The lovely ashley gives him something sweet to taste

The lovely ashley gives him something sweet to taste
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Plot constructed by Chedder Cheese, revised by StealthBeast. Story body constructed by Stealthbeast, revised by Chedder Cheese. ----- Sandis let out a long, vocalized yawn as she finished typing the last of her nightly notes. She stretched her arms out, her smooth green, snake scales gently reflecting the many computer monitors that surrounded her.

She'd been working with Dr. Cooler on this procedure for months, and she wanted me make sure everything was set. They'd made a breakthrough in bio-engineering, they've found a way to control organic body modification with maximum efficacy and minimum negative side effects.

As much as Sandis valued this work from a scientific standpoint, she'd always fantasized about a few body modifications of her own, and secretly, she planned out what such modifications would look like on her. Sandis let out a sad disappointed sigh as she glanced over the monitors, showing a 3D projection of what she'd look like with her modifications. She also glanced over the demonstrative footage for their procedures.

It featured a wide array of volunteers receiving body modifications ranging from muscular enhancement, to genital alteration.

The process involves inseminating them with a nano-bot solution that stimulates rapid impregnation of stem-cell cock-snakes that have an amazing innate ability to regenerate their hosts. With this, their power can also be harnessed to modify the body. In Sandis' case, she'd always fantasized about having a retractable cock, something that could be hidden so that she could mate normally, but that she could eject and use as she wishes.

Additionally, despite Sandis' great flexibility, she'd never quite been flexible enough to pleasure herself orally, something else she factored into the hypothetical plans of hers. Sandis stood up quickly.

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a bit too quickly, and felt a bit lightheaded. She'd had a history of hypotention, so she'd been used to it by now. Sandis let out a long pregnant honey cant get enough dick in her wet pussy in sexual frustration.

She'd been very pent up these past few nights working with Dr. Cooler. How could she not? Dr. Cooler was an ice-blue dragoness with a gorgeous body. Secretly, Sandis yearned to experience that body first-hand, but alas, it was not to be. Dr. Cooler had a long history of boyfriends; there's no way it would work. As Sandis went off for a coffee break before finishing the last of her writings, she pondered over how she would sexually relieve herself that night.

Normal porn simply wasn't doing it for her. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught glimpse of the hard-drive that stored all the video footage of the volunteers. She couldn't get off to it here. but maybe she could make a personal copy to take home with her. Sure, it's against company policy but. who would know? With her cup of hot coffee in hand, she uses her free hand to carefully detach the delicate hard-drive from its' computer before walking it across the lab.

Little did she know she was being watched. "Sandis?" Dr. Cooler stepped into the room, startling the snake, "Eeep!" Sandis' hand jerked, and she spilled her cup of coffee all over her chest, the pain causing her to drop the hard-drive, which shattered dramatically like an unlucky mirror.

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The pain from the coffee triggered Sandis into hypotension, and caused her to pass out momentarily. As Sandis slowly regained her consciousness, she noticed that the lights were dim, but from the darkness, came a voice, "Ah, you're awake." with that, bright light flooded the room, and Dr.

Cooler stepped forward with a remote in hand. A panicked Sandis stood on her feet and began, "What's going on here?!" now fully conscious, she came to the realization that she was completely nude, and so the blushing snake covered herself with her arms. Dr. Cooler spoke, "You just destroyed our presentation footage.

What were you doing with it?" Too bashful to confess her true intentions, Sandis lowered her head before saying, "Nothing." With this, Dr. Cooler raised the hand holding the remote, "Wrong answer." before hitting a button.

Suddenly, Sandis felt an incredulously powerful vibration pulverize her G-spot from within, and she let out a sharp cry, and was brought to her knees. This continued for a few seconds before halting. Sandis realized that Dr.

Cooler must have installed an F-KEDA, the "Female Kinetic-Energy Debilitating Apparatus" to her. Dr. Cooler continued, "Sandis, I'm not messing around here, we're talking about my life's work. Who were you feeding this data to? What else have you been feeding to the competition." Sandis couldn't believe her ears.

