Sunny leone suck kiss and fuck

Sunny leone suck kiss and fuck
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My secretary was a tease. There was no denying it and if being totally honest with myself, it was sexy adorable gf cant resist seduction hardcore creampie very same flirtatious behaviour that now burdened my working days that had initially persuaded me to hire her. I remembered the interview vividly.

The way her thick hips had swung as she walked into my office. Flicking her long blonde hair over her shoulder and chewing on her wet red lips as I fumbled my way through company policy. I first thought that her lip biting was due to nervousness, I mean even in a suit I know I can appear intimidating and for a twenty-something young white woman, auditioning to become professionally subservient to a well-built 45 year old black man, nerves were inevitable right?

Rambling on about her good work ethic I couldn't help sneak a glimpse at the breasts that if things went well would be wandering around my office 3 days a week and boy was I glad I did.

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With the two top buttons of her white shirt undone, the crease between her pushed up tits caused a mild stirring and I briefly imagined what those juicy tits would look like wrapped around isis love to be there to fuck you tube porn thick black cock. I pictured the pre-cum, oozing out and allowing my dick to slide closer to those lips, closer to her wet little mouth… As I looked up she was looking right at me, panicking I fired another question about her previous job and though she answered it quickly enough for it to not be mentioned, for a split second she gave me a smirk that let me know she knew, she knew I was looking, knew I liked what I saw and knew that she enjoyed being looked at.

Straight after I watched her sexy round ass leave I cancelled the rest of the interviews and hired her the next day.

Danielle's outfits had become the highlight of mine and my colleague's mornings! The shirts getting lower, the skirts getting shorter so when she bent over my desk to pick up something I could see the top of a stocking or a tiny patch of the silk panties that covered the tight juicy pussy that I daily pictured playing with.

She knew what she was doing, rubbing that ass against guys in the corridors though there was room enough, wearing low cut shirts and bending over enough for me to see the slightly darker flesh that surrounded her nipples. And most frustratingly still chewing on that teasing little slut mouth and showing me that naughty smirk that had landed her the job.

She wanted it, she deserved it, and after two years she was gonna fucking get it. The morning it finally happened my wife had woken up early and I awoke to her soft hands rubbing the head of my dick.

I turned over and moved my hand into her already wet panties sliding a finger easily into the pussy that had given me my beautiful daughter. As she disappeared underneath the sheets eager to taste the salty juice that she felt on her fingers the door creaked and we knew that Kaley was up and the window was gone. Frustrated I quickly showered and left for work. In the lift I rested against the back mirrored wall, waiting to reach my 21st floor office. On the second floor the doors opened and Danielle strutted in.

As Extreme and hardcore anal gape ryland ann loves it rough saw the knee high boots that she was donning my dick twitched and I instinctively tried to shift it but it was too late. She looked at my slacks, whispered good morning, threw me her nasty lil smirk and turned her back to me. I'd had enough. The doors slid shut and I moved closer behind her. I placed my hand onto her waist and jerked her forcefully backwards so she could feel the hardness of my big black 9 inches straining to be freed and forced into her tight slutty cunt.

'You like teasing huh?' I whispered into her ear as my hand made its way between her legs 'Wearing these tight lil clothes and exposing yourself?' She said nothing but a short moan escaped her lips. As my hand found her pantie covered pussy she whimpered 'I'm sorry… I'm sorry sir' but as her breathing got shorter I knew she was game squirming as I found her clit 'I'm sick of your nasty ass, bending over my desk, showing me them titties, chewing on them lips.

The next time you bend over my desk if I see something I shouldn't, ima drag you onto your knees and force this cock into that wet mouth.' I could feel her creaming up her panties, the juice seeping through onto my fingers. We were at the tenth floor and this slut was begging me to stop 'please sir, I won't, I swear' but the moans she was letting out told me a different story.

'Why this pussy so wet baby? You wanna taste daddy's dick hmm? Thinking bout this big black cock forcing into your mouth making you juice all over my fingers?' As I pulled the soaking cloth to the side and rubbed the tip of my finger along her creamy little slit we passed floor twenty and I reluctantly released her.

But it was only a matter of time before she would bend over my desk and I would be ready to deliver the punishment that she deserved&hellip. As she shuffled into my office for the first time that day since the lift incident I saw no smirk. Clutching the papers that I knew she had to put on my desk I pretended as though I was oblivious to the events that were about to unfold.

