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Cute blonde czech babe haley reed banged outdoors for cash hardcore and flashing
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Educating Bobby And Debbie Part 2 Debbie and Diane Introduction: My fourteen year old son Bobby has been seeing a fourteen year old girl named Debbie, for the last few months. I had given them a good education on the real sex between two people that schools won't teach and all teens should learn, as they gave their virginity to each other.

Last week my brother Larry invited my son Bobby to go to a Nascar racing weekend at the Texas motor speedway. They left on Thursday morning, and wouldn't be back until late Monday evening.

Saturday morning Debbie, and her 16 year old sister Diane came knocking at my door. I invited them in telling them that Bobby went to Texas with my brother. Debbie said. "Oh yes, we know that, we just wanted to ask a personal favor of you." "What's that?" I ask. Diane says. "I would love it if you would teach me about sex, like you did for Bobbie and Debbie." "Oh I see.

Well I suppose I could do that." I said "Great when can we start?" Diane asks. "How about now." I said as I pointed to Bobby's room. As we enter the room I turn on the lights and ask the girls to sit on his bed, as I have some questions for Diane.

I asked Diane if she has ever masturbated. Diane says. "Yes, Debbie has taught me everything she has learned from Bobby.

And quite beautiful babe has her tight pussy slammed pornstars brunette Debbie and I even masturbate together.

But when Debbie talks about the great sex she is having with Bobby, I get jealous." I said. "What about the boys at school, I'm sure there are plenty that would love to fuck you." Diane says loudly. "What, those high school jerks, there is only one decent guy in my school I would let fuck me and Debbie is already fucking him regularly.

The rest are inconsiderate self centered ass holes, that I wouldn't let touch me with a ten foot pole!!" "Wow, I had no idea it was that bad." I said "Now you see why I came to you, Debbie tells my your really nice and caring, and says you can't get a girl pregnant, since you had a vasectomy after Bobby was born, and since your wife was killed you haven't had sex with anyone.

She said I could be someone you could be with and fuck me to help you out." Diane said. Well thank you Diane, that's really sweet." I said "But I need to know if you would have any problems being naked around us." "No not at all!" she said.

I asked the girls to take all their cloths off and I would begin the lessons. I intently watched the girls undress, as I undressed with them. I soon realized Diane had slightly bigger breasts and rounder legs then Debbie.

Her legs are slightly longer as is her torso, creating a very sexy body. Both have the same color hair and eyes with Debbie's hair being a little longer than Diane's, and Debbie is slightly cuter but both are extremely hot. When we were all totally naked and sitting on the bed, I asked Diane if she had ever sucked a cock before. She told me she hadn't even seen one before. I took a bottle of lube from Bobby's bedside table and squirted some on my hand.

I grasped my hard cock and began to stroke it slowly. "This is how guys usually masturbate, they will do this until they cum, and the white sperm, or jizz, or cum, as it is often called, will come spurting or shooting out.

I said to Diane. Then I placed her hand around my cock, inside my hand and made her stroke it. Diane looked at me and said. "It's so soft, and yet so stiff and hard." "Yep that's about sunny leone sex 2019 xnxx storys download sex stories full sex stories way it always is when a man is aroused." I said. Diane then asked. Is it always hard like this?" I said. "No honey, it is usually small and soft and limp, it only gets hard and long when a guy gets sexually aroused or excited." "Oh I see" she said.

Then I asked. "You like to lick and suck on pop-cycles?" Diane said she did. so I asked her to treat my cock like a pop-cycle, but no teeth, ever, as that hurts. Diane moved in front of me and began to lick my cock at first, then started sucking it and swirling her tongue around. She was really great as she had me ready to cum in minutes. I told her I was about to cum, but she didn't stop, and I tensed up and grunted as I came in the best orgasm I have had in years, as I filled her mouth with my cum, which she swallowed.

When she was done and sat back up, I said. "Wow, that was great, you really picked up on that quickly, your a great cock sucker." She blushed and thanked me. Then I asked both girls if they had ever "eaten" a pussy. They both said no. I said. "Well I'll have to teach you that, it just may come in handy, hell you may even find you love eating each other." Diane looked at me and said. "Wouldn't that make us lesbians?" "No, it would make you bisexual, which is somewhat normal with girls your age." I said.

"Would you like me to teach you two to eat pussy?" They looked at each other and nodded yes. I had Diane lay back and spread her legs, with Debbie sitting beside her hips, so she could watch me. I moved between Diane's legs and began caressing her soft firm breasts, and occasionally gently pinching her nipples. After a few minutes I began working a hand down her chest and stomach to her soft smooth beautiful legs, and caressed them, while continuing to alternately caress her breasts with the other.

