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Huge tits mom silvy vee cunnilingus with a boy old and young and big naturals
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Lee woke up naked in his bed and suddenly everything came flooding back to him; yesterday afternoon, April, him, them together. A smile swept across his face as he thought of the wonderful events and his cock hardened quickly.

Looking at the clock next to his bed he saw it was gone 12:00 PM, everyone would be out, everyone except April that is. "April, it's me," Lee said softly as he walked into the kitchen. Seeing April stood at the sink he immediately went over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist squeezing her tightly.

"Get off me Lee!" April said pushing him away from her back. Her voice was angry and slightly nervous. "What's wrong? I thought with yesterday." Lee started to ask, but he was soon cut off by a kiss from his oldest sister. "There, that'll have to do you for now." April said beckoning with her head towards the living room.

Lee looked and saw Trish sat on the sofa watching TV. He looked back at April questioningly to see what was going on. "Why's Trish still here? I thought she was supposed girls thourse sex bule film be at work by now." "She's got the morning off.

She's here until 3 PM I'm afraid, so that means you'll just have to wait." April slid her hand to her brother's crotch, rubbing him through his jeans. Lee nodded, just relieved that his sister was not mad at what they had brooke bliss taken in the back office the day before and that, by the way she spoke, was likely to happen again.

He walked into the living room and sat next to Trish who slid over on the sofa to give him some room. "No work?" he inquired, already knowing the answer. "I'm not due in the shop until 3 this afternoon so I thought I'd just watch some TV and lay about for awhile." she said in her usual, very feminine, voice. Lee was disappointed to hear he probably wouldn't get any time alone with April until tomorrow since Stacey usually finished at about 3:30-4:30 PM and could walk in at any time and catch them at it.

"Oh." Lee paused for a little while thinking. "I'm surprised you're not down at the gym then." He said, hoping his words would prompt a gym trip from her. "No, I don't really like going to the gym when I work in the afternoon. I always run low on energy when I get back." Trish said, crushing her brother's hopes of having a second round with April.

April walked in just as Trish was finishing. "Well, that's all done now." She said as she went and sat in the chair across the room from her brother and sister. Lee looked over to her and got a warm, loving smile in return. He shot one back to her. She looked at Trish, who was watching the TV not them, and pursed her lips blowing a kiss to her brother who's smile broadened before he kissed back, careful not to make a noise with his lips. April could feel her knickers starting to get wet from all the flirting she was engaged in with her brother, especially with one of her sisters sitting next to him oblivious.

The flirting carried on for another few hours. April, getting more and more bold in her behavior, started clearly rubbing different parts of her body while Lee watched her. He hoped she was watching Trish to make sure she didn't see them. It was 2:30 PM when Trish got up and told them she was off to work. Overjoyed at the prospect of a little action at last Lee practically pushed her sapana chodari xxx opra mini the door, before walking back in to sit with April.

"So Lee what did you think were doing this morning when you came down, hmm?" April asked her brother as he came over and sat with her on the sofa. She had moved there when Trish had left. "I don't know. You just get me so horny when I see you." Lee replied, moving closer to her as he spoke. "Really? What a coincidence. You do the same to me." April felt her brother's hands move over her massive breasts, his lips on her neck.

"Ohhhh." Lee moaned as he felt his sister place her hand on his crotch. She gave a little squeeze to his aching cock. Lee kissed her neck harder and began massaging her breasts through the thin, blue, cotton T-shirt she wore, without a bra. "Hmmm. Lee that's so nice." April gasped as she felt Lee grab her hard nipples through the thin material of her top, sending shock waves through her body. April moved her hands up and slid them over the back of her brother's head moving it to the front of her neck.

He kept kissing all the way as he moved with her until she brought his mouth to hers and they began kissing passionately. "Why don't we go up to my bedroom?" She said as she broke the kiss and looked deep into her brother's eyes.

Lee nodded. April and Lee ran upstairs pulling off their tops as they went, dropping them on the staircase. They burst through the door kissing; their bodies pressed together, their tongues pressed into each other's mouths. It was April who again broke the kiss. Holding on to her brother's shoulders she pulled him inside and closed the door behind them. Lee went over to the beds at the far end looking at each one. "That's mine." April said, pointing to the one on the right.

It was a single bed with a white sheet on it and a few fluffy pillows. Lee looked at the other two. "That's Kim's." April said pointing to the one next to hers about 3 feet away. It was another single bed, but with a red sheet on it.

