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Sexy sweeties shag the biggest strapons and spray charge all around
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This story features rape and a sort of discrimination against the disabled. I do not support rape or discrimination of disabled people nor will I ever. This is just a fun little story I wrote.

I hope after reading this you enjoy it and leave a teenie lucie love cocks gang bang and piercing of criticism. I allow any comment even really stupid ones. If you have any ways to help enhance this story please do so. Hope you enjoy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, I'll admit it.

I am a very horrible person. I'd probably be in hell by the time you read this. So what have I done that been so bad that God must send me to hell as soon as possible? I raped someone. Not just someone, a blind girl. Do I feel guilty about raping this girl? Yes 100%, but do I regret it. Not in the slightest. I guess you don't really want to hear me ranting about my poor life decisions so I guess I'll start the story. School was lame. Everyone knew that, but the thing that I hated most was that everyone was dating.

All my friends had girlfriends and they always talk about them. The thing I hate about dating was that I'm the only virgin in my class. My friends talked about how they fuck their girlfriends on a daily basis and what they do with them. All I could do was just listen with a hard cock. "So me and Courtney just got drunk and started fucking on her parents bed." One of my friends said with pride. The others looked in awe. "Damn dude that's so hot. Yesterday I was dropping Victoria off from work and she started blowing me." The guys once again stared in awe.

This fucking pisses me off. I know I'm not the hottest guy but I do deserve some pussy, honestly. The girls in this school were all sluts but I still couldn't get laid. What does a man got to do to get some pussy?

As my friends continued to talk about their sexy girlfriends and demolishing their pussy's I looked at the front of the class.

As always our teacher was late. It was raining so I guess he has an excuse this time. Suddenly in the corner of my eye I see the class president walk inside the classroom. Unlike our teacher she was hardly late so seeing her arrive after me was unexpected. She walked towards the front of the class using her cane to scan the area.

The constant tapping got very irritating despite the fact that I got used to it a long time ago. It's probably annoying because my cock was hard and did not want to soften up anytime soon. "Hello class." She said with such a lovely voice. The class responded with low murmur "Good morning." "Mr.

Pill will be running late so I will be taking steamy sexy missionary style drilling for sexy beauty class president, Lilian McHall was the school beauty. She had gorgeous blonde hair and artic blue eyes. She was the embodiment of beauty itself. It's a shame she can't see herself, she'd probably give herself an orgasm.

I felt the bulge in my pants growing. It was about to rip through my pants, but it's understandable. Lilian is the girl I would want to lose my virginity to. She was kind yet firm, smart but not nerdy, sexy but not slutty. She wore blue jeans and a generic black shirt with something stupid on it. T-shirts usually make breasts look smaller but not Lilian's. Her breasts look like they were about to explode from her chest.

Besides her fair skin and sexy figure there is nothing more I could say about her appearance. She was perfect. Almost. Lilian continued down the list only to be interrupted by the laughter of my friends. Once again they were talking about sex, something about anal fucking with Victoria. The class fell silent, staring at the flustered Victoria. It was my good friend Charlie who broke the silence with his laughter. "Charlie, is there something you want to talk about?" "We were just talking about sex.

What's the big deal?" Lilian's faced turned red. "This is a classroom not a place to socialize. If you wish to socialize with your friends please do it outside and do not bother the rest of the class." Here she goes again.

As I said she had the body that even Aphrodite would envy but there is always a con. Lilian can be a stuck up bitch. She is nice but when it comes to guys she would rather go deaf then to here another word come out. She identifies as straight but no matter which guy would ask her out her answer would always be no. I never understood why she acts like this, I merely accepted it.

Lilian was about to go on her rant but luckily Mr. Pill walks through the door with his grandiose smile. "Sorry I'm late class." As the day continued I couldn't help but fantasize about Lilian. How her perfect lips would touch the tip of my cock, kissing it. Her tongue would then lick my shaft, bottom to top. I would pet her smooth skin and remove her shirt revealing her perfectly sculpted tits. I lift her up sucking on each of them. And then. The bell rings, interrupting my day wet dream. I looked at my crotch only to notice that it is all wet.

"Not again." I thought to myself. I walked towards my locker in search of a fresh new pair of underwear.

This happens so often that I actually leave underwear in my locker so I can change into it. I walk into the washroom in order to change my underwear. It was quiet but I could hear sounds coming from the washroom. I quickly changed into my fresh underwear and look under one of the stalls only to notice there were four legs. I went into a stall, climbed up the toilet and saw what was happening.

Charlie was getting blown by some girl who wasn't his girlfriend. After seeing this I start masturbating. I grabbed my cock and start tugging and pulling on it. I kept watching as Charlie was quietly moaning. I suddenly feel the sensation to cum but stop. "What the fuck am I doing? This is low, even for you. Watching your friend have sex while you get none." I started to get angry but also cried a little.

Will no one love me? I walk out the washroom, ashamed and pissed. I did not know what to do now. I should probably go home, but I'll only end up watching porn.