When Diane was breathing harder and moaning softly, I moved down to her pussy. I parted her lips and showed Debbie her inner parts, including, raising her hood and exposing her sensitive clit. I said to Debbie and Diane. "First you gently lick around the outer lips to excite her, then move inside and lick her inner lips and around and in her entrance. Once she is really hot and she begins rocking her hips, then you can go directly for her covered clit, licking around and up and down over it.

Then when she is at the brink of orgasm you can take her clit in your mouth and suck on it while flicking it with your tongue, this is guaranteed to make her cum, and usually cum hard.

I'll demonstrate this with both of you." I began licking Diane's pussy lips and then just inside. As she quickly heated, I began licking her entrance and inner lips. Then when she was really moaning and rocking her hips I began licking her clit. Diane gasped loudly and bucked up when I first licked her clit. I kept licking her clit until Diane cried out that she was about to cum so hard.

I took her clit between my lips and sucked it while flicking it. This sent Diane off as she immediately began shuddering as she came. I continued to suck and flick her clit until her orgasm eased off, then I went back to just licking it for several seconds, then back to her inner lips and entrance until she calmed down. I sat up and asked her how she liked that. "OH MY GOD, that was the most incredible thing I have ever felt.

I have never cum that hard. I never new I could cum mom and stepdaughter fix the school that and feel what I felt when you sucked and flicked my clit.

Thanks man." "Well Debbie what did you learn?" I asked. I watched every thing you did, and every thing she showed she was feeling and I think I could do that to a girl and like it." "Well, Debbie, now it's your turn to experience this, while Diane watches and learns." I said Debbie and Diane traded places, and I moved between her soft smooth legs and began caressing her breasts, occasionally pinching her nipples gently. Then I moved a hand down and caressed her beautiful legs.

Debbie didn't take long to start panting as she was already hot from watching me lick Diane's pussy. I then bent down and spread Debbie's pussy lips and explained to Diane, just what she was seeing and how to find her clit. Then I began licking Debbie's outer lips for a while, then parting her lips, I began licking her inner lips and around and into her entrance.

Debbie quickly rose toward her orgasm and was soon moaning and rocking her hips. I licked her clit for a few seconds, causing her to rocket toward orgasm, so I took her clit between my lips and sucked on it and flicked my tongue over her clit bring her to an instant and powerful orgasm as she shuddered and her juice coated my chin. Her hot and sexy stepmom secretly makes love with her sucked and flicked her clit until her orgasm subsided, then I licked her clit and pussy lips until she came down.

Then I sat up and asked Diane if she had seen what I was doing, and at what point in Debbie's arousal I changed to the more pleasure intense stimulation I was giving her to make her cum.

She told me she had and thought she could do it ok. I asked Debbie how she liked being eaten. She said. "It was great just like Bobby does hottie using dildo to anal masturbation on webcam me before we fuck." Speaking of fucking, when can we fuck?" Diane asks. "Well first I'm going to let you watch me fuck your sister, so you can get a good idea what you will be experiencing." I said Debbie was excited by this, as was Diane.

I asked Diane to lay flat on her back on the bed. Then I had Debbie move over Diane in a sixty nine position with her legs spread, so Diane could see Debbie's pussy. Then I moved behind Debbie and guiding my cock between her pussy lips I moved it around inside them, coating mas break dilan riley kagney linn karter sienna west with her juices and locating her entrance.

Then I slowly began pushing my cock into Debbie's pussy, causing her to gasp softly as my cock head penetrated her and slid in. I heard Diane whisper. "Oh my god." as she watched my cock slid into her sisters pussy. I began fucking Debbie slowly, saying to Diane. This is what it looks like when a guy fucks a girl, this is the doggy position." Diane said. "I never imagined I would look like that, I can see her lips pull out when you pull out and disappear inside her when you push in." Diane reached up and rubbed Debbie's clit, which caused her to flinch at the touch.

"You'll make her cum hard and quicker if you keep rubbing her clit." I said. "How in the hell did you know I was rubbing her clit?" Diane asked. Didn't you see her flinch when you first touched her clit?" I asked. "Oh ya I did." Diane said. "Well that flinch will usually occur when a girl is highly aroused, and you touch her clit." "Oh I didn't know that." Diane said. I pulled out of Debbie and stood. I said "I'll show you some more positions before we come back to this one and we make Debbie cum, then I'll fuck you.

Ok?" "Ok." Diane says. "Ok" Debbie says. I laid on my back on the bed, with my knees at the edge. I had Diane stand in front of me. Then I ask Debbie to kneel over my waist, facing Diane, and ride me. Debbie climbs over me and positions her pussy over my cock.

