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Blowjob loving teen titfucks and sucks dick
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copyright: Lesley Tara, 2010 It is the annual alumni reunion event at the Lauderton High School, which they hold in the large gymnasium in the main school building. The events in these stories take place at various times during the evening, and to different characters; they are not chapters of the same story, but a series of separate takes. We are the invisible camera, panning around the scene and then zooming in for a close-up .

TAKE FOUR Jenny Neustein, the teacher who had done most of the work of organising the reunion event, was feeling very satisfied with her efforts. Everything had been ready on time and the party was going well, with a lively buzz of conversation as former students greeted each other and the teachers from their day.

Jenny had carefully recruited all of her helpers from the most reliable and mature of the 11th and 12th grades (the seventeen and eighteen year olds), and they were doing her proud, from the guys who were keeping an eye on the parking and directing people through from the front entrance, to the boys and girls who were preparing the snacks, serving the drinks, and clearing away. She was particularly pleased with two of her most favourite girls from her 11th grade geography class, a pair of seventeen-year-old best friends, Brooke Carter and Lauren O'Rourke.

As she had expected of the out-going bubbly pair, they had made particular efforts to be pleasant to guests whilst looking after their assigned tables of little sandwiches and canapes, and earlier in the evening Jenny had noticed Lauren chatting animatedly with pretty Nashiko Giancona, whom Jenny remembered very well from her classes in the first year of her appointment at the school.

The teacher was unaware, however, that the two friends had been sneaking some glasses of the fizzy white wine from the nearby table where they being poured by an eighteen-year-old 12th grader, the effects of which were fuelling their liveliness. They were two of the most striking and attractive teenage girls at the school, but aroused surprisingly little jealousy amongst the other female students.

This was partly because they were genuinely nice and equally friendly towards everyone, and partly because they didn't seem that interested in having boyfriends and were not seen as potential rivals or poachers; if a few of the other girls, and one or two of the staff, were beginning to wonder about where their interests might lie and how just close these two friends might actually be, they kept it to themselves and did not spread any rumours about them.

Lauren was a stunning redhead whose pretty face and hourglass figure turned heads wherever she went. Her Irish ancestry was apparent in her ginger hair, light skin with its hint of freckles, sweet round face, snub nose and green eyes.

Lauren's reddish hair fell straight from her left-of-centre parting and was trimmed at collar-length, the apparently simple style neatly framing her lively features. She had a full bust for her age, with prominent globular breasts that amply filled her 30D bra size, a slim waist, and a euro english milf in stockings anal fuck buttfucking assfucking jut to her well-rounded ass.

In contrast, her friend Brooke was almost the classic blonde, tall and slim, with conical 28B breasts and a tight trim ass which tapered to her long legs. Brooke's natural blonde hair was also straight, but both finer and longer than Lauren's, coming well down her back and at the front artlessly brushing across the top of her breasts.

Both girls had the alluring glow of healthy youth, and were very athletic Brooke was a trampoline gymnast and played in the school basketball team, whilst Lauren played soccer and they were both members of the softball team. They were outgoing and cheerful by nature, with an appetite for jokes and a tendency to egg each other on until they collapsed into a heap of hysterical giggles.

For this event, they had dressed as Ms Neustein had told her assistants was appropriate: sunny leone sexy nude porn were both wearing plain white shirts, which Brooke had combined with a pair of black slacks and Lauren with a neat black pencil skirt that tapered to just below the knees, with a five-inch vent at the back; on this warm evening, neither had bothered with stockings or socks.

Lauren and Brooke had been best friends for several years, and over the last six months they had both become increasingly attracted to the other in a sexual way. This began quite tentatively with some kissing, initially under the pretext of practicing so as to get the technique right for boyfriends which actually neither of them had or wanted. Then, using the same increasingly transparent excuse, they had moved on to petting and caressing, at first whilst fully dressed and touching each other only above the waist.

Predictably, it was Brooke's fondling of Lauren's ripe breasts which had turned them both on so much that the pretence was dropped. Their eyes had met with sudden relieved understanding, and Lauren had pulled her T-shirt off over her head and had lain back down on her bed, topless as she was not wearing a bra, and had begged her friend to continue stroking her.

Greatly daring, Brooke had instead lowered her mouth to kiss the redhead's breasts, making her moan and spread her legs as the blonde sucked on each of her titties in turn.

That evening had been about four months ago, when Brooke was having a sleepover at Lauren's whilst her parents were away for the weekend, and it had given them the opportunity to go much further to their first explorations of each other's cunts, and their first oral sex, tasting and licking each other's pussies.

After this, although they were very careful in public, they could hardly keep their hands off each other when they were alone. Three weeks after that night, during another sleepover (Lauren's parents were quite regularly out of town), with much ceremony and kissing, they had carefully taken each other's virginity, using an old vibrator that didn't actually vibrate any more.

The device had belonged to Brooke's older sister, who had discarded it as useless when she had moved away to a job on the west coast but, by a fortunate chance, Brooke had noticed it in the trash and had retrieved it. During the last few weeks, the pretty pair of teen lovers had become more expert in its use, going in deeper and for longer before they came.

They were both eagerly looking forward to another lengthy sexual exploration later that night, for Lauren's parents were away again and as had become usual it had been arranged for Brooke to sleep over. Both girls had spent a good part of the evening day-dreaming about the love-making to come, and it was this state of secret excitement which had led to their sneaking a couple of glasses of the cool fizzy wine for themselves, although at the age of seventeen they were legally forbidden to touch it.

They were quite some way from being drunk, but were perhaps a little merry the bubbly drink had enhanced their naturally bubbly personalities, and was making them a bit more daring than they otherwise might have been. The reunion event was coming to an end, and Jenny Neustein decided to begin the process of tidying up the gymnasium (it was the only room in the school of suitable size for such a gathering). She directed her young helpers to a variety of tasks, and asked Brooke and Lauren to be responsible for collecting the empty wine bottles and taking them out to the bottle bank for recycling.

As the girls did this, they found that three of the bottles still had some wine left in them, and so, after dropping the others into the bottle-bank, they decided to sneak away with these and have a few moments by themselves.

It was a lovely warm summer night, and they settled down together in a section of lawn which was not far off, but hidden behind a hedge and out of sight from the school building. They could hear distantly from the front of the school the chatter and laughter of the leaving guests, the slamming of car doors and the fading sounds of engines as vehicles drove away and the parking lot emptied. Here they were out of the way, quiet and secluded; the teens had only one moment of caution, when a door opened unexpectedly in the side of the building further along, and a lumpy dark shape emerged and slowly approached along the gravel path on mofos hot pov scene with janice griffith other side of the hedge.

Brooke hushed Lauren, and then parted a small opening in the foliage and peered through. After a minute, she rejoined her friend on the grass, trying to suppress a fit of giggles.

'It's Ms Drake and the Principal', she whispered, adding gleefully: 'She's having to hold her up I think the Principal's drunk!!' 'Oh, no she wouldn't be!' replied Lauren in disbelief, 'she's probably tired, or not well, or something.' The redhead had quite a crush on the Principal, and could not admit that she might have any faults. Only a few days previously, sitting cuddled up together on Lauren's bed after school, Brooke had teased her lover about this, claiming that it was because she wished her breasts were as huge as Ms McIver's which Lauren had vigorously denied, whilst admitting that the busty Principal really turned her on.

Anyway, she had added, slightly sadly, Ms McIver wasn't gay and even if she was, she wouldn't cross the teacher-student boundary. Lauren had also said there was no harm in looking and had countered (reinforced with a poke in the ribs) that she had noticed Brooke having a good eyeful of pretty little Alice's butt in class earlier that day, when she had bent over to pick up some pencils.

The lively blonde had laughed ruefully, admitting that the slender black girl's trim ass had always excited her. However, whilst Alice had been a good friend of hers since they had started the 7th grade together, there was no chance of any lesbian tendencies there and she had a regular boyfriend. 'Mind you', Brooke had mused salaciously, 'can you imagine how hot it would be if we could get her into bed with both of us? Coffee-and-cream time, yum-yum! and I'd be creaming!' Then, with a giggle, she had groped Lauren's peachy firm breasts through her thin T-shirt, squealing in a high-pitched voice: 'oooh, Principal McIver, I love your tits!

let me suck them, ooh please, Ms McIver, they're so huge, let me suck them!' This imaginary scenario had got Lauren really turned on, and she had leant backwards as Brooke now also aroused pulled her T-shirt up above her tits and started roughly to suck them.

The redhead had moaned in ecstasy, as Brooke had thrust a hand under her friend's tartan plaid mini-skirt to quest for her pussy, which was gaping and dripping from the combined effect of the mental image of making love to the big-boobed Principal and the physical stimulus of her adored lover's mouth and fingers. Here and now, Lauren's instinctive defence of Ms McIver had brought those hot and heady moments vividly back to Brooke's mind, getting her even more excited.

The blonde reached for one of the two remaining wine bottles, drinking the remnants straight from the neck. Lauren finished off the other and then lay back on the soft neatly-mown grass and invitingly spread her legs apart, her other hand stroking her own breasts suggestively.

Brooke took one look over her shoulder in a token gesture of caution, and then with a delighted chuckle she straddled her friend and lover, pushing Lauren's hand aside and unbuttoning her shirt.

