kinda wanted to be all the time and maybe you and the other guy would maybe let me work here?" I was totally rambling.

I could see it on her face. I wanted to tell her what happened yesterday was what I've been looking for forever, but I couldn't figure out how.

I reached forward for my drink and took another big gulp and stared at my glass. Suddenly I noticed I was starting to feel warm and relaxed. She gave me a long look, taking a sip of her own drink before putting it back down. "So you like sex, huh?" "Yeah," I laughed. " A bunch." She smiled at me. "Like sone leyon boor story x much a bunch?" "Like ever since I was twelve I've been totally fixated on it, even before I really knew what it was.

And nobody else I knew was like that. And I was always really tall and skinny, so none of the boys ever had any interest in me, especially since my boobs are so small." I glanced down at my flat little As, noticing my nipples were poking through my tank. I felt like I should cover them up, but didn't for some reason. "So when I got to high school I started dying my hair crazy colors and dressing punk, and that got me some attention.

And I started seeing Trent and finally got to fool around, but I was always thinking of more things I wanted to do that didn't seem like things he'd want to. It's like my mind won't shut up about it, and I don't know if I'm a freak or a pervert or what." I stopped and drank the last of my coke, having finally gotten everything I wanted to say of my chest.

"Interesting," Jenna finally said. "You may be a little of both, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. Actually, there are a lot of people who think the same way; you're not so abnormal as you think. You're just a bit ahead of the curve for a girl your age." She put her hand on my knee and gave it a little pat.

It was just a reassuring gesture, but it sent a jolt of excitement through me. "So tell me," she went on, "Why did you pick our shop for your little adventure?" "I dunno, it's a pretty popular shop because you ca- I mean, because the stuff's pretty hip." I almost said because you can rip the place off so easy.

"And it's a pretty relaxed atmosphere, and you aren't all over the customers like most places. So we, or more like I, figured we could get away with it." "Nothing more than that?" she asked. "We don't have any other sort of reputation?" "No, why?" I wasn't sure if she was talking about the shoplifting, but I wasn't about to tell her that.

I had no idea that she was thinking about something totally different until what she said next. "Here's the thing, Cassie. Anton and I are a lot like you in that we think about sex a lot. That's probably apparent to you after what we did yesterday, but what may not be so obvious is that there's a lot of it going on I this store. Well, not in the store proper, but up here." She paused, looking right into my eyes, and I couldn't help but think about how pretty she was. "So in a way, it's kayla quinn stop peeking come here and anal fuck me strange coincidence that you showed up yesterday, and even more fortunate that you came back looking for a job.

Because I'm pretty sure we can find a lot for you to do, and I think you'll enjoy it very much." Then she leaned across and kissed me, fully on the lips, before I even had a chance to move.

I couldn't believe how good it felt. I'd wanted to kiss girls a million times before but never had, and it sure made me melt completely like I'd hoped it would. "Now," Jenna continued, almost as if the kiss hadn't happened. "I'm going to go downstairs and talk to Anton about this and see what we can work out for you. You just stay put." She stood up and walked towards the stairs. "You can make yourself another rum and coke if you like, and feel free to look around.

You'll need to get familiar with things up here." When she left I just sat there for a second or two, thinking about everything that was happening. I was pretty sure that somehow if I worked here it would mean there would be sex, but she never actually said it, and I didn't understand exactly how it would work. I grabbed my glass and stood up, suddenly feeling really good and a little dizzy from the drink, and didn't think I should have another one, so I just put it on the counter and started looking around.

There were a couple of rooms down a hallway that I took a peek in.

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One looked like a normal bedroom, although why it was here in the store I didn't know. The other one was a little more strange. It had a mattress on the floor and a couch and a chair, interracial slamming danica dillon hard big black cock monstercock it didn't look like a room you'd normally hang out in. And there was a big chest on one wall. I walked over to it and opened it up, and was shocked by what was in it.

All kinds of straps and weird things, but also a bunch of dildos. I'd never actually seen one in person before, and ran my handover them, picking up the interesting ones for a better look. Somehow what I was doing felt wrong, even though Jenna told me to look around, so I quickly shut the chest again and went back to the couch in the main room.

I probably sat there for another five minutes before I heard them both coming back up the stairs. Jenna came back over and sat next to me, and Anton sat down in the chair next to me. "So," Jenna said, "We decided we can have you work here, whenever you can since you're still in school, and you can help us out around the shop and stuff like that, ok?" I nodded, happy and excited that they were hiring me.

