Foxy sweetie pleases pussy and gets licked and pounded in pov

Foxy sweetie pleases pussy and gets licked and pounded in pov
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CHAPTER ONE learning curve This is a work of fiction, this has nothing to do with any person I know or events that I am aware of. If this is close to home I am sorry I am in my mid-twenties and got lucky very early on in life I was given $10,000 dollars when I turned 18 and invested it all in some stocks.

Those stocks had a huge return and I was able to not have to worry for the rest of my life. I got a nice place just near Kalispell Montana close where I know you can sneak across the border if you need to.

My place is out where no one else is around, I have a huge farm land and the US government pays me to not farm it, that's fine with me I just want privacy. I am 6'1 165 lbs with a lean muscular frame. Decent good looks and a just above average cock six and a half inches long and thick (I'm realistic not like some others who can't measure two inches.) I have blonde hair and green eyes.

I also have a dark side, rape stories always interested me when growing up, I love reading about making a girl submit to a strong guys will, making her a fuck toy, using her till she is broken. With that I found an app that anyone can share their secrets online.

From there I found girls who don't feel wanted, or who are rape victims, or are tied of their life and want to run away. I know I'm a pig so what if you don't like it go cry somewhere else. On the app Whisper I am a "good friend" that will listen and give support while jacking off to the girl's story.

I help them go to the cops so that I get that good friend rep. I also have a burn pre-paid phone that I only have on when in Kalispell or other cities. I want to make sure that no one will be able to find me. I found this one girl on the app complaining about how hard her life is and start talking to her with both phones. I with my main phone befriend her and talk to her about why life is hard, and with the answers she gives me I use my other account bitching about the same thing (trust me it works more often than not.) I found out the girls name is Jessica and she just turned 17, I lie about how my parents dying in a horrible car crash and how my life is terrible, she feels sympathy for me and we talk.

Of course my main account I still talk with her, and aurora snow gets rammed in a gangbang she tells me she really has a connection with a guy that lives close to me I tell her she is one lucky girl to find someone who understands.

Finally two months later she and I agree she should run away. I arrange her a bus ticket to get her from Huston to here under a fake name and tell her it's so her parents can't find her.

Of course we meet in Idaho Falls to further protect me.

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The day finally comes and I get to see Jessica in person I great her at the bus station with a huge hug "hey Jessica, how was the long bus ride" Rolling her beautiful blue eyes "fucking long but dude I am so glad to get away from that bitch of a mother and her creepy boyfriend" She is in a baggy hoody on so I can't admire her body to well yet, she is taller than I thought she would be at 5'8 and very thin.

She has some ratty jeans on "well Jessica why don't we get you some food before we go driving again. Would you like steak, or maybe fish?" "Can I just have pizza and we hit the road right away I need to get a shower right away." She says.

Holding back son rape sleeping fat mom urge to start putting her into her place, I load her backs into the car, "if you kinky attractive bitch likes hardcore fuck creampie and cumshot want to get a pizza then we can but I also wanted to help you get some new cloths too as a way to welcome you into your new life." Shopping trip is always the magical word her eyes light up "really, what can I get" We go to the mall and just shop around, at the end of the day we walk out with her having a few short dresses, a couple tank tops, she took some of my money into Victoria Secret and gets some stuff she told me I can't see till we get to my place.

The whole car ride back we chat about what she would like to do, when she takes off the hoodie I see she has a nice tight t shirt and wow she has a nice rack. "Kevin, do you like what you see" she asks when we pass Missoula Montana at 11 pm that night Pretending to be shy and embarrassed "umm, well, umm yes Jessica, you have a great body" She giggles and looks at me with a mischievous grin before talking to me again about wanting to learn to ride a horse.

We finally get to my place at 2 am and I show her to my guest room (that has hidden high quality cameras inside) and wish her a good night. Once into my room I watch her strip naked before she gets into bed. I fall asleep after I set the alarm for 9 am When I get up I look at the TV and see Jessica rolled around in her sleep, her tits are exposed and looking perky. I go and cook some eggs and bacon and playing the cute card I walk into her room without knocking, she wakes up to me 'dropping' the dishes "KEVIN" she screams trying to cover up "I am so sorry Jessica" I apologize as I walk out She comes out a few minutes later dressed in her jeans and hoodie red faced and yelling at me about personal boundaries.

