Vicca sally on pissing drinking dap dp tons of pee drinking farting creampie and plastered face

Vicca sally on pissing drinking dap dp tons of pee drinking farting creampie and plastered face
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I'm an entertainer at a gentlemen's club, more commonly referred to as a stripper. I love my job because I figure, "hell, I have the body for it, and I make good money doing what I love." I'm 23 years old, I have a slim body, fully equipped with a round ass and naturally firm c-cup sized breasts.

My dad is 100% American and my mom is 100% Chinese but I look more Asian than white. Unfortunately I took after my mother's height, I'm only 5'-3" I wish I was taller. I've been dancing since I turned 21 and at first I was a little shy, but one day I just broke out of my shell and went wild on stage.

The guys went crazy and that's when loads of money started coming in. I love doing this little trick where a man sitting at the stage will put a dollar in his lap.

I sexually crawl over to where he's sitting; I lean over the edge of the stage giving him a good view of my cleavage and slowly grab the dollar as I also let my hand get a firm grasp of the gentleman's package.

Then as I slowly move up, I rub my smooth tits in his face just briefly, and just as I pull away, I give him a little wink and smile.

It turns the men on and they love it. However, working as an exotic dancer, I learned quickly that receiving single dollars here and there while dancing two foxy blondes share a stiff dong stage wasn't enough to pay for rent, and that lap dances was where the real money was. Today was like any other day… I worked the stage whenever it was my turn, I performed lap dances for the customers that wanted to get a little rise, and also was lucky enough to get a few customers that wanted the more expensive VIP dances.

The VIP dances are in a small private room where the customer and I can be alone and I'm able the bend the rules a little more than normally for a more satisfied customer. Don't get me wrong, I never really went all the way as in having sex with a client.

That is, until one day a gentleman made me a proposal I couldn't refuse. He walked in alone and sat at a table near the back of the club. I decided to approach him with the intention of interesting him in a lap dance. I walked up to him and sat in his lap. "Do you mind if I have a seat" I asked. "You can sit wherever you like" he responded. "What's your name sexy?" I asked him.

He told me his name was Leo.

I told him my name was Jenny. We chatted for a while; he held a conversation pretty well. Most guys I start talking to just have nothing to say or start stuttering every word. I was wearing my school girl outfit today and I could feel Leo's dick getting harder as I let him caress my leg while we talked and laughed. After about ten minutes into our conversation I asked him, "Are you ready to have some REAL fun?" "The question is, are YOU ready?" he replied. "Why don't you let me give you a little lap dance" I said as I rubbed my ass on the bulge of his pants.

"Why don't you take me somewhere we can be alone" he said. I was thinking this was perfect, one last VIP dance before I was ready to go home with my earnings for the night. I stood up and grabbed his hand and pulled him along. He followed me to a VIP room where he shut the door behind him. The room consisted of a leather lounge chair which leans almost completely back as flat as a bed, and a small table in the corner with a dim lamp and a timer for the dances. I sat him in the chair and told him to get comfortable.

I set the timer to 15 minutes, which is the standard time for a VIP dance. He laid back in the lounge chair and put his hands behind his head. I slid out of the skirt I was wearing and let it fall to bangbros boy spy on nieghbor ground. I stepped out of it and I got on top of him, sitting on his still bulging pants with each one of my legs on the outside of each of his, basically cowgirl position.

I sexually unbuttoned my schoolgirl top and took it off knowing what the client was waiting for. I threw my schoolgirl top in the corner by the table. I unlatched the exotic polka-dotted bra I was wearing to reveal my round firm tits and hardened nipples. Now wearing charming guy picks up huge titted plumper a thong to hide my completely shaven pussy. The client automatically drew one of his hands from behind his head and tried to grab my soft breasts I was presenting him.

"I'm sorry Leo, I can't let you do that because it's against the club rules to not allow the guys to touch" I told him. He said "I thought you said you were ready to have fun." I smiled and replied, "Why don't you let me take care of the fun, don't worry baby I'll take good care of you." He said "Why don't we take care of each other" he gave me a smile and continued, "I'll give you $100 extra and all you have to do is let me touch wherever I want." I thought for a second, Damn, $100 is a lot of money, and he's already paying to see me topless.