She sinks down on me, taking my cock deep into her pussy. Debby begins fucking me at a nice pace. As Debbie is riding me I look around her at Diane, who is watching us fuck, intently. She see me looking at her and says. "Man that looks good, I can't wait to try it." I ask Debbie to get off me and stand in the middle of the room, with her legs spread.

I ask Diane to stand to the side of Debbie so she can watch as I move up behind Debbie and enter her pussy and fuck her while reaching around and caressing her breasts. Debbie lays her head back on my shoulder and moans.

After a minute I pull out and move around in front of her. I raise one of her legs up by the big butt sweetheart jumps on cock pornstar and hardcore and stepping close I sink my cock deep into her pussy and fuck her with long slow strokes for a moment. I look at Diane and say. This is the two most common standing positions." Then I pull out and have her lay on the bed with her legs spread. I have Diane stand by our feet as I move beautiful kagney has her tight pussy drilled Debbie and lying over her I enter her and begin fucking her.

I look at Diane and say. "This is the most common way people fuck." Then I ask Debbie to raise her legs up with her knees bent as I sink very deep into her pussy. I look at Diane and say. "In this position I can get my cock very deep into her pussy. Some girls really like this, because it makes them feel more filled and allows her clit to be rubbed by the guy's groin when he moves in deep." Debbie says.

"I'm one of them. I love it when Bobby and I fuck in this position, I cum harder and faster than in any other position." I pull out of Debbie and get up off her.

I have Diane lay on her back on the bed with her legs spread. Then I have Debbie move back over her in the sixty nine. I ask Debbie to lick Diane's pussy, and Diane Lick Debbie's clit while I fuck Debbie. I moved behind Debbie and entering her pussy I began fucking her as Diane licked her clit, and she licked Diane's pussy.

It didn't take more than about a minute for Debbie to reach her orgasm and begin to shudder hard as she came hard. Then when Debbie's orgasm subsided completely I slowed my pace for a minute, before pulling out and getting up. I said to Diane. "You ready to fuck now?" "I've been ready for a long while now." she said I asked Debbie to roll off Diane so I could move over her.

When she did I moved between her legs, which she spread wider as I moved down onto her. I reached down and positioned my cock between her pussy lips and moved it around a while to tease her. Then I placed my cock head at her entrance and gently pushed in. Diane gasped when my cock head popped through her entrance and hit her hymen.

I asked Debbie to reach between us and rub Diane's clit. When she did Diane cried out. "Oh my god that feels so fucking good. I can't believe it. I can feel your cock in my entrance stretching it while Debbie is rubbing my clit, which feels fantastic. Soon Diane begins rocking her hips and groaning louder and louder. Then after about a minute she says. "Oh god I'm gonna cum!!" I was getting ready to take her at just the right time.

Then Diane tensed and when I felt her begin to shudder as she came, I pushed my cock through her hymen, and deep into her pussy, allowing the intense pleasure of her orgasm mask the pain of her hymen tearing, which it did. My cock was fully inside her by the time her orgasm subsided. When Diane opened her eyes and looked me in the eyes, I said. "Yes baby, my cock is completely inside you." She said.

"I know, I can feel it inside me.

I just can't believe how good it feels to be filled by your cock." "Well when your ready, I'll start moving. and if it hurts or feels uncomfortable, I'll stop." I said. "Go ahead, I'm ready." she said. I slowly pulled all but the head of my cock out of her, and sensing no discomfort from her I pushed it back in. Not sensing any discomfort from her I began fucking her slowly.

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When Diane began moaning softly, I began fucking her a little faster, causing her to moan louder. When she began rocking her hips and was moaning louder I began fucking her harder, and faster. Diane soon tensed up and cried out.

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"I'm going to cum. Oh god I'm cumming!" as she began convulsing and shuddering as she came. The heat and contracting of her pussy were enough to make me cum and I began to grunt and my cock throbbed as I had my first orgasm in a pussy in three years. I had forgotten how fantastic it feels to cum in a pussy. instead of in my hand. When our orgasms subsided I pulled out of her and sat up. Diane looked at me then Debbie and said.

"Oh god that felt so incredible, now I know why you and Bobby fuck so often and so long. That feels so great I want to do it again and again." "We will baby, we will, I loved fucking you too. but now I'm spent, lets go get cleaned up." I said. We headed to the shower and got cleaned up. I arranged to get together with Diane on Monday. She called Sunday evening to tell me she and Debbie spent half of the day licking each others pussy and having mutual orgasms in the sixty nine.

And that I was right about them loving the intense pleasure licking each others pussy.

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End of part 2. for now