Blonde babe misha cross gets fucked and creamed

Blonde babe misha cross gets fucked and creamed
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The Pet 1 - Arrival She wakes with a start. Her eyes roam and her memory returns. She is in the bath, and must have dozed off in the warm embrace of the water. Looking across the room to the clock, she gasps; it's late!

Half-standing up, she sits down on the side of the bath, shivering slightly at the tub's cool edge. Reaching over, she picks up her razor and cream.

Squeezing some gel into her hand, she begins to rub her hands together, working the gel into a creamy white lather. The girl reaches down and quickly spreads the creamy foam substance across her pubic area and pussy. In her haste, her fingers mistakenly brush against her clitoris, sending an electric shock through her body. Immediately she is filled with the throbbing pang of guilt which comes from touching herself without His permission.

Experiencing pleasure from her body, which belongs to him, is not allowed without permission from her Daddy. It has been well beyond a week since he has allowed her to cum, and she must remain vigilant with any bodily contact, including her clothes. Everything which touches her erogenous peaks cause wetness and frustration. Carefully and deliberately the girl begins shaving away her pubic hair.

Daddy requires that her sex remain clean & smooth for him, and she wishes always to make him proud of her. After checking to be sure that her pussy is absolutely smooth, she slides off the edge of the bathtub and sinks into the warm water again.

Reaching down she carefully cleans the remaining shaving gel from herself, and jumps slightly as her pussy is touched. The stimulation sends another shock through her system, and her face flushes with embarrassment. A sheen forms on her eyes as they tear up slightly, as she knows how her Daddy will be disappointed with her indiscretions. Quickly the girl stands up in the bath; adding tardiness to her list of mistakes would cause further disappointment.

Warm water cascades down her body, dripping off the tips of her now chilled & hardened nipples. Stepping carefully out so not to slip or stumble, she plants both feet on the towel beside the tub.

Goose flesh is rising across her body as a chill runs down the spine of her 5"1' small frame. Instinctively her arms cross over her perfectly formed, natural, teardrop 34B breasts; a favorite of her Daddy.

Reaching for the hook, she takes hold of one of her custom towels, and smiles at the stylized "His pet" embroidered on one end. Quickly she towels off her body, careful to take extra precaution around her sensitive nipples and clitorus. Moving quickly across the bedroom, the pet opens the top drawer of the dresser assigned to her; grabbing her red shirt.

Pulling the shirt over her head, and down onto her body, it glides across her still hard nipples causing a quick breath.

This is her Daddy's favourite shirt, and flexible teen fuck hd young lesbos having fun in locker room always keeps it ready for him. The moisture emanating from her pussy is disconcerting as she tries to keep her mind focused. Walking to the special container positioned near the bedroom door, she opens the top and retrieves the toy he gave her specifically for this very purpose. Opening a bottle of lubricant, she coats the tip and first half of the shaft of the toy.

Putting the lube away, and closing the container top, she stares at the toy. Taking several deep breaths to calm herself, she grits her teeth and pushes the toy into her ass. She gasps, and begins breathing in quick takes as it pushes past her entrance and digs in deep, shooting electric sparks through her nervous system.

Eyes closed, she stands perfectly still, knees bent slightly. Lips white, from pressing them together, she is exercising self-control to not tumble over the edge. The consequences of such an accident would be unspeakable. As an electronic beep sounds out her eyes fly open.

Realizing sexy teen neigbors fucked by lesbian stepsis group sex and fingering the top of the hour, she goes from standstill to full dash, moving down the stairs as fast as possible, sliding to a stop in front of the front house door.

Dropping to her knees, she keeps her eyes focused on the floor as her breathing begins catching up to her. The sudden movement did little to help her growing need to release. The pet waits, as she was instructed. He is late. The pet stays on her knees, not daring to move.

The waiting continues for what seems like hours, though she knows mere minutes have passed.

Suddenly, she hears the key slide into the lock as her heart beat quickens. The door opens, and she hears him step inside, her eyes still cast down. Closing the door behind him he looks down to see his pet on her knees, two upturned palms, one reaching out offering her leash to him.

Taking the leash he pulls on it gently, causing her to look up. As her eyes meet his, her heart jumps a little, and she feels a warmth spread all over her. "Good evening little pet" he says with a soft smile. The pet smiles bashfully responding, "Hi Daddy".

His smile slips as it's replaced with a look of stern suspicion, and he makes a turn around motion with his finger. Looking down again, the pet turns around on her knees.

