Couple francais baise sur la terrasse pour les voyeurs

Couple francais baise sur la terrasse pour les voyeurs
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I'd not seen any real porn until Rob brought some videos home from work one day. We watched them before going to bed, and I found them so very exciting, and our play afterwards was so lustful and intense. "Of course there's lots of this stuff on the net," Rob had told me when we talked about it the next day. He opened up his laptop, and in a coupe of minutes had a porno video playing. It was obvious that he had known exactly where to go, and I could see that he'd done this before.

Again, we got quite worked up watching all of the fucking and sucking going on. The video finished, and Rob casually mentioned that there were lots of photos too. He manipulated the mouse and in a moment had lists of photos displayed in thumbnail form. He scrolled down, looking at the various headings. "We'll have a look at this one", he said, clicking on the heading, "Me and my Slut Wife," and then clicking on each thumbnail in turn, to bring up the photos full size.

The photos were obviously amateur, and each one displayed a woman, totally naked, and in the most exposing and pornographic poses, and in some with a man fucking her or being sucked. I commented that "surely she isn't the man's wife," but Rob seemed to think that she probably was. "Well he can't love her much, if he shows her off like that," I answered. "Oh, some guys like to show their wives, because they do love them, and they're so proud of them that they like to degrade them in that way," Rob replied.

That set us off arguing the point, but in the end, after showing me lots of the same sort of photos from various guys, he convinced me that it really did happen. "Well all I can say is that I'm glad you're not like that," I said. Rob laughed and replied, "you'd look so good in those sorts of photos, and I'd be so very proud of you." I took this as teasing and gave him a playful slap.

No more was said of it, and Rob closed the computer. That night, Rob seemed eager to go to bed early, and as soon as we were, we began kissing and cuddling, and soon we were in the 69 position with Rob exploring my wet pussy with his fingers, and at the same time licking me deliciously. For my part I was sucking mom caught son and daugtfrench and lovingly on his hard cock, while all the time teasing it to the utmost with the dexterous working of my tongue all around his cock-head.

We were both panting as our bodies heaved sensually on the bed and we sucked and licked at each other, but then Rob stopped and propped himself up on his elbows to watch me devouring his hard, pulsing cock as I slurped my mouth and lips over it, sucking, licking, tonguing it lovingly and lustfully.

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"Ooo, wouldn't you look just fabulous in photos of you doing this and displayed on that sex site," Rob said in a tone that was filled with lust and desire. I would have exclaimed, "no way," but I was enjoying cock sucking too much, and all I did was look up at my husband without a word. Maybe my silence, other than the soft sucking and slurping sounds of my tongue and lips sliding over his cock, encouraged Rob to go further.

"God! I'd be so proud to have guys lusting over you and stroking themselves up while they looked at you," he almost drooled. This was too much for me, and I just had to say something.

I slid my mouth from my husband's cock. "You couldn't," I exclaimed, "what if someone we knew saw me!" As soon as I'd said this, I realized that I hadn't shunned away from being seen in a pornographic pose by hundreds of unknown men, but rather my concern that I might be recognized by someone who knew me.

This realization in turn told me that in fact the idea thrilled me and filled me with lustful excitement. I nevertheless continued to resist Rob's urging, and he soon dropped the subject and we got back to our sex-play but all of the time I found that I couldn't put the idea of being displayed on the internet, out of my mind. One way an another, over the next few days, we never got back to the subject of the internet.

It was Friday night after dinner that Rob opened up his lap-top again, and he soon called me over to look at some porn. It was the same sex site as before, and we looked at a video and then Rob went to the photos section, and in full xxx sexe movie sex stories search box entered "wife." I felt a twinge of excitement, knowing that he was heading in that direction for one reason only, and that was to try to urge me on to let him do it.

Surprisingly, Rob seemed to select fairly mild photo sets to view, and then big boos big tits full sex stories to one of a woman posing suggestively but dressed in sexy bra and panties.

"She looks sexy, even though not showing anything," Rob laughed. "Yes," was all that I commented in reply, not sure what direction this was heading. That direction immediately became apparent; "she should have been wearing something like that little baby-doll nightie that you've got; that looks so super-sexy," Rob said in a slightly tentative way.

Asshole of luscious gal destroyed girlfriend hardcore continued looking at photos, with Rob making the odd suggestive foray, but it never went anywhere, and eventually we stopped to watch a movie on TV.

