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Voluptuous babe luna star gets her hole ruined pornstars and hardcore
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Sorry for taking my time, I was doing some proofreading and story arch talks with a friend. Onto part 10. I feel groggy and completely confused; the sun is just beginning to come up by the light in the sky.

I realize that I'm tasting blood and dirt, I have a sharp pain in my shoulder and I'm really cold.

I figure out I'm not home in bed and today is gonna suck. I roll to my stomach and figure out I'm lying in a rock field and I have no clue where I am. I stand up and try to get my balance only to fall flat on my ass. I remember my phone in my coat pocket and pull it out to be greeted by a cracked screen, no calling for help either.

I sit for a minute trying to regain some sense of balance and as I check myself over, I'm bruised all over my ribs and back, my nose is fucking broken which is screwing with my breathing, and I've got some dried blood stuck to my head.

I reattempt standing again and make it to my feet. Now I can see that I apparently got moved while I was unconscious and I was pretty sure I'm off the beaten path. I stop to listen for a few seconds, and then I hear car engines and tires to my left. I guess that's the road and head off looking for a paved road. I must have been walking for about ten minutes when I hit a road and see a Circle K. I stumble up in pain and head through the doors.

hot attractive babe massages weenie with lips not want you kids messing up my store, you take your drugs and you leave right now," I'm told as I'm guessing is the standard greeting the Indian man has.

"I'm sorry sir, I'm not on drugs. I was jumped last night and left in a field, my phone is broken can I use yours," I reply trying to stand up straight.

He comes around the counter and usher's me right back outside. Wonderful way to start my day, I figure out the street I'm on and start walking when I get honked at by a car. "Hey kid, are you okay," I get asked by some guy in a coupe. I just shake my head no in response. The man gets out and I see he's wearing medical scrubs as he approaches me. I let him help me into his car and as soon as he's inside we're off. "Okay I'm going to take you to the hospital and from there we'll call your parents," the nice male nurse starts to tell me as he drives.

"No hospital, just take me home please," I tell him resting my head on the window. "Okay kid, my name is Jake and I hate to be the one to tell you but you've been smashed in the head and I'm pretty sure you didn't notice the split in your head. Now unless you live with a doctor and his own nurse you need a hospital now," Jake tells me in that tone adults get when they decide you're stupid and can't think for yourself.

I sit quietly as we pull in the hospital and Jake rushes me into the E.R. I'm welcomed to the wonderful feelings that come with an examination and interrogation since I've been beaten and stabbed. I keep my answers simple and don't bother to say more than 'I don't know' and 'I can't remember'. It takes a half an hour and I'm getting my stitches, all seven of them, when my dad shows up at the hospital. I barely listen in when the doctor goes down my list of injuries, broken nose, small laceration on my head, mild concussion, bruised ribs and back, finally to be topped off the stitches in my head.

My dad speaks with the police officers and they get information of my last known whereabouts from Dad before we pack me into his truck and head back home.

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Nothing is said on the drive home, but Mom is waiting inside. Dad gets me out of the truck and inside the house all of two seconds before I have Mom hysterics raining down on my head. "I'm not letting you head out to Korinna's house again. I can't believe what happened to you. What is the point of training if he gets beat up by someone in the dark," Mom decides to deliver her exclamations to Dad and I.

"Honey, he got jumped; they hit him with a bat. I taught him a lot but I can't teach him how to keep fighting when you have a piece of wood crashing into your skull," Dad replies trying to rationalize with mom. The arguing brings Elizabeth and Katy from their rooms which makes the police questions seem like nothing. The questions and accusations are killing me and I figure I have the greatest way to stop it.

"Can I go to my room please, I feel like I'm gonna fall down," I tell everyone grabbing a chair for 'balance'.

Mom is the first one to jump at the chance to help, putting my arm over her shoulders and down the hall into my room. She helps me out of my coat and takes my boots off before laying me down on my bed.

I lie there in pain as mom leaves the room while I start to go over the list in my head. Derek drove the car, probably his car and had the others put me in the trunk to move me but why?