Dr. Cooler honestly thought she was leaking information to their competitors? It wasn't true! "Doctor, I'd never do that! I just. wanted a personal copy." The doctor shot a skeptical glance, "For what?" Sandis blushed a deep red now and refused to answer, but when the doctor raised the remote again she said, "WAIT!" Sandis, still on her knees, raised her hands up, "I've just been really.

sexually pent up lately and I needed some help. I didn't mean to break it! We still have all the data, we just lost the video feed." To this, the Doctor's arm dropped to her side in unison with her jaw. A blank stare glazed over her face for a moment in deep thought before she said, "I'm sorry Sandis, you've always been loyal to this establishment, I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions." A relieved Sandis put her hands down and let out a sigh of relief.

"But we were seriously counting on that video presentation to win us the grant money. We NEED a video demonstration of these cock-snakes. So I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist you get in the chair." The Doctor pressed a different button on the remote, and a procedural chair, the same one used on the volunteers, came up from the floor. Sandis shot the doctor a pleading glance of horror. She's seen what goes on in that chair, and she wanted no part of it, but when the doctor noticed the hesitation, she threateningly raised the remote again, and Sandis placed herself in the chair.

The chair was more like a sofa-stool, padded and backless. Steel latches shot out of the chair around Sandis' legs before spreading them apart. The embarrassed snake covered herself with her hands, as Dr.

Cooler set up a camera. Tears began to well up in Sandis' eyes before she cried out, "Doctor! Please don't make me do this!" The Doctor approached Sandis from the front with a catheter and said, "I'm sorry Sandis.

I don't WANT to do this but. there's simply no other choice." The doctor caringly cradled the side of Sandis' face before gently swaying Sandis' hands away from her crotch and inserting the catheter. Luscious pornstar aletta ocean slammed by big hard cock deepthroat and handjob snake winced as it entered her urethra. The Doctor shot an apologetic glance to Sandis before saying, "As you know, this procedure closes off your urethra AND acts as a diuretic at the same time.

The catheter is to allow your bladder to release its contents freely." Sandis was too caught up in her own discomfort to pay proper attention to this patronizing information. With the catheter in place, Sandis covered herself again. "Sandis" the doctor began, "We must begin the insemination process now. Please keep your hands out of the way or I'll have no choice but to bind them too." Sandis shyly turned her head away from the camera as she lifted her hands away from her body.

The doctor pulled out a large syringe of the inseminating fluid and gentle inserted the tip of it into her womanhood. Slowly, the doctor plunged the fluid into the snake, and Sandis shuddered as the cold fluid filled out her innards. She let out a gasp as the doctor extracted the syringe and threw it aside. The doctor stood back out of the cameras view and sat down in a chair to observe.

Sandis shook in fear as she anticipated what happened next. She had only seen this too many times on the volunteers.

She felt her stomach swell up, and a burning heat built up in her groin. The Doctor stepped into the peripheral view of the camera and began to narrate, "The insemination process was successful; hyper-molecular activity seems to be running at a healthy rate.

Note the rise of the subject's stomach. She's currently containing the stem-cell cock-snakes. Being a snake-type herself, this should theoretically make the procedure go even faster." Tears rolled openly down Sandis' face as she felt the inevitable process begin. Her stomach continued to expand to its limit and the pressure in her womb grew almost unbearable when suddenly, a thick, silky, cock-like appendage burst out of her vent. Though horrified, Sandis let out a relieved yelp as the pressure was slightly alleviated, but this was short lived, for the pressure built back up even stronger.

The Doctor approached Sandis and removed the cock-snake, which measured about the length of Sandis' body, and placed it into a clean storage bin. Suddenly, Sandis let out a cry as this time two cock-snakes burst out of her. The snakes were so thick that she felt they were going to tear her apart, and yet, she knew the worst had yet to come. She felt so dirty with the slimy snakes hanging out of her, she struggled to cover her groin in embarrassment.