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"And that one's Dawn's." April directed Lee to the double in the corner. "She has to have a double cuz she tosses a lot at night." April explained. She kissed her brother's neck from behind making a conscious effort to shake her upper body so her breasts and especially her nipples rubbed gently on his back.

Lee looked at the bed of his second oldest sister; thinking about which would be the best to have sex with his oldest sister (god, what a life he had) in. April made his mind up for him, pushing him over to Dawn's bed eager to get on with fucking each other's brains out before Stacey got home from work.

Once at the bed Lee turned around in his sister's arms as she pressed her massive breasts into his body. Lee grabbed her around the waist and lowered his head to her left nipple sucking it into his mouth and picking his sister up off the ground.

She threw her head back as she felt her brother's tongue lick her nipple. She brought her hand to the back of his head, again, as he licked and sucked on it like a little baby looking for milk. She leaned her body back, pressing her chest further out to his face, which was becoming engulfed by her cleavage, as he moved across to the other nipple.

Lee lowered his sister to the floor and quickly attacked her other nipple, once more licking and sucking hard as she brought her head to the side of his to whisper in his ear. "Ohh. god Lee, yessss. suck my nipple baby. Yes, that's sooo gooodddd. Aaahhhh." She moaned out softly, before poking her tongue in his ear, tickling the sensitive inside with the wet, warm tip of her tongue. Lee let go of her waist and began undoing her jeans, which he quickly let drop to the floor; upon which she stepped out of them and kicked them away and now stood only in her little frilly pink cotton knickers.

She began kissing her brother again, her tongue licking the outside of his lips before being pushed inside his mouth to mingle with his own.

Lee felt her press her breasts against his chest hard as she leaned forwards to get her face closer to his. Her hands were up his back sliding around his shoulder region; his own hands were undoing his jeans. With them open and only his pants and her knickers between masturbating in thigh high lingerie and high heels she sat him down on the edge of the bed and, smiling, she kneeled down between his open thighs.

She brought her hands to his sides and her mouth to his stomach, which she began kissing, pressing her tongue around his belly button and giving him little kisses just above his pants. This was driving Lee mad with pleasure. April stood up again and Lee sat up on the bed.

As his sexy sister stood before him, he brought his hands up and grabbed the waistband of her knickers and pulled the frilly cotton down her legs letting them go so they would drop to the floor.

Lee was now facing her pussy. The little tuft of hair he had seen yesterday was, again, directly in front of him.

He brought his right hand up between her legs and grabbed her ass pressing his fingers into the supple flesh. "Ohhh ooohhh." April moaned as she felt his other hand move through her open legs and onto her other cheek, massaging it. April put her hands on her brother's shoulders for support as she went onto her tiptoes to bring her pussy in line with her brother's mouth.

He closed his eyes and let instinct guide him as he moved forwards and placed his lips on his sister's pubic mound, his arms pushing her thighs wider open to open up her pussy for his exploring tongue. April gladly opened her legs wider as her brother's tongue came closer to her pussy lips. The sweet smell of arousal filled his nose as his tongue first made contact with her dripping sex.

April brought her hands to the back of Lee's head as she bent her upper body forwards, letting her pussy stay in the same position as her brother kissed and probed at her inner tunnel, but now letting her rest her heavy breasts on his head. "AAAhhhhhh oohhhhhhh hhhhmmmmm." She moaned as she felt his hands touching around her ass while his tongue touched the inner part of her pussy.

She threw her head back as he touched sex in the serbian reality show parovi serbia sensitive spot and shouted out loudly for more. April almost fell back with tricky agent stylish cutie who loves cock. So much so, she pulled Lee off the bed and onto his knees.

Not letting go of her ass, he was still in the same position, with his face buried in her pussy and his arms still between her legs. April moaned louder and more frequently as he began to knead her soft ass cheeks in his hands, causing her to arch her back which pushed her groin further into his face making his tongue go deeper into her.

"Ohhhhhhh ggoooooooooddddddd aaahhhhhhh ooohhhhhh oh oh aahhh." She shouted out as she felt an orgasm approach. Holding the sides of her brother's head tightly in each hand she directed him to the places she wanted to feel his tongue go. Lee hit just the right place making a flood of fluid flow from April whose body shook in orgasm.

Her hands holding her brother's head tight, her cum dripping all over his face and down her thighs onto his arms. She came down soon after and pulled her brother to his feet.

Pushing him so he sat on the bed she quickly straddled his lap, having to stand on her tiptoes again to get balance, because her legs weren't quite long enough to place her feet flat on the floor. Lee watched as she lowered herself onto his cock, which easily slid into her.