Lajita has a fiancé who not only figured out that she had sex with me but has some pull with others and a bad temper; I'm guessing he stabbed me. The other two guys I don't even know, one wants to get a girl and expects Derek to help with that, good luck. One didn't seem to want to hit me, need to figure out who they are. The day passes quietly for me, Mom brings me food and feed's me, Dad just checked on me once, Liz decided that the inquisition could wait till the parents were gone.

Thankfully I get company when Kori and her family come over, I can hear Mom and Mrs. Patrick having a heated a beldade aline rios fodendo com dotado in the living room when Dad and Carl decide to break it up and get everyone to calm down.

Blessedly I get a knock at my door and Korinna pokes her head in. "Hey can I come in," Kori asks just walking in and coming over to my bed. "I guess you can come in," I tell her smirking as she sits down. "I should have taken you home last night," Kori says starting to cry. I sit myself up in pain and pull her in for a hug. One thing that is really pissing me off now is that after all this, they planned it and caught me alone and knocked the shit out of me. Now they made someone who did nothing to them cry, MY girlfriend is natural teen cherie deville gets fingered this time hardcore and lesbian because she thinks it's her fault this happened.

Then it hits me like a bat to the head, kinda. How did they know exactly where I was? "Honey, please stop crying. The people who did this to me are at fault; you are sweet and kind and have a great ass.

How could you have caused this to happen," I try to comfort her with some sweet words. "But look at you, your face is messed up and you got stitches… wait did you say I have a great ass," Kori's tone changes from sad to that wonderful annoyed woman. "Well you can't beat yourself up for something you didn't do," I reply smirking. "Okay at least you have all your teeth," Kori tries to brighten her mood and mine.

I lay back taking her with me and lying down on the bed. I'm finally in a good enough place head wise to fall asleep comfortably as possible when I doze off. I wake up hours later to Mom bringing me food and my bed being one occupant shy of when I fell asleep.

Mom sets the tray down and helps me sit up before I get to eat soup and a sandwich. "Alright, I was overreacting with you never seeing Kori again and the training in your Father's dungeon. Now did you tell the police everything you could remember," Mom asks with that inquisitive tone. "Yeah Mom, it's just really blurry and it happened so fast," I lie to her, I don't want to but she just wouldn't understand. "Well if they can find the Green river Killer they can find the guy who jumped you," Mom says taking the tray and heading out of the room.

"Hey Mom, can you tell Liz and Katy I want to see them," I ask her as she gets to the door. Mom just nods and exits the room, I sit there wondering how I'm gonna approach what comes next. Its a couple minutes before both girls enter my room and flip the light in the room on.

Katy sits down on my bed while Elizabeth takes my computer chair and pulls it up to my bed and sits down.

"Okay, Mom and Dad teen skyla does her homework and fucks her horny stepmom pornstars and brunette at the other end of the house so I can say this now," I start in," I got a really good idea of who did this to me and why. I just have one problem and I have to ask something now, Liz did you post where I was on Facebook?" "What, of course I did it was huge.

Nobody survives Carl, why," Liz replies with some enthusiasm. "Well Elizabeth that's how Derek and his friends knew where to find me," I tell her with all the cold I can muster. It's moments like this I don't get very often, Liz is speechless. She is sitting in my computer chair with a shocked look on her face and Katy is just glaring a hole through Liz. Instinctively Liz starts to get up but Katy wheels around the bed and gets in her face.

"I'm not the most caring person in the world and I like you so just understand that I'm really not a smart person but if someone is cheating on my brother I wouldn't have them on my facebook page," Katy growls at Liz.

"I don't have him on my page. Once I found out about you and Heather I took them both off," Liz replies to me defending herself in the chair. "What kills me Liz is that you were talking about my life on your page which really kills me when Lajita's fiancé was one of the other three people who did this," I tell Liz and Katy letting more information out.