As soon as she was able to pull it open, she scooped the sunny leone gia portrait of a pornstar lovely firm breasts out of their bra cups, kissing and sucking on each of them alternately, as Lauren purred and arched her back like a lazy cat beneath her.

Then, not to be outdone, Lauren undid Brooke's shirt, tugging it down her arms and completely away. She followed this by unsnapping the fastening of the blonde's trousers and unzipping them, pushing her hand in through the opening to cup Brooke's mound, squeezing and caressing it through her increasingly damp white bikini panties. Brooke gave a happy gasp, her long blonde hair flying wildly as she pressed her crotch down against her lover's probing fingers.

She leant forwards over the redhead, and for a long moment they kissed passionately, tongues probing into each other's mouths. Then Brooke reared upright again, and with a gleam in her clear grey eyes announced that she knew just what was needed. She pushed Lauren's skirt up above her hips, and quickly stripped her skimpy and feminine black lace panties down her body and cast them aside. A round-eyed Lauren gave a soft, excited gasp of anticipation, as Brooke lifted up one of the empty cava bottles and pushed its smooth snub neck against the base of the redhead's pussy opening.

'Oooh, naughty-naughty! but, mmmnn, yes nicey-nicey!!' snickered Lauren, spreading herself wider, and starting to finger the top of her own slit, searching for her clitoris.

She was already well-lubricated in more ways than one, with her labia puffy and parted, and there was barely any resistance as Brooke pushed the bottle-neck several inches into her vagina and began to piston it in and out. The blonde was incredibly thrilled and aroused by the process not only from what she was doing to her lover and the pleasure it was giving the writhing redhead, but also realitykings 8th street latinas gas the pump tube porn the delightful anticipation that family therapy pals daughters progress and dad grades worlds greatest steppartners long Lauren would be returning the favour.

Between the wine they had drunk, the balmy evening air, and the excitement of their love-making, the two attractive teens had rather lost track of time. Inside the gym, the last guests were drifting away almost the last to leave were a striking brunette and a quite handsome blonde who looked to be in their early 30s; Jenny did not know their names, as they had graduated years before she joined the staff, but the assured and rather sexily-dressed brunette had drawn her eye regularly during the later part of the evening.

After this pair had left together, still deep in the animated conversation of friends who have not seen each for years, Jenny sighed and looked around the room. She noticed that Brooke and Lauren had not yet returned from their mission outside, and a slight smile stole across her features for Jenny had a definite instinct about this pretty young gal likes doggie fuck hardcore and blowjob. She delegated two of the most responsible of the 12th grade students a boy and a girl to supervise the others in the final clearing-up stages, and told them that she would be back in a few minutes.

The teacher left the building quietly and stood outside for a moment, letting her eyes become used to the faint light whilst her ears searched for the direction in which to go.

After a moment, some soft and feminine noises from not very far away became distinguishable from the buzzing of crickets and the distant sounds of the taboo busty stepmom riding stepsons hard cock parking lot.

With a wider smile, Jenny slipped off her shoes and crouched down, moving swiftly but silently along the dark silhouette of the hedge and around its further end. The sounds of human activity were clearer now, and quite unnoticed Jenny crept closer, the evening twilight and the rising three-quarter moon giving her quite a clear view and what a view it was! Two pairs of discarded teen panties lay on the lawn, and not far away were strewn two white shirts. Lauren was a truly gorgeous sight, kneeling on all fours with her face pressed into the close-clipped grass and her eyes screwed tightly-closed.

Her legs were braced apart, her black skirt was bunched around her waist, and her peachy breasts hung out of their bra cups, jiggling and dancing wildly. Brooke, who was naked apart from her white bra, was kneeling behind the redhead's upthrust ass and reaming the neck of a cava bottle in and out of Lauren's gaping vagina.

The blonde's other hand was thrust underneath her friend, gripping and squeezing one of her full breasts. Lauren was giving a low gasping cry each time the bottle was shoved into her, her hips were shaking and her outflung hands were clawing at the green turf it was clear that she was in the throes of imminent orgasm.

'Oh, wow!' thought Jenny, 'Oh, my! . Oh, yes!!' She watched the cavorting of the two teens for a while, pushing one hand up under her short skirt and around the gusset of her panties to finger her pussy, whilst the other undid the top buttons of her shirt and slipped inside a bra cup to squeeze her breast.

Jenny Neustein was an attractive 30 year-old, and had been teaching at the high school for the last six years. She was from a Jewish background (although neither she nor her parents were at all religious), and she had the foxy good looks, pert mouth and strong nose, and attractive olive tint to her complexion which were typical of her eastern Mediterranean heritage.

Jenny was quite short at five foot four inches, but not exactly petite: she had a busty profile, taking a 30D bra size, and wide hips that looked amazing in short skirts and tight jeans.

She had large brown eyes and rich dark brown hair which was clipped and bobbed, thickly layered but quite short. For tonight she was wearing a knee-length washed velvet A-line skirt in a rich brown colour, and a short-sleeve shirt in a complementary pale beige. This tasteful combination was topped by a colourful red and brown paisley-pattern neck scarf, whilst below it was highlighted by her brown leather boots; inside these, but out of sight, she had on a pair of fawn knee-high stockings.

Jenny knew very well that she looked hot, and felt quite honestly that she was in her prime. She loved her shapely figure (taking good care with diet and exercise to keep it trim), and especially her large firm breasts. Few of the staff could outshine them . only the Principal, really, she thought. That woman had a truly magnificent pair, ones Jenny would just love to get her hands and lips on, and they had figured in quite a few of her night-time dreams and evening masturbations.

Regrettably, Jenny had given up hope of anything happening there, as there was no hint that the Principal had any lesbian or bisexual leanings, or indeed any sex life at all. The teacher waited until Lauren's moans reached a crescendo and then degenerated into satisfied whimpers, as her hips juddered with her orgasm. In the momentary lull which followed, Ms Neustein swept forwards in quick strides, and loomed over the teens with shocking suddenness.

'Well!' exclaimed Jenny, 'are you having fun, girls?' There was a second of stunned silence, and then two high-pitched shrieks of shock and alarm: one from Brooke, as she jerked her head round and saw who it was, and the other from Lauren as Brooke blushing and panicked instinctively snatched the bottle out of the redhead's cunt. The two teens were appalled to have been caught like this, but almost at once Brooke always the cooler-headed of the pair noticed that Ms Neustein was looking flushed and excited, and that her skirt was rumpled and her blouse was half-unbuttoned.

At once, the girls began begging the teacher not to reveal their secret they beseeched her to punish them if she must, just as long as no one in their families or at school learned of their true relationship. The quick-witted Brooke then followed up her observation of the teacher's disarranged clothes with sound instinct, pleading: 'Oh, please Ms Neustein, really we'd do anything, really anything at all if you'll just keep this private between us .

you could punish us here after everyone's gone, or somewhere else if you prefer, we don't mind, we'll do whatever you want, really we will.' Lauren looked at her friend rather oddly, and got a sharp nudge in the ribs from the blonde's elbow, a clear signal to get on-message. 'Yes, oooh, yes, Ms Neustein!' gasped the redhead, also starting to catch on as she saw the lustful gleam in the teacher's eye and registered the way the woman's blouse was hanging open, almost tipping her lovely large breasts into plain sight (tits that Lauren had often fantasised about in class, getting quite wet in her pussy).

'Oh, really . yes, do whatever you want with us, but please-please-please don't tell our folks!' Jenny's smile widened, a sight which reassured the two teens. She told them that their secret was absolutely safe with her and that no one would hear anything about it provided they agreed to do what she told them.

'Don't worry!' concluded the curvaceous teacher, with a wolfish grin, 'what I have in mind isn't punishment it's pleasure!' Brooke and Lauren smiled back, their heartfelt relief turning to breathless anticipation.

Lauren in particular had often said how much she fancied Ms Neustein, when she and Brooke had been lying together naked in bed, cradled in each other's arms and discussing which of the students and staff at the school they thought was attractive. The redhead had sometimes felt a vibe of interest from her handsome teacher, but had never summoned up the courage to make any move in her direction. Now, it seemed, her secret fantasy was going to come true! To seal the bargain and put her sexual intent beyond all doubt, Jenny knelt down on the grass and gave each girl a quick warm kiss and a soft caress, starting with a tweak of skilled chick knows how to fuck properly of their nipples and moving downwards to cup their naked pussy in the palm of her hand and gently stroke up along its cleft.

The pretty lesbian teens shivered in delighted arousal, as the teacher licked her fingers and savoured the taste of each of their wet cunts in turn. Still smiling warmly, Jenny instructed the girls to wait there until her return, jokingly remarking 'keep yourselves amused'.

Then she went quickly back into the gymnasium, where she found her other helpers were just finishing the last of the clearing up. She was glad to see that Alice Mason had returned; the petite black 11th grader had earlier complained of a tummy upset, and had been gone for quite a while but she was back now, although looking a little unsteady.

Jenny sincerely thanked all of the students for their efforts and said that they could leave now, and she would see to the locking up. In less than ten minutes, the building was cleared and Jenny had again slipped out of the side door and returned to the secluded area of lawn behind the hedge. She gave a chuckle, for the hot pair had not wasted any time in following her parting instruction, being busily engaged on a moist and slurping session of mutual cunnilingus, in the classic 69 position.

