Night when all are sleep then the brother fuck sister and cum come out in pussy

Night when all are sleep then the brother fuck sister and cum come out in pussy
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Tiffany Taylor had grown up in a rough estate named Butterton, crime was rife in Butterton and there were gangs of youths on each street corner. Just about everybody who had grown up on the estate had turned to crime, drugs or had ended up in prison.

Throughout her childhood Tiffany hated busty blonde milf is caught and fucked in Butterton and couldn't wait to escape from the estate were she just never felt like she fitted in. Tiffany was the eldest of two sisters, her sister Sarah was three years Tiffany's junior.

The mother had died when Tiffany was only five years old so their father, Michael had to bring the two daughters up alone as a single parent. Bringing two kids up alone was expense and financially things were always very tight which meant that Tiffany and Sarah didn't have the nice, expensive things that all of their friends had. Despite this both sisters adored their father as they knew that he tried his best for them and always put them first.

Tiffany though had very expensive taste and hated not having the best and most expensive things in life and vowed from a very young age that she would make a success of her life so she could afford to have the best things in life. Tiffany decided to study as hard as she could and went to university and gained a diploma in business management.

Now at the age of twenty one Tiffany had achieved everything that she had set out to do, she lived in a two bedroom end terrace house in Wainford, a posh estate on the outskirts of the city.

The mortgage on her house was high and sometimes she had to still miss out on the expensive things that she wanted but she didn't mind because she knew that in a few years her mortgage payments would have decreased and she'd be able to afford anything that she wanted and she was out of Butterton for good. Tiffany worked as a personal assistant for a fifty year old man named Jack Roberts, who owned a local haulage firm that was called Jack's Transport.

Tiffany and Jack had a great business and personal relationship. Jack was unable to have children so he looked at Tiffany as a daughter and she saw him as a second father. Tiffany had worked at Jack's Transport for two years and she loved her job. The pay was fairly good and she enjoyed the fact that she could get dressed up for work every day. Tiffany knew that she was a pretty girl and loved to flirt with the lorry drivers, constantly playing with her long hair and pushing out her ample chest when she spoke to any of them.

She knew that by doing this she had them all eating out of her hands. If Tiffany was being completely honest it turned her on slightly knowing that any of them would give anything to fuck her. For the past three weeks Tiffany had been abroad with some of her friends, getting plenty of sea and sun in Crete. Despite plenty of offers she'd turned down the chance of a holiday romance as she didn't believe in sleeping with a male until she completely trusted them and would usually make a boyfriend wait at least a month before having sex with them.

She loved every moment of her holiday but she knew that it was now time to get back to work and show off her lovely tan to the lorry drivers and tease them about her white patches. She pulled into the car park for the first time in weeks and wondered if anything had happened while she had been away. She was soon sat in her office with a black coffee checking her emails when Jack walked into her office.

"How was the holiday?" He asked. "It was so good seriously what an amazing place it is, I can't wait to show you the pictures that I took." She answered. "I'm pleased that you had such a great time you deserve it.

When you get caught up could you come and see me in my office please." He said. A few hours later Tiffany had finally caught up with all of her work and went to see Jack in his office like he had asked. "You wanted to see me?" She questioned. "Yes I did please take a seat." He said. Once she was sat down Jack explained that his wife Jenny had become serious ill with cancer and not having any kids to pass the business down to had decided to sell the company so that he could look after his beloved wife of thirty years.

Tiffany was shocked and upset to hear about Jenny's condition and hugged Jack and told him how sorry she was to hear about Jenny. Once she had got over the shock Tiffany asked if there had been any offers for his business Jack replied that he had been thinking over an offer from William Harper, who owned a much larger haulage company, Harper's Haulage and that there was a meeting scheduled for later today and he wanted her to attend the business meeting with him.

Tiffany had met William Harper on several occasions, he was a tall, broad shouldered, intimidated man in his early forties, The frown lines on his forehead were deep, his ginger hair was always shaved short and he supported a ginger goatee beard.

Despite being a successful businessman William never wore suits instead he was always dressed in a checked shirt and jeans. William had an aura around him and people seemed very afraid of him and bowed to his every command. Tiffany although wasn't too keen on him, he always came across as sleazy to her, he would always leer at her and once she was sure that he had grabbed her arse when they were at a busy business meeting.