After the doctor retrieved these two cock-snakes, the familiar pressure built up again, and suddenly Sandis let out a shriek of pain and writhed against her bonds as this time, three cock snakes emerged, stretching her vent beyond its comfortable limits. The doctor retrieved these snakes, and went again to narrate to the camera, "As you may notice, we've reached the normal limits of the subject's vaginal walls.

Now the snakes will begin to tear her apart, but as you will observe, the snakes' regenerative nature will keep our subject alive and conscious through this whole ordeal." Sandis was astonished that merely three snakes could cause so much pain, knowing well that she'll be birthing five at a time by the end of the procedure. She cried out to Dr. Cooler, "Cooler! Please! I can't do this!" The doctor approached Sandis and in a mother-like fashion, wrapped her arms around her and whispered in her ear, "What's done is done, there's no other way to get around this than to birth the snakes.

You're going to be okay." A few moments later, with an audible gush, four cock-snakes forced their way out of Sandis, splitting her vent wide open.

Sandis clenched onto the doctor and let out a muffled bellow of pain out into her lab coat that sent chills down Dr. Cooler's spine. Blood gushed out of Sandis' depths which was immediately coagulated and her wounds instantly healed themselves. The pain was so unimaginable, Sandis wasn't sure how she hadn't passed out. Sandis was now shaking violently and sobbing uncontrollably in her agony. The Doctor retrieved the snakes once more and spoke to the camera, "This will be the final wave, five snakes, leading to a total of fifteen snakes, over three times the amount ordinarily produced by our competitors, yet using half the resources." the Doctor continued to pitch her product to the Camera, when Sandis, ungracefully shivering and shuddering in her turmoil felt the pressure build up again.

In utter denial she clenched her eyes closed and let out a long desperate whine. "Please for those with a foot fetish ultraporncamscom, please no, please no!" she whined, when all at once, five especially girthy cock-snakes exploded from her depths and she let out a blood-curdling scream.

Her lower body nearly cleaving in two from the sheer force of the ordeal, completely wrecking her vent wide open. As the Doctor extracted the last of the snakes, her vent almost supernaturally healed itself over to its original state and the Doctor said, "As you can see, these regenerative effects are parallel of a legitimate class 3 Stem-cell cock-snake. This is a groundbreaking moment for all of the scientific community to behold.

Thank you." With this, the Doctor turned off the Camera, and pressed a button on the remote which released the metal clamps binding Sandis to the chair and ejected the catheter from her. Sandis fell forward on her knees and rolled into a ball before vocalizing her sobs dramatically, shrieking like a dying animal, she lay on the cold ground, drowning in her mental and physical trauma.

"Sandis, you're okay, it's over now" said the Doctor softly, but Sandis was inconsolably writhing and crying in her turmoil. The Doctor's eyes welled up in tears, seeing the assistant she'd care so much about go through this. The Doctor approached Sandis, who feebly tried to crawl away but had no energy to cover much distance. Dr. Cooler ducked down to Sandis and scooped her up, cradling her in her arms, "Shhhh it's okay. No more. It's over" the Doctor planted a long loving kiss on Sandis' lips before gingerly carrying her to a stretcher.

Sandis was confused by this very affectionate display but put up no fight, and soon began to calm her exhausted body down enough to drift into sleep. A half-hour later, Sandis, still nude, and still shaken up, is awoken from the dwarf sara one strange midget porn with andrea dipre by the doctor checking her vital signs, and begins gently crying.

Sensing her turmoil, the Doctor approached Sandis, placed her hand on Sandis' cheek, glared lovingly into her eyes for a few moments before saying, "That procedure can leave a lot of stiff muscles and joints, let me give you a massage" With no mental strength to older amateur cougar squeezing her vagina muscles otherwise, Sandis rolled over on her stomach, and the Doctor worked her back and arms, working her way to her legs and inner thighs.