"Ahhhh ahhhh oohhh." She moaned as she, with Lee's help, began to grind her pussy onto his cock. Lee held her waist in both hands and with strong forearms he helped her lift her up his cock and down again, taking him out to the head then back to the hilt, deep in her pussy.

The moaning and groaning continued as the two moved as one; Lee taking his sister's ample nipples into his mouth and squeezing her ass cheeks as he felt his cock being put in a vice like grip by his sister's pussy. They were both ready to cum. Both were shouting out loudly as Stacey opened the front door and stepped inside the house.

April was just Cumming again and Lee began to shoot his load deep into her when Stacey went to the stairs. The two upstairs were too exhausted to hear anything as Stacey walked up.

Seeing their tops on the steps as she went, she stopped and looked at the clothing carefully before carrying on slowly. She reached the top step and listened, hearing noises from April, Kim and Dawn's room she very slowly crept along the hall to the door and grabbed the handle pushing it open. "Hi Stacey." April's voice chimed out as she sat on the edge of her bed looking over to the door. "Hi." Stacey said looking around to see Lee stood at the window looking out at the street below.

"You're home early." Lee said as he came away from the window. "Yeah, I was released early from work because it was a slow day." Stacey said as she went in to the room and looked around more. "What wrong?" April asked her sister as she watched her walk around. "Nothing." Stacey said shaking her head. She was sure she had heard a noise but for the life of her she couldn't see where it had come from. "Well, I've got some things to do." April said as she walked past her sister, out the door and down the stairs.

"Yeah, me too." Lee said following his oldest sister. Stacey knew something was up but couldn't figure out what it was. She took another look around and then the smell hit her nose. 'I know that smell' Stacey thought to herself as she took another big sniff. It was a very obvious smell and one that could only be made by two people having SEX. Stacey sat on the bed and thought. Downstairs April and Lee were in the kitchen talking. "God that was close." Lee said as he wiped his forehead on the back of his hand.

"Don't worry Amateur slut fisted outdoors in the snow Stacey didn't catch us, now did she?" April said more confidently, trying to reassure her worried bella and candy are hot lesbian lovers. "But she almost did.

If we had been a bit slower getting our clothes back on she would have just walked in and caught us having sex! Imagine what that would have done to her." Lee said, arguing with his sister diligently. "But she didn't, Lee, she didn't. Look, we can stop this whole thing if you want to and then there would be no problem.

Is that what you want?" April asked hoping the answer would be no, but prepared for a yes. "No, it's not." Lee said shaking his head 'no'. "I don't want to stop." "And I don't either. We'll just have to be a bit more careful in future" April said overjoyed that her brother didn't want to stop having sex with her.

Stacey came walking down the stairs soon after. "Hi guys. What'ye you been doing all day?" she asked. "Nothing much." April said happily while placing a pizza in the microwave. "Oh." she sighed and gave a little telling smile to Lee who got a very guilty look on his face. "Dinner's ready." April said as she took the pizza out of the microwave and placed it on the table "Dig in." Lee and Stacey grabbed a slice each. April was pulling on her trainers at the door.

"Not having any?" Stacey asked her big sister.

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"No I've already had some. Now I'm off to the gym to work off all that fat." She said as she finished pulling on her trainers and grabbed her bag.

"You sure you won't stay and have some?" Lee asked a slight quiver in his voice at the thought of having to be alone with Stacey and keep their secret without April there to help. "Very sure. Don't worry, I'll be fine." April said nodding her head at Lee signaling that she meant 'you'll be fine'. "Yeah Lee, she needs to lose some of that fat." Stacey joked sarcastically at her big sister.

April was soon gone leaving Stacey and Lee alone at the table in the kitchen. Lee was very nervous and Stacey could tell.

"Soooo." Stacey drew out the word "good day then?" "Hm Hm." Lee agreed as he nodded. "So what did you do today then?" "Nothing much." "Why were you in April's room when I came in?" "She err.just hmm.wanted to show me something out on the street." "Out on the street.ohh.right.

So what was it then?" "What was what?" "The thing on the street that April wanted to show you." "Oh I ahh.nothing really just umm.well I think hmm.she said it was a fight but when I got there it was just finishing." "A fight." Lee nodded. "Why didn't I see anyone then when I came past?" "I err.don't know.umm.why.I don't know." "Lee don't lie, your terrible at it." Stacey said bluntly looking at her brother, who was shuffling about in his seat uncomfortably.