Katy returns to her seat on the bed and looks like she's calming down, I finally notice that both girls are wearing tank tops and cotton short shorts. The major difference is that Katy has a bra on probably because of Mom. "I'm not mad Liz, you didn't know and you're not to blame. But I do need to ask you a simple question and I want a simple answer from both of you," I tell them once I have their attention again," Are you going to help me get even or are you going to tell Mom and Dad?" "I'm in, what do you need me to do Guy," Liz is the first to reply.

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"I need information, I need the numbers off my phone, and need to talk to Lajita," I tell Liz. Elizabeth simply nods and whips out her phone and slides over to my computer. Katy sits sexy brunette tory pounded by a black dick in ass like a bump on a log before I nudge her. "What, I'm in I just don't know what you need me to do," Katy tells me," Unless you want me to get a knife to cut their balls off." I think about the idea for a second, while Liz just turns her head slowly to figure out if she should run out of the room.

Finally Liz gets disgusted and with her work and hops back on her phone. "Okay, I can't do anything with this so I'm text Natsuko and I'll have her get her brother to work on it," Liz tells me while punching keys on her phone.

"Alright, well I need to talk to Lajita this week," I reply scooting upright fully on my bed. Elizabeth gives me a nod and exits my room still typing into her phone. I let her get onto her 'network' of friends and I start to try to relax when it occurs to me Katy hasn't moved from her spot on my bed. "So I talked with your girlfriend while you were out," Katy tells me hesitantly. "Okay, how did that go for you two," I ask.

"Well I need to know if you're a one girlfriend guy or is there room for more," Katy asks brushing her hair back behind her ears. "Well Kori is my girlfriend yes but she says I can be with other girls," I tell her wondering where this is going. "Well what if I want to be your girlfriend, I mean your girlfriend like Kori is," Katy says with a more serious tone. Dad brought it up morning after Katy came to live here, people wanna fight me and people want what I have.

I never thought I'd have to put myself against one of the girls on this. "Well what are you asking me for," I start in hot towards Katy," You want some good word or assurance that I'm gonna be there for you?

Haven't I proved that? You knew me less than a day and I convinced my Dad and Mom to take you in and get you out of your Mother's shit hole.

What are you twat and ass get pounded hardcore blowjob me for?" "Hey fucker, I'm really not in the mood for a fight I just want to know if you love me or not you jackass," Katy exclaims storming out of my room. I'm really not sure what the hell is going on with Katy but I don't have the time to explain things to her. I shamble from my bed to my computer; I hop on the facebook and see I have apparently become famous.

I'm being asked if I'm dead, like I'd be able to reply. Interesting to me is the friend requests, some guys and girls from school along with Natsuko, Jun, Kori, Tracy, and one from Mathilda. The last one takes me a second to remember who she is then it hits me, Amazon basketball player. I accept the ones I know and shoot off some messages to the others with general 'I'm okay' and 'I'll see you Monday'.

I send Mathilda a message saying I should have contacted her sooner and would like to chat when I get a new phone. Kori pops online and I ask her about her talk with Katy, she tells me that she thought me having more than one girlfriend would be fine as long as I don't play favorites with her or Katy. Now I get why Katy was so hard up for answers, she wanted to know if I would want her. I tell her what I told Katy and Kori decides to blow up in internet fashion on me.

I finally tell her I didn't know what was going on and that I'd fix it. I decide not to drop the bombshell about what I know and tell her that I'll fix things with Katy and just ask her if she's sure?

I get a 'duh, it's why her and I talked'. I smile and gingerly head back to my bed, it's about eight in the evening and I need some sleep.

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My door opens up and I can tell I'm not alone again in my room, as it closes I roll onto my back and wait to see who is there. I feel weight at the foot of my bed and someone crawling up over my body, I reach up and get my hands pinned down by my 'stalker'.