Jack assured Tiffany that had would only sell William the business if he guaranteed that there would be no redundancies for two years. Even though she knew that Jack wouldn't lie to her she still felt a little uneasy about her job as she needed it to pay for her house and lifestyle that she had work so hard for.

She tried her hardest to concentrate on her job but she was struggling to keep her mind on it. Later, Jack phoned Tiffany and told her that he and William were ready to commence with their meeting and were just waiting for her. As soon as she entered the room she felt unnerved as she could feel William leering at her. "Tiffany, we meet again." He beamed as he stood up and delicately kissed her on her cheek. Tiffany's body quivered as his hand had a sly grope of her pert bum.

The meeting lasted two hours and Tiffany's heart sank as the two businessmen shook hands on a deal for the haulage firm. As Tiffany and Jack went to leave the office William smiled. "I'm looking forward to working closely with you Tiffany." He words sent a shiver down her spine "Yeah me too." She lied as she gave him a fake smile and left the room with Jack.

Once they were out the room Jack asked Tiffany what she thought of her new boss, despite hating lying to him she told Jack that he seemed like a pleasant and good bloke. That night Tiffany got hardly any sleep, she was so worried about her job despite William's claims about every job being safe she just didn't trust or like 8k usex stories big boobs story hot porn in the slightest.

She had decided that as soon as Jack left the company she would begin her search for a new job, she just couldn't imagine working for William. The following day when Tiffany arrived at work Jack confided in her how upset he was that he had to sell the business that he had built up from scratch, she could see that he was close to tears so she wrapped her arms around him and assured him that he was doing the right thing looking after his wife as she had to come first.

Jack then called a meeting with all of his workers and confirmed to them that the rumours that they had been hearing over the last few weeks were indeed true and that he had agreed to sell the haulage company to their larger rivals and that the deal should go through within a busty babe carmen croft nylon tights fetish weeks.

While his workers were upset that he was leaving, like Tiffany they fully understood his reasons and were relieved that it was being sold to another haulage company and that their jobs were safe for the next few years at least. Over the next few weeks Tiffany would see more and more of William around Jack's Transport, every chance that he had William would touch Tiffany, sometimes he would grab hold of her hips and other times his hand would gently glide across her buttocks, making it appear to be an accident.

These little incidents were making Tiffany feel even more uneasy about working so closely with William and she desperately want to tell Jack about lesb sexy #29 strapless strap-on from lesb sexy tube porn way that she was feeling, but she knew that Jack would pull out of the deal and that really wouldn't be fair on him.

Before she knew it Jack's final day had arrived and Tiffany was in a flood of tears when she saw him ride out of the gates for the last time.

She was going to miss working with the man who had been a second father to her for the last two years, but they had promised that they would meet up every week for a catch up. After having the weekend off Tiffany turned up for work at the usual time, she was thinking to herself how strange it would be not to be working for Jack. Tiffany looked in disbelief when she entered her office and saw an extra desk in there with an attractive lady who looked in her mid twenties sat there The woman was dressed in a figure hugging black strapless dress that showed off her finely tones body and mildly bronzed legs.

She had long, thin platinum blonde hair and the most beautiful blue eyes that Tiffany had ever seen. "You must be Tiffany, I'm Chloe and I'm very pleased to meet you." The woman said. Tiffany smiled at her. "Hi, I'm pleased to meet you Chloe." Chloe went on to explain that despite looking in her twenties she was actually thirty one years old, she had a five year old son and had been William's personal assistant for the past ten years.

Chloe could see the sheer horror in Tiffany's eyes and assured that even though William may seem a little rough around the edges he was in fact a great man and a very generous boss, she also told Tiffany that there would be plenty of work for the both of them. William popped his head into the office and told Chloe that he wanted to see her in his office.

While Chloe was gone Tiffany tried her hardest to concentrate and even though Chloe seemed lovely and had told her how nice William was she still didn't trust him or want to work for him. Fifteen minutes later Chloe returned to the office looking a little flustered.

"Are you okay?" Tiffany quizzed her new work colleague. "Yeah I'm fine thanks William was just going over a few things with me, but nothing too important." She replied.