Bending down, with her face in the carpet, she pulls her ass cheeks apart slowly, waiting. He observes the object in her ass, then reaches down and twists it slowly, extracting a moan from his pet. After slowly pulling the toy from her ass with a plop sound, he reaches forward locking the leash to her collar, then caressing her cheek and neck. Turning the dildo to it's highest setting, he admires it's extra strong vibration blurring the entire shaft. Pulling back hard on the leash, he thrusts the vibrator deep into her ass, causing a loud gasp to roar from her into the carpet floor.

She wriggles uncontrollably beneath him as he begins twisting the toy in her ass, while keeping a strong tension on the leash. Letting go of the toy, to buzz in her sensitive backside, he sternly instructs her: "Do not move". Taking off his overcoat, he hangs it in the entryway closet.

Reaching into his suit coat pocket, he holds a small device in the palm of his hand. "I have for you a present my little brad knight banging megan rains tight pussy. I'm sure you will enjoy it." he says to her.

Reaching down past the excited vibrator, near her obviously wet pussy, he carefully clamps the device to his pet's larger than normal clit. At the pressure of the clamp, his little girl gasps again and moans into the carpet, squirming around. At that moment he lets go of the item, and the small weight falls to a length of three inches and swings back and forth excitedly, dragging her clit with it.

The affect is instant, the carnal sound which pours forth from her, along with the obvious shaking and nails digging hard into the carpet bring a smile to his lips.

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Turning away, he walks off toward the kitchen. "Stay" he says to her, as he leaves her on all fours in the entryway. After several minutes, he returns with his glass of vodka and cranberry, slowly swirling the glass, enjoying the clinking of the ice. Slowly he sets his glass down on the pet's back.

The ice cold glass makes the pet gasp and fight to hold her back stable. Reaching down he flicks the hanging weight with his finger, making it swing vigorously. The pet is breathing quickly now, straining to keep control of her rebelling body. Slowly dragging the tip of his middle finger from the top of her pussy down, parting her lips and coating his finger with her juices, he smiles. The stimulation causes the pet to sway, and the ice in the glass to clink before she catches herself.

"The pet is very wet" he says "She must enjoy being on her hands and knees for her Daddy" Pushing the hanging clamp aside, he slides his middle finger deep into her pussy up to the knuckle. Moving his finger around, he feels her insides; curling his finger he lightly strokes her g-spot.

The pet sucks in air and trembles, tears forming at the corner of her eyes as the drink comes close to toppling off her back. She stiffens up, working hard hot mom big tits fucking control her breathing.

Pulling his finger out her slippery pussy, he flicks the clamp again, causing it to swing back and forth, stretching her clit in wild directions. He watches with a smile as the muscles in his pet's back flex hard as she works to keep control. Stepping in front of her, he reaches down and takes her leash.

Pulling on it, causing her to raise her head, he holds his shiny finger in front of her. The pet hungrily takes it into her mouth and sucks her pussy juices off it. Picking up his drink, he stands up. "To your feet" he says softly, pulling firmly on the leash. She stands up immediately, her knees almost buckling as the sound from the vibrator becomes lower pitched as her ass contracts around it, and her clit is drug in different directions as the weighted clamp swings from the motion.

Walking to the stairs and then ascending, the pet hurries to stay up with his longer stride, lest she be pulled off her feet by the leash.

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Entering the master bedroom, he stops and hangs the leash on a hook by the door. "Down" he commands, causing her to drop to her knees, shuddering again as the clit clamp swings wildly with any movement.

Her Daddy moves into the master bathroom and closes the door. She can hear him urinating, then the sink running. Coming out of the bathroom, he crosses the room, and begins removing his clothes, folding and placing them carefully in the hamper to be cleaned. She watches him strip, feeling the weight of a week without orgasm make itself known to her yet again.

Walking toward the pet, he removes her leash from the hook; his bare cock so close causing her heart to quicken.

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"Up" he says "Come little one" as he begins walking toward the bathroom again. Standing up, she literally jumps toward him to keep from being pulled off her feet. As he steps into the master shower, he points to the plush rug at the entrance; "Stay" he says. Closing the semi-transparent door, he turns on the hot water. Having no other instructions, the pet drops to her knees and waits.

Watching him inside the large glass enclosed shower, with the clamp pressing constant stimulation against her clit, and the vibrator buzzing away in her ass, the pet feels her juices flowing. She is concerned that she may be leaking on the rug, but cannot check without permission to touch herself.

The bathroom becomes increasingly more dense with humidity, fogging up the mirrors, and glass. "Come here, pet" comes his voice, startling her out of a thought trance. She gets to her feet and walks to the shower area. Opening the door he looks at her, saying "Take your shirt off". She pulls her shirt up over her head. Standing naked before him she blushes, still not comfortable with her nakedness, even with him. "Come in" he says, smiling softly at her bashful nature. She steps into the shower, hot water hitting her shoulder and cascading down her back.

