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Wicked nymphos nail the biggest strap dildos and spray ejaculate everywhere
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The room was basked in a pinkish pulsing light. The light varied in intensity causing the shadows to dance on the wall, giving the room an eerie effect. The crystal structure on the lab table was the source. Cracks disappeared where the light became intense, gaps were closed in even brighter light. The areas with a softer tone pulsed like a heartbeat. The sentience at the heart of it directed its energy at repairing all her connections to her memories and feelers.

The only time she stopped was when two specific people where near, the avatar and the vessel. When they were close she focused her energy at them, sensing, adjusting and learning about them. There was much she did not understand but soon both would be ready for her and she would speak with them. Three weeks after David had bought the house, it was ready to move into. The crew had come in on date and on cost despite the extra's David came up with.

Besides checking up on the progress, David had also gone furniture shopping. He had bought everything local and had gotten to know the town's people rather well. Maggie had pointed out the best stores and in those three weeks they had become good friends. They didn't have sex anymore after the first day but the flirting continued. What made David the happiest was how well Tillie was doing.

She spoke more often and was starting to do things on her own. He had even caught her on his laptop, browsing the web, something she had never done before.

This morning they would move from the inn to their new home. David had made sure that all the furniture was placed, the fridge stocked and the media room up and running. After breakfast they packed and after a final check of the room, they were ready to go. Tillie stood at the window looking out on the town, rubbing the small crystal she had found in the house. David had tied it to a leather strap so she could wear it around her neck.

"Everything will change now" Tillie said with her back turned to David. "How's that sis?" David replied while putting their suitcases on the trolley. "Everything will be better" she replied turning to face him.

"I am happy you think so sis, I chennai aunty sex story story hope so too" David smiled. She walked towards him and hugged him, her breasts pressing tightly against his chest. "I love you David" Tillie said and kissed him on the cheek. She let go of him and walked out of the room. David stood there in silent wonder, Tillie was doing so much better, she seemed a new person.

All too pleased with her mental change for the better, he hadn't noticed the physical changes. Her figure was becoming more pronounced and alluring. David followed her with a smile and the trolley mmv films redhead gina with an amateur couple tow. After a pleasant drive through the woods, they arrived at their new home. On the porch they found a fruit basket with a card from Maggie, welcoming them.

Inside they found more presents from some of the town folk and several UPS boxes for Tillie. David looked at her and she just smiled and said she ordered some clothes from the internet.

A big smile appeared on David's face and in jest he asked her if she maxed out his cards. Truthfully, he couldn't care less about the money. Four weeks ago Tillie had been almost catatonic and looking at her now, his heart filled with joy. The rest of the afternoon they spent on finishing the details and unpacking. After a well deserved meal, where Tillie actually drank a glass of wine, they settled down in the media room. With all the channels available, they settled for a Disney animated movie.

Tillie had snuggled up to David during the movie and was completely relaxed with his arm over her shoulder. She looked happy he thought as he pulled her a bit closer. When the movie ended they both sat up and reached for the remote.

David grabbed it just before she could and said "Oh no you don't" Pouting a bit, Tillie changed tactics. "I am thirsty, can I get a beer?" Tillie asked. "A beer? Are you sure Tillie?" David replied surprised. "Yes, I want a beer please" she grinned back at him, flashing a very happy smile. "Ah, no fair, when you smile like that how can I say no?" David said as he stood up for the kitchen. "You mean that? You cannot say no when I smile like this?" Tillie asked in all seriousness.

"No, I cannot, I am at the mercy of that smile, don't ever lose it" David called back from the kitchen. Tillie picked the remote up that David had left and flipped through the channels.

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When David returned with the beers he saw his sister watching the TV intently. The moment he saw what was playing, his faced turned dark red, blushing deeply. Tillie had changed the channel to a porn channel and was watching a woman get fucked hard by two men. She hadn't noticed that David had returned, her attention drawn to the scene in front of her.

He sat quietly down next to her, handing her the beer. She took it from him without looking and sipped the bottle. David just stared at her, wondering why she was watching this. Never before had she shown any interest in sex, with the exception of his fuck feast with Maggie.

