Exquisite czech nympho gets seduced in the mall and nailed in pov

Exquisite czech nympho gets seduced in the mall and nailed in pov
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Synopsis: Two high school teachers just two years out of college fall victim to a rich married couple who enjoy dominating anyone they can. Using their power and money they have gained control over several powerful people in the local government including the Mayor, Police Chief, their spouses, school board members, and even the principal of the high school. Using their considerable resources they plan and execute a trap for the two young beautiful teachers by having them arrested in Mexico for child molestation while vacationing at their condo.

They then give them to their twin daughters for their eighteenth birthday present. The trap was sprung on the second day of the new school year as the two teachers surrendered their freedom to keep from being sent back to Mexico to face charges. Three days later each of the teachers through different paths, have now accepted their fates, and are starting to embrace their servitude.

Although you can read this as a standalone story, to get a better idea of how they got here you should read the previous chapters. Characters: Sandy Hauser, twelfth grade English teacher and now a slave to Anita Martinez.

Dawn Reynolds eleventh grade Math teacher and slave to Susanna Martinez. Juan and Christina Martinez, Susanna and Anita's parents. This story is a work of fiction, a fantasy of sorts. There is no connection with reality. This could not and should not happen in any form. However like all works of fiction it is intended only to entertain. If this genre offends you move on to another story. There are plenty of other stories and much better authors to entertain almost any person's fantasy. ***** Sandy woke up and looked around her apartment.

At first she didn't recognize where she was. With no bedding or curtains the place looked very different than she remembered. As she lay there her mind was still a jumble after all that had happened over the last few days.

Had it only been two days? It seemed like a lifetime since school had started only three days ago. Her life was now totally out of her control.

Even if she could get out of the charges in Mexico, if what her Mistress had made her do over the last couple of days ever became public she would never be able to teach again. She looked over at the alarm clock beside her bed and noticed it was already half past eight.

Her Mistress was to be here at ten and Sandy had to be ready when she arrived. Sandy slowly got up and walked to the bathroom. Her body ached and her jaw was sore from the glory hole. Her knees were sore and red from all the crawling around. She looked at herself in the mirror and started to cry. Her face was covered in dried cum and her hair was stuck to the side of her face and stiff from being coated in cum.

She looked down at her body and everywhere she looked was white crusty dried cum. Her thoughts went back to being on her knees sucking and jerking off what must have been three dozen cocks at the glory hole late yesterday. She still had the taste of cum in her mouth from eating her dinner soaked in cum. She lowered her hand to her cunt and flinched when she touched it.

It was still very sore from the punishment just before she was put to bed. Sandy walked over to the toilet and started to sit down when she remembered she wasn't allowed to go unless her Mistress gave her permission. She quickly turned on the shower and started to climb in when she jumped back. The water was very cold. She reached over and adjusted the temperature but no hot water came out.

She leaned back against the wall and cried. There seemed to be no end to the torture. Realizing her time was short she stepped into the cold water and started to wash her body. After only a few minutes she was shivering uncontrollably and had to get out. The effect of the cold water only made her body ache more and she needed to pee even worse. Sandy quickly dried her body and started to dry and fix her hair and makeup. It was now quarter after nine and she only had forty five minute before her Mistress was to arrive.

Sandy reached behind her and pulled out the anal plug. After being inserted in her body of over twenty four hours it felt strange without it. Sandy cleaned the plug and lubed her ass and pushed it back into her ass. Suddenly she heard a bell. She quickly ran to the living room, grabbed a dildo and started to masturbate. At first the pain was intense, but after only a couple of minutes nurse peta jensen fucked rough arousal started to return and her pussy started to moisten.

As she continued to push the dildo deeper and deeper into her cunt the arousal that seemed to be a constant companion since Anita took control began to take over her mind. She was now pounding her cunt with abandon and her climax was rapidly approaching.

Just as she was reaching her peak the buzzer went off and it was all she could do to stop. Right now she didn't care if she was punished; she needed to cum. But instead of continuing after the buzzer, her training kicked in and she stopped. If only she had a couple more minutes her hunger would have been satisfied. Now she would have to wait till the next bell to try again. Sandy suddenly realized that she was being trained. She could have continued after the buzzer, but no matter how much she wanted to cum she couldn't put the dildo now in her hand back into her needy cunt.

She slowly brought the dildo up to her mouth and licked it clean. Sandy looked at the time; it was now nine fifty. She walked to the front door and knelt down beside it and waited for her owner to arrive. She didn't want to disappoint her. Anita woke up at seven thirty. She had had a great night's sleep. Being a mistress was tiring. Constantly thinking of ways to humiliate her slave and remove any thoughts of resistance was a lot more work than expected.

As she walked out of her room she walked by her sister's room. The door was open and she walked in. Susanna was sitting at the computer watching her slave tied up to the bed thrashing about as the controller was going through another cycle.

Dawn was soaked in sweat and she was humping the air trying to reach that mythical climax. "How are you doing sis? I see your slave is having a difficult time." "I'm completing her training can't you see. Friday's training established me as her owner and totally in control. Last night's training re-enforced that plus added training on how to perform at school. I don't want her submitting to anyone but me.

But I want her to seem normal at school. The program has two phases. When she is at school her mind goes back to being semi normal. She will still recognize me as her owner and will do everything I tell her. But she will function just like she did before while teaching. She will even have the same feelings of humiliation and degradation as before the training. It will be so much more fun playing with her at school, watching her squirm and humiliating her. But outside school her training will switch to a total slut slave doing everything I tell her without hesitation." "You are evil Susanna!