Sandis murred softly as the Doctor's hands ran over her body. Despite what the doctor had done to her, she'd yearned for a long time to feel this Dragoness' touch, so this just felt wonderful. Sandis flipped back over onto her back and relaxed her muscles. Dr. Cooler sensing Sandis' relaxed state, took the opportunity to manually remove the F-KEDA.

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She inserted one of her fingers into Sandis' vent and dug around for the device. Sandis was surprised by this sensation, and found herself instinctively grinding against the Doctor's hand.

Noticing this, the Doctor stopped the extraction and removed her hand and locked eyes with the snake for a few moments. Sandis, gathering the awkwardness of what she'd just done, went to turn her head away from the doctor, but the doctor grasped the side of her cheek and turned her to face forward before saying in a hushed tone, "Sandis.We've been working on this project for ages.

I know two dudes pounding babe ameri ichinose properly black stockings stand fucking you did was just out of sexual frustration." The doctor lowered her head to Sandis' pelvis and continued, "I see the way that you look at me. If you'd like, I'd be more than willing to help you alleviate some of this pent up energy of yours." Sandis' jaw dropped, and her embarrassment made way for eagerness, and she nodded her head, her tail wagging excitedly.

With no further warning, Cooler dove her face tongue-first against Sandis' vulva. Thought embarrassed, Sandis let out a gasp of pleasure, hardly believing that this was happening. The dragoness' tongue expertly darted around and into her vent, and Sandis let out soft moans of relief.

Still, the images of her being sheared apart split Sandis' mind, and she couldn't relax enough to orgasm. The dragoness continued enthusiastically to pleasure Sandis in an attempt to make her cum, but it soon grew blatantly apparent that her post-traumatic stress simply wasn't going to let her.

"Oh God!" Sandis cried out, her whole body shuddering, "I need to cum so badly." the dragoness picked up the pace as rapidly as she could, but eventually, withdrew her exhausted tongue from Sandis' body and panted for a bit, thinking, when suddenly an idea came to her mind. "I wanted to save this as a surprise but." the dragoness stood up and approached one of the computers. "Sandis. You've always been loyal to this lab. I see what you've been secretly been trying to plan." The Doctor entered a series of commands into the keyboard before a simulation of Sandis' body came up, showing Sandis with the modifications she's planned for herself.

"Sandis, with the breakthroughs we've made in this lab, I think we can make this happen." Sandis' eyes lit up, was this really happening? She would finally have this? "Doctor! I've wanted this more than anything else in the world!" The doctor walked out of the room for a moment, and came back with one of the cock chesty teen clary milks big stiff cock of bf. Sandis was familiar with the birthing procedure, but not so much the transformation one.

The doctor pulled a small stun-gun looking device out of her lab coat, plugged it into the computer, and uploaded something to it before holding the device up to the cock snake.

The cock snake twitched as an arc of electricity jumped between it and the device, and suddenly, it gave a loyal, determined posture. The Doctor placed the snake between Sandis' thighs, and knowing just what to do, the snake entered her vent. Sandis trembled in fear, not sure what to expect, when she suddenly felt a surge of warmth run through her body, particularly through her groin and spine. She felt the snake becoming a part of her, and changing shape, and she felt an aggressive tingling running down her spine.

Suddenly, all the sensations ceased, and the warmth went away. Was it really that simple? The doctor smiled at Sandis and said, "Flex your spine forward for me." Not exactly sure why, she leaned forward, to realize that there was absolutely no resistance.

She effortlessly brought her head all the way to her groin. Shocked by this, she stood straight up again and let out of giggle, blushing. The Doctor beamed another smile at the snake and said, "We need to test out your new plumbing." Sandis tilted her head "M-my plumbing?" Without thai teen meat gina valentina gets her wish, the dragoness dropped her lab-coat, revealing her beautiful, nude form, and straddled Sandis' lap, "Are you comfortable with this?" In Sandis' embarrassed enthusiasm, she gently nodded, but soon, winced.