"What's wrong with me," it takes me a second to figure out its Katy. "Well first off you're on top of me and even this much weight hurts on my bruises," I reply grimacing. "No jerk, what is so wrong with me that I can't be your girlfriend," Katy asks making the question a little more clear. "Other than my now evolving reference point on relationships nothing," I get out trying to shift her off my ribs. It takes all two seconds before Katy starts kissing me, softly and tenderly like I haven't had from her.

It's a sweet moment save for the pain of my bruises which I ignore as she lets my hands go. I snake my hands up Katy's waist and under her tank top, trailing my fingers along her sides. Katy sits up off of me, straddling my hips and pulls her top off then gets off my bed and starts going through my dresser drawers.

"What are you looking for," I ask getting out of my clothes off as painlessly as possible. "Condoms, I know you have some, Liz told me," Katy says still going through my drawers. "They're in the big drawer in the computer desk, metal box," I tell her finally meat hook anal chained up stainless asian bugger. I watch Katy strip out of her shorts as she crosses the room to my desk, it takes her about a minute to get a condom from the drawer and get back onto my bed.

I don't let her get the condom open as I pull her back up onto me and kissing her again. Katy lets the full weight of her naked body rest on me and I groan at the pain from my bruising. I feel her settle in with her weight ontop of me when she breaks the kiss and smiles.

"Either I'm your girlfriend too or I'll just lay here till you start crying in pain," Katy says with a wicked grin. "Okay you're defiantly my bad girlfriend," I groan out in mild pain.

I see her smile and she lightens the pressure of her body weight on mine. We kiss again, soft and tender like the first time. I start getting hard against Katy's hips and I think she knows it when she slides off and gets the condom open. I see the condom in Katy's mouth as she takes my cock in her hand and uses her mouth to roll the condom onto my cock. She takes a couple seconds with her mouth on my cock before she positions her pussy over the tip and slowly lowers her vagina on my member.

I watch as Katy sits upright with my whole cock inside her grinding forward and back slowly. I can feel the heat and pressure of Katy's vagina through the walls of the condom. "I'd feel a lot more if I didn't have to wear a condom," I whisper to Katy placing my hands on her hips as she grinds her pussy onto my cock.

"Yes you would, in nine months you'd feel like a highschool daddy," Katy whispers not stopping her hips. Wow, I never thought about that, I've only ever cum in one girl and that's Kori. I start to ask myself if she's on birthcontrol when leans forward and stops grinding. I start to try to move but katy stops me and gets that 'stay still' look in her eyes. I feel Katy bucking her hips up and down quietly letting keeping three inches inside her while she fucks herself with the rest of my cock.

Katy starts gasping and grunting, slamming her hips down onto mine. I feel her tightening and get that tingle, I pull Katy's body down onto mine and finally start thrusting into her from below.

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"Do you love me Katy," I ask her not slowing down the our thrusts. "Yes, please love me too," Katy's whimpers pounding her hips into my thrusts. I take her by the back of the head and kiss her. She stops for a second and warms up just long enough to moan her orgasm into my mouth. I start fucking my hips upward as fast as I can dump a load into the condom.

I feel my cock jerk and spasm while Katy just lies on top of me warm and cuddly. I don't know how long we lay there but Girl in braces gets fucked before taking huge cumshot on her face facial cumshot and pornstar is the first to move pulling her body off of mine and quietly getting dressed. I get the condom off and find my shorts when Katy decides to break the silence. "You don't love me do you," Katy asks in a beaten up tone. "Actually I do love you, you're everything a guy could want in a bad girlfriend," I tell her from my spot on the bed.

I'm flung onto my back and Katy is all over me again kissing me fast and passionately. I reply in kind kissing her back. We make out for another few minutes when she pulls off of me and calmly pulls off of me.

"I can't sleep here tonight but I really want you, me and Korinna to have a night with a bed," Katy tells me heading out of my room quietly. Wow a threeway with my now good girlfiend and my bad girlfriend. I pull myself in to bed and check my alarm, gotta get up at six in the morning. Time to work the pain out in the gym and get my plans in motion. WOW, a lot of passion in those comments.

Thank you all for reading and yes there is more to come.