A beldade aline rios fodendo com dotado

A beldade aline rios fodendo com dotado
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Who knew Physics could be Fun Chapter 1 I'd been out of high school for 10 years when I finally decided to go back to school so I could get my degree and get out of this weird employment rut I seemed to be in. Being a 28 year old freshman didn't make me the life of the college. I felt so old being around these kids in their late teens and early 20's.

It also didn't help that I was also one of the shift supervisors in the security office of the college I attended. My experience happened during my spring semester of my freshman year. I had become very sick during the month of February. I wound up missing a month's worth of classes. Now anyone who knows what college life is all about knows that this is not a good thing. I had gotten everything squared away with all of my professors except for my Physics professor.

He wanted a meeting. I was truly nervous about having a meeting with my professor, but if I knew then what I know now I wouldn't have worn underwear. I walked into his office, my knees trembling and my heart racing, unimaginable joy from ebon sex hardcore and blowjob took the open seat next to his desk.

I should take one moment to describe me and my professor. I am about 5'2", a little on the chunky side, reddish brown hair, 40DD, and overly intelligent for my education level. Dr. Charles Wallace is a very interesting man. He's about 5'8", military build body, his shoulder length hair and general features have that Jewish look to them, he plays the guitar and is one of the few people I knew that I could have an intelligent conversation with.

The weird thing was I had been interacting with Dr. Wallace on many occasions over the year and a half I had been employed with the college. I never felt intimidated before and we had a great professional relationship.

That is one of the reasons I chose to take his class. I liked him and any reason to stare at his ass was a plus.

Any way back to the all-important meeting. Dr. Wallace said, "Shilo, you've missed a great deal of class and lab work." "I know Dr. Wallace.

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Is there any way I could make up the work?" I replied putting on my most pathetic face. "Well, there are a few things we can do. I can let you make up the missed labs during the last few weeks of class if you are willing. I can't however, let you make up the missed in-class assignments.

That would not be fair to the others that had missed the in-class work also." "I can accept that." The wheels in my head are turning now because I know my grades aren't the greatest in that class. "Is there any kind of make-up work or extra credit assignment I could do to make up the lost points from the in class assignments?" "I'm not sure.

Let me think this over and I'll get back to you." Dr. Wallace then smiled at me, that smile could melt an iceberg, and continued "If that's all class is about to start." I went through class just as happy as I could be. I felt relieved that at least he was going to allow me to make up a portion of the missed work. After class I returned to my office to pack up for the day. The phone in the office rang. The daylight supervisor answered the phone and there was a relatively hushed conversation taking place in the front office.

I say to Markus "What was that all about?" Markus smiled, "Nothing. Dr. Wallace locked himself out of his office again." I laughed "That man would forget his head if I weren't attached to his neck." Now Markus, Marc, was the next highest ranking officer in our office.

Marc was the Captain and I was the Lieutenant. Marc is a former Marine. Go ahead use your imagination (yes he looks that great naked). He stands about 5'9" and he has got one of those iceberg melting smiles took. The only thing that differs Marc from Dr. Wallace is that he always has a perverted comeback for everything.

I have a relatively long drive home so I have a lot of time to ponder the wonders of the universe. On this particular drive my mind wandered to Dr. Wallace. It was weird; I began to imagine what it would be like to feel his hands on my body, his breath on my neck and his soft lips against mine. By the time I got home I was so hot and horney I would have screwed a complete stranger if I had one. I dumped my books on my kitchen table, fed my kitten Rags, and high tailed it to my bathroom for a relieving bath.

I filled my tub with hot water, lighted a few rose scented candles, retrieved Walter (my vibrator) from his place in the cupboard, and got naked and climbed into the bath. As I got relaxed in the tub, I let myself slip into the fantasy realm. I ran my hands over my body letting myself pretend it was Dr. Wallace. I took Walter and turned him on.

As I used nubilefilms naughty assistant surprises her boss at home se to caress my clit its cleo and hot friend get their mouths stuffed with cock cum on face and cleopatra slowly work its way in and out of my pussy all I could think about was how the weight of his body would feel against me as he worked himself in and out of me.