"What do you mean don't lie? I'm not lying Stacey, I'm really not." Lee said nervously. "Yes you are little brother. Now please don't." Stacey said to her obviously lying brother. Lee cracked and ran off up the stairs to his attic room slamming the door shut behind him. He ran over to the bed and buried his head in the pillows.

Stacey opened his door and walked in soon after, she smiled as she saw him laying face down in his pillows. Slowly she walked over to him and placed her hands on the back of his thighs and gave them a squeeze. Lee's head shot off the hot pov session with a russian teen and turned to look at his sister who smiled down at him.

"Lee, it's ok. I think I know what you've been doing and I want to tell you its fine with me." Stacey continued to rub his thighs. "Oh god Stacey, we never wanted you to find out. We never brunette camera cachee spy cam pussylicking and amatrice anyone to. I'm sorry." Lee was practically crying as he spoke to his sister.

"Hey don't cry, I said it was ok with me about you and Trish." "What? Trish and me? No," Lee said shacking his head, "It's me and April." "You and April? Oh my god I thought it was you and Trish who had been having sex and April just knew about it." Stacey was shocked at her brother's revelation. "Why did you think it was me and Trish?" Lee asked his sister.

"Well Trish is always telling me how cute you are, what a guy you've become and how great you are. I just put two and two together when I came home and smelled April's bedroom. I thought Trish had come home for dinner and you two had, you know, but you and April." Stacey still couldn't take this in. "I'm sorry Stacey I didn't mean to hurt you." Lee apologized again. "Don't Lee." Stacey said as she stood up from the bed.

Lee quickly got up and moved close to her back to try and explain the blonde babe misha cross gets fucked and creamed to her.

"Look, Stacey, I'm really sorry for all this but hhhmmfffff." Lee was cut off by Stacey's mouth on his. Her tongue found his and started dancing around in his mouth. "God!

What was that?" Lee asked as Stacey broke the kiss and looked into his eyes, smiling. "You and April didn't do much, did you, if you don't know what a kiss is." She said as she wrapped her arms around her brother's neck holding her body close to his. "What are you doing?" Lee asked nervously. "What I wanted to do for ages. Haven't you too?" Stacey asked her brother before kissing his neck and rubbing her breasts into his body.

"Ohhh god Stacey I've wanted this for so long but I never thought it would happen." Lee admitted as his sister began to rub her hard nipples into his chest, her blonde hair tickling his neck as it fell on to his skin. "I bet you never thought you'd have sex with April either, but you obviously did, you naughty boy." Stacey said as she licked his neck softly making her brother moan.

Lee grabbed Stacey by the head and brought her mouth to his and kissed her passionately their tongues exploring each other's mouths. While the kiss continued Stacey reached for the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled it up, briefly stopping the kiss, and over her head before reattaching her mouth with her brother's.

Lee followed suit and removed his T-shirt in the same manner. Next their jeans were undone and soon they both just stood in their underwear. Stacey wearing a pair of pink cotton knickers and a matching bra, Lee wearing a pair of very bulging boxer shorts.

Stacey was the first to make a move, pushing her brother backwards onto the bed but not joining him right away. Instead, she walked around the other end and leaned down to give her brother a gentle kiss. Stretching forwards dragging her tongue over her brother's chest and stomach until her face hit his bulging pants. She began licking and kissing him through the thin material. Her own panty-covered mound was right over Lee's face and he wasted little time in smelling her sweet pussy through the wet cotton.

The smell was so nice it made his cock jump as his sister licked him. Bringing his hand up to her ass he slid his palm under the knickers and began rubbing her sweet ass cheeks with his fingertips. He kissed the wet spot that had appeared through her knickers. Stacey moaned as she kissed his cock through the boxer shorts and rubbed her bra-covered nipples into his stomach. She soon grew tired of this position and got up, pulling Lee by the hand. She got him off the bed and guided him behind her before laying down flat on her stomach on the bed, pulling herself up so her legs dangled just slightly off the bottom and she lay comfortably.

Lee wasted little time. He leaned down and pressed forwards moving his covered cock to her cotton-covered ass rubbing it right over where his best guess of where her asshole would be. Stacey moaned as she felt his cock press through both sets of underwear and onto her sensitive hole. She arched her back and Lee began kissing her shoulders and neck as she wiggled beneath him. "AHH yesss." Stacey moaned as she felt her brother's hands rub up her sides and to the clasp of her bra.

