Hot pretty girl enjoys deep gazoo bang hardcore and russian

Hot pretty girl enjoys deep gazoo bang hardcore and russian
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Mark is a white man 6ft1. Muscular build with broad shoulders and strong arms. He has a nice tan with dark hair and dark eyes.

Wanda is a slender black women with big boobs and a round butt to boot. She's 5ft6 with long toned legs and 32DD tits.

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She has sexy large lips and pretty eyes that are very naughty Mark: *I am laying in bed naked with a raging morning wood. You walk in the room dressed all up in a black corset and tiny black lace undies that leave very little to the imagination. I smirk at you* "mmm hey." *I look you over* "mmm drop those panties babe your not gonna need em." Wanda *I turn around and bend over and wave between my legs with a big smile on my face" *afterwards I slowly stand up straight then glide my panties down* Mark *you step out of them and your heels click on my hard wood floor.I lick my lips* "mmm bring that pussy here" Wanda "Yes sir!" "Whatever you say" *I wink* Mark *I smirk and then you slowly climb up my body.

You stop when your face is at my cock* Wanda *Licks my lips* Mark *I smiles* "go ahead give it a kiss" Wanda * I kiss it. Then take your dick in my mouth* Mark *I sigh as you suck on just my head* "fuck that's niceeeee." *I watch you* "mmm I told you to bounce not suck darlingggg" Wanda "I couldn't help it. How will you punish me?" Mark "By making you bounce on't talk with your mouth full" Wanda "He he he, Ok" *kissing you torso making my way up to your neck *I grab your hard dick, wet flight attendant bondage and extreme anal destroyed teen hd first time halle von is in all my sucking and rub my pissy lips with it then while looking at you in your pretty eye I slide you inside me* "Like this?" Mark *I groan an I reach down and I grab your thick your ass and your silky nylons lay on my thighs* "fuckkk baby." *your walls start to clamp around my big pink dick head* Wanda *I caress my body as I start to ride your dick.

Playing wih my nipples as you hars cock goes in and out of my wet pussy *I'm moaning out loud as I pinch my nipples to make them hard* You feel so good baby Mark *I moan a bit as you slowly ride my cock.

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You are bouncing on me fully after taking a bit to slide me all the way in you. I moan as now your bouncing balls deep and I slap your ass as you play with your nipples through your corset* "mmm fuck.damn babyyyy like that dickkk?" Wanda "I love that dick" * I lean over to you and kiss you slowing down my pace Then I smile while we kiss and stop abruptly.

I pull away a little and with a smirk start bouncing as fast as I can* Mark *I grunt and widen my eyes and bite me lip* "ahhhh fuck! Yesssss damn babyyy. fuck.ahhh.yeah. ride that dick!" *I groan deeper how did she fit it in natural tits deepthroat watch you as you fuck me* "yeah yeahhh take that fucking dick." Wanda *I'm looking over my shoulder watching my ass bounce up and down, loving the sensation building between my legs.

*with short shallow breaths* "Yeah yeah yeah You like that baby Fucking your hard cock" Mark *I smack your ass and I bite my lip harder and your pussy grips and pulls at my dick. The room fills with the sound and smell of our sex.* "fuck.damn babyyyyy yeah that that dick like a good fucking girrrl" Wanda *I look over at you and smile* "Yes babe" *I then start to twerk on your dick, thrust my hips up and down, making pussy swallow your dick whole with my reward being the sound of your balls smacking my ass Mark *I groan deeply as your pussy makes slurping and wet sounds as you ride my dick.

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I run a hand up and grip your neck and squeeze a bit* "yes yes yes take fucking dickkkkkk fuck yessssss" Wanda * I continue to bounce on your cock. My body is glistening with sweat, working my body while still in the sexy black corset. Am moaning louder and louder as my pussy wants your dick.

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I can feel my juices leaking and crawling between the spaces between my legs and yours *I pull in closer to you and kiss you again. Then stop fucking you and get up.

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I tower over you and smile* I turn around and place my ass towards your face I bend over your face then crawl up to your dick and glide it on my wet pussy lips Sliding you in as a go into reverse cowgirl Mark *I open my legs a little and there is a huge wet spot on the bed. I look up as you look down and I bite my lip. I moan deeply and then see your pussy is soaking and glistening with your juices. I moan and then when you slide me back in I groan deeply* "yesssss" Wanda *I lean forward and start to take you in and out again* Mark *I watch your big ass start to work my cock in and outta your Pussy.

I reach out and grip it and spank it as I see the nice thick ring of cum you leave around the base every time you rise up* "mmmm shittt" Wanda "Fuck you feel so good" *I'm slowly it doing Grinding on your dick making long slow strokes, making my pussy grip you dick as I do I can feel an orgasm building up as I do and let out a long moan* Mark *Moans lowly and nod my had* "fuck you have a such a tight ticking pussy.

Ahhhhhhhhh" Wanda *my pussy is started to grip cougar boss is going to ride this interns big dick* "Aaaaaah" *I moan again as I feel myself coming* "Mmmm" *I muffle yet another moan* "I'm com. Mmmm." Mark *I feel your pussy do that throbbing clench and I grip your hips and pull you down and force you to ride it out on my big cock* "ahhhh fuck yesssss you pussy feels amazinggggg when your cummmingg" Wanda *am pulsating like your dick is sending electricity through my body* "Yas Fuuucck Yas Mark" Mark *your inner muscles are going crazy around me and I grunt and groan* "fuckkkk that's niceeee" Wanda * I lean forward to stretch and caress your legs as I do.

Randomly spazing as my orgasm subsides. I can feel so much of my juices sliding down your cock. *I reach down and take a little bit then as I come up I smile, putting my fingers in my mouth Mark *I grunt and smirk at you* "mmm damn baby.your pussy is fucking nice when you cum on me." *I smirk* "Mmm you must like fucking big white dicks" *I tease *I smirk as I clean your fingers after saying that* Wanda "I really like big dicks And yours especially You just turn me into an animal" Mark *grins and licks my lips* "mmm yeah?

Maybe we need to get you some animal print stuff." *i bite my lip and nod* mmm fuck Wanda "First I need to get out of this corset. Will you please do me? I mean undo me?" *I wink* Mark *I smirk* "look at the mess you made.I already did you." *I tease and then reach behind and undo your corset* Wanda *sigh* "Much better" *I cuddle up to you and start to kiss you as my fingers caress your arms* "That was fun" Mark *I smirk as you kiss me and I lick all in your mouth.

My cock is hard and I play with your ass as I tongue and play with your tongue* Wanda *I pull you in and play with your bottom lip, sucking on it then darting my tongue in yours every now and then* Mark *I smirk and trap your tongue in my mouth.

I suck on it and my tongue rubs against yours I twirl it around and I grip your ass * Wanda * fuck it feels so good especially since your body is basically engulfing my tiny frame. I love how small brother and big brother sex you are.

I return the favour and grab your ass, gliding my hands over your cheeks* Mark *smiles big as I break the kiss and I look at you* "mmm gonna change for round two? Mmm that's when you usually make me cum." Wanda "Hehehe Can I go shower first? I feel like I need it.

Go wait for my in the living room" Mark *Excitedly smiles* "Ok tiger"