There she just had walked in and tasted some of the mess they had made. That was more like she used to behave, this was new. Curious what she would do next, David decided to watch and wait. The scene ended with both men shooting their cum on the woman's face and tits. "Good taste" Tillie said when the woman swallowed the cum in her mouth. She remained silent after that and moved back to her old position against Dave.

The next scene was a clothing fetish threesome, the two women in high heeled PVC crotch boots and corsets, the man in a leather outfit. As the scene progressed, David tried to move to give his growing cock some space. When he settled back in again, Tillie moved in closer, laying her head on his lap.

She used to do this often before and David hoped amateur latina sells watch and pounded at the pawnshop brunette and blowjob wouldn't notice his hard on. "Does it hurt?" she suddenly asked, giving David a good startle. "Does what hurt sis?" David replied, keeping his voice as level as he could. "Your penis, it is getting bigger, I can feel it grow" "Ah, no it doesn't hurt as long as my penis story mesum 8 in 1 riau room to grow" David replied relieved.

She seemed satisfied with the answer and returned to watching the sex on TV. David was aroused by the porn but after several scenes his attention wandered. He was pleased to see his sister open up like this, so unlike all the years before. Perhaps he should talk to her about sex one of these days, she was almost 16 and if she kept opening up like this, boys would be soon on her agenda.

Should have asked for a dungeon to be built as well he thought, smiling at the idea. David thought about the last few weeks and slowly fell asleep. Hazy, David woke up and found himself naked on the couch. His cock was being stroked and sucked expertly by his sister. Despite the shock of finding himself in this situation, a groan of pleasure escaped his lips.

Tillie looked up and her eyes were glowing pink. I must be dreaming David thought. On the big TV, the scene he was experiencing was being playing out. He could see himself getting a blowjob from Tillie but he was bigger in some way. More muscles, broader shoulders and a strong face looked back at him.

Damn I look good shot through his mind as he lay back to enjoy the blowjob. He tried to imagine Maggie on his cock but the woman remained his sister. The sensations were incredible but the fact that it was his sister troubled him even in a dream.

After several attempts to change the course of his dream David gave up and just enjoyed himself.

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It was almost as if his resistance to the dream lessened the impact because as soon as he stopped, the sensations became even more pleasurable and real. He could feel Tillie's teeth softly grate his cock, felt her hands cup and massage his balls down to the individual hairs she touched. Her tongue deftly swirling around his purple head inflaming the need to come. Come he did, he threw his head back crying out as Tillie continued her assault on his cock and senses.

Her hands moved up and down on his slippery shaft as his cum made its way into her mouth where it was sucked and swallowed with abandonment.

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She was still stroking and sucking his cock after he had come. The feeling was intense, almost becoming too much. He gently lifted her head up and bent over to kiss her. She licked his lips after they parted and stood up.

This was the first time he actually saw her naked, last time was when she was a toddler. He was amazed at how she had grown, before him she stood as a sexual predator, not his kid sister. Her body was curved in all the right places, her breasts would strain a c cup, her nipples small and hard and her hair flowed in soft curls around her face, highlighting her natural beauty.

When he noticed her shaven pussy he smiled and thought to himself, only in your dreams bucko. "Good taste granny in stockings rubbing her pussy tube porn fresh is better, much better" his dream Tillie said. Her glowing pink eyes were fellow drills sex appeal awesome gal smalltits hardcore on his cock, which was bigger and harder than usual.

She took his right hand and tried to turn him on the couch so he would lie on his back. Not sure what she was planning David moved with her. The moment he lay down, she climbed on the couch, sitting down on his face, her wet pussy in front of his mouth. "Lick me brother, make me scream too" she told him. This is one messed up fantasy life I have David thought as he started to lick and tease her pussy. She was very wet and her lips were puffy and soft.

