Amateur pregnant blonde fucked on camera for the first time

Amateur pregnant blonde fucked on camera for the first time
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[[sorry this took so incredibly long. I'm super busy with finals and all.

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:P anyway, I hope you like. I tried to do a better proof-reading job, but I'm not sure if I did that great, so comments are always welcome!!]] I walked hand in hand with Sophie back to my office. She didn't say anything, probably still in shock from having my huge fuck stick inside her tiny hole.

I didn't speak either. She held onto my hand tight, her small body was practically clinging to mine. We entered my office and I slumped into my chair. She stood in front of me, waiting for instruction. Her face showed no emotion, a total hopelessness in her situation.

I loved it. I scooted my chair back, and opened her cage. "Get in." I said directly to her. Her eyes watered for just a moment before she sniffled back tears and dropped to her knees, crawling into the cage. I looked down at her, she curled into a fetal position, and laid her head on her knees, crying softly to herself. I smiled and got back to work on my papers, thinking mildly about the little girl I had trapped under my desk.

I worked for about 15 minutes, calling potiental clients and placing my girls where Older amateur cougar squeezing her vagina muscles thought they'd need to go, and realized she hadn't made a sound in a while. So I scooted my chair back and checked on her. There, in her cage with her thumb in her mouth was my little Sophie, fast asleep on the cage floor.

I smiled to myself, and decided not to wake her. By now, her mother should be on her way home, my "expert staff" having convinced her that Sophie was accepted to go to a camp across the country that specialized in training young actresses.

I poured myself a glass of scotch and began to transform my office. I walked to the left side door, where the light switch unhooked to reveal a large set of buttons and switches. One of the perks of being a billionaire, is you can do whatever you want, and create your playground anywhere. I pressed the top button second to the left, and the one next to it.

I heard the familiar buzzing sound of my guest chairs lowering into the floor, and a single chair taking its place. The chair had an adjustable back with stirrups at the feet, so whoever sat there, their legs would be spread wide open.

I went to the drawer next to the buttons and pulled out 2 large red dildos. Rubber, and about as long as my forearm. Then I reached for my rope, about 5 feet long, then a black hankerchief. 'These will do nicely' I hummed as I laid them on my desk and sat back down in my seat. I striaghtened up my tie, and slicked back my hair again, and dialed Jessica. "Yes sir?" Her sing-song voice said sweetly as she answered the phone. "I need my pretty secretary in here.Have a few things I need to go over with you, darlin." I smiled.

I could hear her giggling and say "Yes sir, right away." Within the next 30 seconds, she knocked at the soundproof doors. I clicked the button to unlock them and she tiptoed in.

She looked just like she'd stepped out of a pin up magazine. She smiled sweetly and pushed her long blonde hair out of her face. She wiggled her cute plump ass into my lap and kissed my cheek. "Hiya Master." She was bubbling with excitement. I loved that about her, she was always so bubbly and happy, no matter how much I destroyed her.

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I grabbed her hair, yanking it back as hard as I could. "My dear, that was very rude of you to interrupt me earlier." I said, as I brought my other hand around and clasped her small neck. I squeezed a little and her eyes closed, her teeth clenching.

"I-I'm sorry sir." She said in a breathless voice. I smiled, and let go of her hair, bringing my hand down to force her skirt up. "Open." I commanded, and she immeaditely obeyed. I dug my fingers into her hairless cunt.

Shaved smooth, just like I like. She stopped wearing panties her second day of working for me. I ran my middle finger through her lips, passively, and felt how soaking wet she was. "I think I deserve a better apology than that, little whore." I teased.

I squeezed her neck tighter, and she squealed. "Pleease Master, I'm sorry I interupted you!" I gave her frail neck the hardest squeeze I could, for about 10 seconds. I watched her eyes roll back in her head, and her face turn a perfect reddish color, gasping for air.

Despite all her submissive behavior, she was completely turned on. Her perfect ass began to rock against my cock, begging for more. I stood up, still clutching her by the throat. I moved my other hand back to her hair, gripping it tight, and slamming her head against my desk. I heard the cage rattle under the desk, and was happy Sophie would be awake for the show. Jessica's ass was in front of me, her arms laying against the desk, face pressed against my calendar.

She was panting for air, and I teased again. "Tsk tsk doesn't sound like you're sorry at all, you little bitch. It seems to me like you WANTED to interrupt and you knew exactly what you were doing.

Looks like someone is asking to be punished." With that I brought my hand down as hard as I could against her ass, slapping super beautiful blonde hottie gets paid for public nudity and sex so hard her thighs jiggled and a red mark was left. She let out a soft scream and wimpered "I'm sorryy!!" I slapped her ass again, harder this time "say it again." I demanded.

My little slut wasted no time.

