Alexandra nice anabolic gangbang girl

Alexandra nice anabolic gangbang girl
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Tracy has always been jealous of me, I mean I can't blame her. She has been compared to me like her whole entire life, no she isn't my sister, she is my best friend, I mean she is like my sister I have known her since we were like 6 but still. I guess you could say that she has been in my shadow, which must really piss her off.

I mean I understand, I'm older than her, hotter than her, taller than her, skinnier than her, and I'm more expeirenced.

I mean she hated me for a whole week when she found out that I dated Griffin Anderson, hello, get over it sweety I was like 8, and when she found out that I had my first kiss before her she ignored me for a month.

Not to mention when she found out that I lost my virginity at 13, she didn't talk to me for a whole 3 months just because she had never even been kissed before. Anyways, I'm Brooke. I'm 17 years old and I'm from Mount Airy, Maryland. I'm 5' 3'' and I hate being so short.guys always make the remark "Hey your closer to my dick." it is so annoying.

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I have straight dirty blonde hair that stops right bellow my nipples. I have dark blue eyes with hints of silver, my parents always described them as streams of melting snow, I never really got it untill just last year.

My breasts are rather large for my age but I never seem to mind, all my previous boyfriends liked them, 34D perfectly rounded semetrical and spherical. My pussy, even though I'm no longer a virgin, is incredibly tight.

It's the perfect shade of pink and is always waxed (just in case I have one of those fantasy moments.ya never know). My ass, everone describes as thick and juicy, so round and plump, not fat but plump as in I've got an ass, but not to much of one.

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Now onto my peircings, I have three. First one is my tounge, it's a little ball that says insert your dick here on it, I saw it in Spencers and I just had to have it. The second one is my navel, its just a simple ring, a mixture of my to favorite colors, pussy pink and cum white. My last and sexiest peircing is my clit, just a plan and simple silver hoop, but sexy all the same. Tracy and I had went to the movies together since we hadn't seen eachother since summer began, It was late June and early July and we went to see some stupid chick flick but we didnt care we just wanted to catch up.

Well without telling her, I invited my new boyfriend Dylan to go with us and when she saw me walk in with him the look on her face went from happy to see to pissed to even be the same species.

"Hey," she said putting on a fake smile, "who is this?" "This is Dylan, we met in Hawii, we both were vacationing there he is 23 but who cares." I said wrapping my arms around his abbed waist. "Hello, it's very nice to meet you I have heard so much." he said with a devilish smile, she must have figured out that I told him about all of our sleep overs and how we like to expeiriment because that fake smile vanished real quick.

"Oh" was the only response she had to that. We went into the theatre and got a seat in the very back, Dylan was on my left and Tracy was on my right, we sat there laughing and having a great time, then the lights started to dim, the movie was about to begin. Immediatly I turned to Dylan and we started making out, I could tell that Tracy was pissed because every so often I would here her cough and once or twice she nudged me, like that would get me to stop, ha.

About half way into the movie I snaked my hand into his pants and started jerking him off. Dylan was about 6' 5'' with shaggy brown hair. He had hazel eyes they turned brown when he was mad or sad, and grean with bursts of yellow when he was happy and when ever he started to cum. He had abbs and I swear they made me wet anytime I saw them, and his dick OH MY GOD his dick made my mouth water, it was 8 and 1/2 inches of pure pussy pounding power.

And it was all mine.or so I thought. I four eyed college slut flirting with her friend kind of embarresed when the lights turned on in the theatre, seeing as the movie was over, and my hand was still in his pants.

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I quickly pulled my hands out of his pants and jumped to my feet. We all walked out to our cars together and before we said our goodbyes Tracy gave me the most evil look ever, like a "You're a stupid little slut, you know that right?" look and I smiled trying to appologize without having to say any words but she just turned away, got into her bright red 2010 Ford Mustange convertable and peeled out of the parking lot without so much as a peep.

Our real problems started a month after that when I noticed some messages on his cell that read "I dont know what you see in her" and others that read "She is such a slut, why not be with someone that you know is clean, HELLO I'm a virgin, don't you want to know what it is like to fuck a virgin because I know for a fucking fact that, that bitch wasn't a virgin when she meet you" and when I looked to see who my hot mom and sister his son sleep froce xxx movies was that was saying all of this about me, who's number did I see?

None other than my so called best friend Tracy Elizabeth Ann Montgomery's cell number. "Bitch!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "What is it babe?" Dylan said from the other room, clearly not concered WHATS SO EVER! I ran into the other room and threw his cell at his head, lucky for the little bastard he ducked right in time.

I was pissed and he could tell, he had a "Oh shit she is gunna hack me up into little peices and bury me in a feild" look on his face. "What did I do?" "Read your messages you fucking man whore!" He picked up his cell and read the message and just looked up at me, not even changing his expresion. "Baby.It's not what you think. She started texting me and I have no idea how she even got my number, baby I told her that I wasn't interested in her and I meant it." I looked at him, I started to belive him but didn't know if I should.

I just turned around, grabbed my bag and walked out the door. I went straight home and drank a whole bottle of vodka and 3 bottles of beer, only to pass out in the bathroom huddled over the toilet (good thing my parents were out of town).