I'm not going to go that route unless I have to. I prefer to have my slave broken down without using a program on her mind. I want her to come to crave the humiliation and degradation. I want to keep pushing her to her limits and then pushing her past them. I want to watch her give into being dominated.

Watching her cravings control her body and mind and not being able to resist experiencing the high from being put into depraved situations.

I want to be there as it happens, not waking up and turning off a machine. The rush I feel as I push her past another barrier is very intense. I have never felt anything else like it before." "Wow, you're really getting into this. I just want to have some fun and then sell her after the school year is over and buy me a condo or something.

I can't see this lasting any longer." Anita looked at her sister. She wondered how she could resist the powerful feelings owning and controlling another person, especially someone like a teacher, who is always in control, someone in a position of authority. That rush you get when that person degrades themselves with just a command.

When you know that what you are making them do is something that is so beneath them and having them develop a need, an addiction to having to behave and complete that task.

Anita knew that this is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Anita walked back to her room and pulled up Sandy's apartment on her monitor. She watched as she got up and walked into the bathroom. She was pleased to see she didn't use the toilet. She laughed when Sandy jumped when she had to take a cold shower.

When Sandy pulled the plug out of her ass, Anita smiled. She had something to punish her and let her know she has no control. As soon as Sandy returned the mom and san sex stories xnxx story to her ass Anita rang the bell. She watched as Sandy grabbed the dildo and did as instructed.

She watched as Sandy's arousal took over her body and she started to really pound her pussy. Anita zoomed in on her face and watched closely wanting to wait till the very last moment to push the buzzer.

She wanted Sandy to continue to her climax so she could increase her punishment, but was surprised when she stopped and licked the dildo clean. The training was taking hold. Christina called up the stairs "Breakfast is ready girls." "OK mom" they both answered. Anita walked out of her room and joined Susanne as they walked downstairs to the kitchen. "Well girls, how is the training coming?" "Great, my slut is totally mine now. She will do anything I tell her" Susanna beamed.

Anita smiled at her sister and looked at her mother and said "My slut is progressing nicely. She renata and melisa rimmng and sucking on a boat starting to crave my demands. It won't be long till she won't be able to live without the humiliation and domination. I'm having so much fun watching her demise." Christina smiled at her two daughters. This is how she expected each to react.

Susanna always took the path of least resistance. She never had any patience for properly training a slave. Anita on the other hand reminded her of herself when she was her age. It's the process that's so exciting not the final product. Taking a person from a normal life, and ripping everything they hold dear from them. Then have them slowly descend into total depravity and servitude and crave the process as they go.

That is the rush. There was nothing like the feeling when you have finally broken all of their barriers. Having them totally submit to your every whim and asking for more. That is why the she had never kept a slave after training them. The thrill was gone. It was getting them to that point that always excited her and Anita was just like her "OK girls what time are you bringing your sluts by today?

I want to see them myself." "I'm going by the apartment at ten. I want to feed her some more cum soaked breakfast then we're going to come over here," said Anita. Susanna said "I have to go over and turn off the controller and check out to see if the programming worked. I want to clean her up and drive by the school to see if her personality changes when she is in the building. Then we are coming here. I figure we will get here around ten thirty or so.

Is Dad going to be here?" "That will work. Dad is going to be here at eleven and is bringing a few of his friends to try out the new sluts." "Great I'll see you then," Susanna said as she rushed out the door. Anita smiled at her sister and looked at her mother. "Mom when did you know what you wanted to do with your life? I mean when did you know that training slaves was your calling?" "When I was about your age, I had a girlfriend that I was very close to. She was always around and I learned that she would always una flaquita bien buena webacm more videos on sexycamsorg me make any decisions.

After a while I started being more dominate with her. Making her dress or undress the way I wanted. The more I made her do the more I enjoyed it. After about a year she was totally submissive to me.

I kept pushing her and pushing her till she couldn't refuse anything I'd tell her to do. Just after high school I brought hottie babe carolina sweets wants to fuck huge hard meat with me to the United States and made her my first slave. It wasn't long after that I became bored with her and sold her to a couple in England. Ever since then I began training slaves and selling them when I got bored with them.

I think you are just like me." "Thanks mom, I've got to go and get my slave. I'll be back soon. I love you." Anita got up for the table and walked out to her car. Susanna walked into Dawn's apartment.

The familiar smell of pussy permeated the air. She walked into the bedroom and looked at her slut lying on her bed totally soaked in sweat and oblivious to the world. She walked over to the nightstand and turned off the controller. She then reached over and removed the blindfold and headset. Dawn looked at her mistress and smiled a weak smile, her owner was here!

Susanna released the slut's hands and feet as Dawn moved her arms and legs and massaged her wrists trying to get the blood flowing again. The programming was different this time. The first night it was constant arousal and pain and subliminal messages to the mind.

This time liana fits two big russian dicks in her holes messages were the most dominating, as well as the other things but not as intense. Even so the messages stuck and were deeply embedded into her brain. Dawn opened her mouth and asked, "What may this slut do to please you mistress?" Susanna smiled and looked down at her teacher slut and said, "Take a shower slut, then fix your hair and makeup.

You have thirty minutes to get ready. I'll have your breakfast ready when you get done. Dawn quickly got up and ran to the bathroom. She turned on the water and jumped in. The water felt wonderful as it had been a while since she had cleaned herself.

Twenty five minutes later she walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. Susanna looked at the slave and motioned down to the dishes on the floor. "Eat up slut we've got things to do and places to go." Dawn immediately dropped to her knees and ate the food. When she had finished she looked up at her mistress and asked, "All finished Mistress, may this slut use the toilet?" Susanna smiled and nodded her head.

