Sensual dolls eating pinks small tits pornstars

Sensual dolls eating pinks small tits pornstars
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It was a nice sunny day, as I walked across Diss to meet Karen in Gregs for coffee. Even after all these times of meeting, I was still struck in Orr by her gorgeous beauty.

She smiled and waved at me from her table, as I got my drink and walked across to her. She got out of her seat, and put her arms around me, brother you sister private story I did the same back to her. I kissed her neck, and whispered in her ear that I loved her. She pulled her head away and looked me in the eyes and said "I have missed you so much!" We then sat down to drink our coffees and had a chat and catch up. I always took the time to listen to Karen's problems, she is kind kind and caring, with so much love for those she holds dear.

People like this should be shown the same love and kindness back again, but are so rarely treated to it. She told me about the problems her mum was having, and how her pets were getting on.

She asked me about my Nan and work. All the time I couldn't help put stare lovingly into her gorgeous blue eyes, while she smiled back at me, with me barely able to contain my urge to tell her how deeply in love with her I truly am.After coffee we went for a walk, this time was unusual, as she agreed to hold my hand.

We walked to the park, and sat down to watch the birds. We cuddled for a while, before I asked her what she had planned for the rest of the day.

She said nothing, what would you like to do. I suggested we take a drive out of Diss and find some where for a little picnic, and suspiring to me, she agreed. We headed back to Morrison's to get some food, then head for my car. We take a little drive to a nice romantic quiet spot I know. I lay the blanket out, while Karen gets our snacks.

We sit there looking at the gorgeous country side, listening to the bird singing. After we had finished eating, we cleaned away the picnic and I lay back and Karen snuggles up to me, as we watch the clouds drift past. When all of a sudden Karen brakes the silence. "James", she gets my attention "I love you". Those three words make my insides turn to jelly, three words I have wanted to hear ever since we first met, to which I reply "I love you to my darling Karen".

We turn to face each other, and for the very first time, we kiss. The kiss starts to get passionate, and my hands start to run up and down her legs, and her hand starts to stoke my crotch, getting my cock hard, before she undid my flys and trouser button to get her hands directly on my cock. The feel of her soft warm hands on my big hard throbbing cock was indescribable.

I went to return the favour, but she stopped me saying sorry she didn't feel ready. To wish I replied "it's OK sweetheart, I understand, I will wait for as long as it takes".

To which she kissed me and said thankyou. We kept teasing and kissing each other when she pushed me back, and straddled me. My hands cupped her buttocks, and she teased my cock by pretending to ride me. She then said "you always told me my boobs were gorgeous, don't you want a closer look?" I didn't need another hint, as she naughtly lifted her top up and removed her bra to show me her truly gorgeous boobs.

They are like mom rubbing on the butt with soap of art, the shape being a thing of pure beauty. My hands went up to cup them, and she did not stop me. Before long I was started to suck on one of her Nipples, and I heard a sigh escape her soft lush lips. After a few moments, she push me back down, and moved down my body till she got to my rock hard cock, which was still out of my trousers, she started to stroke it and then started to wank it.

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I couldn't believe what she did next. She lowered her head, and wrapped her hot wet moist mouth around my big hard throbbing cock. I could feel her tongue working over time on my bell end, and ask she took it in deeper before withdrawing it, I could feel it dragging on the underside of my cock.

She only did it for a few moments, before laying down beside me and wrapped her arm around me, I turned towards her, so we were looking into each others wide open blue eyes. "I love you Karen" escaped from my mouth. "I love you to James" she responded. We kissed and relaxed before we decided it was best be adjusted out wife and husband first night sex bides and headed back into Diss so Karen could be home for her mum.

As I walk her to her door, I asked, "when can I see you again" expecting the answers to be a disappointment, her answers shocked me. "Call round tomorrow about half 1".

We spent the evening well into the small hours talking on facebook and texting just like teenage lovers, and the next day just couldn't come fast enough for me. After waiting for her for 5 and half years, Karen and I were finally doing something that I had only dared dream of.

I was in heaven, she had admitted to me she loved me, and done much more then I ever thought she would. Whenever I closed my eyes, it was to see her gorgeous face, and I fell asleep hugging my pillow wishing it was her I could hold so dear.

I arrived early at her bungalow. She welcomed me in, and took me into her living room to meet her mum. "James, this is my Mum, and Mum, this is my boyfriend, James".

Just them very words made my insides glow. Me and her mum chatted for a little while, asking how did I meet Karen, and were did I live, then Karen introduced me to her pets, and showed me her room. We laid on her bed and watched a DVD. It had to be I chose, because that is one of a few things we do not have in common.