Later, when we were getting ready for bed, I went to the drawer to get a nightie, and purely on the spur of the moment, took out the baby-doll nightie that Rob had mentioned. I was just putting it on when Rob came from the bathroom. His face visibly lit up when he saw what I was wearing.

"You look so, so sexy in that little thing," he beamed. The nightie is a tiny little thing of soft-pink with a darker pink gauze ruffle trimming. Sleeveless of course, with a plunging neckline to a single string tie just below the bust line. The ruffled hem line finishes at the hips, leaving pussy and the cheeks of my bottom in view and only covered with an almost G-string sized pair of matching panties.

Rob wrapped me in his arms and we kissed passionately for some little time. Finally releasing me from his hug, Rob said, in a voice made slightly husky by his eager anticipation and excitement, "wait and I'll get the camera." I sat on the edge of the bed, almost trembling. Would I or wouldn't I. On the one hand I was so worked up and sexy feeling at the thought, but on the other I knew that there was no way I should give in to what my husband wanted.

I had no time to think about it, as Rob was back in a second, and already setting the camera. The camera flashed several times as he took photos from different angles. I didn't shy from his photo taking, and he became more bold. ebony skyler nicole enjoys anal sex and gangbang back on the pillows - that's right - straighten honey sucks bald hard dong pornstar hardcore leg - bring this leg up a bit - look sexy - pout your lips a little - lips parted - that's it - perfect - so sexy." The camera flashed again and again as he took photo after photo.

"Now kneel - that's right - move your knees further apart - that's good - shoulders back, bust thrust forward - perfect." Again the camera flashed and flashed again and again.

"Now lie on your tummy - lift yourself up - that's it - I'll just loosen your nightie a bit so that you glimpse down over your boobs - great." Flash . flash .flash . flash. Rob must have taken about fifty photos before he eagerly loaded them to the computer and we began viewing them. Quickly he selected the best nine or ten, cropped them and renamed them. He was so fast and it took no time. My mind was in a whirl. Would he want to put them on the sex site for all to see.

I felt a shudder run through my body as he quickly typed the address and the sex site came up on the screen. I expected him to ask, but he didn't. He clicked on upload. One at a time I watched the progress bar quickly move across as each photo was loaded. Album name, the box on the screen came up . Rob hesitated . then began typing . "First time for my sexy wife Yvonne." It was done.

My photos appeared in thumbnail form on the screen. Rob clicked on the first and there I was fully displayed. My heart was pounding. My mouth was dry. I felt hot and realized that I was almost panting. "New photos come up here," Rob showed me as he clicked to another screen.

There was the string of thumbnails at the top of the list. Rob again took me in his arms and kissed me with more love and passion that I'd ever before experienced in our two years of marriage.

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It was ten minutes or so before we looked back at the screen. My photo thumbnails were still at the top of the list. Rob clicked back to the album, and pointed out to me the indicator of the number of views on each photo. I gasped and experienced conflicting emotions of lustful excitement, but also a sense of shame. The number of you can connect to her pussy live by playing the acesquirt sex toy ranged between 47 and 53.

He next showed me the comments list: "Lovely fucking slut", "Beautiful", "Sexy", "Now show her off naked", My heart was pounding. My mind was in a whirl. "You're so beautiful," Rob said as he again hugged me and kissed me passionately. We were at it again, kissing, licking, sucking, fucking, touching, mauling, sensuous, lustful, passionate, we couldn't have enough of each other.

Never had out lust for sexual satisfaction been so driven. Occasionally Rob would peer at the computer screen - "78 views" - "such a horny bitch" - "91 views" - "would love to fuck the slut", he read off to me each time he looked. The ever increasing number of unknown men who had seen the photos of me posing sexily in my little baby-doll nightie, along with the crude comments, only made me feel more and more excited.

We fucked and fucked and fucked, our lustful urges running wild until we both orgasmed deliriously in an explosion of gasping, panting, moaning ecstasy. We both lay there on the bed, both totally exhausted. After a few moments Rob again looked to the computer - "119 views", he exclaimed in a tone of great satisfaction. "Oh my God," I laughed, feeling some pride as I wriggled across to see.

Just then a new comment appeared: "very nice for her first outing on the net, she's a teasing little bitch." "You'd better take them off before someone who knows me should see them," I said to Rob.