Taking the abuse for a few minutes I decide to turn the tables and introduce her to her new life. Before she knows it I slapped her face and she is on the ground. "Bitch welcome to your new life. First off, you ran away from a mom who refused to let you drink and do drugs to a guy who will treat you like a piece of fuck meat.

Your ass belongs to me" her eyes show fear and she starts to run I grab her by the hair as she runs past me to the door. "You going somewhere, but I have yet to fuck that body" "Fucking let me go you pig, your no better than my mom's boyfriend" she screams at me "you can't get away with this." I drag her to my play room before I put cuffs on her hands and then hook it to a special hook in the ceiling making her stretch on her tippy toes.

While securing her Jessica kicks my shin causing me to slap her face again. "Bitch you will pay for that" catching her legs I fight to tie them together and to the ground. I grab the front of her hoody with a knife I start cutting it off, the entire time I just hear her cussing at me. Funny I most stories I read say they beg for it to not happen, this girl is just cranky. "wow girl nice bra you go on, maybe I should save it for another day for you wench fingering in club striptease and hardcore wear… wait I don't think you will be wearing cloths soon." I cut away the bra letting it fall to the ground "what are you an A cup bitch?" "A B cup you asshole now let me go or I will make sure to cut off your balls before the cops come and arrest you" Jessica glares at me "well I see you have some fire I will enjoy breaking you" I start playing with her nipples rolling them and slapping her tits hard" maybe we should get some nipple clamps on those tiny tits you got see how those feel" I grab some alligator clamps with teeth and put them on her.

"I was going to be nicer breaking you in but I see you need to be treated like the whore you are" when she is about to retort I shove a fake dick gag into her mouth, just enough to tickle her gag reflex making her gag every now and then "mmm quite now. Make sure you don't vomit, don't need you to die from choking on your own vomit." I laugh as start cutting away your pants "and no underwear wow you are a slut, I see you even shaved before coming up here.

Good, I want my fuck toys clean." I go and grab a cane from the wall you see what I have and start to scream your first real scream of fear. "Ok First off we shall discuss the rules.

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Rule one, you no longer have a name, you are not even an I, you are to address yourself as 'your pet' 'your fuck toy' or 'your bitch' if you behave well enough you will get your name back. I will be addressed as 'master' or 'sir.' Any violation of this will result in a beating. Nod your head if you understand. I look at you and you just glare at me taking the cane I slap your ass just hard enough to sting, Hot bangings underneath the sheet smalltits and hardcore hope, and I can see you squirming from the blow.

I ask you again and this time you nod your head to me. "Next are you a virgin?" you nod your head again. "Ever given a guy a hand job?" you nod your hand again. "How about a blow job." You shake your head no this time. "Interesting. Well how about anal. Ever let a guy try the back door to trick your mom into thinking you're a good girl" you shake your head again.

"Well now to find out if you're telling the truth about your cherry" I reach down to your horror and insert a finger into your dry pussy I feel the barrier that my cock will take tonight and I grin. "Now slut how should I punish you for kicking me, oh yeah" I start caning your ass ten times making you scream into the gag, next I come in front and use the cane on your tummy making you scream even more." I remove your gag "now slut I want to know, are you going to fight me again.

Or should I beat your ass again." Jessica spit on my face "fuck you let me go and I will show you what will happen." I slap your face hard. "See your just a pussy that likes to beat up unimaginable joy from ebon sex hardcore and blowjob that are tied up, free me and I will kick your ass" interested I uncuff her hands and let her untie her legs, while she does that I lock the door and wait.

When she is free I wait for her first move. She looks for a weapon finding non she can safely get to she tries to rush me for a tackle.

I brace and knock her flat on her ass. She tries to kick me in the balls and I block her attempt catching her leg and dragging weading first night fucking sex to the table.

I pick her up and throw her down on her back before I cuff her to the table and her legs spread open. "Now bitch you are going to get a cock shoved up your cunt are you ready for being made a women today" "Fuck off you dick" "I bet your mom's boyfriend would like to be here in my place ready to take your cherry" you got one hot body when naked bitch this is going to be an experience you will always remember" I start stripping getting ready to fuck her when the phone rings looking at it I see it's my best friend calling.

Leaving her there I rush to the other side of the house to answer the call. To be continued, feedback is always great, I made it for registered members only because i don't need spam in the comments.