Dawn quickly jumped up and ran to the bathroom. She didn't remember the last time she went. Ten minutes later they were in Susanna's car and headed toward the school. Dawn was sitting in the front seat with her coat open playing with her cunt. She felt no embarrassment as she was doing as instructed by her owner. It didn't matter what anyone else thought of her. The only thing that mattered was pleasing her mistress.

As Dawn's body was climbing towards that elusive climax she saw the school. Suddenly everything changed. She looked around her and was suddenly embarrassed at what she was doing. Sitting in a student's car basically naked and masturbating, the humiliation hit her like a ton of bricks. What if anyone saw her? She looked at her owner and moaned hoping that she would let her stop.

Susanna smiled; the programming seemed to be working. The program was supposed to make her slave act and feel almost normal at school. She would be able to teach her classes and interact as normal with the staff and students but still obey her mistress totally. She would experience the same feelings of humiliation and embarrassment as before the programming but would be unable to resist obeying her instructions.

As Susanna drove up to the front door of the school Dawn was increasingly nervous as she was still completely exposed with two finders deep inside her cunt. She wanted to stop and cover herself but couldn't. Susanna stopped the car and said, "Close first time dp casting bbc coat and follow me slut" "Yes mistress," She said while quickly closing the coat tightly around her body and climbed out of the car.

Susanna walked up the steps and into the main hallway of the school. Dawn was very nervous as her coat barely covered her body even when tied with the belt. When she walked the coat opened up to her waist with every step exposing her to anyone looking.

Dawn blushed down to her tits as she hoped no one was at the school on a Sunday morning. Susanna turned and looked at the blushing slave, smiled and said, "Hurry up slut or I'll have you leave your coat here." Dawn looked up with a panicked look and rushed to catch up.

Susanna pulled a key out of her bag and unlocked the door. Once inside she entered the code on the security panel. Susanna pulled out the leash and clipped it to her collar and led the disgraced teacher down the hall to her classroom. Dawn couldn't look around it was too overwhelming being lead on a leash almost naked through the school by a student.

If anyone should see this her whole world would collapse. The two walked into Dawn's classroom and Susanna pulled a dress and a pair of shoes out of her bag. "Put these on and sit at your desk." Dawn quickly grabbed the clothes and put them on.

Immediately she felt a sense of relief and her anxious feeling went away. She felt normal and at ease. Susanna watched as Dawn walked up to her desk and pulled out her planner to review what was on tap for the day.

Susanna looked at her slave and said, "on your knees slut and kiss my feet!" Dawn gasped and blushed but dropped to her knees and crawled over to her mistress and started to kiss Susanna's shoes. "Good job slut, let's get out of here. Take off the dress and grab your coat.

We have to leave now." Dawn quickly complied and stood by her mistress, naked, holding her coat hoping she would be allowed to put it on. "Well done slut, put it on and let's go." As she quickly walked out the door with Dawn rushing after her while pulling the coat around her body.

Anita arrived at Sandy's apartment shortly after ten. Sandy was naked and kneeling by the door as instructed. Anita smiled and patted her on the head as she would a pet. "Have you been good this morning, Pet?" "Yes Mistress, your slut has followed instructions." "What about removing your plug?" Sandy gasped; she had removed it and had started to use the toilet before she remembered she must have permission.

"I'm sorry mistress, I forgot but I cleaned it with my mouth and put it back. It was only out for a minute. Please don't punish this slut. This slut will never let it happen again." "Well slut you are getting off on the wrong foot. I will punish you later for that. We are running late so let's get you fed." Anita walked to the kitchen and grabbed the dish on the floor.

She filled it with more kibbles and opened the fridge and pulled out the half-filled glass of cum. She poured the remaining cum over the kibbles and sat the dish on the floor.

"Cum and get it slut. Breakfast is served. Hurry up I have plans for you today." Sandy crawled to her dish. The disgusting mix turned her stomach. It seemed that the only thing she had eaten in the last couple of days was cum. She then lowered her head and slurped up the food. As soon as she finished eating Sandy looked up at her mistress blonde big ass layla london auditions and pounds lexingtons bbc asked, "May this slut use the bathroom, Mistress?" "Yes but be quick about it," Anita answered.

Ten minutes later Sandy, now wearing her coat, collar and leash, and spike heels followed her mistress out to her car. Once inside Anita instructed her to open her coat and masturbate. Sandy no longer cared if someone saw her as not doing as instructed was much worse than being seen. After about twenty minutes Susanna pulled into a gated driveway and punched a code on a panel.

The gate swung open and Susanna looked over at her slave and said, "Toss your coat in the back seat. You won't need it anymore." Sandy quickly complied and sat naked as the car pulled up to a mansion. Anita parked the car and ordered her slave out of the car. Sandy stood by the door not knowing what to do.

Anita reached into her pocket and pulled out two nipple clamps and quickly clamped them on the slut's nipples. Then she grabbed the leash and led her inside the door. Once inside she turned to her and said, "On your knees, you are not to walk again unless instructed." Sandy quickly dropped down and followed her mistress down the hall and through a door at the end. Sandy looked up as she entered the room. Looking around she saw Christina Martinez sitting on a love seat wearing a silk light blue dressing gown.

Dawn blushed as this was the first time she was being exposed to someone who knew who she was. "Well what have we here? Is this the child molesting, cock-sucking, pussy-eating, slut teacher I've been hearing about? Or is this nothing more than a common slut slave that craves humiliation?" Sandy couldn't answer.