She snuck round me quietly and I saw her back arch as she placed the papers slowly in front of me. I turned to face her and she looked to the floor but continued to reach across until her full breasts were resting on the table and her skirt had risen enough to expose those panties that were still soaked from the morning. I stood up and locked the door. As I turned back to see my naughty little secretary bent over waiting to get her pretty little mouth fucked I couldn't have been harder.

'Turn around and face me' I ordered and she complied. 'Sit up on that desk and spread those sexy legs for daddy.' She wasn't at all how I expected after all her previous behaviour, silent, willing and submissive.

She spread her legs wide and a grunt escaped my mouth when I saw the outline brunette mandy muse loves sucking lexington steele huge cock her pussy lips through her underwear that was so wet I could see completely through it. 'You ever had a black man playing witcha?' 'No' she whispered shyly 'You ever think about it?' She nodded 'I hear they're really big' 'Unbutton that shirt for me, show me them sexy white titties n I'll let you find out' 'but…' She lingered 'Come on girl I know you wanna see daddy's black dick…' She undid her shirt allowing her big soft tits to flop out and she instinctively squeezed one and then pinched the nipple moaning a little as she stared at the stiffness in my trousers.

'Why don't you pull them pretty panties to the side and lemme see that juicy lil pussy baby?' She hesitated but did as she was told.

Them pink lips made me wanna nut right there and then, 'mmm rub it for my baby, show me how you play with that naughty lil pussy' I whispered as I released my aching cock from my trousers, teasing the head with soft strokes. 'Agh daddy its so fuckin big' she moaned as she saw my thick black cock, spilling pre-cum as I stroked.

Her hands sliding down from her titties to her slit.

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'yeah you like daddy's dick baby?' 'oh yeah, ahh shit my pussies never been this wet' 'mmm u naughty lil slut' my hand now stroking up and down my shaft. I edged closer to the desk in which this fine ass bitch was now rubbing her clit hard at the sight of my oozing cock.

Her breathing and dirty little comments filled the room and I knew I had to deliver what I'd promised. When I reached her I grabbed her right breast roughly and gripped her hair from behind not hard enough to evoke a scream but firmly enough that a look of shock washed over her pretty white face.

'You remember what I said would happen if you bent over my desk?' I said as I replaced the small hand rubbing beneath her panties with my own. She squealed as I tightened the grip on her hair and teased her swollen clit with my finger.

I moved in between her legs now bringing my hard black cock to the messy little white pussy that was creaming all kinky tess has her sexy feet licked my fingers.

'Oh shit' she screamed as I slowly rubbed the thick cut head of my dick up and down her juicy slit. 'Fuck my pussy daddy, I wanna cum all over that black cock.' 'Uhuh not yet I whispered in my ear that's not what we agreed now is it?' I teased.

With that I grabbed her off the desk and threw her down onto her knees. Still gripping her hair I rubbed my cock infront of her face. She slid her hand back to between her legs and continued to rub her pussy as I edged the head of my dick closer to her wanting wet little mouth.

'You wanna taste it baby, you wanna lick that pussy juice off it?' 'Ahh yeah daddy let me taste that that big black cock, force it down my throat like you said in the lift&hellip. Oh shit baby I want to cum on my fingers while you cum in my mouth.

I didn't need more telling than that!

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I rubbed it against her lips making leaving smears of our juices on her cheek and then I parted her lips slowly before forcing half of my dick deep into her throat.

She gagged and spluttered on it as I thrust in and out spilling spit down the sides and falling onto her juicy tits. 'Agghhh shit baby that hot lil drunk maid rape in sleeping feels good on my dick, you like sucking on it slut? You like that big black cock sliding down your throat?' I pulled out to hear her moaning as her fingers worked her clit faster' Fuck it tastes so good' she whimpered her face red and wet with sweat.

Watching this nasty slut sucking my dick while playing with herself was too much I could feel myself wanting to bust but I needed to feel that tight white pussy cumming on my dick and I could tell by her panting and moaning that she was close. I roughly picked her up and threw her back on the desk spreading her pussy wide open. 'Fuck daddy put that big dick in my pussy' she shouted 'stretch my tight white hole open' 'Oh shit' I grunted as I forced my whole length into her little wet fuck hole.

I was pounding her pussy now with hard strong strokes and I could feel her shit getting tight. 'Aggghhh I'm cumming' she screamed. 'That's it baby gimme that pussy, cum all over daddy's cock, juice all over it slut' I was shouting and with that her whole body shook as she screamed, her tight quivering little cunt milking me. I was nutting what felt like endless streams into her quivering lil whole and after what felt like an hour mu dick started to soften and I eased my was out letting my cum seap out of her stretched out shaking pussy.