"And we'll pay you a flat five hundred per week, no matter how much you work." My mouth dropped open, "Five hundred.?" I looked over at Anton, and back a Jenna, neither of who's expressions had changed." "Yes," Jenna said flatly. "Five hundred. But," she went on, "there are going to be some rules, some extra rules, about how you do certain things.

And then there are going to be some additional things you'll have to do for us." I looked over at Anton, who had been sitting there the entire time just watching. I suddenly had a flashback of his cock in me yesterday, and had to look back a Jenna, who was smiling at me. She said, "But before we tell you what those rules and things are, you have to be sure you really want to work here.

Because if you say yes, you won't be able to change your mind. Understood?" How could I say no? At this point I all I wanted to do was make sure I got to be around both of them as much as possible, and geez oh man, that was a lot of money. I quickly nodded and said, "Ok, yeah, I want to work here." But as soon as I'd said it I had a tiny bit of worry in my stomach again about what I'd just gotten into. And boy did I ever super organ xxx tube porn out.

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"Ok, good! The first and most important rule is this. Whatever happens here, in the shop, or here upstairs, anything, at anytime, cannot be mentioned to anyone except Anton and myself, alright?" I nodded.

"Good. There are also a number of things that are easier to explain once you start working, but that are equally important, and we fill you in as you go on those. And the last rule is, when you're working here, you have to do anything Anton or I ask of you. And I mean anything." She reached over and put her hand on my leg, and leaned in and kissed me again.

This time it was a little longer, and a little softer, and the tip of her tongue just bare came out to say hello. When she pulled back, she gave my leg a squeeze and, tilting her head towards Anton, said, "Starting with sucking his dick." I wanted to get lost in her eyes again, but I followed her glanced and looked over at Anton who had undone his pants and had is half erect penis in his hand.

He gave me a little smile and a nod, and I found myself getting to my knees in front of him, drawn to have his cock in my mouth. The only other one I'd sucked before was Trent's, and I suddenly felt nervous that I wouldn't do it right. He was slowly stroking himself and I could see him getting bigger, so I leaned between his legs and cautiously took it into my mouth, his hand still around it.

It was warm and soft still, but I could feel it getting harder as soon as I started sliding my lips around it, making sure my teeth didn't touch him. I was holding myself up with my hands on his thighs, and he let go of himself and grabbed one, putting it on his dick in place of his.

"That's a good girl," he said, breathing a little heavier. "Stroke it just like that, nice and slow while you keep as much of me in your mouth as you can. Good!" His hips were rising up a little, dictating the tempo, and when he sat still I continued as he'd instructed.

He was fully erect now, and his dick filled my mouth perfectly. He was pretty big, bigger than Trent for sure, but not so big as to be uncomfortable. When I tasted the first of his precum, it felt like the most natural thing in the world for his dick to be here, sliding across my tongue, my lips encasing him.

I was actually salivating enough that I had to swallow, and when I did I opened my mouth a bit, drooling down the side of him. "Oh yeah, that's it. Get it nice and wet." I guess I was doing a good job, and it made me feel warm knowing I was making him happy, then I nearly gushed when he said to Jenna, "She's really fucking good at this.

You totally wish you had a cock right now." "Yeah, I kinda do," she said, as she slid towards us across the couch. "And maybe I'll go get one, but right now I want a taste of this little angel's pie." She moved behind me and I felt her grab the waist of my track shorts and pull them down to my knees.

Then I felt her face pressing up against my ass as her tongue found the lips of my wet pussy. It went through me like a warm wave of lightning, and I moaned loudly around my mouthful of hard cock. It was amazing to be between them, vulnerable but trusting, knowing that I'd do anything for them. Jenna's hands on my butt were spreading me open so her face and tongue could get deeper into my slit, and she was just able to reach my clit, tickling it wonderfully.

I was getting completely turned on, and began sucking Anton's dick klaarkomen voor een geile vriend tube porn because of it, and I found myself being rocked back and forth in between them.

I felt like a total slut, but it was totally awesome, and I wanted him to cum in my mouth and have my pussy explode on her face at the same time. And after a few more minutes, that's exactly what happened. Jenna had pulled my shorts off and slipped her fingers into me, fucking me with one hand while rubbing my clit with the other as I continued to bob hungrily on Anton's amazing dick, stroking it slick and wet into my mouth.

When Jenna returned her face to my pussy I knew I was going to cum, and I began to moan continuously as I fucked Anton with my face. Just when the first wave of my orgasm started I felt him grow suddenly rock hard, expanding in my mouth, and I wanted so badly for his cum to jet into my throat.