This time it was blonde Brooke who was on her back on the soft grass, with her knees in the air and her legs arched wide apart as Lauren's head dived between them, her red hair tumbling forwards. Brooke was just as passionately engaged at the other end, where Lauren's knees were placed on either side of her shoulders and her friend's superbly-shaped ass jutted out at the perfect distance above her face.

The blonde was not only lapping away at the redhead's spread labia, but had also reached forwards and underneath with both hands to grope and squeeze Lauren's pendulously dangling breasts. So intent were they on their love-making that once again they were unaware of the teacher's approach, but this time Jenny did not startle them. Instead, the teacher sank to her knees beside the pair of entwined bodies and swiftly removed her short-sleeve shirt, revealing the shape of her full firm breasts in their dark blue three-quarter cup underwired bra.

She smiled at Brooke, and eased her head away from its devouring sucking on Lauren's gaping vagina. Leaning forwards, Jenny kissed the blonde girl on the lips, enjoying the taste of the redhead's cunt-juices which had coated them. Then the teacher swung round to push her own tongue between Lauren's pert ass-cheeks and taste the sexy redhead's pussy for herself.

The girl gave a deep sigh and thrust her hips further backwards, making herself more open, and the teacher shifted from licking the girl's vagina to poking her index finger deep into it, whilst her thumb pressed up into the clitoral hood, manipulating her student's swollen clit into fiery passion.

Feeling a huge orgasm mounting within herself, and afraid that she would yell or shriek when she came, Lauren shoved her face even more firmly into Brooke's cunt, using her friend's pussy like a gag to muffle her own sounds.

The unintended bonus from this was that when the teacher increased the pace of her manipulations and thrust a second finger in alongside the first, Lauren's explosive climaxing grunts were transmitted directly into Brooke's pussy like an invisible vibrator, and made the blonde come simultaneously as well.

The two beautiful teen lesbos collapsed into a gasping, giggling and sweaty pile, their happy and excited faces shining up at Jenny in the soft summer moonlight really, thought the teacher, it was one of the loveliest and most erotic sights that she had ever seen, and it would live forever in her memory.

But still, the girls had come and she hadn't yet so, it was her turn now! Jenny uncoupled her bra and cast it aside, enjoying the girls' reaction of awe and anticipation as her large breasts swung free. She unzipped her skirt at the side, slid it down over her knees and put it carefully an arm's length away, as she did not want to get grass stains on the soft brown material; immediately afterwards, she stripped her off her dark blue midi-style panties, and tossed them on top of the skirt.

Now her short and busty body was fully exposed, for nothing remained between her neck scarf and her brown leather boots. The teacher lay back on the grass, spread her legs open, and ordered Brooke to fuck her in the pussy with a bottle whilst Lauren was told to suck on the woman's tits. Both girls fell to their assigned tasks with alacrity and enthusiasm, Brooke giving a little yelp of joy as she reached for the wine bottle which had done sterling service already.

Curiously, she was more hesitant about forcing it into the mature woman's cunt than she had been with her young friend, but this was mostly due to an instinctive inhibition about doing such a thing with her teacher. However, under Jenny's encouragement and urging, the girl soon overcame her doubts and pushed the neck of the bottle in as far as she could make it go. The teacher opened her legs still wider as she was penetrated by the glass tube, and her gasps of pleasure both rewarded Brooke and gave her the confidence to continue.

The young blonde began to increase the tempo of her thrusts with the improvised dildo, and Jenny responded with alternating deep grunts and breathy gasps of arousal. Jenny was enjoying not only the effects of the improvised dildo in her vagina, but also the stimulating waves of excitement being triggered from her breasts. Lauren had fallen upon these without the slightest hesitation, her green eyes shining with lustful delight: the schoolgirl had long admired Ms Neustein's prominent bust, but had thought she would only ever caress and suck them in her dreams but now that dream was coming true, in such a wonderful way!

Lauren had had plenty of practice in the last few months giving oral pleasure to Brooke's shapely but smaller mammaries and she had a good idea of what worked best, as Jenny swiftly appreciated. Having two such pretty busty blonde milf young cock leya falcon blowjob and bigtits wantonly sexual lesbian teenagers attending to her body gave the thirty-year-old teacher an incredible high, and although she tried she was unable to hold back her orgasm for long.

When it came, it was truly an earth-moving event for her in one sense, quite literally: her outflung hands clawed clumps out of the lawn, and when she arched her back in gasping ecstasy, she drove the heels of her leather boots sharply into the soft turf, chewing up the grass as her hips bucked wildly in her moment of climax.

She had just enough presence of mind to clap a hand over her mouth to muffle her own cries of passionate release, for she could not be certain that everyone had gone there might still be some people lingering and chatting in the car park. Such was the bursting intensity of her orgasm that she almost drew blood, her teeth chewing on the side of the hand covering her mouth.

Finally, in the last convulsive throes, the woman's head jerked sideways, and she flopped back onto the bed of soft cool grass, utterly spent and very fully satisfied. Only then did Lauren cease her sucking and squeezing of the teacher's tits, which she had alternated between with increasing vigour and frenzy as Jenny approached her climax. The two girls sat back on their haunches, surveying the sprawled body of their favourite teacher, her legs spread open and her cunt oozing with cum-juice, and they smiled at each other in the shared enjoyment of a job indeed well done.

Jenny luxuriated in their admiring gaze for a few moments, as she gathered her thoughts and regained her breath. She was fully aware that her lascivious pose, with her thighs wide apart and her puckered pussy lips open in full view, was having a very arousing effect upon the two girls.

It was indeed forbidden fruit for them to see their schoolteacher in this nearly-naked and highly sexual way, something they could only have fantasised about in their most lurid masturbatory moments. Jenny also knew that the very fact that she was almost twice their age was adding to the allure: few babe works the first time with two dicks teens were immune to the magnetic attraction of a mature and experienced woman at the height of her sexual power.

The teacher slowly and sensuously cupped her large breasts in her own hands, massaging them and pushing them together to emphasise her deep cleavage. Whilst mydirtyhobby lucy cat bonde instagram teen public anal outdoor lucycat two girls were certainly besotted with each other's cute young bodies, they were mesmerised by the vision of adult splendour laid out before them in the soft glow of moonlight.

Sensing this, and deeply thrilled by the encounter which they had just had, Jenny came to a swift decision she had no intention of letting the evening's adventure tamely peter out now. She sat up briskly, noting with an inner smile the way that the teenagers' eyes tracked the sway of her ripe breasts as she moved, the effect being rather like a pendulum when used by a hypnotist. 'Right, girls!' said the teacher, with a warm smile; 'I don't know what arrangements you two have made for the rest of the evening, but they are hereby cancelled you're coming home with me!' She continued to explain that they could do so much more in privacy, where they wouldn't have to worry about anyone seeing them; later, and before anyone got worried about where ebony ladkki xxx sex stories 2019 15 were, she would drive them to kinky tess has her sexy feet licked party they were supposed to be going to (or to their homes, if they preferred that).

Brooke and Lauren gazed at each in speechless wonder a fantastic night had now become truly awesome, and they wouldn't miss this opportunity for the world. There was no time to explain to Ms Neustein about their sleepover and that they were footloose and fancy-free, as the energetic teacher was already pulling her panties back on and reaching for her skirt.

Hastily, the two teens scrambled to do the same; whilst they were getting dressed, Jenny looked carefully at the lawn and stamped back into place the divots which her boot heels had torn up; apart from being considerate, she did not want the school's groundsman to wonder what had been going on here this evening. Jenny led the way back to the parking lot in front of the main entrance, the captivated teens trotting eagerly at her heels. However, before they left the deeper shadows of the last trees, the teacher shushed her followers, indicating that they should remain quiet whilst she checked that the coast was clear if they should be seen, for her to emerge from this direction with two stunningly pretty and rather dishevelled students in tow would raise too many questions.

Fortunately, there was no difficulty: there was no one in sight and all was peace and quiet, with only Jenny's car and one other standing on the dark grey asphalt. For just a moment, Jenny was surprised and slightly spooked: who could still be here, as she had locked the empty building herself? Then she nearly smacked her own forehead in comic relief of course!

it was the Principal's car, which would have been left here, after she felt faint and Ms Drake had offered to see her home. The teacher walked across and unlocked her own car, and then beckoned the girls to join her; there was a moment's hesitation about who might get into the front passenger seat next to Jenny, but in the end the two friends and lovers both got into the back seat, where they could kiss and caress each other.

The woman noticed in the rear-view mirror that Brooke had already plunged a hand under Lauren's skirt, almost possessively as if staking her first claim to the busty girl's body. As Jenny turned the key in the ignition and started the engine, she noted with a smile that the redhead had swiftly responded by spreading her thighs to give the questing fingers easy access to her pussy. As they were the last to leave, Jenny paused the car for a moment after she had driven out of the main school gates and locked them securely, before turning in the direction that led towards her house.

However, as they neared her street she stopped the car at a secluded spot for a moment, leaving the engine running, and turned to look at her two passengers with a more serious expression. The teacher began by saying that she would respect their secret, that it was quite safe with her, and to prove this she was going to put her trust in them.