"Down." he says, and she obediently drops to her knees for him. He hands his pet a bar of scented rosemary body soap. The pet rolls the bar slowly between her hands, working up a thick lather between her fingers. She reaches out and cups her Daddy's scrotum, slowly massaging the soap across the soft textured skin. Paying close attention that she reaches every centimeter, the pet cannot help but notice her Daddy's cock slowly growing in size.

Increasing the firmness of her ministrations, she stifles a grin, as his cock becomes larger, beginning to lift and jut out from his pelvis. Replacing the soap bar in its shelf cradle, she puts her two small hands together and waits for the hot steaming water to fill them. Moving slowly, so not to slop, the pet extends her hands and cups his balls. He closes his eyes, and sighs audibly for her, as his balls are submerged in warm water.

His pet continues filling her hands, and rinsing his balls, slowly, until they are completely this aint fast furious xxx 5 aimee black. The pet reaches up and again grasps the soap bar, and slides it between her palms and stares at her Daddy's semi-rigid member in front of her. Biting her lip subtly she looks up with her big brown eyes, making contact with her Daddy, asking the silent question. "You have permission pet" he responds.

Grinning softly, the pet lowers her eyes and reaches out and slowly wraps her soap her face hole and ass screwed hardcore blowjob hand around her Daddy's cock. As his cock immediately begins quickly hardening further and extending in her grasp, she experiences a sharp intake of air; gasping as her pussy contracts and threatens to liquify.

She pauses as she fights for control over her body, barely escaping the nightmare of a unsanctioned orgasm. Slowly, taking the time to completely enjoy the experience, the pet strokes the slippery soap up and down her Daddy's shaft, stopping to rub her thumb over the head and tip of his cock. The girl reaches down, at the risk of angering her Daddy, without permission, and kisses the tip of his member. His head tilts back an almost unnoticeable amount as he looks at her. Putting his hand out, he signals her to stop; followed by one word "Rinse".

The pet looks down ashamed at her presumption. Reaching over she washes the soap from her hands, then cups them, filling with warm water. Turning back to her Daddy, she stops, seeing his hand again. Reaching down, he slips a forefinger into the front of her collar, and softly pulls her to her feet.

Taking both her wrists in his hands, he slowly turns her around and presses her own hands flat against the shower wall. Grabbing her leash, he reaches up, hooking it to it's attachment high above her head.

The pet can feel the collar lightly tugging at her neck, preventing her from moving. Reaching down his hand finds her right ass cheek and grabs it firmly, squeezing. "Spread" he says, watching her reposition her footing, spreading her legs for him. Spreading her ass cheeks apart softly, he pulls the vibrating dildo out, leaving her with emptiness. The pet takes deep breaths, relieved to be free of the constant stimulation.

Just as her self-control begins to stabilize she feels the tip of his cock rubbing around the entrance of her anus. Before she can ready herself for the rush of stimulation, with a firm push the head of his cock slips into her, producing a gasp and tense whimper.

Her Daddy slowly forces his hard soapy penis deep inside his pet, finally stopping when his balls touch her ass. Standing there, motionless, basking in the feeling of his pet's ass muscles contracting around his member, he closes his eyes as her breathing begins to even off again. Taking the Aveda rosemary shampoo from the shelf behind him, he squeezes a portion into the palm of his left hand, then smearing it between his hands, he begins to apply it to his pet's hair.

As he thoroughly rubs the shampoo through his pet's hair, he pulls almost completely out of her ass, then slowly pushes back in all the way to the hilt. He continues to slowly pull out most of his length then push all of it back inside. Satisfied that he has completely saturated his pet's hair with shampoo, he reaches out, plucking a small device from an upper shelf. Pressing a button on the device, his pet yelps as the weight hanging from her clit suddenly begins vibrating, spinning itself back and forth, shooting pleasure directly through to her core.

As his pet fights to keep control her body, he closes his eyes enjoying his pet's body as it squeezes and milks his cock. He begins massaging his pet's scalp, slowly rubbing it as he begins fucking kinky attractive bitch likes hardcore fuck creampie and cumshot ass less slowly. Softly but firmly massaging her head, neck, and shoulders, as the shampoo rises free, he continues to violate his pet with quick plunges.

"Please Daddy" the pet mumbles following a moan. "What is it, little pet?" he responds, knowingly. "Please Daddy, I need it!" she responds. "You need what, pet?" he asks, knowing how bashful she is, even with the words. "I. I need to cum Daddy" she finally responds. Sliding his hands quickly around her torso, he wraps his hands around her breasts, squeezing them gently but firmly, taking the firm nipples between thumb and forefinger. Pinching her nipples hard while twisting, causing pain and pleasure to shoot through her body.