I gave him a good squeeze and pumped him hard into me, cumming now on Jenna's face, bucking back into her. When his cum let go it was too much for me to take, even as I tried to swallow it. Every time I did a little more leaked from the corners of my mouth, and ran down over my hand while I milked him firmly, twisting his sticky wet dick in my little fist. When I finally let him fall from my mouth, a stream of white goo followed, coating my chin and dripping down over his balls.

I wanted to stare at the pretty mess I'd made, but I immediately felt myself being pulled backwards by Jenna. She laid back on the floor, pushing the table away from the couch, and grabbed me by my cummy chin, holding me in her hand to get my attention. "Now it's my turn, Cassie. Take off my pants and suck me off just like you did him." I grabbed the waist of her leggings as she'd done to me a few minutes ago, and pulled them down over her legs and off her feet.

She spread herself for me and pulled me in, guiding me right to her pussy. Like the perfection of Anton's cock, her pussy was picture perfect and silky smooth, right out of hadley viscara in blonde buttering with cum of the many porn mags I'd secreted over the years. It looked sweet and delicious, and I was more than ready to try my first girl.

She tasted every bit as good as she looked, although I didn't get too much of a chance to explore. As soon as my lips met hers and my tongue slipped into her wet hole, she demanded that I focus on her clit.

"Suck my clit, little one," she insisted in a deep, husky voice. "You just keep that darling tongue on my button until I say otherwise. That's it." I moved up on her and put my mouth over the top of her lips, finding her clit immediately and pressing my tongue continuously on it. From behind I heard Anton get up, then saw him come around and straddle Jenna head, facing me.

He lowered himself down onto her face, putting his balls right to her mouth. "Clean me off, baby. Suck up all that cum our new little high school slut made me shoot." Jenna eager lapped at amateur teen fucked by oldmans cock european cumshot balls, which he slid across her face, making her rock side to side to catch them.

When she'd cleaned them to a nice shiny sheen, he moved back and laid his semi-flaccid dick across her face. "Now clean up my cock too, you horny bitch. That's a good girl. How's she doing on your pussy?

Does horny Jenna feel like she's gonna cum for us." He continued to tease her while rolling his cock about, making her chase it like he had with his balls. When the shaft was slick and clean, he raised up and angled himself to enter her mouth, pressing himself into her as she opened wide for him. By this time the constant flick of my tongue had brought Jenna to orgasm, and she first pressed up hard into me, then clamped her thighs tightly around my face, holding my head firmly into her.

All I could do was hold on as she bucked about with me helplessly trapped in her multiple grips. Her moans and shouts were more like gasps and gurgles with Anton's stiffening rod in her throat, and he rode her like I felt I was being ridden, trying to keep her under control by the force of his dick in her mouth.

When she eventually calmed down and her orgasm subsided, Anton stood up and held out his hand to me. Finally, I thought, I get that cock in my pussy again. It's what I'd really been thinking of for an entire day, and I was more than ready to go wherever he wanted to take me. "Get up on the couch, hands and knees," he said. "I want you from behind." I climbed up and positioned myself as he asked, looking back over my shoulder to watch him stick it in.

God, I wanted it, and my pussy was aching now from making everyone else cum but me. So when he teased it by running the head up and down my obviously wet slit, I begged him to put it in. "Oh, fuck, please!" I pleaded, my voice sounding heart-broken at the delay.

"Please give me that magnificent cock again. Please. Right now." I was pushing my the lovely edible anastasia lux interview and brunettes back to him, trying to insist his cock enter me.

He responded by holding his it back in his own hands, and began slapping it against my ass. "Look at this, Jenna, she really wants some cock." He positioned it between my cheeks and slowly slid it up and down my crack. "Why don't you go get one for her?" Jenna slowly manipulated herself into standing, and walked down the hall. I watched her go, but was still only thinking of Anton behind me.

"Please fuck me, Anton. Please. I need that." I reached back and grabbed his cock from his hand and put it right up to my hole, then pressed back onto him, forcing him inside. Then I let out the most satisfied moan of my black girls from going nuts ebony booty and ebony boobs.

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All the tension and anticipation evaporated as his cock filled me up and gave my pussy the fullness it craved. Once he was inside me, his teasing ceased and he fucked me steadily, rocking his hips in and out at a smooth place.

I laid my head down onto the leather and let the sensation 1982 movie tabo2 full movie over and through me.

I heard Jenna come back, but didn't look up until I felt a cool liquid fall onto my ass, followed immediately by a finger slipping in. I let out a surprised "Oo!" and looked up. What I saw when I cute asian girl marica hase gets banged by big black cock interracial and schoolgirl my head was Jenna, now naked, putting on a strap-on dildo slightly larger than the real one inside me.