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As I climaxed I cried out his name in pleasure. I laid back in the tub, my breathing beginning to slow I realized how badly I need to really and truly feel Dr. Wallace. I put on my robe and headed downstairs to my kitchen to see what I had to make myself for dinner. As I had my head stuck in the fridge there was a knock at the door. I closed the door and went to the front door. I looked out the peephole, standing there was Dr. Wallace. I was needless to say stunned. I had to blink to make sure I was really seeing him.

"Who is it?" I called through the door. "It's Dr. Charles Wallace. Can I come in?" "By all means," I opened the door, pulling my robe closed tightly against my body, "please, come in." I stood off to the side as he walked into my house.

"I came to talk to you Shilo about a personal issue." "Please have a seat in the living room and let me go put some clothes on. Then we can talk." I showed him to my living room and fled upstairs feeling like the worlds dumbest horney person.

I just had the man of my fantasies and me with nothing on and the only thing I could say was "Have a seat!" When I came back down Rags was giving Dr. Wallace the evil kitten eye. I took the descarada latina de colombia medellin opposite Dr. Wallace and said "So, what is it that you needed to talk to me about?" "First off Shilo please call me Charlie." "Okay, Charlie, what is it that you need to talk to me about?" "Shilo, while I was pondering your problem I began to develop a problem of my own." Charlie swallowed hard and continued "I uh…I uh…couldn't get you out of my mind.

Shilo, I need you. I want you to help me. I want to help me um…wax my telescope." "What?! You want me to wax your telescope?" I wasn't sure if he was being sexual. This statement sounded like something that would come out of Marc's mouth. "Oh no. Oh my god.

I've offended you. I knew that asking Marc for advice was wrong." Charlie stood to leave. a massive rod in beautys mouth hardcore and blowjob. Don't go. I haven't been able to get you out of my mind either. I would love to help you wax your telescope." I then did the only thing I could think of I dropped to my knees and began to take off his pants.

Chapter 2 Once I had his pants off I finally got a good look at his throbbing member. Charlie had to be at least 10 ½ inches long and relatively thick. I took a deep breath and began to run my tongue up and down his shaft.

As I sucked his cock I relished its texture; the mixture of the silky smoothness of his skin and the roughness of his pubic hair. I reached up and massaged his balls with my left hand and used my right hand and mouth to beat out a rhythmic motion. I was so into what I was doing I almost didn't hear Charlie began to moan and run his hands through my hair. The faster I sucked the faster Charlie moaned. It wasn't long before I began to feel his balls tighten ready to coat the back of my throat with his creamy man juice.

I dutifully swallowed every last drop giving his cock one last squeeze of my hand as I extracted his cock from my mouth to make sure I had gotten every last drop. "My god Shilo. Where did you learn to do that?" Charlie panted as he sat back down. "I guess I have a natural talent for dick sucking." I smiled back to him as I wiped the last few dribbles from the side of my mouth.

Charlie leaned over and grabbed my hand. "Now it's your turn." "You want to do this here or do you want to take this upstairs?" I gave him my most sly look. "Let's take it upstairs. I want you to remember this moment for the rest of your life." Charlie gave me this look that made my knees melt. Charlie let me lead him upstairs. As we went up the stairs I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. This was really going to happen.

It felt almost like a dream. I opened the door to my bedroom. Suddenly I felt very embarrassed. My bedroom was very feminine. There were flowers and scented candles everywhere and black silk sheets on the bed.

"Were you expecting someone tonight?" Charlie joked as he took in my room. "No, I just find this the easiest way to relax." I smiled.

Charlie closed the door and began to kiss my neck. He was running his hands all over my body as he made his way down my neck to my shoulders. He turned me around and began to passionately kiss me. The next thing I knew we were naked and making out like two teenagers in heat on the bed. Charlie began to work his way down my front taking time to spend time on each breast massaging, pinching, nibbling, and sucking.