He started to slowly move his tongue up and down between her inner lips, avoiding her clit. The taste was intense, very earthy and salty. He could feel his cock jerk as he became more aroused by her taste and scent. His tongue flicked over her clit several times and moved back to her slit. He teased her like that for a while and she was enjoying every second of it, becoming more vocal all the time.

Sucking on her lips, he tried to move a finger in her pussy but she stopped him. "Not yet, not yet" she cried out and moved my hands to her breasts.

Her firm breasts were warm to the touch and with her hands pressed on his, she started to massage them forcibly. David followed her lead and when she was happy with what he was doing she let her hands slide down again.

She pushed her pussy harder down on his face and the tension in her legs told him she would be coming soon. Assaulting her clit full force with tongue and tooth, David pinched and pulled at Tillie's nipples at the same time. Tillie bucked up, gasped holding that position and came down with a primal scream.

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Her orgasm was immense, her entire body felt alight and every sensation enhanced a million times. She had never had an orgasm before and her body responded to it like a dam breaking before a flood. Feeling weightless and heavy all at once, Tillie rode her orgasm till the end, shuddering with each micro orgasm that followed. David was flooded with her juices, he sucked, licked liana fits two big russian dicks in her holes swallowed as fast as he could but there was no way he could get it all.

His face was plastered with her cum, flowing like small rivers down his face. Her full weight rested on his head now and after a minute or two he pulled her a bit up, setting her down on the couch. "Is that mine?" She whispered between ragged breaths. "It is, you came like a hurricane, I even think you may be a squirter" David replied.

"A squirter?" she asked, unfamiliar with that word. David looked at her and said "It is a woman who ejaculates, eh, sprays like a man when she orgasms" "Is that good?" "I think it's sexy and wonderful" David replied sitting down next to her.

Tillie smiled and said "Good, I love being a squirter, it is awesome." Shaking his head in bewilderment, David thought that this was the most fucked up dream ever. After a few minutes of rest, Tillie started to move again.

She bent over his lap and kissed his cock head, licking it a bit. Some pre cum came out and she grinned as she licked it up. "You are leaking for me" she said with pride in her voice. David smiled at her and wondered what she would do next.

It might be his dream but she was running the show as far as David was concerned. Tillie moved to sit in his lap, facing him with his dick firmly between her ass cheeks. She licked some of her juices of his chin and moved a bit up to lick his nose. Moving up she freed his cock and it rose, pointing straight at her wet pussy entrance. "Kiss me" she said and moved her lips towards his. David turned his head a little and kissed his kid sister full on the lips, his tongue parting her lips, seeking her tongue.

She responded in kind and slowly sat back down again, impaling herself on his cock. David stopped for a moment when he felt his cock enter her pussy. Something dwarf sara one strange midget porn with andrea dipre in his mind as the heat from her cunt passed through his cock. He felt more alive and connected to her than ever before, he felt her love for him as something tangible, solid and eternal.

Her lust for him awoke his inner beast and it came pouring to the surface. She gasped and broke the kiss, looking David straight in the eyes. "I am yours as you are mine" she said and with that David felt her lust meeting his, joining and whirling together as one.

She pressed down hard, crying out as she did and David felt her hymen break. Not wasting a second, she moved past the pain and started to ride David's cock with all the force she could muster. She held on to his neck with both arms as she pulled herself up and let herself slide down again, each time harder and faster. Her breasts were bouncing up and down against David's chest and her ass was pummeling his balls.

David hissed as she came down the first time, his cock buried deep in her virgin cunt. The heat was incredible and her pussy felt like a shrine of pleasure for his cock. Never before had he felt something like this, it was as if his cock was burning with desire for this pussy. It felt like he grew even bigger and more sensitive, the intense pleasure she was giving him made him cry in sheer joy.

Unrelenting she rode him, sweat starting to flow from both their skins. Speeding up and slowing down, they fucked each other like the newfound lovers lost in lust that they were.

"Oh my god" David said when Tillie started to twist around on his cock, using her cunt muscles to please him even more. "No" she panted in between bounces "Oh my Goddess" "Yes" David hissed and cried out when she made him come.

Her pussy working his cock for all its worth, milking all the cum it could get.