I've had many other guys "pay to touch" what harm could it be to let him touch me for a quick hundred also. "Okay" I said, and with that, both of his hand grasped each of my tender tits as he squeezed with lust in his eyes. I continued giving him the lap dance by grabbing the increasing bulge of his pants, aggressively massaging his stiffened cock.

He caressed every inch of my entire smooth athletic body, taking advantage of the extra privileges he was paying for. He grabbed one of my tits and leaned up and started sucking on my nipple. I didn't say anything knowing that I agreed to the deal, and didn't specify whether he could do that or not, plus it was turning me on. I pulled his head in closer and grabbed his hand which was set right above my waste and I guided it to my free tit.

He squeezed and massaged one of my boobs with one hand and worked his tongue and mouth all over my other breast. It turned me on and made me so wet.

I was enjoying this more than I thought I would. Then I did something I've never done with any other client Japanese istri selingkuh durasi panjang amateur ever had. I unzipped his pants and got a full grasp on his cock. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled it out for a better grip.

I stroked his dick up and down at a fast and steady pace. I was tempted to go down on him right there but I resisted. I was so horny and wet.

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I told him to bite on my nipple a little. It was such a turn on. He moaned and grunted while running his tongue across from one nipple to the other. I turned around; now my back was facing him. Sitting on his thighs with his cock pressed against my lower back, I leaned back utilizing my ass to rub his cock. He grabbed one boob in each hand from behind me and started fondling my tits and lightly pinching my nipples.

He pinched a little too hard and I let out a soft moan. I reached behind my back and grabbed his hard dick and started stroking. He started breathing heavily and all of a sudden the timer went off.

We stopped abruptly and I let go of his cock. "How was that?" I asked and gave him a smile. "I want more time" he said in r old cock big load desperate tone, "I'll pay you for another 15 minutes and the same deal." He pulled a bundle of cash out of his pocket and handed me $250 for the lap dance I just gave him.

I've never turned down any money before and I wasn't going to start now.

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I smiled at him and said, "Your wish is my command." I got up and walked over to the timer on the table. I set it to another 15 minutes and made my way back to where Leo was now sitting up with his legs on the side of the lounge chair facing me. His brave young gal fucked by old rod hardcore blowjob was still sticking up through his boxers and unbuttoned jeans.

I was about to sit in his lap when he pulled me in close and whispered, "Please Jenny, let me put my dick in your pussy, I'll pay you." This was completely against club policy so my first instinct was to say no, but I noticed that this man had a lot of money and I let greed get the best of me.

I've been trying to save for a new house. A place of my own without the drama of having a roommate. "How much will you give me to fuck your brains out?" I asked him seductively, I was sort of turned on by the way he seemed so eager to get more than his hands on me.

"I'll give you $500 if you show me the best 15 minutes of my life." He quickly replied. I thought about it for a minute and said, "$800 is what it's going to cost, and I promise, you won't be disappointed." I don't know what I was thinking. I was about to have sex with a complete stranger for money. But I really wanted to move into my own house and the money would really help.

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He was silent for a few seconds then said, "I can't resist, I have to have you, and want you to do everything I want." He pulled his bundle of cash out of his pocket again and counted $800. He handed me the money and I put it under my school girl top that I threw near the table. The last piece of clothing I had on was my thong. I pulled it off and let it fall to my feet. He stared at my shaven pussy and bit his bottom lip knowing he was going to get what he paid for.

I pushed him back so he would lie back onto the lounge chair. I got on top of him bringing my pussy towards his face in a 69 position. I lowered myself to his face and he wasted no time utilizing his tongue to lick my already ass buggered asian night prowler ass to mouth asian woman pussy. I moaned lightly, it felt so good having his tongue run up and down my pussy and flicking my clit.

I grabbed his cock and massaged it up and down, repeatedly stroking and twisting my hand with a firm but soft grip. I lowered my head down and slowly wrapped my lips around the head of his rock hard dick. I took it further into my mouth but using my tongue to circle the head of his cock giving him a tangling sensation. He moaned slightly and I could taste a little drop of pre-cum he let out.

I just swallowed it and continued sucking harder and faster while still stroking his cock with my hand at the same time. We both constantly let out little moans xxx story rajthan fuck kolej the pleasure we were both getting. I took his dick and licked it all over. My tongue ran from the head of his dick to the bottom of his busty teen cutie moans while taking in a big cock. I gently massaged his balls with my hand and ran my tongue all over them.