I let out a soft moan. When he finished he continued to kiss his way to my sweet pussy. Charlie began to suck my clit while he pumped two fingers in and wild and slutty trio momsandteens and threesome of my pussy. My breathing began to quicken, my heart began to beat out of control, I began to moan louder then it hit. My legs went rigid and I began to shake as my body was racked with pleasure.

Charlie kissed the inside of my thighs as he positioned himself between my legs. Charlie kissed me passionately as he pushed into my wet sopping pussy. It almost seemed poetic as we made love. The feel of his breath against my skin, the rhythmic push of his hips, the softness of his kisses, and the weight of his body against mine was enough to push me over the edge for a second time with him. Charlie had incredible stamina.

I lost count after 10 orgasms. We must have been in at least 20 different positions over the hour our bodies were entwined. The high point of our session is when our passion exploded with a mutual orgasm. Lying tangled in my sheets the sweat of our passion glinting on our bodies I sighed. "A Watt for your thoughts." Charlie said. "I was just thinking how I don't want this night to end." "It doesn't have to." Charlie rolled over and kissed comparte su novio con su amiga xgirls. After he was done kissing me I ran my hand over his rugged face gazing into his eyes as I did this.

At that moment I felt something awaken in me. It was like a fiery passion with this urgency never to be away from him again. "We should eat something." I said propping myself up on my elbows. "Do you want to go out or stay in?" Charlie said slyly. "Stay in." I said with my evilest grin. "With or without clothes?" "We might not have to pay if you greet the delivery guy naked." Charlie flashed me another smile. "You want to shower first?" I rolled over onto my back.

Charlie kissed me again as he climbed out of my bed and headed to my bathroom. I on the other hand laid back and enjoyed the view. Charlie was in the kitchen feeding Rags when I got out of the shower. "I heard tuna is good for a kitten's coat." "I see Rags has gotten you wrapped around her little paw already." I chucked and Rags gave me her patented evil kitten look. "You want Pizza, Chinese, or something from the seafood place down the block?" "What would you like?" Charlie said scratching Rags behind her ears.

"Chinese sounds good to me. How about Crab Rangoon, orange chicken, vegetable lo-mein, and lemon cakes?" "Those are some of my favorites." I called in our order and we went into the living room to watch some TV while we waited for our food to arrive.

We were watching old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer when our dinner arrived. I set the food on my dining room table, got out two wine glasses, my bottle of Saki and broke out my good chopsticks. I let Charlie have the seat at the head of the table taking the seat directly next to him for myself.

I did this on purpose. He now had the perfect view of my perky yet scrumptious boobs. As we each poured food onto our plates I gently ran my foot up and down his leg with a soft sensual rhythm to it. Charlie closed his eyes for a moment taking in the feeling. "Shilo, your house seems to match you perfectly." "What do you mean?" I gave him a quizzical look.

"You and your house are insanely beautiful." I blushed, "Thank you it was my parents." "Was?" Charlie's expression softened a bit. "My parents were killed in a car accident when I was 2.

My grandparents raised me. They kept this house and rented it out until I graduated from high school and then gave it to me. So about 3 years ago when my tenants left I decided to move back here from Nebraska." I said feeling a twinge of loneliness.

"Why were you in Nebraska?" "My grandparents live there. That is where Xxx story rajthan fuck kolej was raised. My parents taught at the University when I was born. They were on their way home from a University fundraiser when they were hit by a Chiquita Banana truck. Their car was pushed over an embankment. The car rolled over 4 times. My mom was killed instantly and my dad died 4 days later from internal injuries.

The banana truck driver was also killed; he had a heart attack which caused the accident." I sighed.

"I'm so sorry this must be very painful for you to talk about." Charlie began to rub my leg with his hand. "Not really. I don't even remember them. All I have is the money they left me, this house, stories from other family members, and photo albums." "So, why did you decide to move here?" "I needed a change of scenery and it didn't hurt that Dr. Hoffman offered me a job, granted it was as a security guard but it was enough to convince me that it was time to come back home." I could feel tears begin to collect around the corners of my eyes.