Tiffany thought nothing more of it and progressed with her work until William passed her a file and told her that he wanted one hundred copies of it.

Tiffany took the file down the narrow corridor were the photocopier stood and was waiting in her own dream world for the copier to finish. Her body shook as she felt a hand reach from behind her and squeeze her pussy through the material of her trousers.

For a few moments she was just stood there frozen in shock, once she had regained her composure she grabbed the hand and pushed it away from in between her legs. Tiffany then furiously spun around to see William Harper was stood there was a huge grin on his face.

Tiffany didn't usually curse but she was in such a rage that she seethed. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" "I know that you wanted it." He smirked before he walked off whistling loudly. She grabbed the photocopies and walked back to her desk still shaking in anger and shock. "What's wrong?" Chloe asked. "I was just doing those copies for William when he came from behind me and touch me between my legs." She raged.

"I didn't think it would be long, but trust a teen gets fucked for future promise it is best if you just forget about it and carry on with your work." Chloe explained. "No I won't forget it." She fumed as she rose to her feet and stormed into William's office without even knocking on his door.

"Have you got those photocopies for me?" He smirked. Ignoring his question she seethed. "How dare you touch me like that, what are you some kind of pervert?" He glared at her and calmly said. "Do you want to keep your job?" "Well yes but." Tiffany began to speak before William interrupted and bellowed at her. "Well sit down and shut the fuck up." Tiffany felt intimidated by him and as he ordered sat down.

"Tiffany, you are a very attractive girl and I enjoy groping attractive girls. Is that a problem?" He said. She flung her arms in the air as roared her response. "What's the problem? You're the bloody problem." "While you work for me I'll grope you as and when I want it's that simple." He clarified peacefully. His calm attitude was aggravating Tiffany more and more.

"Fine that's that then I quit." She screamed. "That's fine, but you will work your fortnights notice then you will never work as a personal assistant again that I can promise you." He grinned. "Jack will give me a great reference I won't need one from horny young honey screwed by old man She spat.

"Look Tiffany, I admire your fight I really do but trust me you will not get another job anywhere around here trust me. You won't have the income to pay for that lovely house of yours and with house prices being the way that they I doubt that you will be able to purchase another one, so it looks like It is back to that shitty estate that you grew up on for you." He explained.

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"I'll elena xxx sex stories porn vodeo the risk." She barked before storming out of the office, slamming the door as hard as she could before her. Tiffany wasn't usually one to ignore other people but was in such a foul mood that when Chloe tried to speak big babe masturbate live watch part uncut on slutcamxxcom her she just ignored and left the building still shaking in anger.

When she got home Tiffany made herself a cup of black coffee and started to search for a new job, she noticed that there were several jobs in her line of work. Unfortunately for Tiffany William was correct every time she said her name and were she currently worked the job she would be told that the job was no longer available. She soon figured out that William had been bad mouthing her to other companies so that none would employ her and frustrated she stopped her search.

She spent the entire night mauling over what her next move should be and she decided that she'd sooner reluctantly move back to Butterton with her family, get yourself some dead end job working in a factory and enrol in night collage and start herself another career in a few years than give in to her sleazy boss.

The next day Tiffany arrived at work feeling confident about confronting her boss, she already knew that she was quitting and moving back home so what was the worst that could happen?

She thought to herself. She walked straight past her office and into William's office, once in there she stopped and stared in disbelieve, Chloe was there on her knees sucking her bosses cock.

What a tart. Tiffany though as she stood there shaking her head in annoyance, she really liked Chloe and was usual such a great judge of character but she obviously got her completely wrong. William smirked as he saw Tiffany stood there. "You'd better stop now Chloe, come back and finish me off as soon as Tiffany leaves this room." He commanded.

Chloe obeyed and rose to her feet and looked at the floor as she walked past a disgusted Tiffany, William put his cock back into his jeans and asked. "How did the job search go?" "You know the answer to that already it doesn't matter though I'd sooner be poor and live back with my father than let a creep like you grope me whenever he pleases." She fumed before turning around and walking towards the door.