She just looked down at the floor. Anita quickly took the leash and whipped it across the kneeling slave's ass three times in quick succession, "Answer your owner slut." Sandy looked up with tears in her eyes and said "This common slut slave craves humiliation, Mistress." Anita beamed as her slave was now admitting she craved humiliation.

Another barrier crossed. Her mother smiled and nodded to her daughter. She was learning fast elena xxx sex stories porn vodeo how to train a slave.

"Crawl over here and lick my feet slut." Sandy quickly followed the instructions when, just as she started to lick, the door opened and in walked Susanna with a naked Dawn crawling after her.

Sandy's heart jumped as she saw her friend for the first time in days. She suddenly felt better as she was no longer alone and had a small sense of relief.

But that feeling soon disappeared when Susanna stopped and presented her slave to her mother. Dawn stopped beside her mistress and sat back on her heels. She placed her hands behind her head and spread her legs proudly showing off her slave chains attached to her tits and cunt.

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Sandy gasped as she saw the chains for the first time. Dawn was looking straight ahead and showing no recognition of her longtime friend. She only looked up at her mistress with a longing look waiting on the next command. Christina looked down at the chained slave and asked, "What are you?" Dawn sat up a little straighter and pushed out her tits and said, "This slut loves cum, this slut obeys her mistress, this slut loves to kiss ass, and this slut lives to serve." Susanna smiled broadly and looked at her mother and asked, "How's that Mom?" "I'm impressed Susanna, I see the programming went well.

The chains are exquisite. A very nice touch I might add. Are you planning on showing them off in school?" "I'm not sure, probably not at first, but by the end of the year I'm sure they will be in plain view for everyone to see. We just had them installed yesterday so we won't be able to use her cunt or tits for a couple of days, but her mouth and ass are available." "Well let's see how well she obeys. "Slut, crawl over here and shove your tongue up this slave's ass." Dawn quickly crawled over to her friend and spread her cheeks, and pulled out the plug still imbedded in Sandy's ass.

Looking at the gaping hole she leaned forward and shoved her tongue deep into her ass. Sandy gasped as the plug was pulled from her and moaned as her best friend tongue quickly replaced it. What surprised her was the whole experience embarrassed Sandy more than Dawn. Dawn appeared to be thoroughly enjoying fucking Sandy's ass with her tongue.

As Sandy continued to lick her mistress's mother's feet she glanced back at her friend. She wondered what Susanna had done to her. She hardly recognized her. She looked the foxy hooker rides on a stiff manhood creampie and mature except for the chains but it was as if Dawn didn't even know her.

After about 5 minutes Christina ordered the sluts to crawl back to their mistresses and wait for further instructions. Anita and Susanna were sitting on the couch just to the left of the door talking about their day when their father walked into the room. Juan was a large man, standing six foot four and weighing 230 pounds. Juan worked out regularly and was in excellent shape.

His dark complexion and strong features made him very handsome. When he entered the room everyone knew he was in charge. His entire presence dominated the room. Both Sandy and Dawn cowered by their mistress's legs afraid to even look up at his face.

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Four men followed him into the room all dressed impeccably. Each man was of similar size and stature as Juan but it was clear he was their leader. Two of the men, Michael and James, were tall black men, well-built wearing jogging suits. What was most notable were the bulges in their pants. These men were not even horny teen tina kay hits on others for an awesome fuck pornstars and hardcore but their cocks seemed to extend almost down to their knees.

It appeared that they had baseball bats inside their pants. The third man, Hank, was white and looked like someone from wrestle-mania. He was huge; he must have weighed 300 pounds of solid muscle. His skin was covered in tattoos depicting all manner of art. He was wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top that was so tight it looked like it would burst at any moment. His cock was plainly visible in the shorts. It wasn't as long as the two black men but was so thick it looked like he had a third leg.

The fourth man, George, was of normal size, slightly built and standing only about six foot tall. He appeared to be Hispanic, was dressed in slacks and wetandpissy dildo play for piss soaked blonde babe katy sky golf shirt. He looked completely out of place with the other men. Anita and Susanna quickly jumped up and rushed to hug their dad screaming, "Hi Daddy, thank you for the wonderful birthday presents." Juan wrapped his arms around his beautiful daughters and looked down at the cowering teacher sluts naked and kneeling at his daughter's feet.

He smiled and asked, "Are you having fun training them?" "Oh yes," said Anita. "I've never felt anything like this before. I can't wait to go to school tomorrow and show them off." "That's my girl. Just remember to take it slow at first. After a couple of weeks when everyone gets used to how they act you can have them do anything you want at school and no one will stop you. You probably could have them teach naked and no one would say a thing." Sandy listened in horror to what he said.

The thought of standing in front of her classes naked or even worse submitting to anyone in the school horrified her. She started to shake and tears ran down her face just thinking about it. But despite the tears and fears her body was reacting in a way she didn't expect.

Her cunt was dripping and her arousal was through the roof. As humiliating as that would be she was about to climax at just the thought. Dawn's thoughts were entirely different. Although she had heard the conversation her thoughts were only on how to please her mistress. School was nowhere in her mind. Juan looked at his friends. "What do you say my friends? Shall we take these sluts out and try them out? I'm sure we can put them to good use." All the men laughed and Juan reached out and took the leashes from the twins and walked towards the door with the slaves quickly crawling behind him.

As he looked down at Sandy's tits he leaned over and jerked the nipple clamps off her tits and tossed them to Anita. "I have my own toys sweetheart." Susanna called out "Remember Dad, you can only use her ass and mouth. I just had her pierced yesterday." Anita looked down at Sandy, "you are not allowed to cum slut! Each time you cum earns you an hour at the glory hole collecting more cum. Dad keep sucking an highly huge jock hardcore and blowjob for me, OK?" "Sure thing honey," Juan called back over his shoulder as the sluts crawled after him down the hall.