'No one at school knows I'm gay', Jenny stated soberly, 'and I want to keep it that way with everyone: the Principal, the other teachers and, of gorgeous babe blaire ivory takes an enormous cock, the students. Even nowadays, you know, there's a lot of prejudice people claim there isn't any more, but they won't be comfortable with me if they know I'm a lesbian, some of the older folk on the School Board will start thinking that I'm seducing their granddaughters .' At this point, Lauren sniggered (her grandfather being vice-chair of said Board), and Jenny broke off with a laugh: 'yeah, OK, maybe I am but [at this point she leaned into the back seat and tweaked Lauren's nearest nipple through her white shirt] I'm making an exception for you two, you cuties!' The teacher took a breath, and reverted to a serious tone: 'and that's only because I know you're lesbians already, I won't let it be said that I've "corrupted" anyone!

And I think I can trust you both, and I know you don't want all the neighbourhood knowing your secret, either.' Brooke and Lauren had ceased giggling, and looked back at Jenny with a sudden and striking maturity, nodding gravely in assent. 'Anyway', said Jenny, relaxing and starting to smile again, 'they don't know that I live with another woman my partner, Dasha and I want you girls to meet her.

You'll like her, she's hot stuff she's a bit younger than me, she works for a business in the centre of town.

So . I wanted to explain, before we get home . is this OK with you?' There was no hesitation, and the two teens nodded their assent, even more excited now that the anticipated threesome was becoming a foursome. 'Good!' laughed Jenny, 'somehow I thought it would be! I swear, I think you two are more insatiable than I was at your age . and, babes, I never thought I'd say that about anyone! Here we go we'll have a hot time, you'll see', Jenny concluded, slipping back into gear for the final quarter-mile.

On their arrival at raucous hand and wet oral job deepthroat blowjob modest two-storey brick house, the teacher unlocked the front door with her key and ushered the teens into the hall ahead of her, whilst calling out: 'Honey! I've brought some special guests back with me . are you upstairs, sweetie-puss?' 'No!' a contralto voice called in reply, 'I'm in the den c'mon through!' Jenny beckoned the schoolgirls to follow, and led them down the hall and into a large, cosy and warm room.

Bookshelves lined two walls, with a widescreen television and an impressive-looking music system on a console in the corner, and there were two long comfortable couches and two large armchairs, all in matching white leather, which together made a U shape in the middle of the thickly-carpeted floor.

Sitting in one of the armchairs was a very attractive young woman in her mid-to-late 20s, who was casually but neatly dressed for an evening at home in tight blue jeans and a plain white short-sleeve scoop-neck T-shirt. Dasha's great-grandparents had immigrated to the USA from somewhere in eastern Europe or Russia, and her Slav ancestry showed in her slightly broader face and high cheekbones.

She was both taller and slimmer than her partner, with a slight willowyness to her frame; the T-shirt was quite close-fitting, and the girls banging an alluring gorgeous chicks cookie pornstar and hardcore see the shape of the bra underneath it which encased the woman's nicely compact B-cup breasts.

Dasha's darkish blonde hair fell from a centre parting in waves to a little below shoulder level, and it was set off by her light hazel-brown eyes. These were sparkling with pleasure, and the slender young woman rose smoothly to her feet with a infectious pixie-like smile.

She came forward to give the two suddenly-shy teens a warm welcome, and with a delighted grin she declared: 'So! this is the pair of hot cuties Jenny has been telling me about, is it? Did you know, she picked up on your vibe a little while ago, and asked you to help out tonight because she was hoping there'd be a chance to confirm it!' But,' laughed Jenny, 'I didn't expect that to be quite so definite or such a turn on!' With both hands, Dasha drew Brooke over to join her on one of the couches, whilst Jenny sat down on the opposite one and patted the seat next to her, smiling invitingly at Lauren.

The redhead was quick to join her, and Jenny put one arm around the girl's shoulder, drawing her close to her side. The busty teacher lost no time in starting to make out with Lauren, for she had long fancied the redheaded beauty, just as ardently as the teen had wanted her but Jenny had been too careful and cautious to make an overt move during a normal teaching day.

Now there was no need for restraint or inhibition, here in her own house and with a girl who needed no coaxing at all into lesbian lust. With barely-contained excitement, Jenny rested her hand for a second on Lauren's adjacent thigh, and then slipped it under the teenager's skirt. The girl gave a little gasp of anticipation and at once widened her thighs, allowing the black pencil skirt to be pushed upwards by her teacher's questing hand and the further up the skirt rode, the further in turn that the student was able to spread her legs apart.

Lauren eased her bottom off the couch for an instant, and within seconds the skirt was slipped above her hips to form an additional bunched belt around her waist. This revealed her flimsy and brief thong panties, in a semi-transparent black gauzy material with patterned lace embroidery. From the combined effects of Lauren's previous orgasms and her present wet arousal, the panties were clinging damply to her cunt.

As the redhead opened her legs as far as she could, Jenny cupped the sodden crotch of the garment and stroked her thumb firmly along the visible groove of the teenager's slit. This produced a delighted squeal from the girl, who gave a quick shudder from the hot and cold shivers that ran up and down her spine.

Lauren reached for her teacher's splendidly curved bust, fumbling at the buttons of the beige shirt in her haste to get her hands on those amazing mounds of flesh. Jenny smiled at the youngster's eagerness, and helped matters on their way by undoing the lower three shirt-buttons herself and then throwing the garment aside.

Swiftly, she reached behind her back to unsnap the bra fastening, and then she allowed Lauren the prize of tugging it away and letting the older woman's breasts fall out into the open.

At once, the teenager squirmed around so as to bring her lips to one of Jenny's tits, whilst the girl's hand unerringly found and fondled the teacher's other breast. Jenny sighed deeply in pleasure and thrust a hand up under her own skirt, twisting the gusset of her panties aside and slipping an index finger into her own vagina. From the corner of her eye, the redhead saw what her teacher was doing, and decided that she could do it better. She slipped to her knees between Jenny's legs, pulled the woman's hand away, and then slid her panties down her legs and off over her ankles.

Pushing Jenny's unresisting legs wide apart, Lauren brought her lips to the young teacher's vaginal slit and began to lick around it. As Jenny closed her eyes in appreciation, she felt the student's fingers arrive to join in the feast, as they probed at her pussy and stretched her slit, seeking the nub of her clitoris.

The teacher allowed Lauren's increasingly sure oral attentions to continue until she could feel a climax building, but she did not want to come yet and so she raised the girl's head and gestured to her to resume her seat on the couch.

Now it was the teacher's turn to give like for like, her firm wide tongue having the muscular strength to dive deep for pearls in Lauren's sweet moist pussy.

The student gave a sharp cry as her teacher lapped in her cunt and rasped her tongue across the young girl's clit, and she frantically seized upon her own ample breasts and roughly lesbian jail touching your hottest buddy for the first time them.

The redhead's breath came in nasal pants, rising in pace and crescendo as Jenny pushed two of her fingers into the girl's vagina and churned them around. Lauren shivered suddenly from head to toe, her frame going rigid for an instant as her climax swiftly overtook her as it did, she was aware that there was a counterpoint to her own mewls and shrieks of ecstasy, sounding from the lips of her blonde lover across the room.

On the other couch, Dasha had begun by caressing and undressing a highly-aroused, softly moaning Brooke; curiously, whilst the blonde was captivated by the large breasts of her curvy girlfriend and was deeply in love with Lauren, the type of female who otherwise turned her on was actually slim, tall and small-breasted hence her unrequited longing for the tomboyish pert-assed Alice, and her current responsiveness to Dasha. It took only a few seconds for the latter to strip Brooke of her shirt and black slacks, and then to ease her breasts out of her bra, sucking and nibbling on them whilst the teen closed her eyes tightly and soaked up every morsel of delightful sensation.

Dasha then removed the girl's bra completely, followed by the matching plain white panties. Brooke was passionately returning her kisses, and the seventeen-year-old's hands roved over Dasha's upper body, squeezing her breasts through her T-shirt and bra, and also dropping a hand to grip the crotch of the older woman's jeans.

'Take these off please!' gasped the young blonde, 'I want to see you naked, I want to touch and lick you!' Dasha's smile grew wider what gems her lovely busty lover had found and brought home with her, for their present and future mutual pleasure! She released Brooke's swollen nipple from her mouth, and then sinuously rose to her feet. With a shake of her shoulders, she peeled away her T-shirt and then unsnubbed her jeans, stripping them down her legs. Now she stood between the sprawled girl's open thighs, clad only in her underwear.

Like her outer garments, this was simple and comfortable, and yet still exuded a classic elegance. She was wearing a plain set of lingerie in a warm brown color, consisting of a slightly padded full-cup bra and bikini panties which were cut high at the hips. With her slightly pouty lips curved in a broad smile that was rich with relish of the pleasures to follow, and her warm dancing eyes locked onto Brooke's, the slender young woman hooked a thumb under her bra's shoulder straps and tugged them so that they fell down to hang around her waist.

Brooke quickly unclipped the bra, and then she reached for woman's hips, gripping the narrow waistline of her panties and peeling them down her long lissom legs. The now naked Dasha returned the compliment, kneeling in front of the couch and removing the young blonde's panties so that she was nude as well.

For a few seconds, they gazed at each other's bodies in open admiration. Brooke wet her lips at the view of the slim frame and small jutting breasts of this lithe and sexy woman, all the more alluring for being about ten years her senior, whilst Dasha savoured the sight of the delectable blonde teen who was sprawled in front of her, anticipating the love-making to come.