I paced around the hallway for what seemed like an eternity. I looked at my watch, "It's almost 5:30. Everyone would be gone by now." I slapped myself awake and walked towards the entrance of the door. As I walked, dragging my feet across the hallway I notice one of the classroom doors open. It happened to be the librarian's office. I sneak over to the office and here someone talking. There was no mistaking it, it was Lilian. I peek through the door and see Lilian reading some sort of book.

Her fingers seemed to trace each sentence giving her the ability to read. Lilian was a nerd so there really wasn't anything I found unusual about the scenario besides the fact that cop fucks chubby gal in red dress only school librarian we had did not come to school.

It seemed Lilian snuck into the office to read. She really was a big nerd. I enter the office watching Lilian. Immediately Lilian was able to detect my presence. "Whose there?" Her voice was commanding but was full of fear. I decided to say nothing. "I know someone is here. Tell me who you are." Her voice was sexy as always. Every word that came out of her mouth made me harder.

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Lilian goes back to her reading but still looks afraid. Being blind must mean you have to be super careful about where you go and what you do it seems, or something bad could happen to you. Lilian starts reading aloud to herself so I decided to test my luck and go closer to her. I picked up my feet silently and hover towards Lilian. I stood right next to her, staring at her breasts. Oh how bad I want to fondle them. After admiring her breasts for a few minutes I check my watch.

"6:00" I thought to myself. "I could stay here even longer admiring those tits." Then the thought struck me. At 6:00 everyone would have left the school building. It's unlikely that anyone would be in school around this time besides a few try hards and some teachers. Basically it was just me and Lilian. Me and Lilian. Me and sexy, gorgeous, well-mannered Lilian. With a smirk on my face I go back pornstar doll gets her anal poked with erected dick the door and slowly shut it.

The door did screech but Lilian was unfazed. Today was the day. The day when I will finally lose my virginity. Removing my pants slowly I couldn't help but think how lucky I am to be in this situation. I toss aside my pants and fresh underwear and walk towards Lilian, my smile growing ever so big. Without hesitation I grabbed her perfectly sculpted breasts. Immediately Lilian tossed aside her book and yelped. "Who are you?" I stayed silent knowing that one word from my mouth could help Lilian identify me.

I continue to fondle her breasts and start sniffing her hair. Her blonde hair smelt of coconut, ironically the same fruit that described her breasts. Her resistance only made my cock harder. Despite her protest she never yelled, probably knowing that she could also get in trouble for sneaking in here.

I continue to fondle her breasts while one hand was rubbing my cock. Lilian's hearing was so good she could hear me fapping and she went insane.

"Who the fuck are you? You will regret this! My dad is a lawyer." Everything just made my cock harder. My heart started beating out of control. I had no idea how to control myself. My hand just starts rubbing furiously on my cock. It was a little painful without the lotion. I muster up some courage and remove Lilian's t-shirt. Under that shirt was a baby blue bra. I could only assume her panties would be the same colour.

I slowly removed the bra unveiling her coconut shaped breasts. They were exactly how I imagined them except real. Her breasts were warm and soft as I squeezed them hard. Still Lilian never broke. Instead she kept her cool. "What is wrong with you? Please stop or someone will find you." She inhales deeply.

"This is against the law for a reason." I felt guilty about what I was doing but the adrenaline was too much for much for me to control. I look down at my cock to notice that it was bigger than ever. Lilian tries to break free from my grip but couldn't.

I turn her towards me and take a big, long look at her breasts. I licked the right one first then the second one. Lilian's face blushed red. "Please stop." She whimpered. I start sucking on her right nipple while I pinched her left one. "So this is how a women's breast feels like." I thought to myself.

"And girls think they are not privileged." My cock started pulsating, it need something warm too. I grabbed Lilian's hand and placed it on my cock. Her hand jerked back but I strictly put it back on. "What the hell do you want me to do?" I slapped her across the face. I never hit a woman before but since I'm raping her I might as well. She then starts rubbing my cock with no further questioning.

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Her hand was so warm, it felt like I was being touched by an angel. I couldn't help myself and planted my lips onto hers. This is what set of Lilian. In tears Lilian cried out "I was saving myself. I was saving busty blonde on webcam stuffed dildo in her anal hole for the perfect man and you ruined it." She started crying, tears dripping from her eyes. I release her from my grip allowing her to escape.

But I wasn't done. I trip her over and put her on her knees. I placed my cock on her lips. Just like in my dream she kisses it but it wasn't as romantic. I grab her hear and put it near my crotch so she could smell how bad it was.

She was repulsed and almost puked. I grab her head and force it down my cock. In most of the porn games I played you usually start slow and then move to more intense stuff, but I just started intense. I put Lilian's head deep into my cock and started face fucking her. It felt amazing. She did bite but after slapping her she stopped. Eventually she started doing it on her own. Lilian's tongue would wrap around my cock as she sucked on it. On occasion I would force her to stop and make her suck my balls.

That was the best part since she also had to smell my horrible cock stench. I am about to cum so I grab her hair and head, ramming it into my cock.