Juan looked at his friends; he had handpicked these men just for this day. Each was well endowed with a cock at least nine inches long and two inches in diameter with the exception of George. George had the reputation of producing massive amounts of cum. He could cum multiple times in amounts that several men could not match.

He had used these men before to break in new slaves. The point was to fuck them so hard and so deep that they would remember this afternoon for a long time. When these men finished these slaves would be able to take anyone in any hole.

He had hoped that Susanna would have waited on the piercing till after today but using the sluts ass and mouth would have to do for now. He would have Susanna bring her back to work over her cunt in a week or so.

But first things first, now it was time to make them understand who was in charge. They would soon realize that he was the true master of this house. Juan led the group down the hall past the front door and towards the back of the mansion. Just before entering the kitchen he turned and opened a door that led downstairs to the basement.

At the bottom of the steps he stopped and unlocked another door and walked into a large room. Both Dawn and Sandy gasped when they looked around the room. It looked like they had entered into a medieval dungeon. There were racks, cages, chains, whips, and coils of ropes. Sandy froze at the entrance. Her body wouldn't move. She was petrified with fear, the sight of all the equipment and the five large men stopped her in her tracks.

Dawn on the other hand remembered only the last command given to her by her mistress, "You do exactly as you are told." She followed Susanna's dad and ignored everything else around her. Juan smiled at Sandy's reaction. Although he had seen that look many times before, that look of fear and arousal combining to stop all body functions. He loved it. He knew that when they finished she would soon be addicted to the humiliation of being nothing more than a cum bucket.

Although tonight would go far to that goal it was just the beginning of the process. Anita had done a good job of making her submissive and compliant, the addiction to humiliation and cum was to start tonight.

Juan leaned over and jerked Sandy's leash, "Stand up slut and hold out your hands." Sandy slowly stood up and raised her arms. Juan grabbed her hands and quickly closed a set of shackles hanging from the ceiling beside him. He nodded over to George who was standing next to a panel by the door.

George reached up and pulled a lever and the chain connected to the shackles rose towards the ceiling. Sandy soon was standing on her toes with her hands stretched upwards. He then stooped down and grabbed an ankle and attached it to a cuff attached to a chain running across the floor.

He did the same to the other ankle and nodded to George again. George pulled another lever and Sandy's legs were spread till she was tightly stretched with her legs spread wide and arms attached to the ceiling. The only thing touching the floor was her toes.

But this offered little comfort. Sandy was now totally helpless and totally exposed. Juan looked over at Michael and James, "Well men, pick your poison and get to work." The two men walked over to a table, James grabbed a ring gag, nipple and clit clips, weights and a blindfold.

James grabbed a flogger, an electric prod and a paddle. Both me then walked over to the helpless slave. James grabbed Sandy's face and looked into her eyes, "I'm going to enjoy this slave." Then took the blindfold and covered her eyes. Sandy's life had changed so much in the last couple of days.

She was once an independent strong teacher in control of everything in her life. Even though her and Dawn played control games with her submitting to her friend, they were exactly that, games. Now in just three days she had lost all control over anything in her life. She was now naked and shackled, stretched, and helpless in what could only be described as a dungeon.

She listened to the men grabbing things off the table and although she didn't know what they grabbed she knew that they were going to be used on her. The feeling in her stomach was fear, but was that fear of what they were going to do to her?

Or did she fear that her body was craving what they were about to do to her? That craving that was gnawing away at her mind and breaking down her morals and driving her to ever increasing acts of depravity? Sandy thought back to what Anita had put her through and then watching herself on TV when she returned to her apartment.

As each act of submission was played out in front of her eyes, she was no longer disgusted but excited. Her mind now knew no shame, and that lack of shame only increased her craving for more. As the world around her had disappeared behind the blindfold, Sandy's body went into overdrive.

Every touch, every sound only increased her desire for more. When James pulled open her jaw and inserted the ring gag she almost came right then. She then felt someone's hands caressing her ass followed quickly by a hard swat with a paddle.

Sandy lurched forward but could not stop the feeling as pain shot through her ass and straight to her cunt. As the pain in her ass was still pulsing a clip was suddenly clamped on her right nipple. She groaned and started to breathe rapidly through her mouth. Before she could process the sensations another blow to her ass, this time to her other cheek had her struggling to move away.

Her mouth clamped down on the ring gag as drool started to poor out of her mouth and cover her tits. Sandy was just coming to grips with the pain and arousal when James clipped another nipple. This time Sandy didn't try to get away her craving was taking over and she pushed her chest out to ask for more.

James smiled and knelt down in front of the slut and stroked her cunt. Sandy groaned and pushed forward as far as she could, trying to offer her cunt to anyone who wanted it. As he stroked her clit he rolled it between his fingers then quickly closed the clit clamp tightly around her bud. Sandy screamed as the pain coursed through her body.

But instead of eliminating her arousal it only drove it to levels she had never experienced before. Sandy climaxed! She not only climaxed she lost all control of her body functions. She started pissing and cumming all at once and the humiliation of pissing and losing control only increased the high and was driving her mind to crave even more. Sandy's mind was in a world of its own with all the sensations of pain and orgasms that were flowing through every inch of her body she no longer desired to get away but to let go and accept her fate as a total slut.

Michael and James continued to paddle, flog, stroke, finger fuck Sandy until she slumped and was no longer responsive. Sandy had climaxed at least four times with each being more intense that the last. When the last climax hit her she passed out. Her mind could not process all the sensations. Juan smiled and motioned to George to lower the slut. George quickly reached out and moved the levers and lowered Sandy to the floor.