She looked down at the surprised expression on my face and smiled. "Ready for some real fun?" She held out her hand and Anton poured some lubricant into it, sex xxx mrati janvi story she then rubbed along the dildo, stroking it like she was jerking off.

"Ok, kids. Get up for a second so I can lie down." Anton slipped out and began to stand, pulling me with him and taking off my shirt as he did while Jenna laid down with her back on the couch. "Ok, now, newbie," she said. "Climb on this for Miss Jenna and give her a nice fuck." I got back onto the couch, straddling Jenna and lowering myself down onto the dildo, looking into her wonderful eyes the whole time.

Once it was inside, I couldn't help myself, and I leaned forward and kissed her, slowly and passionately, like we were making love. I don't know what it was.

I'd gone from having never even kissed a girl to feeling like I was falling in love with one in only a day. The dildo didn't feel nearly as good as the real thing, but emotionally it felt great to have her pretend cock up in me and the warmth of her exquisite body beneath. Whether she sensed this or not I don't know, but she wrapped her arms around me and brought my body down close to hers, holding me tightly.

When my nipples touched her skin it sent a thrill all the way through me, and I we kissed even more ardently. Then, from behind me I felt Anton's finger slip into my ass again. I gasped out loud and my eyes opened wide, staring down into Jenna's. She looked up and smiled at me, giving me her own mock gasp and playfully asking, "What's he doing down there?" I shut my eyes again and began to rock my hips onto Jenna while Anton slid his finger in and out to my rhythm.

It was a new sensation for me to be sure, but it felt amazing. I'd fingered my butt while masturbating before, but having two people doing it all for you was about a thousand times kinkier, and I began to moan and press onto both of them more aggressively. When I felt a second finger ease in, I think I started to lose my mind a bit. "Oh my god!" I heard myself saying, "WOW, that feels good. Oh fuck!" I was still lying completely prone against Jenna's chest, and the motion of my hips was making our bodies rub together in an incredibly sensual way.

And the fact that I was being thoroughly explored and filled up was nearly overwhelming my senses. I just lay there, sliding along immersed in pleasure for what seemed like several minutes, until I felt Anton's fingers pull out. When he did I let out a dissatisfied pout, and tried to look over my shoulder to see why he was leaving. Immediately he had his hand on my back, pushing me back down onto Jenna, as he climbed up onto the couch behind me. When I felt the tip of his cock pressing up against my ass, I gasped again, but this time I just shut my eyes and waited for him to press into me, trusting in what he was about to do.

His dick felt so much bigger than his fingers as he slid the tip in, gradually open me. I tried to relax and let him in, but it was so intense I kept tensing up even as I held still, wanting it to happen. When he finally eased it through, then slowly pressed further, I felt like I was going to faint from the pleasure of it, and I let out a long, deep moan.

"Ooooohhhhh, man," I breathed, unable to really speak.

I think I tried to express something about how amazing it was, but I'm pretty sure what came out was incoherent. It was so good I wanted to feel them fuck me forever and cum and cry with happiness all at once. And I was no longer in control of anything, being moved along on two cocks by Anton's hips and Jenna's warm arms around me.

They were gentle at first, easing me back and forth between them, but before long they were speeding it up, driven by Anton's impatient cock. Soon I was only along for the ride, being fucked in both holes and loving every minute of it.

It was such an over powering sensation I really didn't know what joi andie striptease jerk off instruction tube porn going on, but I remember looking up into Jenna's eyes at one point, and they were no longer the soft pools I'd wanted to get lost in, but full of fire and aggression as she pressed her toy up into me, grinding herself on it.

At some point I started cumming, and after that it just became a blur of orgasms and panting and a glorious sense of fullness in my whole body from my pussy on up. I was only vaguely aware of Anton's cum in me when he finally let go, more because he suddenly slowed down than that I felt it. I was so lost in pleasure that I could only cling weakly to Jenna afterwards, and when they carefully removed themselves from me I remained helpless atop her.

I came around to the sweet sensation of Jenna kissing my cheek, coaxing me back. "Hey," she cooed in my ear. "Come on back, Cassie. It's over now." I opened my eyes and turned my head to kiss her, then slowly raised myself up with her help. From behind Anton gave me a big hug and a kiss on the neck. "So," he said, "that's kinda what goes on around here." I gave a feeble laugh and smiled at them.

"Ok, well," I paused, still only half able to think. "I can't believe I'm gonna get paid for it."