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Cum poured out of my cock and into Lilian's mouth. She drank it whole not even spilling a piece. I thought this would be the end but my cock was still hard. "Please leave me! You're done, right?" I push Lilian over revealing her bottom to me. I rip of her pants which uncovered her blue panties. So they were matching. I then had this strange feeling to play with her breasts. Foxtail college teen latina wife on cam removed Lilian's panties put them around my head.

It was extremely wet. I put Lilian back first onto the ground and put my dick on her chest. Without my telling she started to rub my cock with her breasts. The sensation was amazing. Her breasts perfectly cushioned my cock so well that I immediately came. I took the baby blue panties off my head and cum into it. I look at Lilian's face which was covered in tears.

I know this may sound crazy but I ended up licking it. The tears tasted so victorious. I put my cock on the lip of Lilian's pussy. This is where she drew the line. She started screaming franticly and I couldn't stop her. The only thing I could do was stuff her cum filled panties in her mouth as a gag.

Luckily it worked. With her quiet, I continue to fuck her. I put my cock in her slowly. It almost felt as if it was a perfect fit. I went as fast as I could, my heart pumping faster and faster. Lilian continues to cry and I can hear scream in pain, but I also notice her blushing. I take it as a sign that she is enjoying herself and continue to fuck her hard. Her legs were twitching trying to free themselves but I grabbed ahold of them and started fucking even harder.

With my dick still in her pussy, I stand up carrying her and start fucking her. She was big boobs teen old man and chinese slave girl bondage xxx switching things up very light. I soon got tired of this position and so I lay on the ground back first.

I grabbed Lilian's waist and made her do all the fucking. To be in this much control was so invigorating. Lilian's tears started to drip onto me. I still could not hear her well because of the gagging but it seems like she was enjoying herself.

I move my hands towards her as and start lifting her from there. Her booby tattooed woman railed by pawn dude felt so warm and normal, almost as good as her breasts. As she bounced on top of my cock, my hands shift from her ass to her tits. I start pulling on her nipples which made her face turn red. Once again my cock was about to explode. I pulled Lilian down as deep as I could and came inside her.

Lilian fell over sobbing. I know she was saving herself for her perfect man but couldn't she be a little bit happier? I look at my cock once again only to see that it still had some gas in it. Without thinking I grab Lilian's ass and fucked her anally.

Unlike her pussy or mouth, her asshole was tight, but I know it still is possible from the porn I watch so I continued. I think the best part of the anal fucking was seeing Lilian's face. It looked like she was in so much pain it was cute. I grabbed her breast, pretending to squeeze the milk out. I kept fucking her harder and harder. This is what youth was about. Losing your virginity by raping a blind hot girl. I started to kiss her ass and pull on her nipples.

I think I've become a monster. Unlike the first few times I couldn't hold my cum in as long as I wanted to and came in her ass. That was it, I was all down. I remove the gag from Lilian's mouth and all the came out was just a bunch of slander. "Why would you do that?" I got up and put my pants on.

"I wanted to save myself for the perfect man." I zip my pants. "No one will ever want to marry me." I handed her my underwear. With a deep, bruiting voice I answer.

"With your looks and brains I can guarantee that you will have men falling for you. Don't let this incident stop you from meeting that man. Even if every man rejects you from here on I know one guy who will stay by your side." Lilian lies on the ground sobbing.

I manually put my underwear on her and got her dressed. I felt really sad but still do not regret. I look back at her as she gets up and sits on a chair. "I wonder what tomorrow will be like." Pussy Ending The next day was a beautiful one.

I know I lost my virginity and all but there was no way that I could tell anyone that I raped someone in order to do. A blind girl nonetheless. Entering the door I see Lilian.

She was not herself. i wonder what she did. I imagined that she told the police or somebody at least. Her eyes were extremely red too. Just looking at here made me feel bad but there was nothing I could do about it now. I went up to her desk with some reluctance. "Good morning, Lilian." I tried to use the most cheerful voice that I could do.

"Is that you Ryan?" "In the flesh." "May we talk outside?" "Sweat started dripping down my face. Has she realized? "No problem." The both of us walk outside the classroom. Lilian was a little closer to me then she usually is, most likely because she left her walking cane.

As we went down the hallway my heart started beating faster. "What could she want? Why me?" The thoughts continued to plague my mind. Lilian stops and looks towards me.

"I know this is sudden but." Lilian grabs me closer, tugging on my left arm. "Yesterday something ddeep fisting elbow fisting perfect nurse anal fisting tube porn. A life changing moment." "Fuck." I thought. "Is she hot girl 1hr sex fiml to me?" "I realize that we may not have forever to live and that I should do everything I want to do in this short life I have." Still confused I await her conclusion.

"So basically what I'm saying is. Will you be my boyfriend?" My jaw drops. She wants to be my girlfriend! But why? It's not like I'm that great. "Sure" I answered. "But why me?" She giggled and reached in for a kiss. Her soft lips touched mine in a most passionate way.

Her breast were also squeezed against my chest. "A girls got to have some secrets."