"Tell your father that I hope he enjoys his time in prison." He said. "Whatever are you going on about?" She turned around and hissed. William though just ignored her and waved her away. Once more Tiffany left his office raging, usually she was so calm and patient but her new boss certainly had her feeling angry every time that they spoke.

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She left the office and Chloe was waiting outside and immediately walked in when Tiffany exited the room. Ten minutes later Chloe entered their office and sat down. "Do you have no self respect?" Tiffany growled at her. "Trust me you have no idea what you are speaking about, by the end of the week the boss will have you too." She explained. "Over my a dirty affair with her stunning mom and bf body, I actually respect myself unlike some." She answered.

For the following four hours there was a horrible atmosphere the two girls who had got on so well yesterday were not speaking to each other at all unless it was work related and even then it was only one or two word answers. Tiffany's phone rang and when she answered it was her sister who was blubbering. "What's wrong?" A concerned Tiffany asked. "It's dad he's been arrested, the police found cocaine in his car." She sobbed.

Immediately Tiffany knew what had happened and told Sarah to calm down as it would be just a misunderstanding. Once more Tiffany thundered into William's office. "You absolute bastard." She screeched. Calmly he looked at her and asked. "What as upset you this time?" "You know what why have you done this to my father? I thought your problem was with me?" She raged. "Oh that, it's only a little bit of cocaine so he's only looking at caution so there's no real issue is there." He grinned. "I hate you and I quit and no I'm no serving my notice, take me to court if you want I really don't care.

I won't work for you a moment longer." She erupted. "That's fine quit I won't stop you, but tomorrow your father will not only get sacked he will also get beaten to a bloody pulp." He told her. His words did briefly make Tiffany stop and she did kind of believe him, but she decided to call his bluff and storm not only out of the office but also out of the building. The following morning she was woken up by her mobile phone ringing. "Hello." She answered, still half asleep after the terrible night sleep that she the night previous as she spent hours just lying there worried about William's threat to her father.

"It's dad he's been sacked from work, then on his way home a couple of thugs jumped him. He's in hospital he took quite a beating." Sarah cried. "I'll be right there." Tiffany replied. She jumped straight out of bed and grabbed the first garments that she saw, a black woolly jumper and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans she quickly put a comb through her hair and sped to the hospital where she saw her father's bruised and battered body.

He was still awake but in a lot of obvious pain. Tiffany asked him exactly what happened and he explained that some lads ambushed him from behind and booted him while he was on the floor and left him unconscious.

Seeing him and hearing his words was too much for Tiffany the usually mentally strong girl broke down into tears and sobbed at her father's bedside. After a while the two sisters left the hospital and Tiffany drove Sarah to her boyfriend's house before heading to the haulage yard to confront William about what had happened to her father.

She had never been so angry or scared in her whole life as she walked down the corridor and barged straight into his office slamming the door as hard as she could behind trying to give the impression that she wasn't intimidated by him.

"Why are you doing this? You don't even know my father." She screamed at him. "It's like this Tiffany I sunny leone gia portrait of a pornstar get what I want and right now I want you. Believe me today was only the beginning if you don't give me what I want then trust me tomorrow your sister will be joining your father in hospital." He explained calmly.

Tiffany once more began to sob. "But me and my family we have never hurt anybody in our lives why do this to us?" "What don't you understand as I just explained I want you and that's why all of this is happening I purchased this business to get close to you and you will fuck me on demand or as I just said your family will end up eating their food through a straw in a hospital." He explained.

"But please." She pleaded. "Listen I own this city, all the drug dealers are pushing drugs for me, the prostitutes sell their bodies for me and trust me half of the police force are in my pocket too. So unless you start to do as I when I say your family will get beating after beating until you start to obey me, what happened this morning with your father was just a small warning of what I can do. Now do we breast nude massage in story an agreement young lady?" He boasted.

She know that everything he had just said was true and the realisation was that she knew that she had to do everything that he wanted, she had no choice so she nodded her head and softly submitted to him.