Then, with a soft erotic moan, Brooke spread her legs wide apart, displaying her parted and puffy labia and reaching down with one hand to tug her vaginal slit open in a wordless offering that spoke volumes of desire and longing. Dasha needed no second invitation, and her eyes gleamed as she dove her head down, her mouth perfect doll pops out big fanny and gets butt hole penetrated onto the proffered pussy.

Slipping her hands under the blonde teen's buttocks and gripping her there firmly, she wormed her tongue deep into the young lesbian, adding to the effect by giving Brooke's pussy a vacuum-like sucking kiss each time that she withdrew it, before a further plunging oral penetration. Brooke began to jerk, her widespread arms smacking up and down on the leather seat cushion of the couch on either side of her.

The teen's back arched and her head went back, so that she gazed fixedly at the ceiling, while her mouth hung open, making inarticulate noises of passion and pleasure.

Judging her moment, Dasha reached up with both hands for the young blonde's tits, and added a firm manipulation of these to the waves of intense pleasure that were surging through the girl. From a distance, Brooke could hear that her hot redheaded girlfriend was receiving similar and equally capable treatment across the room, a fact which aroused the blonde teenager even more.

Dasha was a very experienced pussy-eater, even though in the last few years she had confined herself to Jenny's cunt and just a few offered one-night-stands on business trips (which Jenny not only permitted, but loved to have recounted and sometimes re-enacted both of which always led to really great sex).

She stimulated Brooke's clitoris gently and delicately, holding the pretty slender teen back from a climax whilst simultaneously stoking the furnace of her arousal to a white hot intensity. Sweat broke out on the girl's body, and her thighs and pelvis quivered with barely-contained ecstasy. At last, containing the climax became almost painful for the young student, and Dasha gave her release by firmly sucking and nibbling her engorged clit.

Brooke uttered a series of unbridled piercing yells, her spine arching more than a foot from the couch but Dasha's firm grip on the girl's ass ensured that the woman's tongue remained deeply-buried in Brooke's pussy. The blonde's outflung hands scrabbled at the smooth white leather of the couch, but her sweat-slicked fingers could obtain no purchase.

Her body gave three convulsive jerks and a gush of cum-juices poured from her vagina into Dasha's eager mouth, as Brooke experienced one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Dazed and disoriented, the girl collapsed down again on the couch, her hugely satisfied smile telling its own story.

'Oh, wow, Brookie-baby', sighed Lauren from the opposite couch, 'you look really well-fucked!' The blonde took a second to focus upon her lover, taking in the fact that Ms Neustein still had two fingers sunk fully inside the redhead's vagina and was firmly stroking them up and down.

'Yeah! and, like, you don't, honey?' she replied with a smile, and all four females in the room laughed in unison. 'So, is that enough for tonight or would you girls maybe like something more, maybe experience something new?' asked Jenny. The two teens were athletic girls, fit and healthy, and their energy was coursing back to match the sexual excitement which had never left them.

Almost in unison, they chorused that they were definitely up for more. Jenny looked to Dasha with a broad smile, and nodded affirmatively when her lover regarded her back with quizzically raised eyebrows. 'Mmm, yes the full works, I think, Dasha-babe don't you? I think these hot chicks are ready for it!' Dasha nodded in agreement, and rose from her kneeling position between Brooke's open legs. She walked to the far end of the room, enjoying the fact that three pairs of female eyes were fixed on her swaying hips and naked jutting ass as she languorously strolled past them.

She opened the door of a small cupboard, and then returned with an equally sensuous stride. Both of the teens were so captivated by the sight of Dasha's nude and full-shaven cunt as she walked towards them, that it was a moment before they registered what she was carrying. Then Lauren leapt to her feet with a squeal of joy, clapping her hands excitedly like a little girl on Christmas Day and in truth, one of her heartfelt wishes was about to come true, although a very adult and sapphic one.

Brooke was still a little groggy from her mind-blowing climax, but her lover's reaction clued her in, and she suddenly sat bolt upright again, with an expression of eager interest.

For what Dasha was holding youll be looking at this cock sucking dark blond something the two girls knew about in theory but had had no chance to experience in practice and, given their ages and that they lived in the parental home, no chance of acquiring either.

'Strap-ons!' breathed Lauren reverently, her nipples hardening and her pussy oozing in anticipation; 'yippee, yippee oh, yeah!' 'Ooh . oh, wow!' gasped Brooke, saucer-eyed, and then as Dasha came nearer she added in a slightly more doubtful tone: 'Umm, they are big, aren't they?' It was true in each hand Dasha held a plastic dildo which was fixed to a triangular crotch-piece, from which dangled the straps and buckles of its harness. One dildo was smooth and plain, made of a dark and solid-looking hard plastic; the other was shaped more like a penis although not a realistic replica, it had an enlarged knob at the end and rough ridges along its length and was flesh-colored and made from a softer, more pliable plastic.

They were both quite impressive, but in fact despite Brooke's reaction they were not the biggest; Dasha had chosen carefully from several that were kept in that cupboard, and these were medium in diameter and only about seven inches in length. The young woman knelt between the couches on which the two teens were sitting, and placed the strap-ons on the glass coffee table that was in the middle.

Her lips tweaked in a mischievous smile, as she gestured to the implements. 'Choose your weapons, girls! Which one will you have, or rather which one will have you?' The students exchanged a glance, and Brooke nodded to Lauren to go first and make her pick.

The teen pretty bitch plays with her juicy slit redhead hesitated for a couple of seconds not because she was intimidated by either dildo, but because she wanted them both and couldn't make up her mind! At last, she chose the more realistic flesh-pink colored dildo, and handed it to Jenny. The girl looked her attractive teacher firmly in the eye, and said with convincing quiet determination: 'Fuck me with this, please Ms Neustein, I want you to do me with this, please!' As Jenny buckled the pink dildo around her hips, Dasha picked up the other one and looked enquiringly at Brooke.

sexy mature nurse myuu hasegawa and a patient tube porn, you know, you don't have to we would never hurt you, but really, if you think it might be too big, it's OK, don't do it', she said reassuringly. Brooke smiled back, touched by the kindness and support in the woman's tone of voice. 'No, really, it's fine', said the blonde girl, 'I was just a little surprised at first but, believe me, I do want it!

We've both been longing for this, but we couldn't see a way to getting one, or keeping it safe anywhere either.' Then she looked squarely at the older woman, and added: 'I would love you to do me with it, I'd love you to be my first with a strap-on, really and truly!' 'OK, game on!' laughed Dasha in delight, and she playfully nipped Brooke's left tit with her fingers, making the blonde yelp in genuine surprise and mock outrage.

Jenny had waited for a moment after fixing her strap-on in place, and now Dasha caught up, quickly buckling the harness of the other dildo firmly into place around her waist and slim hips. Then she took Brooke by the hand and led her across the short gap to the couch on which Lauren had resettled herself. In a moment, the two experienced lesbians arranged the teens just how they wanted them: side by side, kneeling on the couch, facing away from the women, with their arms holding onto its low back and their asses jutting out behind them at just the perfect height and angle for fucking.

The older women took up their stances behind the tender teenage butts that were being offered up for their pleasure. They exchanged a soft kiss with each other, and then simultaneously ran their fingernails down the back of the student in front of them, from her shoulders to the small of her back and then outwards to each side at their waist.

The girls gave a delighted wiggle and shudder of anticipation, as the women took a firm hold above their hips and brought the tips of the dildos up to bump and nudge against their pussy-holes. Jenny looked at Dasha, who was wetting her lips with her tongue, and at her lover's nod the busty teacher counted them in: 'One . two . THREE!' On this, both women swung their hips forward and smoothly sank their dildo deep into the vagina of the girl in front of them until they felt a firm resistance, eliciting in each case a shrill yell of shock and sexual arousal.

Moving in unison, so co-ordinated that it might have been rehearsed, the women slowly withdrew the dildos for nearly all of their length, and then thrust them back in again with a firm and steady stroke.

Under this intrusion, the teens' vaginas stretched and widened, and by the fourth or fifth such entry the dildos were going home for their full length, the faceplate of the strap-on slapping wetly onto the girl's gaping labia. After their first cry, Lauren and Brooke were so vip sex story live play by the fucking they were getting that they could barely gasp for breath. They had never felt so filled up before, so totally impaled, with every nerve-end in their body wired up to their vaginas and pulsing with tingling electricity.

Lauren glanced sideways at Brooke, whose mouth was hanging open, saliva dripping heedlessly from her lips. The motion caught the blonde's eye, and she turned to regard her girlfriend, savouring the knowledge that they were cresting this new threshold together. Wordlessly, she nodded to Lauren, and the redhead reached across to take her hand in a fierce grip; during the rest of this amazing sexual bout, the two lovers held that handclasp and kept their eyes fixed on each other, drinking in every detail, every shudder, wince and gasp.

Many older women given the chance to screw such pretty teens would have had no self-control left by this point, and would have begun ramming the dildos in and out like manic pistons. However, Jenny and Dasha knew what they were doing, and had started with long slow insertions and even slower withdrawals, and only gradually did they increase the rhythm, still keeping it steady.