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"I'm sorry I interrupted Master, I'm very sorry." I slapped her ass two more times, each harder than before, when the heat from her pussy was almost too much to bear. "Get in the chair" I said, throwing her by the hair away from my desk. I unbuckled my belt as she climbed with excitement and fear into the chair. She positioned her feet in the stirrups and her hands at her sides. I took my time, unzipping my zipper and watching her wait anxiously. I slid off my jacket, shoes, socks, pants and boxers, standing before her in only my shirt and tie, cock hard and extended toward her.

I walked behind her and took my rope, tying her neck down to the chair. She was a squirmer, so I had to make sure she stayed still. I stood above her, the head of my cock inches away from her dripping pussy. "What are you sorry for?" I said. "For interrupting you, Sir." She blurted, I could tell she was barely hanging she only cums when he fucks her. "And?" I asked, rubbing my head against her lips, her juices already coating my cock.

"And.for being a whore." She moaned and began to buck her hips.

I chuckled "Very good. You're so impatient. I don't know why you adorable gf in uniform adores sexy sex you'll be pleased first." I removed my cock from her lips and smiled at her devastated look. I walked behind her again and adjusted the chair so she lay flat. I then lifted my leg and brough it to the other side of the chair.

I was standing above her, stroking my cock above her face. "Open your mouth, slut." I said, and the second she obeyed I drove my cock into her mouth, sliding it down deep into her throat. I reached back and gripped her throat again, feeling my cock stretch it. I gripped it tighter, and shoved it deeper, her saliva dripping from her lips, and her throat desperate for air. She began to squirm already, trying her hardest to keep her mouth open big enough for me.

I pumped in and out of her throat, pressing deeper and deeper each time. Waiting until she was just about out of air and pulling it out with a loud POP. I smiled and looked down at the tears forming in her eyes. I jammed it right back in and began fucking her face as hard as I could. Her teeth were a bitch, but she tried her best to keep them out of the way as I pumped into her throat. After a few more minutes, I pulled my cock out and rubbed my saliva covered cock all over face.

Her masacara smeared with a mix of precum, saliva and tears. She panted for air and had her tongue hanging out as I stroked it over her and said "Good girl.Very good Princess." I smiled and took a half step forward, leaving my balls above her forehead and my asshole over her mouth. "Lick my asshole you little bitch." I said, beads of sweat dripped down my head while I jacked myself off, my balls slapping against her forehead.

She obeyed instantly, and I felt the tip of her tongue flick my asshole gently. "Harder, bitch, get in there or I'll suffocate you to death." She craned her neck up, poking her tongue into my asshole. God it felt so good. She pressed her lips around my asshole and went to work eating, pressing her tongue flat against it and slurping it. I could tell I was going to cum soon, so I took a few steps forward away from her.

She was horny hottie chick michelle martinez loves getting banged heavily and I saw her glistening pussy, soaking dripping wet.

I smiled "Look at your pussy, it's soaked.

You must be pretty horny slut." She wimpered and rocked her hips from side to side. "Yesss Sir, please please make me cum. I need it so fucking bad." She said in a pathetic cry. What a slut. I grabbed the big red dildo from the desk and without warning rammed it all the way inside.

I watched her body writhe and contort, adjusting to the giant plastic dildo that was now reaching into her stomach it was so big. She screamed and moaned, and that drove me crazy. I rammed harder and harder, pushing it so deep my fingers almost slipped inside her aching pussy. She threw her head back and forth violently, and I could tell she was close.

I reached up with my free hand and slapped her as family strokes step mom and daddy duddy pals daughter first time her uncle comes home as I could across the face. "You little bitch, don't you dare cum without asking." She screamed out again and arched her back "PLEEEASE MASTER, PLEASE CAN I CUM? I CAN'T HOLD IT.PLEEASE." I slapped her face again, my other hand still working vigirously into her pussy with the dildo, her juices leaking all over the chair.

"No." I said, slapping her again. "Apologize for being a slut." "I'M SORRY!!" Her high pitched squeal echoed throughout my office, and her face seemed to be in so much pain as she tried to hold back her orgasm. "Again." I said "PLEASE SIR, I'M SO SO SORRY." She moaned, I felt her body tensing up.

"And who do you belong to slut?" I asked, my hand reaching down to pinch her nipples hard. "YOUUU !! I BELONG TO YOU!" Her voice was so loud, her screams filled with desperation. "Good girl. Now cum for me." As soon as I finished speaking she let her body go, with a loud gutteral moan she came all over the dildo, I kept pumping, but slower as she orgasmed.

She wimpered and panted, I could tell it was a big one. I leaned in and slapped my hard across her red face again. "Th-thank you." she whispered, her eyes half closed, exhausted. I smiled.

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"Did you like the show Sophie?" I placed the dildo down and walked over to the cage. She had wimpered a while ago, and I knew she had heard everything. I bent over, my cock still rock hard, and she looked up at me, sobbing and shaking her head.