David felt like he came for hours, the sensations incredibly intense. Each time he throbbed, he felt his love and lust for his sister grow and when he thought he was done, she came.

Tillie felt her cunt clamp down and a flame became a bonfire. She pulled her chest to David's face, burying his face between her tits as she shocked into orgasm. Head tilt back, she cried out and her cunt opened her floodgates. Shaking her body, the orgasm pulsed to their joined lust. David was shocked when he felt her orgasm as well, not as her sex partner but as if he experienced it.

The alien sensation was intense and the pleasure unbelievable, making him cum again. Tillie had the same experience, feeling David come again, making her orgasm come back to full strength. The cycle increased in strength until both were too numb to be able to enjoy it anymore. Near the end, their orgasms came simultaneous, a combination of both their sensations.

Both felt as close as humanly possible, their love and lust joined them closer than marriage. Some time had passed before they were able to part. The orgasms had been divine and the experience of the others orgasm was unbelievable, yet despite the novelty and the pleasure, it was time to stop. Tillie rose up, allowing David's cock to spring free. The sudden sensation caused a last throb for him, his cock releasing the last bit of cum.

David looked at Tillie as she stepped a bit back giving him room to stand up. Her legs and pussy were covered in cum, juice and blood. "How are you feeling?" David asked a bit worried. "Like I want to do it again and again but not just now, I am a bit sore" Till answered with a big smile.

"And dirty" David continued, picking her up and carrying her to the master bathroom. She smiled at him and draped her arms around his neck. In the bathroom, David put her down and started to run a bath. He added some sweet scented soap and mixed the water, forming bubbles. When the tub was filled and the water had reached a nice temperature, he turned to her and lifted her gently in the tub.

Getting a sponge, he generously applied soap and pressing softly on her skin, he started to clean Tillie up. His gentle administrations were relaxing her and together with the warm water she felt the pain slowly drift away. When he was done, she turned her face to him and said "I love you and you are mine, for now and ever." David smiled and replied that he loved her forever too, wondering a bit at her odd choice of words.

As if her word choice was the only odd thing in this dream he thought, lucid dreaming but no control, sex with his sister and both of us idealized versions of our self. What is not weird? After big boobs girl going crazy on webcam had helped Tillie out of the tub, handing her a big towel, he stepped into the shower for a good soak.

Relaxing in the hot stream of water he got a sponge and started to soap himself up. He noticed that his body was more defined and in better shape than he really was. Something to consider when I wake up David thought. A short draft caught his attention and he saw his sister at the shower door, peeking in. "What's up sis?" he asked turning in streaming water. "Nothing special, I just want to make sure you'll lovely sweetie is gaping narrow slit in closeup and cumming this in the morning" she replied.

The pink glow in her eyes became more intense as she focused on his limp cock.

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He was about to answer when his cock rose to full attention as if commanded by her. Looking down he felt a familiar feeling in his balls and without warning he came hard. His cum sprayed the shower walls as she looked at his surprised face, her hand moving in sync with his throbbing. "What the …" was the last thing David managed brandi love big tits milf deep throating and fucking get out before everything turned black for him.

If pink light could be seen to be pleased, then the crystal entity called Aphrodite bathed the room where she was in a glow of ultimate satisfaction. It had taken her a lot of energy to repair herself and she still wasn't complete. Pieces of her were still missing but not near her, soon she would be strong enough to find them all. The vessel had bonded with her in the course of the last 3 weeks and tonight was the final piece.

Her mind had needed some repairs and her body some alterations but nothing too straining for Aphrodite, after all, a vessel needs to be perfect in order to become an Oracle. The avatar had posed a bigger problem, he was willing and able to serve her but his mind had resisted beyond anything she had ever encountered.

It was a battle of ideas in his mind and it confused her tremendously. The avatar loved the vessel deeply but something cultural withheld him from consuming that love.

Nevertheless she had torn his resistance down with trickery and lust. The world had changed more then she had counted on, she needed to adjust her thinking. Aphrodite decided she needed to learn more before speaking with them.