"What!" he exclaimed in disappointment. We talked about it for a minute, then Rob said that he'd keep them there for the moment, but would just click the privacy box so that they were no longer public. I was happy with that, and so it was done. In the morning, I couldn't get it out of my mind what we'd done the night before.

On the one hand, I was thrilled at the thought of all of those unknown men having looked at my photos. The comments too, were so exciting and filled me with a feeling of sexiness.

On the other hand though, what if someone I knew was to have seen them. I consoled myself with the thought that the chances of an acquaintance having seen them, was extremely remote; still, Murphy's law does say that if it can happen, then it will happen.

Still, although the photos were very sexy and teasing, at least I wasn't absolutely naked. I kept telling myself that I'd make Rob remove the photos altogether, although I knew that in the end I wouldn't, and that I wanted him to show them again. Rob gets home before me after bandar and girls sex mobis, and that day when I arrived home, I found that he was busy cooking the dinner.

We kissed and I commented on his being busy in the kitchen, "well," he said, grinning broadly, "I was thinking that we'd go sex and oral stimulation job for agile dude bed early again tonight." We both knew exactly what he meant by that, and I felt myself almost blushing.

I didn't disagree with his suggestion, and that seemed to be tacit agreement, because as soon as we'd had dinner and had cleaned up, we both had our showers and were ready for bed. I was first out of the shower, and again dressed in the same skimpy little baby-doll nightie, which no doubt showed Rob that I was ready for whatever he had in mind.

Soon we were ready for bed and Rob went to the living room, and came back with the computer and camera. There was no doubt between us that we would again do as we'd done the night before.

Turning the computer on, and opening the sex site, we could see that the number of views on my photos, still remained at 119, and I saw that they indeed had been removed from public viewing.

Rob clicked the box to once more display me to the world, and then taking up the camera, once more proceeded to take more photos of me.

"Haven't you got enough already?" I laughed. But after snapping a dozen or so, it became apparent to me that he had some much more revealing photos in mind. I'd made a bow in the string tie that held the front of my nightie together, but Rob now undid this and retied it much looser so that my little nightie gaped open much more than previously, and all but fully revealed my small breasts.

I made no complaint about his doing this, and took up the pose that he now suggested. Click, click, click - flash, flash, flash, he photographed from various angles. Emboldened no doubt by my docile complicity, my husband next undid the string tie completely so that the nightie hung completely open. He took a few more photos, then leaned towards me and eased the nightie almost off my shoulders so that my breasts were now fully revealed. Again he clicked away with the camera, and once more I made no complaint that he was now photographing me half naked.

Having taken these much more revealing photos, Rob brazilian mamita sucks hard shlong hardcore and blowjob the computer over and began loading the new photos.

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It was done in a minute or two, and these were now on display to everyone who looked. The total tally of views had only moved up a couple to 121, but now that these new photos were displayed, the tally began to steadily climb. It was now that something quite unexpected happened.

We'd started sucking and licking each other, with now and again looking at the computer to see the tally and read any comments on the photos. On one of these occasions lesbians tribbing at bus stop in public checking the computer, we noticed a flashing light on the mail box. Rob opened the mail and there was a message from some man asking if we went on Skype and whether "you'll display your whore wife live." I gasped, not having known that sort of thing happens.

We'd used Skype occasionally to talk to family, but that was all. "Now wouldn't that be something!" my husband exclaimed enthusiastically. "No, no, that's going a bit too far," I protested.

Rob was already typing a reply: "My wife's a bit shy, she's new to this." In spite of my reluctance, several messages were exchanged, and soon my husband and the unknown man were face to face talking on Skype. I'd quickly scrambled away from in front of the computer, but listened to the man's voice as he spoke to Rob who was telling him about how we'd just started displaying my photos. I couldn't contain my curiosity and crawled across the bed and just peeked around the edge of the screen to see what this person looked like.

I was just doing this, and trying not to come in range of the web-cam at the top of the screen, when Rob suddenly twisted the computer around so that the guy would see me. I gave a squeal and scrambled out of view.

I heard the guy laugh and call out to me, "hello sweetheart." There was a pause, then because I'd said nothing, I heard him saying, "hello, are you still in the room?" "Hello," I answered coyly from the safety of my position near the door.

You weren't shy about showing yourself in your photos," the guy laughed, "come and talk to me." I clutched the front of my nightie together, and climbed back onto the bed, just peering around the edge of the screen. moms and stepson porn storys at youjizz, there you are," the guy smiled at me.

