Bbw turky fit boy semail

Bbw turky fit boy semail
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This story really starts back when my oldest daughter Jill was 14. She was easily a B-cup and she was rightfully rather proud of them. She was already quite a tease and she was rather good at it.

She would be wearing a low-cut hot brunette girlfriend anal fucked and got cum on boobs homemade hardcore string top and while sitting next to her mother and talking to me she would "accidentally" drop something and make sure I watched her while she bent down to pick it up.

Over the years she stepped up her games. She had a favor nightshirt that had a teddy-bear that was right across her boobs. She wore it so much that it had become mostly see-through. She would stand next to her mother and stretch so that the teddy-bear rose up and I could clearly see her boobs.

By the time she was 17 she was very much a C-cup with a perfectly tight abdomen and a nice butt. At the top of our steps from the first floor was a window that looks into the kitchen. She would stand at the top of the steps talking to her mother through the window and when she heard me start to come up the steps she would raise her arms up so that her butt and her thong were completely in view.

She would look back at me and wink and say "Hi dad how are you?". I would bring her home from work at night and she would say "I'm not tired can I watch you play your computer game for a while?" She would then put on a robe and a thong and put her feet on the computer table so that her robe covered the top part of her legs, but the bottom part of her legs and her thong were always in view.

Or she would wear a low-cut spaghetti strap top and put her hands in the front of it to pull the front down so low that almost all of her boobs were showing except the nipples, which were hard. She had another top that she cut the arms out of and she would lean forward so that I would get an incredible view of the side of her boob. She would put her hand on my leg and accidentally brush it across my cock after she had teased me into being hard.

A few months before her 18th birthday my wife and all 3 of my daughters started a Friday movie night boobs pressed while sleeping sister they would rent a movie and sit upstairs and watch it. Most of the time I would be working late or have paperwork to do so I only occasionally got to join them. I would come up from downstairs working on the computer and Jill would have her robe covering her knees and her feet on the sofa.

From mom and the girl's side everything looked covered. But from my side this left her butt and her neon colored thong very exposed.

She would give me that look and smile and say "want to join us?" After she turned 18 she was going to move out with some friends in a month. She decided that she wanted to watch R rated sci-fi movies which I loved and my wife hates on Friday nights downstairs with me. My wife and the other two girls would watch a different movie at the same time upstairs. I would sit down in my shorts while she would lay down with her head in my lap while we watched the movie.

She then really put her teasing into high gear. She would always come downstairs wearing a robe. She would take it off a few minutes into the movie and she would always wear something that showed off a lot.

Something sexy always happened when she took off her robe like her nightshirt would rise up and show off her butt and her thong or her shirt would come off of her shoulder and expose most of her boob. Every time something really good came on the screen she would say "wow that was great" and the run kisses up my thigh to right next to my cock. She still used her other many tricks like she would move around enough while she was laying down so that her entire butt and thong were exposed or lay on her side in a shirt with the arms cut out so that most of her boob was exposed.

She would take my hand and put it just below and resting against son rep moms xx oron story boob or on her exposed butt while we were watching the movie. When the movie was over she would always look up at me, give me a sexy look and say "that was great thanks a lot dad" and then she would kiss from my balls to the tip of my cock through my shorts and put on her robe and go upstairs.

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Through all of this I never did anything to her, I figured that unless she made a very overt move that she was just teasing and I didn't want to cross the line. It was the last Friday night movie we were going to have together and Jill was moving out the next day. It was a hot day and I had come home a little early to fix a problem with Jill's car. I was dirty and sweaty so I took a shower and put on a robe and we all sat down and ate dinner.

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Jill had picked up a very long movie so just after dinner we started watching it. Jill left her robe on knowing that they would be down to say goodbye when they left to go see their movie at the theater. About 45 minutes into the movie my wife and 2 younger daughters came down to say goodbye. We stopped our movie and I put the remote on the air hockey table that sits behind the sofa and we hugged and said our goodbyes. Once the door closed Jill stood up and took off her robe while I looked for the remote.

Her shirt pulled off of her shoulder and the only thing stopping the right side from falling completely down was the fact that her nipple was hard and it hung onto it. I said "nice catch" and she giggled and little and gave me a sexy smile.

I said "don't lie down yet I have to get up and banging an alluring gorgeous chicks cookie pornstar and hardcore the remote off of the hockey table".

She said "don't worry I will get it" and she sat in my lap and bounced so that her shirt fell down and reached behind me for the remote and put her nipple into my mouth. I started sucking on it and she moaned loudly and said "god that feels so good".

After a few minutes of me sucking on her right nipple she said "my left nipple is feeling a bit lonely" and pulled down the left side of her top. I said "we can't have that" and I switched to her left nipple. For about 10 minutes I alternated between her nipples while she ground her crotch into my chest. Then she said "you are making me feel so incredible but we have a movie to watch" and she handed me the remote and lay down with her head in my lap. She left her top on but did not pull it back up to cover her boobs.

After a few minutes she said "this is uncomfortable" and took off her night shirt which left her wearing only a thong. I said "how do you expect me to watch a movie when your sexy body looks a thousand times more interesting?". She said "OK if you want me to I will put my robe on". I said "do I look like an idiot? Please don't put your robe or anything else on". She said "OK but I really am enjoying watching this and I want to see the whole thing".

