Night cheeting sex with mom

Night cheeting sex with mom
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Forbidden in Salinas Pt. 2 Continuation of "Forbidden in Salinas Pt.1" Chapter 7: The morning after. The beam of sunlight through the bedroom window made Rachel stirred.

Drowsily, she placed her arms across her face to block out the irritating glare. As she moved her other arm to her side, she touched something. Grudgingly, her senses began to focus and she forced her eyes to open. The image of a naked man lying in her bed almost made her jump in shock. Looking at him, she realized that it was Daniel.

He was still asleep. Her eyes looked down and saw that she was naked too. She felt a twinge of soreness and her hand touched her crotch.

Her pubic hair was stiff and caked. She took a deep breath as the events of the previous night came flooding back. Clasping her hands to her face, Rachel remembered what had transpired. She shook her head in denial, still accepting the incestuous coupling that had sated them both had actually occurred.

But it did and nothing could change the fact. In the silence of morning, she knew that she had romi rain and tyler nixon it happen. It was she who stripped naked and offered her body to her brother. Slowly, so not to awake him, Rachel slipped off the bed and headed for her bathroom.

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Locking the door, she looked into the mirror. The image that looked back at her was of a woman with disheveled hair and slightly swollen lips. It was her face and she looked thoroughly fucked. She got into the bath and showered, washing off the dried cum that coated various parts of her anatomy.

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She blushed when she remembered how Daniel had taken her. He had fucked her while he carried her in his arms and cumming inside her as she clung to him. Her body trembled as she recognized that it was her unbelievable behavior that had led him on. The more she thought about it, a knot formed in her stomach and in embarrassment, she felt her nipples stiffened.

And the tell tale signs of her vagina lips moistening made her touch them with her fingers. She had never felt this way with her husband. Something had awakened the ambers of longing within her soul. Stepping out in her towel, she saw that Daniel was still asleep. Quietly, she dressed she only cums when he fucks her she left a note on the bedside table. "I've gone to town, will be back in the evening.

Please pack the books into the carton boxes. You will find them in the store. There's food in the oven.

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Thanks" signed Rach. As she drove towards the town, memories of her father came flooding back into her mind. She had tried, over the years, to banish the terrible things Hank had done to her.

She hated and could not forgive him for corrupting her. After what he had done, it had made her frigid and she could not have a sexual relationship, even with her husband. But last night, Daniel had unlocked hidden desires that she had kept dormant.

She had succumbed to the unthinkable, orgased and squirted for him. "God", she said to herself. "How could I do that, with Daniel," she asked herself, as the terrible guilt began to consume her. "Was it Hank that she finally thought of when she gave herself to her brother? Was she just like her father?" The thought was revolting as Rachel drove on, aimlessly.

How could she face Daniel? Daniel stirred and opened his eyes. His penis was hard, as he awoke in the tail end of his dream. He was making love with Hot alt driving student gets anal sex. The bed was felt different as he sat up.

It was not his room. As he pushed the blanket from his body, he realized that it was not a dream. It had happened. As his eyes searched for his sister, he saw her note. Picking it up, he read. When he walked out of Rachel's room, he saw his discarded clothing on the floor beside the sofa. Picking them up, he went to his room. His heart was thumping in his chest as he recalled every detail of the night.

It was going to be a long day. As morning turned to afternoon and evening, Daniel busied himself by packing all of Rachel's books into the boxes. He also helped pack whatever was lying around. He heard her car. Then the soft steps as she walked into the house. Not knowing what to expect, he walked out of the store. They had to pass each other but both could not look the other in the eye.

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"I've packed everything," he said. "Thanks, did you have your lunch?" Rachel replied, stopping momentarily. "Yeah," Daniel answered. "I'm tired, so let's go to Denny's for dinner, after I changed," she said.

"Oh, ok," Daniel replied. The tension was taut, as they kept up the pretense as though nothing had occurred between them, as she drove to Denny's. Daniel was distraught and could hardly control his emotions. He desperately waited for her to say something.

Rachel too felt the intense strain between them. But both siblings sat silently as they finally reached the outlet. They ordered and ate. Finally he could not keep his silence anymore. "Do you want me to leave tomorrow," Daniel asked her softly.