"Shilo, what's wrong?" "Oh nothing. I was just thinking about what I left behind in Nebraska." "Shilo, what did you leave behind in Nebraska?" "Pain, my best friend in the entire world is buried there. Kevin was killed during the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11. He was an aide to General somebody. He had asked me to come visit him that week. If I had gone he wouldn't have been at work and he would still be alive." I busted into tears. "Shilo, it's not your fault. No one knew what was going to happen." Charlie slowly began to kiss away my tears.

Our lips met, and passion once again exploded. It wasn't long before our party made its way back up to the bedroom. It wasn't like before. There was no tenderness.

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It was pure raw animal passion. We went at it like two atoms in a nuclear reactor. As our passion peaked it was an explosion not unlike that of a nuclear warhead exploding.

My body convulsed with such violence I nearly sent Charlie flying off of the bed. As we laid there basking in our radiant afterglow, I turned over on my side for comfort, Charlie also turned on his side wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in tight so I could feel his breath against the nap scarlett johansson milf red black interracial cock bbc anal sex first my neck and he whispered into my ear "Nothing bad will ever touch you again Shilo, I'll never let that happen.

I love you too much." With those words I drifted off into a blissful yet dreamless sleep.   Chapter 3 The first rays of light began to trickle through the window of my second floor bedroom like a gentile rain of diamonds from heaven.

I rolled over and watched Charlie sleeping. He looked so peaceful like he was meant to be there in my bed. This felt so right. Nothing had felt this right not since Kevin anyway. I will never forget that fateful day as long as I live. That was the day I lost my best friend, my lover and my husband. The only other person in the whole world that even knew that Kevin and I had gotten married was my best-girlfriend Zyria.

Maybe one day I would tell Charlie the whole story and the truth as to why I hadn't been in Washington, D.C. that day. Let me stop right here and tell you how Zyria and I met. It was my first day on the job and she worked in the Financial Aid office as a student work study. I ran into her during one of my smoke breaks that day. We began to talk and get to know each other. Zyria is built like me.

We hit it off and have been inseparable since. We spend so much time together those who know us well around campus have begun to say we operate from the same brain. I was so lost in thought I nearly jumped out of my skin as Charlie snaked his arms around me.

"Good morning Lover." Charlie kissed me softly on my forehead. "Good morning to you too." I kissed him back. "What time is it?" Charlie asked searching the bedside table for his glasses. "About 6 am." I said reaching for my robe. "What time is your first class?" "9:30, General Physics." "Do you think you have time for breakfast?" "Not this morning.

I should go home get a shower and change before class. I think my colleagues may ask questions if I show up in the same clothes two days in a row." Charlie said as he began to collect his clothes. "You know my shower is big enough for two." I said slyly. "You really know how to twist a guy's dick." Charlie pulled on his underwear. "Last one in has to pick up the soap." I just laughed and chased him down the hall.

The water was warm as we sensuously caressed each other's bodies in a daily cleansing ritual that most of us take for granted. As the water cascaded down over us rinsing the soap from our bodies Charlie pulled me in tight and began to affix kisses down my neck and across my chest. Just as we began to exchange deep sensual kisses the water turned to ice and we both made a hasty retreat from the shower. Charlie dressed quickly and with one last kiss he was out the door.

I sat a t my dining room table, with my morning coffee in hand and Raggs in my lap, staring blissfully after my lover enjoying the view. I was nearly late for my first class that day. I had become so lost in my thoughts at home it took Raggs biting ankle in hunger and frustration to bring me back to reality. I floated on air during my two morning classes. There could have been a horrendous thunderstorm and it wouldn't have killed my happy sunny day attitude.

Coming out of my second class I met up with Zyria and Dr. Phoenix for our daily smoke break. The conversation rattled around the usual topics, history, theater, current events, etc. Once Dr. P left to go to his office I turned to Zyria and said "Girl, I had one hell of a night last night." "What happened?

I thought you were going to have one of your boring Shilo evenings." "I was going to but events unfolded otherwise.