Then, I ran my tongue slowly from his balls back to the top of the head of his cock. I put his dick back in my mouth and continued the blow job. After sucking for a few more minutes I took his cock out of my mouth and rubbed it all over my face. I slapped my face with his dick multiple times before I wanted it back in my mouth. The whole time, he ate my pussy without stopping for a break.

He brought his hand to my pussy and inserted a finger without warning. I let out a moan because that felt so good. He finger fucked me and used his tongue to make me even hornier. I forced my head down as far as I could until his dick was poking my throat. I wanted to feel his dick down the back of my throat so I forced myself to go deeper. After a few bobs up and down, I had the entire length of his cock in my mouth, down the back of my throat. He let out a cry of pleasure.

I was so wet from him eating my pussy that I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to have his dick inside of me. I sat up and scooted towards his dick and guided it with my hand into the opening of my awaiting pussy. I lowered myself all the way down so his cock was completely inside me. Oh god it felt so good. I was riding this stranger reverse cowgirl position and I loved every inch of his cock being rammed into my pussy.

"That's right bitch," he said, "ride that cock, fuck me you dirty slut, fuck me." This made me ride his cock up and down even faster. "Oh god yes, I'm your dirty fucking whore," I said, "Treat me like the dirty bitch that I am." I loved when my ex-boyfriends would talk dirty to me during sex. It turned me on so much. I bounced up and down letting my tits fly everywhere. I turned around while still sitting on his cock so I was facing him now. He reached up and grabbed a tit in each hand.

I started slowing down after riding his cock a few minutes. I slowly lifted my pussy off his cock and slowly let it slide right back in. I did this many times until he said, "Get up and bend over." I got up and stood on the floor and leaned forward holding on to the lounge chair. He stood behind me and in no time his dick was back in my pussy. Doggy style was one of my favorite positions. He pumped in and out; my pussy was wet, dripping juices down my leg.

He grabbed my hair with one hand and pulled. Oh god, this was another turn on believe it or not. "Yes, oh god yes," I said. He grabbed me by the hips and turned me around. He pushed me onto the lounge chair and got on top of me.

I laid back and spread my legs as he pushed his dick in and out of me at a steady pace. He leaned forward and let his tongue run all around my tits before he started sucking on one of my nipples. He fucked my welcoming pussy while my juices were flowing all over the lounge chair.

All of a sudden he got off of me, stood on the floor, grabbed my hand, and pulled me up to the floor with him.

He spun me around aggressively and pushed me so I would lean forward with my ass facing him. He started fucking me doggy style again. I didn't expect him to be so aggressive, but I loved it. He rushed his cock in and out faster and harder and I felt an orgasm coming close. The timer went off but I didn't care and I'm sure he didn't either. "Fuck, don't stop," I said. "ooooh god, ooooh god, oooooooooooh." I had a huge orgasm. Oh god it felt so good. I got so weak in my knees I felt like I couldn't stand anymore.

Leo continued to fuck me from behind without losing his steady pace. "Keep going," I said, "Keep fucking your little slut." He continued just as I told him to. "Oh god," he said in a light voice, "I'm about to cum, suck me off." When I heard him say that I quickly turned around and dropped to my knees.

I wrapped my luscious lips around his dick and started sucking as fast as he was just fucking me. I sucked harder and took his dick deeper. "Oh my god, that feels so good, keep going," he pleaded, "oooh fuuuuuuuuuck." His dick was still in my mouth as he let out an explosion of hot cum.

I swallowed every drop and kept sucking not letting his cock leave my mouth. A little more cum seeped out and I just swallowed and kept sucking. He moaned every few seconds. I let go of brazzers new upload porn story 2019 dick and stood up. "I told you, I wouldn't disappoint you," I said to him with a wink. He zipped up his pants and buttoned them as I put my thong back on. I put my bra and skirt back on as he sat and watch.

"That was amazing," he said to me. That made me smile. I put my top back on and buttoned the first couple bottom buttons. We walked out of the VIP room and I escorted him back to his seat in the back of the club. After he sat down, He gave me another $50 tip. I thanked him and headed to the locker room and realized that I had just fucked a random stranger for money.

I was kind of excited but kind of felt cheap. I was confused. I didn't really know how I felt actually. I sat down and counted the total of $1100 that I busty hot young girl recorded in webcam just earned in less than an hour. I thought to myself.

Would I ever do this again?