He looked about forty or more, not good looking in any way, but then not ugly or anything. "You look lovely in your photos," he continued. Rob moved closer to me and turned the computer so that we would both be on the screen. "Take your hands away and let me see that sexy little outfit that you've got on," the guy now suggested. I wasn't going to, but Rob gently moved my hands away. I was aware that the tie was still undone, and glancing down I could see that my breasts were more or less fully exposed.

"Ah, beautiful!" the guy said, drawling the words out in appreciation. Rob was also looking down at me, and now he got on his knees behind me and leaned forward to adjust the position of the computer slightly. "She's new to this sort of thing," Rob said excitedly. "Mmmm, very sexy," the guy responded, "you need to show yourself off lots more." Rob now reached around me and pulled my nightie wide open and cupped my breasts under his hands lesbians tribbing at bus stop in public that he could bounce them slightly.

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I was blushing profusely but allowed myself to be displayed in that way. "Ah that's nice," the guy moaned in appreciation. "Are you married?" Rob told him that we were, and in answer to his next question, told him we'd been married almost two years. "You're lucky to have such a horny little wife," the guy said. I felt myself tingling all over, such was my nervous excitement at what was happening. My mouth was dry and I was breathing rapidly, but above all I felt so incredibly sexy to be shown on cam to this complete stranger.

Rob now slid my nightie right off my shoulders, and before I knew what he was doing, had knelt alongside me holding his hard, rigid cock out towards my mouth. "Ah yes! go on baby, suck on that cock!" the guy exclaimed, urging me on. I turned my head and took my husband's cock into my mouth, two girls like to please each other him deeply in and then sliding my mouth, with lips firmly sealed around his cock, slowly in and out.

"Oh yes! you lovely cock-sucking, fucking whore," the guy drooled lustfully. I heard Rob give a nervous laugh, obviously not sure how I'd take this sort of talk. I was so surprised at the crude words, that I momentarily stopped and looked at him on the screen, but then quickly resumed sucking.

"Get it right down your fucking throat, you fucking bitch," the guy urged me lustfully. I again glanced at the screen and could tell by his movements that he was masturbating. I resumed sucking and tried my best to do what he wanted.

I kept holding my breath and pushing my head onto Rob's cock until I could feel it right at the entrance to my throat. I'd keep this up until my lungs were nearly bursting, or until I started gagging and then come off his cock momentarily while I gulped in mouthfuls of air. "Ohhhh fuck, I'm going to cum," Rob started groaning. "Cum over the bitch's face," the guy exclaimed. Rob was just in time to withdraw his cock as his cum spurted out and went all over my face.

"Fucking Hell, I'm cumming, I'm cumming," the guy almost yelled and his cock suddenly came onto the screen as he stood up and I saw his white, gooey cum spurted out into a pool in his cupped hand. "Oh God! that was fucking great," he panted, his face coming back onto the screen as he sat down again. After Rob had cum all over melanie rios gets fucked in hardcore fashion face, I'd just left it there slowly oozing down from forehead, down over my cheeks, into my mouth, over my chin and dripping in globs down onto my breasts.

The guy now saw this as he seated himself, and he laughed as he said, "look at you all covered in cum, you look so fabulous." I was ready for hours more fun and sex-play, but both Rob and the guy on Skype were both spent now. I went to the bathroom to clean up, leaving the two men talking together.

When I came back some minutes later, my husband was in eager conversation with the guy on Skype. "There's not many like you two, but when there is, I've seen them with as many as five hundred viewers," the guy was telling Rob.

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"Fuck! wouldn't that be fabulous!" Rob exclaimed with obvious excitement, then turning to me, he explained to me about where we could be on web-cam to anyone logged on to a particular sex site that the guy had told him about.

I protested at this proposal, but not because I didn't want to, even though I was absolutely shocked by this latest revelation, but more because I felt that it was expected of me to show reluctance.

I knew that even though I made out that I didn't want to, we would in fact do it, and it would be big ass mom victoria banxxxx incredibly wonderful and something that I'd never have imagined in my wildest sexual fantasies.

"O.K. same time tomorrow night," Rob was saying to the guy as I sat there with my mind in a whirl. "This is going to be so fantastic, as many as five hundred guys lusting over her" Rob was enthusing as the Skype call ended.