If I tell you, you must swear it complete and total secrecy." "If you're swearing me to secrecy it must be juicy, so do tell." I commenced to telling Zyria the whole story. "He just showed up on my doorstep.

He gave me one of those cheese lines that Mark had apparently given to him. Then he got flustered when I looked surprised about what he had said. I gave him a blow job. I figured after that it would be a quick romp in the sheets and he would leave but, Zyria we made love. It was incredible. The passion the fireworks, god I think I may just have another orgasm thinking about it." I took a breath and continued. "We had dinner with russian mom hair hot milf fucked delivery guy usual small talk.

I mentioned Kevin but I didn't elaborate. I will eventually but things are just too new to dump that emotional baggage on him. After dinner we were back at it. I think we came pretty close to breaking my bed with the second session. I fell asleep in his arms and woke up blissful this morning. We showered and I haven't seen him yet since he left." Her facial expressions were bouncing back and forth between shock, surprise and curiosity.

Once I had finished telling her about my evening with Charlie I half expected her to yell at me or get angry, but she didn't.

Zyria looked at me calmly in the eye and said "It has been 8 years since Kevin died. You deserve happiness. Just be careful. As long as you are a student of his and he is your professor if you two get caught both of your careers will be over." "That thought never crossed my mind." I said as we walked into the security office. "I've been too busy falling in love." "Are you sure you're in love?" Zyria asked.

"Whatever it is Zyria it feels right. I've never been happier. It's almost like there is some cosmic force is drawing us together." Zyria gave me her patented perverted look.

"Get your mind out of the gutter these feelings aren't cropping up just because I got laid several times last night." "Laid, who got laid?!" Mark said striding into the office.

"And by whom?" "I wondered where you have been. I guess I have you to thank for last night." I said to Mark. "Thank me? For what?" Mark playfully asked. "For telling Charlie where I lived and giving him that cheesy Wax my telescope line." I responded throwing a marker at him. "So that is why he has that shit-eaten grin on his face today. I didn't think he was going to go over last night.

You know I think he's had a thing for you for a while now." Mark said. "I never paid that much attention. Listen Mark you have to keep this on the down low. If anyone but you guys find out we'll be in hot water." I said getting serious. "Mum's the word." Mark said. "Smoke break anyone?" "After hearing about last night, I could use two." Zyria said. "It was pretty steamy wasn't it?" Mark said as we began to walk out of the office.

"From that remark I am safe in concluding that you talked to Charlie today." I said "Oops. I wasn't supposed to let on I knew. Oh, well. Charlie said to meet him for lunch in his office in an hour." Mark said.

"I wonder what he wants to eat." Zyria said with that perverted look on her face again. "Hopefully me." I responded lighting up my cigarette.   Chapter 4 With all perversions aside I began to grow concerned. Surely Charlie wouldn't want people speculating that we were an item by openly having lunch with me.

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My natural high began to dissipate with that thought. I began to prepare myself for Charlie to give me some line along the type of 'it's not you it's me' or 'last night was a mistake. It never should have happened.' My mind continued to obsess over the worst case scenarios. I was so lost in my worries and thoughts that I nearly walked into two walls and three students on my way to Charlie's office.

I just arrived at the lab trailer where his office was located and stopped to have a smoke before I went in. I still had five minutes and knowing that Charlie always took his classes to the last minute I knew I had time. As Horny girl pounces on guy and fucks him hard finished my cigarette Charlie's Physics II class began to trickle out.

I tossed my butt, took a deep breath, and proceeded into the building. I popped my head into the Physics lab and saw that he was talking to one of his Physics students.

Charlie motioned for me to take a seat. I took one of the seats in the back of the lab and waited for him to finish with the student. Once the student had left and made his way out of the lab Charlie said "Shilo please hot and horny blondie masturbates pussy masturbation fingering into my office." My body went cold.

His voice sounded so authoritative, void of any emotion. It made it very hard for me to gauge his mood. What I could gather from his body language and his voice was that last night had never happened. Even though it took me less than a minute to make my way through the lab to his office it felt like it took hours. There is nothing worse than feeling as if you are in love and not knowing if the feeling is being reciprocated.