Michael and James quickly gathered the slave and placed her on a small table. Within minutes Sandy arms and legs were attached to moveable arms extending from the ends of the table.

These arms allowed her body to be maneuvered into any position they wanted. During all this Dawn watched in fascination. Although she knew Sandy was her best friend her mind didn't process what was happening to her. She watched as Sandy body convulsed as the ever increasing orgasms wracked her body. She even felt a little twinge of jealously wishing it was her experiencing the massive climaxes. Susanna had denied her any orgasm for the last few days but had kept her in such a state of teen babe and old guy have to hurry up handjob young she would do anything to satisfy her desire.

Juan looked at the chained slut still kneeling at his feet. He then instructed her, "slut go over and make good use of your mouth on Hank and you better make him happy or you will be suspended by femdom forced a guy gang rape sissy chains on your body." Dawn quickly crawled over to Hank who was sitting in a chair watching and waiting for his turn at one of the slaves.

As dawn approached he opened his legs allowing her to crawl between them and pulled his shorts down his legs. When his massive cock popped out from the waist band Dawn gasped as she had never seen a cock that large. Not only was it a full nine inches long it had to be the size of a beer can the entire length.

She grabbed the massive cock with both hands. Her small hands didn't come close to wrapping completely around its girth. She slowly started stroking his cock and licking around the mushroom head, trying to moisten it in order to try to swallow the massive organ. Hank smiled as he had seen that look before with previous slaves. The look of fear at how this thing would fit in any hole in their body. But it didn't matter; it was just a matter of time before this pretty petite slave was broken and eagerly accepting it in whatever orifice he wanted.

Dawn licked, spit and two raunchy stunners pleasure a stiff shaft group sex cumshots on the cock in front of her face, then stretched her jaws as far as she could and tried to swallow the bulbous head into her mouth. As the head started to push past her teeth all breath was cut off and breathing was only accomplished through her nose.

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Dawn's jaws were already hurting and the cock was only a couple of inches inside her warm mouth. She tried to move her tongue to pleasure him but there was little room as the cock completely filled her opening. Hank was growing impatient waiting on her to swallow more and grabbed the sides of her head and pushed down.

Dawn's eyes grew wide as the cock entered her throat and her gag reflex started to kick in. Hank smiled as he knew that when she gagged her throat dilated and allowed him to push further down her throat. Dawn now had almost 6 inches in her mouth and down her throat and was gagging and getting light headed as all air was now cutoff. Her brain was panicking as it was now starving for oxygen. Hank pulled back her head and said, "better not bite me slut or you will not walk out of here." Dawn nodded as she gasped for breath and pushed the massive cock back down her throat.

Tears were streaming down her face as she fought to control her gagging and please the cock now pumping in and out of her mouth. Hank was enjoying not only the feeling of the former teacher's mouth on his organ but of the effort she was giving to swallow the whole unit. Dawn continued to bob her head up and down his cock slowly taking more and more of its girth into her mouth and down her throat.

Hank knew it wouldn't be long before he blasted his load as Dawn was now almost swallowing the entire cock. Her jaw was starting to cramp and her eyes were watering and her vision was blurry as she felt the cock grow even larger. Hank grabbed her head and held it in place as his cock started to blast his seed down her throat. Dawn choked as his cum shot down her gullet. Hank backed his cock up till the head was now in her mouth and continued to shoot blast after xxx story china full sex stories inside her mouth.

With his cock totally filling her mouth there was nowhere for the cum to go but down her throat, out her nose, or out the sides of her mouth and down her chin. Dawn despite the pain in her jaws she felt a feeling of accomplishment as she had taken the massive organ totally down her throat and pleased her master. Her cunt was now dripping as she was accepting her role as a cum slut.

When Hank finally stopped spurting his cum into the slut he slowly pulled his cock from her mouth and wiped it off with her hair. He roughly pushed her back and looked at the cum covered slut sitting on the floor at his feet. "Don't waste that cum, slut.

Swallow it all." Dawn looked up at the massive man and used her hands to gather the cum that covered her body and licked them clean. Juan walked over to the semi-conscious slave strapped to the table. Her head was hanging over the edge and the ring gag was removed. In this position there would be no restriction when the men fucked her mouth and straight down her throat. Her legs were spread wide and elevated so now there was full access to both her cunt and ass.

It was time phoenix marie masterbating then gets fucked hard initiate her to the world of slutdom. Juan walked over to the table and grabbed a bottle of water and poured it over her head. Sandy woke from her stupor and struggled to grasp her surroundings, momentarily forgetting where she was.

As her head cleared she realized that she was totally exposed and helpless to prevent the men from using her body anyway they desired. Instead of fear or dread it was a craving that filled her body and mind. Her cunt still drenched from her earlier climaxes pulsed with anticipation of what was about to happen.

As she looked at the men approaching her, her mind anticipated what was about to happen and produced massive amount of endorphins increasing her cravings and causing her body to tremble with excitement. Juan was standing between Sandy's legs looking down at her exposed cunt and plugged ass.

Looking over at Dawn as she was finishing cleaning the cum from her fingers. "Get over here slut." He grabbed the plug and pulled it out of Sandy's ass. Dawn crawled over beside her master. "Get your tongue up her ass and get it ready for our cocks. We can't use you pussy but we can surely make good use of your mouth." Dawn quickly positioned her head between Sandy's legs and lowered her mouth to the gaping asshole in front of her.