The technique was simple but devastatingly effective on the inexperienced teens, who were soon moaning with pleasure and arousal, stretching their legs as wide apart as possible, juices dripping onto the couch as their sopping-wet pussies gaped open. The girls were gagging and begging to be made to come, and with a look at each other and a nod of mutual agreement, the two women stepped up the pace, harder and faster, driving the teens to distraction in their ecstasy.

For the girls, it was like being on the wildest, most frightening but most thrilling, roller-coaster ride of one's life, where all you could do was cling on and shriek your lungs out. As their climaxes approached, the young girls reared up on their forearms, backs arching as they were driven to new heights of sexual pleasure. This posture afforded easy access to their breasts, and Dasha and Jenny did not pause for a second in their hip-bucking fucking, as they reached around to pull and pinch on the teenagers' nipples.

In turn, this extra stimulus drove the students even wilder, nearly to hyper-ventilate in shrieks of sensory overload. For the final, most vigorous impalements, the women grabbed the girls' hair and jerked their heads back even more tightly, as they banged their pelvises into the students' cunts. The strap-ons were double ended, with an inner rod which thrust up into the vagina of the wearer, and so the two older women were also getting an incredible stimulation, as the dildos slapped up and down inside their pussies and rubbed constantly against their swollen clits.

At the end, all four females climaxed within seconds of each other, with a combination of screams, shrieks, moans and gasps, after which they collapsed together in a laughing, embracing, entwined heap. Once she had caught her breath, Jenny glanced at the clock and regretfully asked the pink-faced and well-fucked teens what time their parents were expecting them to be getting home. Lauren looked at Brooke conspiratorially, and then laughed. She explained that her parents were away for the weekend, that it had been planned for Brooke to sleepover and, with the house all to themselves, they had intended a long love-making session.

It was anticipation of that, plus the wine, which had turned them on so much earlier and when they realised what could be done with the bottles, they just couldn't wait to get started.

'But,' broke in Brooke with a giggle, 'we'd much rather be here that was just the most amazing thing!' Lauren nodded her agreement with a sultry smile; when Jenny asked her, it turned out that her folks would not be back until mid-afternoon on Sunday at the earliest. 'Wow jackpot time!', said Jenny, rubbing her hands in anticipation; 'that's fantastic it gives us plenty of time for all sorts of things!' Realising that the girls were getting quite exhausted, the women slowed the pace to something more restful and relaxing.

Discarding the strap-ons, they moved the glass coffee-table away to one side and then laid the two pretty students down on the soft deep-pile carpet in the space between the couches, again side by side but on their backs.

Then the women straddled them and went down on their teenage pussies in the classic 69 position, one which the two apprentice lesbians were fully familiar with. Presented with a moist and partly-open pussy just above their own faces, Brooke and Lauren had no hesitation in reaching up with their hands to draw their woman's cunt down onto their receptive lips and questing tongue.

At the same time, the girls lolled their legs apart, relishing the expert cunnilingus being delivered by their older and more experienced partner. For variety, they changed the pairings, with Dasha licking Lauren's labia and Jenny eating out blonde Brooke's pussy. The two women were relishing every taste of the unexpected treasure of teen cunt that had come their way on this night of opportunity, discovery and passion, and they were each hugely enjoying the trembling receptiveness of the beautiful female form that was lying underneath them.

Eventually, it was the keen but hastier and less expert licking from the girls which pushed their older partners into orgasm. As Jenny and Dasha began to climax, they thrust their fingers deep into the teen's cunts, rubbing their clits so that the students came almost simultaneously with them. After this, the women rolled off to lie beside the girls, cuddling them and gently caressing their breasts and stomachs. A few minutes later, Jenny got up and fetched several bottles of chilled beer from the refrigerator in the kitchen, and the girls sat up on the floor, their backs against one of the couches.

They were a stunningly pretty sight, their hair dishevelled but their faces glowing with the satisfied sheen of a well-fucked female, sitting side by side without a stitch of clothing, and holding hands. Jenny sat down beside Lauren, putting one hand around the redhead's shoulders as she took a gulp of the cool refreshing liquid with the other. Reaching across from Brooke's other side, Dasha took one bottle for herself and handed one to the young blonde.

She winked at the girl and Brooke smiled back, clinking their bottles together in an unspoken toast. They chatted for a while, Lauren explaining how she and Brooke had discovered their mutual lesbianism, and in return Jenny told the story of how she and Dasha had first met.

Then, seeing the youngsters were starting to nod with sleepiness (it was now well past 3.00 a.m.), the older women suggested that it was time for bed joking that they meant bed for sleep, rather than sex. As they pointed out, a good night's rest would mean they would all be fit and ready for more pleasures in the morning. The girls nodded assent, for although their instinctive desire was for this night of thrills never to end, on a practical note they were almost falling asleep on their feet.

So all four females went upstairs and, before disappearing together into the main bedroom, Jenny and Dasha showed their guests into the second bedroom, where there was also an ample and comfortable king-size double bed. The two 11th grade girls took quick turns in the toilet and bathroom, brushing their teeth with borrowed brushes and toothpaste, and then completely nude they climbed into the bed and curled up under the duvet.

For a few moments, they cuddled and snuggled up together, but quite soon they drifted off to sleep in the warm and comforting embrace of each other's arms. Just in her last seconds of wakefulness, Lauren felt the delightful presence of her lover's hand slipping between her thighs to cup and cradle her, and she gave a sigh of deep contentment. The dappled summer sunlight coming through the partly-open curtains woke Lauren in the mid-morning, a little before 11.00 a.m.

She rolled her head sideways on the pillow, and was delighted to find herself almost nose to nose with her lover, who was awake and regarding her affectionately. 'I thought you'd never wake up, sleepy-head!' scolded Brooke with mock severity, 'I've been waiting ages to do this .' 'Mmmm? . do what? . EEEEKK!! . oh! right, do THAT, you mean!! . well, yes, go on then!' Brooke's hand had returned to where it had been when the redhead fell asleep, but now it was not just touching her pussy but had probed two long fingers into her opening.

Lauren gasped with pleasure, rolling onto her back and spreading her legs apart, as Brooke's digital manipulations grew in strength and boldness. Now the blonde cupped Lauren's nearest breast with her free hand and brought her face to it, licking around the aureole and then rasping her tongue roughly across the swollen nipple.

As Brooke's hand kept up a determined pace, Lauren was beginning to pant for breath, until at last she clutched onto the blonde's shoulders, gritted her teeth, and gave a bone-shaking shudder and a loud moan. Lauren's moment of tranquil bliss proved fleeting, however, because she sat suddenly bolt upright as from the bedroom doorway there came the sound of clapping and laughter.

There, standing in the open entrance, were Dasha and Jenny, smiling with pleasure at the scene before them and then voluptuous babe luna star gets her hole ruined pornstars and hardcore wolf-whistles of appreciation, for as Lauren had jerked upright in shock, the duvet had fallen away to expose her stunning full-rounded breasts.

Lauren gazed back, round-eyed so, tight skirt fetish these trampy teen women and their out of control partying is enough to hadn't been a fanciful dream after all, it really had happened!

She had been fucked by Ms Neustein and her sexy sapphic partner, and she had fucked them too! The redhead regarded the two laughing women appreciatively, and they were certainly an attractive sight. Both were wearing colourful wraps in a thin silky material; Dasha's was patterned in elegant black and silver and was longer than her partner's, whose robe was a plain peach-color that suited her dark brunette hair.

Jenny's wrap was only loosely tied at the waist and hung open, revealing most of her crazy sexy blonde babe candy rides a kebab to orgasm chest and the flat trim stomach below, and Lauren noted that her teacher was wearing a very feminine set of lingerie in a striking crimson color, with a lacy bra encasing her bulging breasts and a pretty pair of matching tai briefs cut high on the hip.

Jenny sashayed into the bedroom, deliberately emphasising the sway of hips and ass in her walk, and strolled down one side of the bed whilst Dasha approached on the other the latter tugging her wrap open as she advanced, and revealing herself to be naked underneath it apart from a pair of cream hold-up stockings which only served to emphasise the starkness of her nudity.

They each sat down on either side of Lauren at the top of the bed, and the girl gave a delighted squeal as they simultaneously reached for her nearest breast. Within seconds the cute redhead was gasping again, for whilst the older women sucked and nibbled on her bust, Brooke had whipped the duvet away completely, bounded down between Lauren's thighs, and buried her tongue into her girlfriend's hot wet pussy. What a way to wake up! thought Lauren dreamily, still not quite convinced that this was real, before she lost control altogether, hips bucking in climax, as Brooke's questing tongue found and targeted her clitoris.

When the waves of Lauren's orgasm receded, the older women relinquished her breasts though not without some regret, for they were amazingly full and luscious for an 11th grade student. 'Good morning, Lauren darling', said Jenny, and Dasha echoed her partner's greeting.

'Umm, hi, Ms Neustein', replied the girl, and then quickly corrected herself when her teacher wagged a finger at her reprovingly: 'Jenny, I mean . mmm, that was so nice, what a lovely way to start the day!' Brooke tweaked her lover's cheek, and laughed back. 'You betcha!', she confirmed, and then explained that she had woken nearly an hour earlier, and with Lauren soundly snoring . 'I do not!' indignantly interjected the redhead.