A slight bulge appeared harmony reigns snow white and the bbc natural big tits pinknipples Sandis' stomach, and the doctor then remembered that the F-KEDA was probably painfully stopping her cock from coming out. Sandis gently arched her back as the Dr. expertly inserted her fingers into Sandis and retrieved the F-KEDA, and with it came a ten inch cock, followed by two balls.

The sight surprised the Doctor. In fact, she found this a bit exciting. A few moments passed before she realized she'd been staring for quite a few seconds and she snapped out of it, locking eyes with Sandis and saying, "Well. it seems to be working. Though we need to make sure it can ejaculate normally." Dr. Cooler freed Sandis' arms to allow her to masturbate, but Sandis just sat there, too bashful to experiment, and too shocked to know where to begin.

"Come on Sandis, you have the opportunity most men would kill for: Fellatio exactly the way you'd like." Sandis giggled at this remark, but was still too shy to bring herself to do it. In response to this, Dr. Cooler knelt down and began running her hands up and down Sandis' length. "Sandis, in all seriousness, it's important that we ensure that you can ejaculate normally. I'm going to continue this stimulation to bring you to orgasm, okay?" Sandis cupped her hands over her mouth as the pleasant sensations overwhelmed her.

She struggled not to vocalize her feelings. The Doctor expertly weaved her hands across the cock, all the way from the tip, reaching in and under her vaginal folds, running the stimulation all the way from the base, to the menina gostosa bate uma punheta pra dois sortudos um mole e um otario, and back.

"Looks like you're having trouble reaching orgasm. I'm going to begin assisting the stimulation with a prostate massage, okay?" The Snake gently nodded her head, and with this, the doctor slipped a finger into her rectum, and pressed firmly in a rolling motion over her new prostate.

The sensations were new and spectacular, and the snake, unable to contain herself any longer, let out a long ecstatic cry as her orgasm hit her full throttle, her hips bucked wildly into the sensations, and every bone in her body shook as she completely and utterly lost all control. Each intruding thrust of the doctor's expert fingers against her novice prostate forced a thick creamy rope to erupt in a blitzkrieging torrent from her virgin pythonic cock.

The doctor's pace began to slow down once the orgasm passed, leaving the panting snake to bask in the afterglow. "What a relief." she thought to herself. Once finished, the doctor placed her index finger against the tip of Sandis' cock and gently pushed it back into her vent. Sandis shuddered to this sensation, and soon, the cock was fully retracted into her body. The Doctor leaned forward onto Sandis and locked into a kiss before saying, "Let's get cleaned up and get out of here." Later that week, Sandis and Dr.

Cooler were at the science demo, admiring the many great strides of progress their competitors have made. Still, they clearly paled in comparison to their breakthrough. Sandis nervously anticipated seeing herself being projected for all the science community to see. Despite having worked hard on these scientific pursuits, she didn't want to be the one to demonstrate them. It was almost their turn to show their video when Sandis approached Dr.

Cooler and pleaded, "Please don't show them this! This is embarrassing!" Cooler smirked, ignoring her concerns and started the projector.

Sandis looked to the front of the auditorium in horror, when, to her great surprise and relief, she saw that it was the old footage! Sandis was shocked by this sight, "Doctor Cooler!

How did you." Doctor Cooler smiled and said, "You're not the only one who tried to burn a few personal copies." Sandis continued watching the movie of the procedures being performed on the volunteers, and grew more aroused when suddenly, she accidentally ejected her cock from its' depths. In unison, the entire auditorium turned their head to the sight. Sandis turned beet red and tried to hide her face.

In response to this, Doctor Cooler grabbed Sandis' hand and pulled her to the podium exclaiming, "Come see our latest prototype!" Sandis' cock stood proudly out of its' depth, and the many scientists gathered around to get a closer look of her. The flashes of the cameras nearly blinded the snake, and yet, as bashful as Sandis felt at that exact moment, she couldn't deny that a part of her felt very proud.