I said "my thoughts exactly, oh and the movie is good too". She laughed and lay down with her head in my lap and took my hand and put it on her boob. The movie really was good and we watched the rest of it with me alternating playing with her nipples and her kissing up and down both of my thighs every time a great event in the movie happened. I didn't notice it but she had worked my robe completely open. When the movie ended she said "wow you have a really big hard cock".

I said "no wonder it is so hard with how you have been teasing it for the last 4 years". She laughed and said "well since you already got to suck on my nipples" and she started licking up and down my cock. She said "I have been dreaming about doing this since I was fourteen and I can't believe that I can finally suck your cock" I said "I have been dreaming about it too". "I have been sucking my boyfriends' cocks and letting them cum in my mouth for years and fantasizing that it was you.

Now I want the real thing" she said. She then got down on the floor between my legs and licked all over my cock. She then agonizingly slowly circled her tongue around my cock while she took more and more of my cock into her mouth. She had her one hand playing with my balls while the other hand was playing with her pussy. I had a nipple in each hand and I was squeezing them which was driving her crazy and making her moan all over my cock which was driving me crazy.

I said "bring your hand chick with glasses fucked by hard cocks here I want to taste your pussy". She shivered and brought her hand up to my face but all the while she still had my cock in her mouth with her incredible tongue dancing around it.

I licked between her fingers like I wanted to do to her pussy and she moaned very loudly. I then did a butterfly dance on the end of her middle finger as if I was doing it to her clit and she pulled my cock out of her mouth and screamed "that's not fair I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!" Then she slumped against my leg and put my cock back into her mouth. She passed out for a minute or two but even then she still was gently sucking on my cock and slowly moving her tongue against the bottom of it.

When she woke up she pulled my cock out of her mouth and started licking up and down every inch of it. "Thank you for making me come harder than I have ever come before" Jill panted.

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"Fantasies have a way of doing that to you" I said. She said "yes and now make my fantasy come true and come in my mouth" and I said "that's my fantasy". She then went crazy on my cock, moaning deep in her throat, sucking very hard, dancing her tongue against the bottom of it and playing gloryhole fetish girl fucks a big black cock my balls to urge the cum out of them. I was trying to hold back to enjoy her incredible talents as long as possible but I knew I couldn't hold back long.

I finally screamed "I'm cumming!" and erupted into her mouth. She pulled back so that only the head of my cock was in her mouth and kept swallowing my cum as I unloaded the biggest load of cum that I can remember ever shooting.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and we both said "wow" and then we heard a loud crash that shook the house. I said "you were so incredible you made the earth move". She laughed and said "that wasn't me I think someone must have hit the house". We both got up and peeked out the window and saw that someone had hit the tree in front of the house.

We jumped into our clothes and got out front to check on the people just as my wife and daughters got home. We called the police and an ambulance and the people were checked out and they were fine. It was about a year later Jill stopped by with her boyfriend Jason who she had been seeing for the last few months. He was very into plants and herbs and he brought some plants that my wife had special ordered from him for them to plant.

Jill looked incredible, she was wearing a very low cut halter top and a short skirt that were orange dreamsicle colored with bands of white at the edges of it.

I said "wow Jill you make a gorgeous dreamsicle!" My wife and Jason both started laughing when Jill turned blood red and said "thanks dad". Jill just stood there for a moment with her hands held together in front of her which had the effect of making her D cup boobs push out of her halter top even more. Jill and Jason then walked a little further into the house and that's when I noticed that Jason was limping a little and I asked him what happed. He said "I uh hurt myself but I will be ok".

Jill then laughed a little and then got quiet. Jason then said "how about we go outside and plant these"? And my wife said "sure let's go do it". Jill said "I want to stay inside and talk to dad can you two do it?' They said "sure we can and they went outside. The moment the door closed Jill said "if you think I look like a dreamsicle why don't you join me in my old bedroom and taste me"? She ran to her room and by the time I caught up to her she was sitting on her bed with her halter top up above her boobs.

I took her offer and started sucking her nipples. She had coated her nipples in orange flavoring and they tasted great. I kept going from one nipple to the other and it was driving her crazy. She was moaning and pumping her pussy against my chest and she said "just suck me another minute please so that I can cum"! I certainly didn't want to stop and she was cumming and flooding my shirt with her juices within a few seconds.

Jill lay back on the bed and passed out for about a minute. While she was passed out I took off her skirt so that it wouldn't get wet and I took off her drenched thong.

I then started licking the outer lips of her pussy and she moaned quietly.

I slowly worked my way closer and closer to her clit and her moans kept getting louder the closer I got. She finally picked her head up, looked at me and penny pax and carmen caliente lesbian sex on massage table moans she hissed "you need to lick that clit before I die of frustration!

Be ready though because when you do I am going to explode and pass out again". True to her word the moment my tongue flicked across her clit she screamed into her pillow, drenched me with her juices and passed out.

I looked at the time and realized that Jason and my wife would be back in soon so I woke Jill up and told her to get in the shower and if they ask, you spilled orange juice on yourself. I then dumped orange juice on my shirt and got another on that looked similar and put it on. I washed Jill off of my face etc. and we were both out in the living room talking when they came back in from planting the herbs. If you like this story I will write more.