Azzurra is using a fleshlight blow job with a cum fountain ending

Azzurra is using a fleshlight blow job with a cum fountain ending
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LEE RETURNS It's been a long time since we've seen Lee. He moved away a few years ago and until today has not been able to return. In that he has come to town for a conference, he has arranged to stay with us. He and his gigantic rock hard cock will be very welcome.

Lee arrives, rings our door bell and we invite Lee in.

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As you may remember, Lee is a very tall, very handsome black man. He and his wife have been our friends for a very long time. Unfortunately, his wife past away a few years ago but Lee has remained in contact with us.

We welcome Lee and my lady escorts Lee into our guest room where he disrobes, getting comfortable. Lee turns around towards my lady and my lady again gazes upon Lee's gigantic black cock. It being flaccid, it is still only 7 inches long. My lady moves close to Lee, takes hold of his now hardening black cock and strokes it up and down, quickly dropping to her knees so that she can suck his cock head into her mouth before it gets too large for her to do so.

She sucks and sucks but must finally release Lee's gorgeous cock as it is too large to hold in her mouth. She gets off her knees, still holding Lee's now huge rock hard black cock in her hand and leads him by his now 12 inches by 3 inch cock into our living room.

I rise and greet Lee. It is so nice to see Lee again and to see that he has not lost any of his magnificent gigantic black cock.

My lady can hardly wait to get that huge cock in her already hot, wet white pussy. We all get comfortable, my lady and Lee set on the sofa while I get all of us a drink. When I return, my lady still has not let go of Lee's huge black cock. I assume that she has some plan/plans for this magnificent cock. But &hellip. we will relax a bit ( not Lee's cock) consuming our drinks which also has an effect on our libido's, firing up all three, getting us into a wonderful mood.

My lady is obviously already in the right mood having escorted Lee to our quest room and while getting Lee's huge black cock ready for &hellip.?????? My Lady slides close to Lee and again begins to stroke Lee's fantastic still hard cock. guy assists with hymen checkup and penetrating of virgin chick

She leans over to run her mouth and tongue up and down Lee's unimaginable cock, lingering at the head of his cock, sucking on the very tip. She sucks very hard, hoping for a little precum to appear and &hellip. yes, she succeeds. She again lowers her lips to the tip of Lee's cock and licks the creamy lubricant away. 2 My lady stands, still holding on to Lee's hard cock and suggests that they lay on our living floor. Lee lays down on his back with his huge black cock pointing straight up in the air.

My lady looks down on Lee, gazing at his gorgeous huge cock, turns around, steps over over Lee, her pussy directly positioned over Lee's waiting cock. She bends her knees, takes hold his rock hard cock, places it against the vaginal opening of her pink pussy and slowly, ever so slowly slide the head of his huge cock into her wet, expanding pussy. My lady hasn't had Lee's huge cock in her pussy for a long, long time, so she finds some resistance.

Lee withdraws his cock and to help improve the situation, I assist by applying a generous amount of lubricant to my lady's now open pussy and also to the sides of Lee's huge cock.

I cup my hand and with a large amount of lubricant, smear the lubricant up and down on Lee's pulsing cock ( he obviously enjoys my application).

Now, taking my fingers, I apply the lubricant as deep into her pussy as they fingers will go. My lady again places her now lubricated pussy over Lee's also lubricated huge black cock, spreads her labia, sliding her open pussy back and forth, back and forth on the huge head of Lee's cock.

Lee's cock lengthen a little, it's width swells some and it definitely gets harder. She can no longer resist. She lifts herself slightly than slowly eases an inch or two of Lee's huge black cock into her stretching pussy. She continues her to lower herself, sliding inch lewd japanese needs a knob hardcore blowjob inch of huge cock, deeper and deeper in to her hot, wet now well lubricated stretching pussy.

Lee's cock slowly disappears with my lady coming to rest on Lee's entire 12"x3" totally embedded gigantic black cock. My ladies eyes roll up in her head, she smiles and moans loudly. A very satisfied look comes over her face and she begins to slowly rise up 12" and then falls 12", up and down on Lee's very huge 12"x3" rock hard cock. Lee also begins to move his hips up and down.

Within minutes, my lady slams her pussy down onto Lee's up reaching black cock. Both my lady and Lee moan loudly, Lee pumping cum all the way to the deepest parts of her very stretched hot pussy.

Lee slightly with draws his enormous cock and again plunges it back into my lady's pussy, pumping another load of his warm, creamy cum in the depths of her pussy. He slowly withdraws his imbedded cock, cum oozing out around his glistening, softening cock, it covered with his cum and her pussy juices, their combined juices running down over his huge balls.

What a beautiful sight. 3 My lady rolls to her side, her legs widely spread apart, her vagina still stretched widely open, dripping Lee's cum and her own abundant juices. Lee still laying on his back his now 8" relaxed cock laying contently on his abdomen. I too take advantage of the situation . I slide between my lady's legs, place my mouth over her still wide open pussy and suck and suck both her juices and his creamy thick cum from her overflowing pussy.