Rachel was taken aback by his question. She looked up and her heart went out to him. He looked so vulnerable and she saw the undiluted adoration and love in his eyes. Her hand reached out and closed over his. "Do you want to go," she asked. "No, Rach, I was just thinking&hellip.," "We can't change anything Danny, we have to live with it, it's my fault," Rachel said. "No, Rach, it was me who&hellip." "Sshh, let's not talk about it, okay," she told him softly. It was out and they both felt a heavy load lifted from their minds.

They finished their food and drove back to the house. As they walked in, Rachel stopped to lock the front door. Daniel stood by her side. As she turned to face him, they looked at each other. The consuming intensity of the need for one another could not be denied.

Daniel brushed aside a lock of Rachel's hair from her face as he stepped closer, and kissed her. Tenderly, they sought each other's lips until their kiss turned passionate.

Rachel arms were around his neck and she felt his hands under her blouse. He searched for the clasps of her bra and unhooked it. Rachel released her mouth from his as she felt the intense pleasure when Daniel cupped her breasts in the palms of his hand, and caressed her breasts.

But sanity gained the upper hand. Her hands closed over his and moved it away from her breasts. "No, Danny, we can't," she gasped in anguish.

Daniel looked at his sister in desperation. He wanted her so much. They had opened Pandora's Box and he desired her with an intensity that consumed him. He searched her face for her approval and wanted to beg her.

But he could see that she was terribly tormented. "I'm sorry, forgive me Rach," he said haltingly. Daniel turned and walked to his room as Rachel stood in the dark. She could still feel the imprint of his hands on her breasts, her nipples erected, her bra hung loose, as she made her way to her room.

She fell on her bed, her hands clutching and pounding the mattress as she cried into it. There was emptiness and ache inside her and she moaned piteously to herself.

First it was her father and now her brother wanted her. And she knew that she wanted him too. But the sense of decency still prevailed. Chapter 8: As night beckons, capitulation and submission. Daniel tried to sleep but his mind was wide awake. He had tasted the exquisite and wonderful pleasure of something indescribable.

No other woman ever made him feel this way or ever came close to it. It made him weak with desire for Rachel. The feel, smell and taste of her, coupled with the fact that he had physically possessed her, tormented him. He felt like a depraved animal, yearning for fulfillment. As he stared up at the ceiling, he came to a decision. He looked at his watch and it was late, almost 11pm. He got off the bed and in his pajamas, walked out and headed towards Rachel's room. When he reached her door, his resolve began to waver.

He stood there. For almost 10 minutes, he stood in silence, and finally, unable to restrain his overwhelming desire, he raised his hand and softly knocked on her door. Rachel was not able to sleep too. Her troubled mind kept thinking back to the events of the previous night, and earlier after they returned home from dinner. She could still feel the tenderness of his touch and how she almost succumbed to him. She could still visualize the utter desperation in his eyes when she stopped him from going further.

The soft knock on her door made her head turn towards it. Her heart skipped a beat, knowing deep inside she had anticipated it. But she kept quiet, just staring at her door. On the other side, Daniel was breathing unsteadily, undecided whether to knock louder. His hand closed over the door knob and he turned it.

Pushing slowly, the door opened. He stepped in. The room was dimly lighted by rays of the streetlamps. As his eyes got accustomed to the surroundings, he saw Rachel sitting in the middle of her bed, her knees bunched up against her chest, her hands clasping her legs.

They look silently at each other, as Daniel walked towards her. No words were spoken as Daniel climbed onto her bed and kneeled in front of her. As lovers, in most tender of moments, they reached out for each other and clung together in embrace. Rachel put her head against his chest as brother and sister held together for a long blowjob session with lustful beautiful hottie hardcore massage. Tenderly, they fell towards the pillow and his lips sought hers.

He gently stroked her hair, tasting the softness of her mouth, as Rachel responded by holding him close to her. When they parted, their eyes met, in understanding and realization that this was their destiny.

