Breathtaking czech cutie was tempted in the shopping centre and pounded in pov

Breathtaking czech cutie was tempted in the shopping centre and pounded in pov
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"Get up shithead!" I'd nearly gotten up and she's already yelling at me. My first day at a new school, and this is how it starts out! My moms a drunk, she's been through rehab multiple times without recovering. We moved because we couldn't afford were we lived prior to this balls sucking oriental amazing bitch lingerie japanese she spends to much money on her drinking then she does anything else.

Let me describe my self. I'm 6' 180 pounds, I'm considered fit because I spend my free-time in the gym playing football, or working. I run a 4.8 on the 40 yard dash, and I can squat 300 pounds. I bench 250, curl 75. I have dark brown almost black hair, grey eyes, a strong jaw line, and I'm tan because I'm 25% Mexican. And before I forget, my name is Corbin James. I'm very self preserved, I have anger built up in me that only hitting people can solve.

I take a shower, slide on black Nike shorts, socks, a shirt and sweatshirt, and my black Nike hyperdunks, my favorite outfit. I brush my teeth and put deodorant on.

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I grab my bag and enter the kitchen. I make some bagels and put cream cheese on it, then I leave. I live in a apartment complex, which is fairly nice considering the price. I walk out the gates to the bus stop. Its a fairly large stop with at least 25 students. Ive always had a thing japanese mom son sex near tfather blondes, even though I've never had the balls to ask them out.

Now Im far from the the perfect guy but I've never had a problem with women. I've had one girlfriend but it didn't last long because I had to move. As I approached the bdsm feet life is nothing more than a series of calculated risks stop everyone goes silent and stares at me.

I just finish my bagel and I put my music in my ear. I'm spaced out when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I take out one earbud and look back.

There's a group of guys, White, Black, Mexican, and Asian. The man in front of the group says "Nice shoes." Here we go I thought to myself. "Yea, I like them." I responded. "Yea, so do I, in fact I like em so much I want them, think of it as a down payment to what your gonna be paying me for the rest of your time going to this school." He said, smirking.

He's got to be showing off for someone I thought. "I don't think so." I said with a serious tone. His smirk disappeared, I knew what he was gonna do.

I saw his right arm swing I blocked it, uppercutting him in the stomach. He grabbed his stomach, I elbowed the back of his head with my right arm sending him face first into the cement. I saw his group back up a little bit. "Yea, I thought you would re-think that." I said spitting on him. I saw the bus turning the corner and got in line. I found a seat in the middle of the bus by myself putting back in my music and zoning out. The bus went to the next stop, it picked up people.

The rest of the seats were full when a girl sat next to me, well not much of a girl rather then a woman!

She had deep blue eyes, a very pretty face, I have to guess 36C tits, a bigger ass, and blonde hair that went to her shoulders, with just a streak of pink in it. She was about 5' 10" with an athletic body. "Can I sit here?" She asked in a light voice. "Sure." I responded grabbing my back and setting it on my lap. "Your new right?" She asked. "Yea this is my first day, Im a freshmen." I told her.

"Me to." she said with a excited voice. The rest of the ride went un-eventful as we unloaded. I looked at my schedule, weight training. I found the gym and entered the locker room.

I dressed down and entered the coaches office.

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"You must be Corbin!" he said with a big grin. "Yea." I shook hands with him, "You coach emailed me your stats from 8th grade. Impressing you going out for football this year?" he asked "Yes sir." I replied.

"Good, follow me." he lead me to the weight room. After about an hour I went to my next class, Language arts. I was the last one in class and everybody stared. "Mr.James is it?" the teacher asked. "Yea." I retorted with an annoyed voice. "Over there." she pointed to the back of the class. I set my bag down and took a seat. "Hey, I'm Dylan." The guy next to me extended his hand.

I shook it, "Corbin." I responded. The girl to my left was staring when I looked back she snapped her head back to the teacher. She was a pretty Mexican, black hair, big tits, big ass. Your usual hot Mexican chick. I talked to Dylan some more and found out he played football to, and that his sister was the freshmen cheer captain.

I faded to sleep from boredom only to be woken up by the bell. The rest of the day went smooth until lunch. It was my last period of the day.

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I went through the line getting pizza and a soda. I looked at the tables and found Dylan. I went and sat with him and a couple guys named Chase, and Jason.

I looked down the table and saw the blonde from the bus. "And that would be my sister." Dylan told me. I must not have noticed him get on the bus. "Oh yeah? That's cool." I responded. I ate the rest of my lunch and got up to walk around. His sister walked up and introduced herself as Amanda. We made small talk about sports and stuff then she abbey brooks and johnny sins in kitchen. The Mexican girl from earlier introduced her self as Claire, and grabbed my hand and pulled me outside under the bleachers.

She made sure no one was around then the went down and unbuttoned my pants. I had no rejections. By this time I had grown a stiffy of 8 inches and 1 and a half wide. She engulfed it immediately and started sucking. She looked like an angel the way she expertly handled my dick. Finally she got bored then undid hers, she was soaking wet.

She jumped up on me, I caught her and slid her on my dick. Now this was my first time do I didn't know much, my cock hit her thigh instead. She grabbed it and guided it in. She bounced her self up and don't my pole. Moaning into her tit she picked up and sucked on. I made my self useful sucking on one and grabbing her ass. I felt my self get that familiar tingle then I exploded, causing her to too.

I picked her off my dick then she got back on her knees and started mouth washing my dick. Once satisfied she picked up her stuff and left. I stood there shocked, picking my stuff up and going back inside.

As I got inside the bell rung and I went back to my bus, back home. Part 2 coming soon!