Oh how tasty. I then decided that I might as well clean off Lee's gorgeous limp cock. How luscious. I am also now able to suck Lee's cock into my mouth and some of it down my throat. Again, what a wonderful feeling. However, with my attention to his cock, it immediately begins to stiffen and grow &hellip.

again !!!! What a treat. However, time to relax and have dinner. Lee's cock again relaxes too, still a very beautiful 8"s, swaying from side to side and back and forth as he walks. I am sure that it will not stay limp to very long, my lady gazing constantly at this magnificent black cock. Dinner is over,we relax some more, my lady and Lee settle on our sofa. I decide to relax also so I too settle on our sofa, with Lee in between my lady and me.

This way I can reach Lee's no longer limp cock and get ready again for my lady's still very stretched pussy. I gently massage Lee's fantastic cock. It feels so good in my hand, still somewhat soft but changing slowly. It feels so warm and I can feel it continuing to enlarge. I, however, quickly slip off the sofa and take as astonishing chick allie hazes delicious pussy gets hammered tube porn of his cock in my mouth as possible.

His cock begins to quickly change, getting so large that I can not keep in in my mouth but I can continue to run my tongue up and down its growing length and lick around and around it's spongy black head. A large drop of precum appears and I can not resist place my mouth over the opening of his cock and sucking that drop into my mouth.

It is so sweet, creamy and thick.

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No wonder it his precum makes such a nice lubricant for my lady's welcoming pussy. My lady slides close to Lee and takes hold of Lee's now 12"x3" huge cock. She stands, still holding his huge cock and leads Lee to the end of our sofa where she leans over the arm of the sofa still holding onto Lee's rock had cock and places the head of his cock against the opening of her vagina.

She pushed back and the head of his cock pops an inch or two into her pussy. She pauses a moment, waiting for 4 her pussy to expand. Again, she pushes back and a few more inches of his monster cock disappear.

She pauses again allowing her pussy to restretch. She pushes more and his monster black cock totally disappears.

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They again rest while her pussy adjusts to his huge 12"x3" gorgeous huge black cock. Something changes, however, as Lee quickly removes his cock from her pussy with a loud popping noise, drops to his knees and glues his mouth to her sex balk sex stories xxxx com turned pussy.

She gasps but presses her pussy backward, Lee's tongue now replacing his huge cock. He slides his tongue in and out of her wide open pussy, sucks and sucks her pussy juices then suddenly stands, grasping his huge rock hard cock and plunges it back into her saliva drenched pussy, it striking her cervix, sliding past her cervix and lodging at the furthest depths of her pussy.

It feels to her as if his cock has entered her throat. She loves every inch of this monster and if he had more, she would gladly accommodate it in her hugely stretched enjoying pussy.

Lee smiles and begins to pull his enormously long black rock hard cock out of my lady's pussy and and then slowly slides it back in it's full length until his balls rest against my lady's pussy lips.

They both moan, Lee beginning to move his cock out an in, in and out much more rapidly. When is cock head is just about to escape from her pussy, my lady grabs his hips and pulls Lee violently forward as she at the same time pushes back violently, both moaning, both their orgasms arriving at the same moment.

Lee plunges his cock as deep as it will go into her pussy releasing huge amounts of cum and at the same timemy lady gushes huge amounts of pussy juice.

Lee's cum fills every pore of my lady's very ,very receptive pussy. I love watching my lady and Lee and now and then I join in. My lady has decide that now is the time. She moves over to where I'm setting, my cock 7" cock already hard just from watching. She leans over and sucks as much of my cock into her mouth as possible.

It feels wonderful but she has something else in mind. She has Lee sit on the edge of the sofa, his majestic cock straight in her air, she sits on it, all 12" disappearing into he still open pussy. She leans back onto Lee's chest and grasps my cock and draws me close to her raised pussy, pulling my cock to her pussy and placing it next to Lee's already imbedded cock and asks me to slide my hard cock into her pussy besides Lee's.

Her pussy opens even more allowing my cock to slide in to her pussy next to Lee's monster. She grasps my hips and pulls 5 me forward, my cock sliding deeper and deeper into her pussy besides Lee's huge cock. How two cocks are imbedded to their maximum in a pussy never been stretched to such a limit except when she gave birth out our children.

She is totally enthralled with our two cocks in her one pussy, her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She begs us to slide our cock in and out, pleading with us both to cum in her extremely stretched pussy. We comply and both of us, Lee and me, plunge our cocks a deep as each will go, cum and more cum filling my lady's overly stretched pussy. She cums too.

We all collapse sliding onto the floor, my cock and Lee's huge erect cock still imbedded to the hilt in her more then satisfied pussy. We lay on the floor, cuddle, still moving our cocks in unison. Lee's and my cock slowly returning to their normal flaccid state, each sliding from my lady's sopping wet. Cum overflowing from her still extremely stretched open pussy. Will Lee return ???? Of course !!!!!!