'Ooooh! Yeah!! You so do, honey!' responded her girlfriend. . Brooke had crept quietly out from under the duvet and gone exploring. She had found their hosts sitting in the kitchen, chatting happily over a pot of Darjeeling tea and toasted English muffins with blueberry jam, and had been given a similar style of greeting spread out on the floor of the lounge, with Jenny straddling her face and having her pussy eaten, whilst Dasha had gone down between Brooke's legs, munching avidly on her cunt.

After the teacher and the student had both come, they had double-teamed Dasha, each sucking one of her tits and both of them in rhythmic turn sliding their fingers in and out of her gaping wet hole. 'I'm surprised I didn't wake you, Lauren dear I shrieked so loud when I came', said Dasha in addition, an attractive blush coloring her cheeks. 'Anyway, after that Brooke came back up here to lie down with you . it seems she can't keep away from you for long!

And she said we'd know when you were awake . we'd hear you, and so we did . we were just lying down next door for a cuddle.' Now that Lauren was fully awake, the foursome proceeded to the bathroom and took turns in pairs together in the shower, fooling around with happy squeals and giggles, and stellar kitten is peeing and pleasuring shaved snatch up with pools of water all over floor.

The two older women dried each other with large white Egyptian cotton bath towels, and then they performed the same service for the happy girls, with particular attention to all of their erogenous zones. They lent the teens a pair of robes in soft pink towelling material, and all four sat down around the kitchen table for breakfast, their physical appetites stimulated in every way.

It was after one o'clock when the older women took the eager girls back into the living room for a four-way session of lesbian lust. 'Hey, we've got enough people for it, we'll show you the "circle of love" well, circle of pussy, anyway!' said Dasha, with a smile and a saucy wink. Jenny shrugged off her wrap and removed the panties of the sexy crimson lingerie set which she had put back on after the showers, retaining the bra as support for her heavy breasts. Then she lay down on the floor on her side, arching one leg upwards to give access to her pussy.

Dasha was now naked, and she undid the tie on One girl rides him and the other fingers herself cotton robe and slipped it from the girl's shoulders. The older woman took a moment to run her hands over the body of the nude teenager, gently stroking her breasts and then cupping and squeezing her cunt.

This warmed up the blonde girl nicely (although she was already eager and wet), and her nipples stiffened still further under this soft caress. Dasha then led Brooke forwards and arranged the student on the floor so that she was lying at right-angles to her teacher, with her head resting on Jenny's thigh and her lips touching the busty woman's parted labia.

Dasha now took up a similar position, forming the third side of the circle and bringing her mouth to Brooke's moist pussy. After this, the smiling woman spread her thighs apart and beckoned to Lauren, who nodded with an appreciative smile of understanding. The well-endowed redhead eagerly slipped into the vacant space, her tongue already questing into Dasha's vagina as she slipped her right leg under Jenny's raised head, and felt the thrill of her teacher's warm mouth fastening onto her own slit.

'It's more of a "square of love" than a circle', thought Lauren with the exactitude so beloved of teenagers, but then all abstract considerations were lost in the wonderful sensations emanating from between her legs. In turn, she focused her attention on the swell of Dasha's mound, lapping hungrily up and down the cleft, and then parting it with her fingers and pushing her tongue in more deeply.

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Soon the only sound in the room was of lips mashing against slits, of tongues slurping into holes, and of rhythmic breathing which became steadily louder and then began to degenerate into ragged pants for breath and half-stifled gasps and groans. The position was such that each female could bring the fingers of one hand as well as her mouth to bear on the pussy that she was dealing with, and the two young teenagers soon got the idea as they felt fingers pushing into their vaginas whilst agile tongues probed under their clitoral hoods.

The students responded eagerly, and found that the sexually-experienced women they were dealing with could readily accommodate at least three fingers in their cunts, and possibly amateur lesbian 4 tube porn in fact, with a sudden surrender to pressure, Brooke's entire hand disappeared into Jenny's hole, sinking in up to her slim wrist.

This deep penetration produced a galvanic effect on the big-busted teacher, who gave a kind of ragged half-sob and half-scream, and then begged Brooke to do it to her more, do it harder: 'Oh, fuckit, yeah! Fucking fist me, babe, fist me good, do me!' demanded Jenny coarsely, her voice thick with lust and arousal.

It was clear that all four were galloping swiftly towards their climaxes, and Jenny announced in a slightly bossy, teacher-ish sort of way that she would 'count them in'. She began with 'five', which was accompanied by rubbing her thumb across Lauren's clitoris, making the pretty redhead tremble and tense her thigh muscles, and gasp out: 'Oh, Miss, I think I'm gonna come, oh shit! Oh, God . sorry gonna come real soon!' Across this plea, Jenny called out 'Four!', though perhaps not quite with her regular crisp decisiveness.

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At the same moment, Brooke's back arched under the stimulus of Dasha's determined squirming tongue, and in turn the young blonde sank her fist into Luna star gets cum in her mouth cunt with a firm stroke, withdrew it, and shoved it in again even harder.

'Three! Aaaaagggh, oh, that's so fucking good, Brooke-baby, fist me again . yes, ooh! fucking fist me yeah, like that!' was the teacher's eager response. Brooke also heard Dasha's voice encouraging her, as Jenny's partner raised her eyes for a second to admire the sight of her busty lover getting fisted by the pretty teenage blonde. With a rough rasp in her throat, Dasha called out: 'Yeah, girl, do her fist her hard, fucking shaft her cunt, go on!' At this point, Jenny managed to gasp a strangled: 'Tww-ooooohhh!

oh, shit, yeah . I mean, two!' after which she rammed her fingers deep inside Lauren's vagina, curling them around in a corkscrew motion. The sexy redhead shuddered from head to toe, and was almost screaming: 'Fuck! Aaaaargh! I'm gonna cum, Miss, gonna cum RIGHT NOW! Fuckit, I'm COMING, I'M CUMMING!!' 'ONE!!' yelled Jenny, and Dasha acted on this signal she already had sucked the nub of Brooke's clit between her lips, making the lithe blonde quiver and tremble, and now she applied a gentle nipping pressure with her teeth.

Brooke lost it completely, her head jerking wildly and her hips spasming, wet juices jetting from her cunt, but throughout her explosive orgasm one part of her brain kept her fist inside Jenny's cunt, and almost on autopilot continued to ram it in and out.

'Yes! Aaarrr-aaaah! Yes, oh, shit, yes! Agghh! Yes, now now, right now, oh YES!' shrieked Jenny, speared as she was on the end of Brooke's arm, and taken to an orgasm as profound as that of the young blonde. At the very same moment, Lauren climaxed, her shouts of release mingling cacophonically with Jenny's and Brooke's.

Her mouth had neglected Dasha's pussy for a few seconds, but at once she fell back upon as if it were a feast after a famine. Dasha was already doubly aroused, first from the attentions that Lauren had previously given to her cunt, and then from the sight and sounds of her lover and the two 11th grade girls giving way to their bodily needs and desires.

With a hacking series of grunts, Dasha let her own climax swell up, closing her eyes but adding to the chorus of feminine ecstasy. 'Oooooh, eerrggh! Yes, now, make me cum c'mon girls, make me cum . shit, I'm nearly there, OH YES, OH YES, OOOOOH . YES, YES!!' By a few seconds, Dasha was the last of the quadrilateral to orgasm, but she had the compensation of the longest crescendo as well.

Spent, the slender young woman collapsed back upon the other three, and they all lay for a while of their backs, legs spread open, half comatose and totally satisfied. However, teenage girls as fit, healthy and highly-sexed as Lauren and Brooke are swift to recover, and after about five minutes they each rolled over to lie on top of their favourite older partner: Brooke on Dasha, and Lauren on Jenny the latter pair making a wonderful combination of swelling ripe breast-flesh, as the redhead's full bust rested upon her teacher's even larger one, their erect nipples rubbing against each other.

Brooke was kissing Dasha's much smaller but pointy breasts, before she thrilled the older woman by announcing in a determined whisper: 'I want to taste you again . you have such a lovely pussy!' The blonde head slid down Dasha's chest and stomach, and disappeared between her legs, to be replaced by wonderfully erotic sensations.

The woman arched her legs apart, reached down and clasped the back of the girl's head. She pressed Brooke's face more firmly into her pussy not that any such encouragement was needed, for the girl's tongue was already deep into Dasha's vagina, sucking up her cum-juice as if it was a fine vintage champagne. However, unselfishly Dasha stopped the happily slurping teen before she brought the older woman to another orgasm.

busty milf wants to cherish your balls just yet, honey', she explained; 'there's another fun thing we can do with four of us let's do that, in case there isn't enough time left later before you have to go.' The two women asked the girls if they knew how to do tribbing, which is also often called scissoring. Once the teens understood what was being referred to by the term, they nodded yes, they had discovered the pleasure that could come from having one aroused and open pussy slit rubbed across another, sitting cross-wise with legs between legs to make this junction possible.

'Good!' exclaimed Jenny, 'now let's show you a variant for four women together it's even better than with two!' The older women called this position 'the Mirror of Scissors', and like so many simple ideas it was highly effective. Each of them sat on the floor, legs open, and got one of the teens to sit opposite them, bringing cunt to cunt for a tribbing session.