They wanted each other. Daniel opened his mouth to say something, but Rachel put a finger against it. Raising herself slightly, looking down at his face, she said, "I need to know, was it what you saw that made you want me?" "When I saw dude rough anal fucks huge tits milf and Dad, I did not understand what both of you were doing. It was only later, when I was about 10, looking at the girlie magazines in Bobby's house did I see a picture of something similar." He replied.

"When I started to masturbate, you were the only one I came for," Daniel continued. Rachel smiled at him, wondering almost perversely how much, over the years, her brother, now lying beside her, had ejaculated his sperm just for her.

Daniel's hand reached up to unbutton her housecoat. At the same time, his hand found the switch for the table lamp and pressed it on. The low light illuminated the bed.

Slowly, he opened the front of her coat exposing Rachel's breasts. His breath caught in his throat as he stared in reverence at the twin full and firm peaks which jutted out of her chest. He could die for them. He reached out for the pale flesh, and even before he touched them, he looked incredulously as her pinkish puffy nipples grew out and stood erected. With a choked cry, Daniel raised his head off the pillow and his lips closed over her right nipple, sucking her deep into his mouth.

He could not get enough of those lovely projectiles. Rachel felt the erotic tingling when her brother mouthed her nipples. It made her gasped in release. For the next few minutes, the siblings were etched in passionate glow as he sucked on her breasts until she could not take the gentle assault anymore. Her body dropped flat onto the mattress, her head falling on the pillow beside him. Even as she lay, Daniel's mouth did not leave her supple flesh. Finally, he raised his head off her, breathing deeply.

He looked in awe at Rachel, her hands flung wide apart over her head. With his arm tucked under her neck, he lifted her up and disrobed her. She laid, completely nude.

He stripped himself and threw his pajamas onto the floor. His penis was so stiff and throbbing. The bulbous head was already leaking pre-cum. Over the many years of longing for Rachel, Daniel had imagined all sorts of ways to posses her body during his unabated passion when masturbating.

To him, whatever he intended was not a pervert act but a genuine reverence of making complete love with her. There were words he wanted to say to her, words that no normal brother would utter to a sister. Naked, he shifted himself so that he was sitting, his back against the head board with Rachel lying, her head next to his upper thigh.

Taking her hand, he turned her so that she way lying on her side, her face pressed against his thigh. He placed cop fucks chubby gal in red dress hand onto his penis. Her soft touch made him swallow.

Rachel opened her eyes and watched her brother rubbed the palm of her right hand against the velvety sponginess of his penis head. Then he made her grasp the width of his girth. She felt the sticky wetness as he made her move her fingers around it.

Rachel looked up and saw him watching her. Then he lifted her head, placing it on his lap. Taking her left hand, Daniel adjusted himself, and parted his legs. He placed her hand to hold his balls. Rachel's crotch was already wet and leaking. His furry balls felt large and full in her hand as she squeezed him tenderly, making him gasped occasionally.

When he turned his body more towards her, mom sister sex in bro knew what Daniel wanted her to do. She had never done that before. Tom had wanted her to do it but she had refused. Now it seems so natural for her. As Daniel closed the distance between them, the flaring head touched her lips. She kissed it, as he tenderly brushes it along her lips, wetting them with his secretion.

Her eyes turned up and she saw that his were tightly shut and his mouth was half opened. Although this was new to her, it came as a second nature when she opened her mouth to take him in. Although the length of him was so hard and firm, the head was soft and silky. Daniel did not move against her, allowing her to do what she wanted. With just the head inside her mouth, Rachel began to suck gently, her tongue rubbing against the small opening.

She tasted him as his pre-cum dripped out. Slowly, Rachel took more of him inside her, feeling the uneven surface of his girth, his veins prominent on the softness of her lips.

She could only take half his length when she felt him at the base of her throat. Sucking deeply, Rachel felt him expanding inside her mouth. His hand grasped her hair tightly, neither pushing nor pulling her head, just holding onto her. Rachel felt her brother's body stiffening. He kept moaning, "I love you, I love you." His ejaculation was sudden, splattering against her tonsils. Rachel kept sucking as he spurted his semen inside her mouth. The continuous flow made her pulled away.

As his penis left her mouth, his essence splashed onto her cheeks and nose. Daniel released his hold on her hair and Rachel's head fell back onto her pillow.

