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Uncouth asian toying and oral service job
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Harry turned to the door just as a flash of green light flew past his head. Bellatrix was standing there with her wand pointed at Harry.

He ducked behind his hospital bed just as another curse hit the bedspread and caught it on fire. Harry pointed his wand at the door and sent a spell (nvbl) back at her missing and exploding a picture hanging on the wall. She ducked behind a dresser that was standing right next to her as she sent another curse at Harry.

Harry saw the bed was engulfed in flames and had an idea. Harry grabbed the bed and pushed it toward Bellatrix while he pulled his cloak out from his back pocket.

After putting, it on Bellatrix was looking all around the room for him sending random spells everywhere. Harry full sex stories xxx inade story out the door and looked down the deserted corridor. The only thing Harry could hear was Bellatrix getting mad because she could not find him.

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Harry bolted down the corridors and tiny beauteous gal likes hardcore homemade and blowjob right in front of the portrait of the fat lady but she told him the room was deserted and she heard that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had everyone trapped in the great hall. Harry told her he still needed to get in to get something out of his trunk so she let him enter. Harry ran up to his room and back down in a matter of seconds.

Harry ran for the great hall taking the shortest rout possible checking the map as he went, he had grabbed it out of the chest. Harry stopped inside of a passage real close to the great hall and noticed that Voldemort, Snape, Drako and everyone else was in there. The children were sitting against the wall behind all the teachers and members of the order except Hagrid who was still in his hut. The death eaters, twenty or so of them, were walking back and forth in front of his friends with a few of them circling the room.

Voldemort was standing in the middle with Snape, Wormtail and Drako by his side while his snake circled them. Harry told himself he had to think of something before going in there. He checked the map again for Ron, Ginny and Hermione. He saw them in the middle sitting with Luna, Cho and Neville. Harry knew he had to think fast because he could tell Voldemort was getting restless.

Harry whispered, "Kreacher" which in an instant he appeared along side Dobby. "Kreacher I want you to run past those death eaters to distract them.

Dobby can you go down to Hagrid's hut and tell him Voldemort is in the castle. I need to get inside to help my friends. They both bowed in acknowledgement and left from the hidden passageway.

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Harry stood there and threw on his cloak when he heard yelling then silence. He crept out from his hiding and made his way to the door. "Where is Potter? He should be here by now." Harry heard Voldemort complain. "Bellatrix should be here by now; she should have found him by now." Just then, Harry heard footsteps behind him and slipped inside the room before Bellatrix came running in. "He got past me sir. He had his invisibility cloak with me and slipped into the hall." Harry could tell Voldemort was mad.

He walked over to the students saying, "Well I shall entertain my self while I wait." He then reached out and grabbed Cho from the mist of the students. "From what I heard," he said looking at Draco, "you were the girlfriend of the boy I killed on the night I returned." Voldemort shoved her into one of the tables sitting on the far side of the room.

She slumped down to the ground looking up at Voldemort crying and pleading with him. Voldemort pulled out his wand from his robes and walked over to her. He had a nasty little grin on his face Harry from what Harry could see. Harry slipped amateur teen girlfriend facial in a sauna hardcore cumshot the students behind the death eaters looking on at the entertainment.

Harry made it to Hermione and bent over to whisper in her ear, "Don't say anything to show I'm here just listen. Do you guys have your wands on you?" he asked her and she shook her head looking over at a table sitting at the head of the room, right below the teachers table.

Harry saw that there were all the wands of the students sitting there. Harry bent back over and continued, "Well I'm pretty sure I can go over and get a few of them. I need your help if I am to pull this off. Tell Ron, Ginny, Luna and Neville to be ready and not to act surprised when their wands appear.

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I need you guys to take out as many death eaters as you possibly can while I work on Voldemort. Try getting the Order's wands for them so they can help out." After Harry knew that she understood and snuck off to the table. Harry heard Cho crying loudly behind him but he had to get to the wands and get back. Harry stowed a handful, about ten wands inside the cloak with everyone else's attention turned elsewhere made his way back to Hermione and the others.

Harry put all but a few into her hands and gave the others to Ginny, Ron, Luna and Neville who all gripped them tightly. Harry knew he was now that everyone was ready to go. Harry saw the room light up in a green color and froze. He could not hear Cho anymore and slowly turned around.

Cho was on her back with her teary eyes wide open, spread eagle and dead. Harry felt his eyes tear but he turned it into pure anger and stepped forward pulling off his robes as he approached Voldemort.

Harry had his milf in thong and heels fucked doggy pointing right at the back of his head as he passed the first death eater who shouted for his master to turn around as he tried grabbing Harry. End of part one To Be Continued.