She extended her tongue and quickly rimed the dilated hole before inserting her tongue and fucking her friend's ass. Dawn's programming was firmly in place as she felt at peace licking and fucking the puckered hole. Even though the act she was performing was depraved and humiliating her cunt was responding and her body's arousal levels were increasing. She wished that the studs lining up behind her were about to use her body instead of the slut in front of her.

Suddenly Dawn's mind for a brief moment stopped. The woman in front of her was no longer her best friend and fellow teacher. It was nothing more than a depository for cum, cum that Dawn craved in her body and mouth. The slut no longer had a name but was now her competitor for the cum that was now available in the room. Juan looked around the room at the men, all now naked and supporting huge erections and surrounding the restrained slut. "OK guys, here is how we are going to proceed.

George, you are going to start us off by using the slut's ass. We can't let Hank go till last otherwise she'll be too stretched out for the rest of us." All the men laughed as his cock was easily twice as thick as anyone else' cock. "When you finish and blow your load the slut on the floor will clean her out for the next man.

That will be her job as the clean-up slut. Cleaning up any cum deposited in any hole. I am going to start with her mouth. James you take her cunt as soon as George and the slut finish. Michael you start fucking the floor slut's ass while we work on the table slut. After the first go around it's any hole open for anyone who wants it.

Got it?" All the men nodded their heads in agreement as George and Juan took their positions at Sandy's mouth and cunt. Sandy had closed her eyes and enjoyed Dawn's tongue exploring her ass and tuned out any conversations around her. Her body was now in hyper drive anticipating the fuck fest about to start. When Juan pushed his cock in front of her face and wiped his son force fucked sleeping mon across her face, Sandy opened her mouth and chased the object of her desires trying to swallow it down her throat.

Then Sandy felt George pushing his cock into her ass. Her mind exploded with desire. George wasn't gentle, shoving it all the way to his balls in one push. Sandy screamed as even though her ass was somewhat dilated and lubricated it wasn't ready for his size or length. As the scream left her throat Juan pushed his cock into her mouth and began to fuck her face, increasing the depth of his thrusts with each push.

Sandy was in heaven as she was skewered between the two cocks now working in rhythm and seeming to meet in the middle of her body. Her body and mind exploded in orgasm.

Her mind receiving the humiliation it craved and her ass receiving the penetration it craved. Combined this caused her cunt to squirt her cum in amazing volume against George's stomach and down his legs, forming a puddle at his feet.

Dawn seeing the pussy juice on the floor dropped her head and licked up the mess and cleaned her way up his legs.

All the men watched as Dawn and Sandy's expressions of pure bliss matched. George was first to climax and he reputation for having massive loads was well earned as he continued to pound her ass as his cum squirted out around his cock with each thrust. It was now his cum dripping onto the floor and Dawn quickly licked it up savoring every drop.

As he stepped away Dawn quickly enveloped his cock with her mouth cleaning every drop from his now flaccid cock. She then turned and started on the slut's ass drinking every drop and digging for more. Juan watching the scene in front of him quickened his pace as his climax was rapidly approaching.

Sandy feeling his cock swelling and filling with cum doubled her efforts to drain his cock. Her mind remembered the glory hole of only a day ago and was now craving his cum. When Juan exploded into her mouth she clamped down determined not to miss a drop. As soon as the two men stepped away from the slut they were replaced by Michael and Hank.

James quickly shoved his cock into her cunt and started pounding. Hank shoved his cock down her throat. As both men worked to get into a rhythm Michael knelt down behind Dawn and worked his cock into her ass. Dawn was now happy even if the beauties sharing one pecker girlfriend and homemade was intense as she was now being fucked.

Her body needing to climax so desperately as Susanna had denied her for so long. Sandy now faced Hank's massive cock at the entrance to her throat. After blowing Juan and having the ring gag in her mouth for so long her jaws were aching. But she was determined to satisfy any cock that was presented to her. As each man climaxed and pulled out of whatever hole he was using Dawn quickly moved into sexy teen bangs with her fathers best friend and gets facial to clean up the messes.

After about an hour everyone stood back as Hank took his position at Sandy's ass. She was hardly aware of anything around her as her orgasms blended together and left her in a comatose state. However when he started to push his massive cock up her ass her eyes opened and she tried to move away from the huge intruder.

But she was tightly restrained and her sphincter gave way as he shoved the baseball bat size cock into her rectum.

Her scream echoed off the walls as the pain was more than anything else she had experienced before. Luckily after being ass-fucked at least four other times there was still plenty of lubrication and her ass was stretched and limber. But nothing could compare to the girth of Hank's cock. When he finally bottomed out deep in her bowels and started to slowly pump in and out the pain subsided and her arousal returned. However after already cumming twice before it was going to be awhile before he would climax again.

But Sandy was in no shape to resist, after repeated climaxes her body quickly climbed that ladder and she was soon about to orgasm again. Hank feeling his climax approaching, quickened his pace which pushed her over the edge one more time.

When he felt her ass gripping his cock it took him over the edge and he shot his last load deep in her ass. As he pulled out of her ass everyone gasped as Sandy's ass was stretched beyond belief. Dawn quickly pounced on Hanks deflated cock and licked and sucked him clean.

She then turned to Sandy's ass and instead of shoving her tongue into her ass, took her hand and slowly inserted it into the gaping hole. Sandy moaned as her friend now had her fist in her ass and was flexing her fingers. When she pulled it out it was covered in cum, she smiled and licked her hand clean. All the men stood there with their mouths open.

Sexy tranny fucked big titted blonde shemale on the bed tube porn had never seem a slut do that without being told. Juan smiled and said "I think our work is done.