Slamming his cock deep into her ass hard, wrapping his hand around her neck pulling her against him, mouth just inches from her ear; he asks in a hard tone "When only, may a pet cum?".

Her anal muscles contract around his cock as she struggles, desperate to not cum. "Only after Daddy has cum" she responds quickly, with a distorted whining sound and another quick heavy gasp. Pushing her upper torso completely against the wall, her breasts flatten out against it as she feels the hot water cascading down the wall and around her tits.

Grabbing the two handles bolted to the shower wall, using them for leverage he begins firmly fucking his pet's ass fast, coming up amateur teen gets fucked on real homemade her toes each time he pushes up deeply into her. Every penetration causing her sensitive nipples to rub against the grouting between the tiles, and the vibrating, twisting weight to sling about clamped firmly to her screaming clit.

By this point, the pet is losing all grasp on reality, all her senses focused on fighting the unbearable urge to slide over that edge to oblivion. Eyes rolling back into her head, the stimulation coming from her clit, her nipples, and her Daddy's throbbing cock sliding in and out of her ass deeply, is twisting her up to a breaking point.

She must cum, and nothing else in the world matters. She needs to dive over that edge, and touch nirvana. Yet through it all, the one piece of her which remains in touch with reality tells her that that edge is not hers to take. Only Daddy's love and word can free her of these chains. She tries to focus on the feelings of the water hitting her back, but the pleasure waves continue to wash over her, teasing and tempting her to do what she knows she should not. Knowing how far he's pushed her past her limits already, he reaches up and grabbing a fistfull of her hair, pulls back hard while fucking her ass in quick thrusts.

"Do you want Daddy to cum in your ass, little love?" he says. When her mental state causes her not to respond immediately, his hand comes down hard on her right ass cheek with a loud crack. She jumps off her feet, as it comes down again hard on her cheek. Pain and warmth shoot from her ass cheek and she almost loses everything right then and there. Before another slap can come, she blurts out "Yes, please Daddy!". "Yes, what, pet?!" he asks sternly "Please cum in my ass, Daddy" she begs Another hand comes down hard with a crack; "Only respectful pets are allowed to ask for things.

Now ask respectfully." he says, pulling her hair a little harder. "Please Sir, fill my ass with your cum" she says pleading. "That's a good girl" he smiles. Reaching forward and down, he plunges two xxx sex stories h f sex in into her pussy, wrapping them around to rub her g-spot, trapping the vibrating weight directly against her clit.

Pulling back on her hair forcibly pressing his body stiffly against hers, literally pinning her to the wall. Thrusting fast and hard up into her ass, he feels himself about to light up.

Whispering in her ear, he says "You are beautiful" then shoves his cock deep up inside her, and explodes, shooting hot cum splashing around inside her ass. "You may cum for me, my love." he says. It takes a few cycles for her mind to process the information, as his cock continues to pulsate inside her.

Suddenly her entire body tenses up, and stays that way for what seem like several seconds, followed by her head flying back, almost hitting him in the jaw, with her mouth wide open. She begins shaking violently, and screams. Eyes rolling back into her head, her knees completely buckle as he holds her up, still pushing up into her ass, as his cock ejects load after load of cum inside, filling her up.

The shaking continues for k tinyk pretty teen rachel james spreads her tiny pussy minutes as her Daddy continues to stroke her g-spot and rub her clit. After the shaking stops, it becomes apparent that the pet has passed out completely.

--- Opening her eyes, the blurry vision begins to improve, and then crystallize. She is in bed, and in her pajamas. The ones that Daddy likes so much. She doesn't remember getting in bed. Looking at her Daddy who is sitting in bed beside her, reading his book, she has a confused look. After a moment, noticing the movement, he looks over and smiling says "Well hello there, sleepyhead". "Hi Daddy" she says, still confused. Noticing her confusion, he smiles again, "You were quite out of it, so I cleaned you up, dried you off, and put your pjs on, then brought you to bed to get warm".

Suddenly the memory of the evening's shower hits her all at once. She turns a bright red and hides her face. He just grins at her cuteness. Moving a bit, she notices an odd feeling. Reaching back, she feels a plug firmly lodged in her ass. He looks at her with a small grin and a knowing look. "I knew you would want to save your gift for as long as possible" he says. The pet squirms around a little bit, her eyes going wide, then smiling big.

Putting her hand on her lower torso she says "I'm still full of hot Daddy cum". ==== Want more? Let me know