Her mouth opened as she gasped for breath and in doing so, her brother's initial large glop of cum flowed down her throat. Rachel coughed as she swallowed his semen into her stomach.

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Her hand went to her face and felt the sticky wetness. Daniel looked at his sister. The stirring is his loins increased although he had just come in her mouth. Seeing her lying there, his sperm visible on her face and lips, hearing her almost choked, and knowing that she had swallowed in inside her body, intensified his need to possess her completely. Straddling her body beneath him, he pulled her legs up at the knees. Her sex was opened to him. With a groan, Daniel sank his face towards her centre.

He mashed his face into her bush, her wetness smearing him. He heard Rachel groaned as he kissed her vagina lips, his tongue lapping up her juices, pressing tightly against her sex. He had never felt such erotic pleasure ebony hottie bangs bfs big cock bro, not even in his most vivid imagination. Like a man possessed, he sucked on her, willing her to cum for him.

Rachel's eyes were glazed when she opened them. A tremendous orgasmic force seemed to explode in her crotch as her brother's tongue penetrated her vagina. Gasping with small screams, she came repeatedly, her cum squirting out like jets as Daniel tongue fucked her. Thrashing against his face, her thighs gripped his face as she thrust back. Her orgasm came in floods as her buttocks jerked upwards uncontrollably until it tapered off and her legs fell limply back.

Lifting his wet face off her crotch, Daniel got up and turned Rachel to lie on her stomach. Her upturned buttocks mesmerized him as he pulled two pillows and placed them under her belly. He mounted her, straddling on the softness of her twin cheeks. Holding his enormously blood filled phallus, Daniel placed it at the entrance of her vagina.

In a dazed trance, he uttered the profane words in her ear. "You are like a bitch in heat." Even in her sexed up state, she heard him and the obscenity of his words made her gasped in shock as he felt him entered her. Daniel fucked her, deeply, for almost a minute. His body was flat on her back as he pushed in one final time, mashing his balls tightly against her buttocks, coming in spurts, wetting her insides.

Rachel never felt so full before, his manhood continued to twitch inside her, even when he had finished his coupling. For the second time, Rachel had been taken incestuously by her brother. She knew she had sunk to the depths of human frailty and wondered what was going through Daniel's mind.

She heard him murmuring to himself, "I could fuck you the whole night, Rach". Satiated, he lifted himself off her. As he pulled out of her, drips of his cum flowed out of Rachel's vagina, forming a pool on the mattress. Rachel felt the slackness when his thick phallus exited her vagina.

He slumped beside her, both exhausted. They lie quietly, trying to get their breath back. When their breathing returned to normal, Rachel said softly, "Is that what you think of me?" "What do you mean?" Daniel said, his arms crossed over his forehead. "Do think of me like a bitch in heat," she replied. "God, did I say that, forgive me Bffs wild best friend sex party compilation, I didn't even know what I was saying," he said, deeply ashamed that he had shown her his weakness.

"Forget it," she said, turning to face him. "Danny, this is between us and us only, nobody must ever find out.

The neighbors know that you are my brother, and so does people in my office," she said. "We must be very careful," she continued. Daniel held her hand, "I know sis, I know." He smiled at her shyly in assurance. It was a night of unimaginable thirst of longing between the siblings. Daniel savored her body like a man needing a lifeline. And she accepted all that he demanded of her.

He fucked her three more times, each time filling her vagina with his thick translucent fluid. If she was not on the pill, he would have impregnated her. Rachel's sex lips were swollen, puffy and tender. There was no shame or restrained shyness anymore as she crept between his thighs and licked their mixed secretions off his length each time he pulled out of her. And each time she did that, Daniel looked passionately into her eyes, bending to fuse his mouth onto hers, tasting their cum, totally giving himself to her.

The room reeked of their sex. After the final time he had ejaculated inside her, he held her in his arms, she lying on her side in a fetal position. His now flaccid penis was lodged between the folds of her buttocks. His hands continued to caress her aching, tender and much kneaded breasts. As dawn rose in the horizon, in total exhaustion, they fell into a deep slumber, oblivious of what they had given and taken from each other.

Part 3 to follow soon.