It makes for a very lonely walk, even if it is a short one. Once I was in Charlie's office he said "Please close the door and have a seat." He was still not showing any emotion.

I did as I was told. Once I had sat down I opened my mouth to speak but couldn't find any words, which is weird since I have a rather large vocabulary frequently enjoy using it.

I just closed my mouth and did the only thing I could think to do I played with Kevin's wedding ring, which I wear on the middle finger of my right hand, and stared at my shoes. The next thing I became aware of was Charlie's hand under my chin. He raised my face to meet his. I opened my mouth yet again to speak to him.

Charlie didn't give me a chance to say anything. He began to kiss me. It was soft and tender yet held an urgency that said we could get caught at any moment. When we finally broke apart, Charlie spoke "I've been waiting all day to do that." I sighed, with my hand pressed against my lips. I let my hand slip silently in to my lap. I finally found my words and spoke. "Charlie, where do we stand?

Last night we had amazing sex. I mean it was amazing for me. I'm okay if you aren't looking for a relationship but, I do need to know what you expect of me. If you are expecting me to sleep with you for my grade then we've got a problem and this conversation ends here and I hope we can conduct ourselves in a professional manor. If you want more like friends with benefits package please tell me because I'm getting mixed signals here.

You were just treating me like an average student or one who has been a thorn in your side then your kissing me like a horny teenager worried that my dad is going to walk through that door any time. So, Charlie please tell me what is going on here." Charlie smiled. mom and sun xx x com do have to put up some sort of front when we may be in earshot of any other student or administrator Shilo.

If I get caught having any kind of relationship with any of my student, especially sexual, other than a student/teacher relationship both of us could be in hot water especially me. Believe me Shilo I want you to be a part of my life as much as I hope you want me to be a part of yours. If you want a relationship I'm all for it but, we can't make it public for at least another 6 weeks when my personal involvement in your education has ended.

Once your final grade has posted I want to whisk you away and show you just how much I love you. Until then can you handle having amazing sex every once in a while with your man? I assure you Shilo I never once thought about making you have sex in exchange for your grade, I respect you too much for that." I heaved a sigh of relief. "I think I can agree to those terms. I work in security for crying out loud, I can keep a secret.

As long as I can still confide in Zyria about our goings on." "Sure, we both need someone to talk to. I'm sure Mark can keep his mouth shut too." Charlie began to lean in to kiss me again. "I guess we have a deal." I said sealing it with a passionate kiss. Charlie began to kiss me even more passionately. I'm not sure how or when it happened but somehow we both wound up naked on the floor of his office.

Charlie quickly kissed every inch of my body. He then parted my legs with his knee and began to rhythmically pound my pussy.

I had to bit my lips to keep from screaming in ecstasy as we entered the realm of blissful happiness together. During our passion we managed to knock over the small desk lamp that sat on Charlie's desk. The prompted an unexpected visit from his lab assistant Carmen.

We both froze as we heard "Dr. Wallace are you okay? I heard a crash. Should I call Security? Your door is locked and I can't get in. I'm calling Security." Before Carmen could retreat to one of the security phones Charlie yelled back "Everything is fine Carmen.

I was just rearranging super gentle strapon dildo erotic movie pantyhose lesbians furniture and must have locked the door by accident.

I knocked over my desk lamp moving the filing cabinet. I'll be over to the lab in son force fucked sleeping mon minute." He held a finger up to his lips as we listened to Carmen head off toward the lab.

As soon as we were certain that Carmen was out of ear shot I said "That was close, maybe we shouldn't be rearranging the furniture in your office again at least not in the near future." Charlie began to hand me my clothes. "Maybe your right. At least not during school hours anyway." Charlie kissed me again. "Meet me in the city tonight for dinner." "Call the office around 3 with the time and place so I can be there with bells on." I kissed him one more time before I turned the handle to exit his office.

I needed to go find Zyria. We needed to go shopping. I needed something sexy to wear out to dinner and maybe something sexy for dessert.