Karen likes her Horrors and I hate them (because I am a wimp I guess). We watched a few Dad's Army episodes (something we both love) before watching Carry on Screaming on the TV (The only Horror film I enjoy). Soon it was time to be thinking about tea, and I agreed to help Karen cook something.

It was very nice, and all too soon it was time for me to say my good byes. Karen and I passionately kissed in her room, before I said cherio to her mum, and walked back to my car, Missing Karen's company the moment I had to walk away. Due to Karen's caring responsibility and jobcentre commitments, and the fact I was busy with work, it would be almost a week before we met up again, but we text all day, and chatted all night on facebook, twice when she was sitting in bed at night she took her top of and asked if I liked what I saw.

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I don't think any red blooded straight male could not like what I saw. Every night I would dream of Karen, and every other day I would arrange for her to be sent a single red rose with a note saying " just another little reminder of my never ending love you you". Finally we were able to arrange a day when we was both free to meet up. We met up in gregs again, slightly earlier than normal at Karen's request. We steered into each others eyes whilst we drank our drinks, and played footsie under the table.

Finally she said, "come one" and got up, and led me by the hand out of the door, We walked arm in arm towards her home, and when we got there, I was thinking that our day together would be a short one. She unlocked the door and turned to me and said "well, aint you coming in?". I didn't need asking twice, and followed the love of my life into her home. "Mum is out for the day with family, so the house is all ours till about 3" she informed me. I think I must have been a bit thick, because I did not get the hints she was trying to drop for me.

She the said, "I think I am ready" and lead me by the hand to her room. We started kissing and it wasn't long before we started to remove each other clothes. Soon we was both naked. I gently laid Karen on the bed, and started to kiss her, starting off on her lips, moving down to her neck, slowing descending to her boobs, taking it in turns to suck on each nipple.

I then carried on kissing over her wonderful tummy, down to her crotch. Here I rubbed her clit, and got her starla sterling loves a big black cock wet. I knew Karen was a virgin still, and I wanted her first time to be something truly wonderful. When she got really wet I slid a finger into her pussy while I was rubbing her clit.

She started to moan, and slowly I was able to add a 2nd finger and started to do the bunny ears movement against her G spot.

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Karen had a massive orgasm, and it became very hard to move my fingers in her pussy and her vaginal walls clamped around them. Because of her lack of sexual experience, Karen's pussy became sore, and she was very apologetic when she asked if I could stop.

I didn't mind at all, I loved this girl and she was everything to me. I moved back up and looked her in the eyes and said. Karen, "I truly love you". We laid cuddling each other, before she said "I want to see you cum" she sat on the bed and had me stand in front of her. She started to wank my cock, and when I was close said "are you going to cum over my tits for me please?" that was it, it pushed me over the edge, and her gorgeous buns got their creamy iced covering.

We took a shower together, helping each other wash, and when we got out, it was 2:45. Karen was nervous what her mum would think, and explained this to me, and we agreed it would be best if I left before she got home. We had arranged to meet on Thursday. The two days dragged on, and I just couldn't wait to see Karen again. She kept me informed of how sore sunny leone sex stories sex 2019 pussy was but said it was good.

She invited me round on Thursday to meet her mum again.

I think her mum could tell how besotted I was of her daughter. I was hopelessly in love with Karen and it is plain for any one who can see. "I suppose it wont be long before you want to start stopping the night" Karen's mum asked me, making me almost spit out my drink. I replied "to be honest, I hadn't given it much thought " which I knew was a lie. Karen's mum smiled and winked at me and said OK.

We had a gorgeous meal, and me and Karen and her Mum sat in the living room watching a film. To be honest I don't remember what it was about, I was more interested in the gorgeous girl in my arms, who I was hopelessly in love with. It had become much latter than I realised, and I had started to become very tired.

Karen's mum suggested I stay the night "but no keeping me awake" she joked. I joined Karen in her room. She got into her night shorts and shirt, while I just wore my pants. We snuggled up to each other, and it was lovely to do this in such away, that it was about love and not sexual fulfilment. We fell sleep in each others arms, and when I woke up in the morning to see Karen smiling at me saying "GOOD morning sleepy head" I honestly thought I was still dreaming. We had a kiss and cuddle before we got up and and got dressed.

Karen's mum quizzed Karen as to weather or not I behaved myself, to which she informed her mum "James, as always, was a perfect gentleman". Her Mum was pleased to hear it. Karen did me some toast and the we took a walk to the car park to retrieve my car. We had a parting kiss and as soon as I was out of visual range, my heart was heavy for Beautiful teen natalie monroe creampied after getting fucked knew I was missing her already.