Well done gentlemen." They each shook hands and stood looking at the two sluts, Sandy restrained on the table and Dawn kneeling on the floor licking her fingers. The men gathered their clothes and quickly dressed when Juan said "hey guys help me get the slut off the table and back upstairs. It's time to give them back to my daughters." The men quickly released Sandy and Hank picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and started out the door.

James grabbed Dawn's leash and followed Hank. When the men arrived back upstairs the ladies had moved outside to the patio. Hank asked Anita. "Where do you want her." "Do me a favor and put her by the gate. I'll be leaving shortly. Thanks." "No problem. It was my pleasure." James was just behind Hank with Dawn crawling after him. "How about her?" "Just leave her I'll take care of her soon." Hank and James waited for a couple of minutes for the rest of the guys to arrive then the four men walked out the gate laughing and talking about their afternoon.

When Juan arrived the girls asked how it went. Juan smiled and recounted the afternoon's adventures.

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When he told Anita about how many times Sandy climaxed she smiled hollywood sex movies full ebony dubbed on you sex fairy tales said, "I guess my slave is going to be very popular at the glory hole. By the end of the week the line will be out the door waiting on a turn." Christina looked over at Anita, smiled and said, "Remember dear although we have a lot of control in the community you can't have her sucking off the entire city.

There are limits, and remember you don't want her to catch diseases." "Alright mom, I'll only have her go there a day or two. I have an idea of having her drink a glass of cum while teaching her class. I think that will break down any residual barriers." "You are definitely just like me, only more devious," Christina answered. Susanna was the first to leave, grabbing Dawns leash and taking her to the car.

Dawn's body was covered in cum. Although she had licked a lot of it off between all the men ejaculating in every hole and Sandy squirting everywhere Dawn was now a sticky mess. Her hair was matted about her face and her ass was caked with dried cum that had leaked out.

Susanna looked down and told her "you ride in the trunk slut. You are a mess, but I'm proud of you. You performed well." Dawn smiled; something she had not done in what seemed forever. She had pleased her mistress. When they got to the car parked in front of the mansion Susanna opened the trunk and Dawn climbed in. She tossed her coat in on top of her and climbed into the driver's seat and headed to Dawn's apartment.

When they arrived Susanna opened the trunk and looked down at her slave teacher who was now sleeping peacefully. She reached down and shook her awake and said, "put your coat on and go inside." Dawn woke with a start and followed her instructions. Once inside Dawn removed her coat and knelt down beside the door. Susanna looked at the naked slut and smiled. "You've had a big day today. I want you to take a shower and clean up.

When you've finished I'll have your dinner ready." "May I walk mistress?" She asked. "Yes you may slut." Dawn quickly walked to the bathroom to enjoy the shower. A half an hour later Dawn returned to the kitchen and dropped to her knees beside her bowls.

What surprised her was it was filled not with kibbles but actual food. Susanna had opened a can of beef stew as a reward for her good behavior. Dawn eagerly dove into the bowl and licked it clean.

Having normal food for the first time in days was wonderful. Her face was covered in the gravy but she didn't mind.

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She couldn't remember having a better meal. Susanna looked down at her slave and said, "Clean your face and go to bed. Set your alarm for five thirty. Tomorrow I want you sunny leone new xxx sex storys plug your ass and insert your vibrating egg in your slutty cunt. Put on your coat and go to school.

I want you there by six. Go to the girl's gym locker room. Your clothes will be in locker 1200, along with your makeup and hair dryer.

Take a shower; fix your hair and makeup while naked. Then get dressed and leave your coat in the locker and go to your room. I will meet you there at seven. Do you understand slut?" "Yes mistress." Dawn then crawled to the bathroom to complete her tasks. Anita looked over at her slave who was just now stirring lying on the grass beside the gate.

"Looks like she's coming around, I guess it's time to leave." Anita leaned over and kissed her mother on the cheek. I love you mom. You've made me very happy." Christina smiled and looked up at her daughter. "I love you too sweetheart." Susanna turned and walked over to her slave teacher and grabbed her leash. "It's time to go slut, get up and walk to the car." Sandy slowly rolled over and tried to stand.

Her legs were like jelly and her mind was confused. She wasn't sure where she was or exactly what had happened but her body still tingled from residual effects of the multiple orgasms. Anita walked out the gate and the slave staggered after her.

When they got to the car Anita opened the trunk, "Get in slut, you are a mess." Sandy crawled in and lay down; she was asleep before the lid closed.

Twenty minutes later they arrived at Sandy's apartment. When Anita opened the trunk, her slave was snoring lightly. "Wake up slut; we're at your apartment." Anita said while gently shaking Sandy awake. As Sandy opened her eyes and looked up at her mistress she cried "I'm sorry mistress, I couldn't help myself, I couldn't stop cumming. Please don't punish me.

I promise I won't cum again without your permission." Anita smiled, even in an almost comatose state her first thought was to obey me. I wonder how far I can push her till she starts to humiliate herself to get off. "Here is your coat. Put it on and follow me inside." She then turned and walked into the apartment.

Sandy slowly rose from the trunk and slipped on the coat. She didn't bother to tie it; she just wrapped it around her body. As she became more aware she realized that everything hurt. Her ass and cunt were so sore it made it difficult to walk. He throat was also so sore it was hard to swallow. Her face and body seemed to be covered in a sticky crust which she could only assume was dried cum. Once inside she dropped her coat inside the door and dropped to her knees. It wasn't to wait on instructions it was because she couldn't walk any further.

"Crawl to bed slut, I'll set your alarm and leave you food and instructions on the table. Make sure you follow them and I'll see you tomorrow."