The variant was that the two pairs were closely side-by-side, with Brooke adjacent to her favourite, Dasha, and Jenny alongside Lauren, the teacher for whom her crush and passion had grown even greater. Although it required some careful balancing, each of the experienced women was able to bring her mouth to kiss and at least one hand to caress and squeeze the tits of the teenager who was next to them, whilst grinding pussy against pussy with the other girl who was her scissors partner.

Brooke and Lauren quickly responded in the same way, with the latter scooping Jenny's ample breasts out of their supporting crimson-colored bra and then massaging the stiff and jutting nipples making the teacher's nostrils flare and her body shiver in aroused anticipation. As all four females were already very sensitised in the breasts and cunt from their previous climaxes, it did not take long for their cunny-lips to gape wide and permit the labia of their scissors partner to enter and frot along their vaginal wall.

The sensations were so intense that within five minutes of starting the grunting grind, they all gave a series of short cries and shuddered in renewed climax. The two older women announced that they needed a break to get their breath back, and they curled up together on one of the long couches, gently caressing each other as they watched the stunning spectacles of Lauren pussy-riding on Brooke's face, and then of the two teens tangled up together in an avid 69.

The girls were so sweaty after this that blond milf aaliyah love fucks by pervert stepbro on the bed needed another shower, and in the end it was easier for all four of them quickly to freshen up again. Jenny made coffee for everyone, and she and Dasha listened with interest and amusement whilst the two students speculated on who might be lesbian or at least bi-sexual amongst the other girls in the 11th grade and the female teaching staff.

Jenny insisted that she did not know about anyone else for sure, and declared that she would not make any guesses herself, in case this was misunderstood.

She was intrigued to see which names the girls came up with, and certainly some of the suggested students were not a surprise to her a pair of cousins who stuck more closely together and seemed more fond of each other than cousins normally were, and another two particularly sporty and athletic girls but one name was new and quite intriguing: Bethany Duschene, one of the cheerleaders, a vivacious natural blonde with a build generally more similar to Brooke's but with tits that were not much less bountiful than Lauren's.

Then the teens' considerations turned to the teachers. With a wistful sigh, Lauren announced that she wished the Principal was gay, she would just adore the chance to kiss her amazing breasts or get down between her legs and lick out her pussy, or just do anything at all that she wanted, but the girl added dolefully that there seemed to be no chance of Ms McIver being sapphically inclined a conclusion which coincided with Jenny's similarly regretful verdict.

Brooke brightened, saying that there were rumours about the sexy mature Hispanic history teacher, Ms Fuentes, and didn't she have a lovely figure and ripe breasts too? Perhaps, mused the hot and eager duo, they should try flirting with her hint at their availability, and see if she responded with beauteous chick has sex with lad pornstar hardcore advance.

'God, I bet she'd be hot stuff in bed!' groaned Lauren, almost without thinking slipping a hand inside her robe to tease the tender nub of her clit. Jenny had been very interested to hear that there were any such rumours about the normally reserved and rather proper Raquel Fuentes, as she had never suspected anything there .

but, of course, schools were hot houses for rumour, which could spring from some misunderstood remark or innocent incident. Lauren's next suggestion was a good example of this, as she quite dogmatically declared that Ms Bardini, a strikingly pretty novice teacher of biology, who had only been on the staff for a few months, was 'definitely a lezzie', explaining that she had been seen by Cindy Corrigan leaving the small gymnasium together with Ms Rankine (an elegant woman of around forty, who also taught biology), both of them looking flushed and with their clothes rather rumpled.

At this point, Jenny laughed and intervened: 'No, I'm sure you're wrong about that', she explained; 'Donna Bardini had a college scholarship as a gymnast, and you know Cathy Rankine coaches the gym team Donna sex girl xxx 18 and 90 been helping her, and I've heard that she's been demonstrating some new routines for them.

Anyway, Cathy is happily married with two teenage sons, and Donna is engaged to some football jock she met at college quite a nice guy, actually, I've met him.' However, Lauren was not to be moved from her notion, which she had found very thrilling when she had first heard the rumour and, now that she understood the pleasures that sex with an older woman could bring, she was not about to give up such an attractive scenario, which she had played with quite a few times in her imagination sometime fantasising that she was the undetected observer of the teachers' lesbian coupling .

and sometimes that she was discovered spying on them, and as her punishment became embroiled in a wild threesome. 'Well, anyway, I don't know, maybe they're bi', she muttered stubbornly, 'I'll bet Ms Bardini's been showing her some other sorts of moves as well . I would, I mean, Ms Rankine's really very attractive, y'know.' The next cast into the pot of speculation (from Brooke) was a name which Jenny would have put near the top of her personal 'guess the dyke' list: Sally Henrikson, a trim blonde math teacher in her early 30s.

There was just pery teats slut wants to be fucked japanese hardcore about Sally . nothing overt, nothing you could put a finger on, and certainly no indiscretions with students, but still a definite vibe a vibe that quite often made Jenny's pussy go damp when she was near the woman, even though from discretion she had never done anything about it. Here, Brooke offered the evidence of her own eyes, from Sally's coaching of the junior softball team: 'Lauren-love, you remember I told you about this, the other week, when we were all changing for a softball team practice and Ms Henrikson was in the locker room, I saw how she looked at Mi-Cha when she took off her bra and panties and how quickly she looked away again, kind of flushed and guilty; she was keen, I'm sure, and I reckon she's got a thing for Asian babes!' Lauren nodded in thoughtful agreement; Mi-Cha was the daughter chanel preston rope bondage rough sex devianthardcore nipple clamps Korean immigrants, a quiet, polite girl with a lovely slender figure, classic almond eyes and sleek straight black hair that hung almost to her narrow waist yes, if that type turned you on, then seeing Mi-Cha in the nude, despite her having only A cup breasts at best, would certainly wet your panties.

After this nugget of scandal, the conversation rather ran down. Brooke suggested the name of another teacher, but rather half-heartedly, and Jenny's private opinion was the same as Lauren's spoken one of negation.

The redhead then glanced at the clock on the kitchen wall, and with a reluctant sigh said that as it was nearly 3.00 p.m. they would have to depart, in order to be back at her house before her parents returned, and thus avoid any awkward questions also, they would need to make it look as if Brooke had slept over there, as originally intended.

Jenny offered to give the girls a lift and drop them off discretely a street away from Lauren's house. The teacher and her two students (who were now learning under her expert care a very human geography: the female erogenous zones) went out into the warm mid-afternoon sunshine; the suburban street was very quiet, with no one around.

Dasha stood on the front step and blew a kiss to the pretty teens, who laughed and waved back. As Jenny turned to unlock the saloon's doors, a small blue car drove past, the face of the driver turning curiously towards the happy scene.

The teacher had a second of shock 'that was Nashiko Giancona, I'm sure it was, I'd recognise that pretty face anywhere!' she thought. But then she laughed and smiled. She had spotted the pretty half-Asian babe ducking out of the party early last night, right on the heels of Sally Henrikson, and had been pretty sure there was some chemistry going on there.

Jenny had had her suspicions about the orientation of the trim and sexy Sally for some time, but had followed the safe principle of 'don't ask, don't tell'. This confirmed her guess for she knew that Sally's house was only a block away, in the direction from which Nashiko had teens bang fellows asshole with monster strap dildos and squirt sperm. 'Well, well!' mused Jenny with smile, 'I think I know whose bed she's been warming lucky Sally!' The two young girls piled into the back seat of Jenny's car, holding hands and laughing, and she noticed in the rear-view mirror that once again Brooke couldn't resist pushing her hand under Lauren's skirt and up between her thighs.

The amused teacher pulled out into the street, and then whilst driving she confirmed arrangements with the eager teens for them to visit her house again both on Wednesday evening and the following weekend.

Now more than a mile away, Nashiko was smiling too. Mainly this was due to the sweet memories of the night of passion she had just enjoyed with her much-admired former teacher, but the unexpected scene which she had just glimpsed had added delicious spice to her home-town weekend. She was sure it had been Ms Neustein her short stature and full figure was so distinctive with another attractive woman waving on the steps of the house, obviously her partner.

But in the driveway had been two eye-catchingly pretty young things one of them, she was sure, the gorgeous redhead who had been helping at the reunion. 'So, that's how the land lies, is it?' she mused, and decided that before she next came back to town she would phone Ms Neustein, and ask if she could visit her at home to thank her in person for her help when Nashiko had been at the school she had a feeling that the busty geography teacher would not misunderstand her meaning, and that she and her attractive companion shared Nashiko's view that variety was definitely the spice of life!

As she drove sedately along the almost-empty freeway, Nashiko couldn't resist slipping her left hand under her skirt and stroking the crotch of her panties which were damp again already.

It was a good thing that the older woman who she lived with would be at home and waiting for her, in bed and wearing some of the sexy lingerie or nightwear that she loved to buy, because Nashiko was getting in the mood for a really hot fuck. But then, she laughed to herself, wasn't she just about always? It must have been those subliminal signals that Erica, the owner of the small company that she now worked for, had picked up on when she had interviewed Nashiko for the job for, after offering her the position (and making it clear that this was not a condition of employment), she had deftly seduced the pretty Japanese-American college graduate, and shafted her right there on her desk with a wickedly long and curved strap-on.

Nashiko had never been able to stop a certain warmth between her legs every time she saw that desk since then which was four or five times every day, and if she was lucky on at least one of those she would be getting an encore performance. If you enjoyed this, check out my other stories .

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