By the time we could meet up again, it would be the following Wednesday. We chatted and text constantly on our phones, and facebook, Karen admitted to me she had started masturbating thinking about me, and I was forced to admit I had masturbated over her for a very long time. We admitted just how badly we missed each other, and it was talked about if I would be allowed to stop a couple of nights a week. I told Karen she was more than welcome to stop for as long as she wanted at mine, and Karen said she would have liked to, casting nervous desperate amateurs compilation milf teen bbw fit first time suck trouble and money being her mothers carer, she didn't feel it would be right to spend to long away from home in case her mum needed her.

Wednesday couldn't come quick enough. Karen met me at the door of her bungalow.

I rung the door bell, she answered the door, "hello darling" she greeted me, and flung her arms around me "I have really missed you baby. Love you James" she made sure I knew. I made sure she knew I loved her to. "Mum is at hospital till tea time with my Auntie, so the house is ours" she said with a wicked grin and a wink. She led me to her room, we snogged and our tongue's danced in each others mouths.

We stripped each other, and we I laid Karen on the bed, Once again I kissed my way down to her body, only this time I used my tongue on her clit. Karen decided it was her turn to dish some fun out, and turned me other, and said she wanted to feel me inside of her. She laid me back, and slowly lowered her hot wet tight virgin pussy over my big hard throbbing cock. I had been with a couple of virgins before, but Karen's pussy was something else.

I found it hard to control my urge to thrust deep inside her, as she lowered her self over my impaling cock. Soon she was at the base of my cock, and she started to bounce up and down, whilst looking deep into my eyes. I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming, as the woman I loved, the woman of the dreams, the woman who meant the world to me, rode my big hard cock.

After a while Karen asked me to take over, so we swapped positions, and made love in the missionary style. Karen said "I hear Doggy is a really great position to fuck in, can we try that please?" and of course I was only too happy to obliged. Karen got on all fours in front of me, and I slowly sunk my big hard cock into her hot wet pussy. Soon she was moaning, playing with her clit as I banged her hard from behind.

I told her the truth, that I did not think I would be able to carry on much longer, and asked were did she want me to cum. "I want to feel it in me" Karen replied. I made Karen orgasm loudly, before I could hold it no longer, and spurt after spurt of white hot sticky cum filled her insides up. After our act of pure romantic sexual congress, we cuddled up before heading to the shower.

We washed each other with Karen's hands taking good care of my cock, and returned the compliment for her boobs and bum. We cleaned up, and were watching some more classic Dad's army dvd's when her mum came wet and ready for drilling hardcore blowjob, signalling the end of day alone together, and the first time I was able to make mad passionate love with Karen.

The next day I teased Karen by asking her what dose it feel like to be a full woman, and do you like it better now your no longer a Virgin. She informed me of how sore her pussy was, and I said she was very lucky for her first time. I also told her I loved her and there was nothing on earth I wouldn't do for her. She agreed to spend Saturday night at mine, so she could meet my Nan.

I picked her up in the afternoon. Nan had dose something special for Karen, as she is a vegetarian. I was a bit nervous about Karen meeting Nan, as at 81 years old. Nan can be a grumpy old sod and can put a lot of people off. Nan retired to bed early, and Karen and I sat in our front room watching classic funny films. It wasn't too late before we were kissing each other with our hands roaming and exploring each others bodies. I lead Karen into my room, were we continued to kiss and undress each other.

"make love to me please darling" Karen begged. We started off missionary, before Karen asked if she could be on top. She rode me hard, every time she took a stoke her boobs gave a pleasant bounce. Her orgasm hit her hard, and I had to put my hand over Karen's mouth to prevent her from screaming with ecstasy.

We then swapped over again, where I continued to fuck Karen hard as we made love, when I fucked her doggy she had to bite the pillow to prevent herself being explicitly loud, they we went back to missionary so we could look in each others eyes.

I could tell by the way her pussy twitched and gripped my cock she was getting close again to another orgasm, and when it did I couldn't control myself, and I pumped my hot sticky load deep into her waiting pussy. She could feel squirt after squirt of my white hot sticky teen babe and old guy have to hurry up handjob young coating the inside of her vaginal walls, as we laid their getting our breath back.

"I love you" we told each other looking lovingly in each others blue eyes. When Karen got her breath back, she said "WOW I know they said he second time would be better then the first, but WOW!" We snuggled up before falling asleep in each other arms. Next day we got up, and after breakfast, me and Karen headed back for Diss.

All the time, I knew to myself, "I have found the one" and knew that I will love Karen to my dyeing day.