I woke up the next morning with 23 missed calls, 19 from Dylan and 4 from that stupid bitch Tracy. I had only 4 voice mails though, one said "Babe please come back and we can work this out." another said "Please answer baby, I really didnt do anything to deserve this." and the last one from Dylan said "Please tell me that your not braking up with me, I love you." and my so called best friends voice mail went like this "I'm sorry it came out this way and I know that you are probably pissed at me and I really don't care.

I love you and all but you dont derserve him, he is so good to you and you don't even care. At least if he was with me he would be able to trust me, he told me that anytime he saw you talking to your 'friends' that he was scared that you were cheating on him.he said that it really wouldn't surprise him.

I know this means that you dont wanna be friends anymore but oh well. Bye." I was pissed! I looked at the messages all from Dylan (92 text messages) that read something alone the lines of "I love you and I'm sorry" or "Please don't break up with super beautiful blonde hottie gets paid for public nudity and sex, I dont know what I would do.I didn't even do anything." I went a whole week not talking to anyone, not responding to any of my text messages and not answering any calls.

I was completly depressed, I lost a total of 6 pound because it step son wants sex with mom me physically ill. But one day I decided "Fuck him and fuck her." then I thought again "oh wait HAHAHAHA I did!!!!" I smiled at that even though I didn't want to.

I went into my bathroom and turned the water on as high as it would go and started undressing, I first slipped off my shorts, they were to small for me (not tight just not my size if you catch my drift) then followed my hello kitty panties.

Next, was my pink lacey belly shirt (and since I was so depressed that whole week I decided not to were a bra so you could imagine how sexy I was wink wink). I stepped into the shower, I first let the water just run over my naked body as I drowned all of my sorrows. I poured out a little vanilla body wash and started to lather my breast, followed by my pussy.

I stood there for a minute just rubbing my body clean of all of the anger and frustration, then I started to rinse. When I finished I grabbed a towel and quickly dryed off. After I was dry I went back into my room and layed back in bed, I didn't even bother to put any clothes on.

I layed their and thought about how I needed to "relieve" some of my tension. So I reached into my top dresser drawer and pulled out my favorite dildo. It was 9 inches long and was lime green. I rubbed the tip of it over my clit, I released soft moans as i felt my pussy become more and more wet by the second. I hot tampa milf charlee chase gets titfucked the tip of my dildo (which Tracy and I named Butch just to be funny) into my pussy and startedfucking myself, back and forth.

It felt so good to just take my mind off of things. I shoved Butch deep into my tight little pussy and started going faster and faster, moaning louder and louder, until I reached the climax of the night.

"OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed as I felt my cum squirt out of me. That was the first orgasm I had, had in a week now and damn it felt amazingly good. I got dressed and decided that I needed to talk to Dylan and work teen sex girl boy mo whole thing out, so I put on the sexiest clothes I had and drove over to see him.

I was really happy that I was going to get to see him, I finally realized that I wasnt mad at him, that in fact I was pissed at Tracy for being a back stabing bitch. I pulled into his driveway and noticed that his car was parked outside, and he never parked outside, except when he had someone over. I instantly put it in park and bolted from the car. I crept into the house and noticed that all the lights in the house were out.except the one to his bed room. I tip toed to the back of the house and peered into his room only to see Dylan laying on the bed and Tracy leaning over him giving him head.

"What the fuck!" I screamed before I even bunch of nasty swingers swap partner and enjoy big orgy what playing with her hairy cunt with a dick in her ass going on. They both immediatly turned and looked at me. Dylan had this "Oh shit" look on his face and Tracy had this "Hehehe how do you like me know" look.

I walked over to Tracy and punched her in the jaw, it must have hurt because I heard something pop. She pulled herself off the ground and just looked at me. "What was that for?" she mumbled, as if she didnt know. Without saying a word I started sucking on Dylan's cock and immediatly it stood straight up for an old friend.

I started with the tip licking it slowly just because I knew that was how he liked it, I moved slowly down to the base just licking the sides. I then put the whole thing in my mouth and deep throated it for a solid 2 minutes without stopping. I knew this was the big finale because this was around the time where Dylan would start releasing his seed into my stomach, just the way I liked it.

I grabbed his cock and put it in my hand and I started jerking him off while sucking his cock. "Baby." he whimpered, "I.ha.ha.have missed you.I ahhhhhhhh!" He was shooting cum straight into my mouth, I closed my mouth over his dick making sure not to let any of that delicious cum escape from me.

When he finished I put my mouth over the tip of his dick and sucked him dry like a straw. After I deep throated him a couple more times I stood up, wipped my mouth, flipped that bitch Tracy off and started walking towards the door, but before I as I reached the doorway to Dylan's bedroom I turned around and said "That is how you suck a guy dick, you little virgin." I turned back around and walked to the door when someone grabbed my arm. "Wait." Dylan said to me, his pants still around his ankles.

"I still want you back, this is the first time that I have done anything with her, honest. She saw me at the library and romi rain and tyler nixon for a ride home and instead she told me that she wanted to see where I lived and when we got here she pulled down my pants and started blowing me. I wasnt even enjoying it." I smiled at him and walked out the door.

He stood there pantsless and watched me get into my car and pull out of the driveway and as I drove down the rode I said out of the window, "It's over."