He quickly undid it, letting it fall from her chest and onto the bed below them. Stacey grabbed the bra and threw it away from the two lovers as Lee once more leaned down and gently kissed her now bare shoulders and neck.

Stacey looked over her shoulder as she felt her brother's cock move away from her. He watched as he kissed down her back and onto her cotton covered ass making sure to bury his face onto each cheek before continuing down her legs.

When he got to her feet Stacey spun over onto her back spreading her legs wide and propping her feet on the bed as to open up her thighs for her brother. With no encouragement he began kissing the inner thigh of her right leg, slowly, moving towards her cotton, panty covered center.

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Her back arched as his lips made contact with the wet material right over her clit sending his warm breath onto the sensitive area. "Ahhhh OOhhhhh god yeeeeesssssss." Stacey moaned as huge boobs milf and hot teen babe ffm threesome session stepmom and blowjob felt her juices flow faster. Lee moved away from his sister and allowed her to pull her knickers down her long legs before kicking them off to join her bra somewhere across the room.

She was now laying fully naked, her breast heaving, and her legs together as she lay on her left side slightly, just a small tuft of blonde pubic hair visible from above her pussy. Lee leaned down to her face and began kissing her over her shoulder, his hands being used for support.

His right was soon on her chest giving little rubs of each breast and tweaks to her nipples. She brought her hand up to his face as they kissed more passionately and he moved his hand down to her crotch, but was denied access by her closed legs.

"Hmm not your hand silly." Stacey giggled as she pushed her brother back into a sitting position on the bed and just as quickly brought her legs around him. Sliding so that his pants could be removed she pulled them down to his knees then he did the rest, using both legs he managed to get the boxer shorts off just as his sister pressed her open pussy onto his cock, which slid in gracefully.

"Ahhhhh god hhmmmm." Stacey moaned as she felt his cock sliding up into her body, once he was as deep as he was going to get she slid her hips back and thrust forwards again. "AAHHH Stacey, wow, god." Lee started saying as he felt Stacey's tight pussy grip his cock as she slid it in and out at a nice fast pace. Stacey was sitting in such a way that her breast were just about level with her brother's chin and looking down at his closed eyes, his face contorted in concentration she got an idea.

Pushing up with her legs slightly more she brought her breasts in line with Lee's face and began to bounce them off his lips as she leaned her head down to kiss the top of his head. Lee was in heaven. Now he could feel his sister's breasts and nipples on his face, tickling his skin, as was her hair, which was dropping on to his face.

Her pussy was gripping his cock so tight it was unreal and she was mercilessly grinding her pelvis into his. Stacey pulled back from his face and leaned back from his body on her hands. She smiled at her brother who was looking at her face smiling as she continued to bounce on his cock. She quickly moved forwards and their lips met again, their tongues assaulting each other's.

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Stacey screamed into her brothers mouth as her orgasm hit her hard and very unexpectedly, she pulled back from his mouth as her juices flowed all over her brother's cock. He fell forwards again, her body falling to the left of her brother's so karlee grey and xander corvus arms were now leaning over his right shoulder, she was panting and out of breath and her bouncing had all but stopped, she kissed Lee's ear and whispered into it.

"You'll have to take on some of the work." Lee knew just what she meant. He put his hands on her back and she pulled herself up onto his attractive hottie feels dong in arse pornstar hardcore slightly more. He then proceeded to stand up holding her like a baby that is being burped and laid her down on her back, his cock still in her the whole time.

Once they had got comfortable Stacey wrapped her legs around her brother's lower back and waited for him to thrust into her. She didn't have to wait long.

Lee pushed his hips forwards hard pressing his cock all the way into his sister making her cry out from the deep penetration. Lee kept up his pace taking his cock back until only the head was left in then shoving the whole thing back in, in one big push. Stacey was shouting out now as Lee kissed her breasts and rubbed her hair with his sweaty hands, bringing his lips to hers and giving her one final kiss before arching his back and shoving his cock deep into his sister.

"Oh god Stacey I'm gonna cum!" He shouted as he felt his ball's tighten and a whole lot of sperm shoot out of his cock coating his sister's insides in white, sticky cum. Out of breath they both laid on Lee's bed snuggling into each other's bodies. Stacey flicked her hair away from her face and smiled at her brother who smiled back before closing his eyes and resting his head on her shoulder. "God Lee, I love you." Stacey whispered as she gave her brother a little kiss on the head and slowly got off his bed.

Leaving him snuggled up with a pillow; she went back to her room to get a shower knowing her life had changed, but definitely for the better.