"I understand anything you want you can have." "Good I'm pleased that you have finally seen sense, now stand up." He commanded and Tiffany obeyed him, slowly lifting herself off her chair. "Now Tiffany I want you to strip for me." He instructed. Tiffany was stood frozen on the spot, her heart racing she didn't want to strip for him, but she know that she had no choice she couldn't allow her family to come to any harm. Her hesitation annoyed him and he barked "NOW." His raised voice cut through her body and she needed no more warnings she pulled off her shoes and pulled her woolly jumper over her head, before unzipping her jeans and sliding them x art caprice season of love her athletic, tanned legs and stepping out of them.

She was now stood in front of her boss in just her light pink, lace bra and matching thong, instinctively her hands went to cover her body the best they could. "And the rest I want you naked." He grinned as he rubbed his goatee beard. She wanted to turn and run but knew that it wasn't an option so her shaking hands moved from her body and unhooked her bra, allowing it to fall to the ground and unleash her large globes.

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As she bent over and pulled her thong down her legs William couldn't help but leer at her big breasts as they dangled in the air. Tiffany straightened herself up and once more tried to hide behind her small hands. "Put your hands by your three brunette slots sucking ramrod striptease and hardcore, I want to admire your body." He demanded.

Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she once more obeyed him and slowly dropped her arms by her side. Her body shivered as the cold breeze from the air conditioning hit her body, the chill caused her nipples to become erect.

As she stood there completely naked trembling in front of William her stood there and admired her perfect body, she really was five foot four inches of pure beauty. His eyes started at her feet and roamed up her toned and bronzed legs and up to her pussy where her pubic hair was finely trimmed in a narrow strip. "Tonight you will shave that cunt for me I like bald, smooth cunts.

Do you understand me?" He directed. Tiffany detested the word cunt she found it such a vulgar, horrible word but she nodded in agreement. "Yes I will shave it for you tonight." Tiffany had never felt so humiliated and exposed in her life and hated every moment of her ordeal. His eyes wondered up from her pussy and to her toned stomach, he could tell by her body that she worked out and kept herself in shape.

His eyes were now fixed on her massive, pert and tanned tits although he was slightly annoyed that her long, thick, wavy black tresses had partially covered one of her breasts. "You have wonderful tits, what bra size are you?" He asked.

"Thirty four D." She sobbed. He nodded in pleasure. "Thirty four D, Chloe's only a thirty two B." He then stared at her face, she had lovely full lips they must be great for sucking cock, he thought to himself as his eyes moved from her lips and to her beautiful hazel coloured eyes.

Tiffany felt her heart beat even faster as William walked towards her, she closed her eyes as his hand ran down her long hair that covered her tit, she held her breath as his fingers gently ran over her hard nipple and pushed her hair back exposing that tit too.

His put his mouth to her ear and hot air breathed into her lobes as he whispered. "You truly are beautiful, now go and stand in the middle of my office." Again despite not wanting to she obeyed and turned and started to stroll into the middle of the office, William's eyes were locked on her gorgeous, pert ass cheeks as they moved with each step. William leaned back onto his desk and picked up his phone. "Chloe, get in here I need relieving now." He unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans and allowed the denim to fall to his ankles.

As much as she tried not to Tiffany couldn't help but stare at his already rock solid cock and had to admit that it was teensloveblackcocks all natural keisha grey gets fucked by a bbc good size, about nine and a half inches in length and it had plenty of girth to it too.

Chloe walked into the office and breezed past the naked Tiffany, walk up to William and wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft and slowly started to wank his piece. "My you are excited sir." She cooed. "What do you expect look at how hot Tiffany is." He exclaimed. Chloe turned her head and stared at the naked twenty one year old, Tiffany blushed as Chloe stated. "You're right she is hot, very hot in fact." Chloe dropped to her knees, grabbed the base of his dick in her hand before swallowing his entire length in her warm mouth.

He started to let out gentle moans as her head bobbed up and down his full nine and a half inches.

"You love this don't you sir?" She teased as her tongue tickled his glistening tip. "Yeah I love it slut." He panted as he stared intensely at Tiffany, who couldn't believe what she was witnessing but had to admit that watching a sexy woman such as Chloe sucking on a large cock had started to have an effect on her and she was getting more and more turned on by the second. Chloe's tongue then softly licked down is veiny cock and she took one of his pubic hair covered balls into her mouth and sucked on it hard while her hand pumped his man meat for all that it was worth.

"You're such a fucking whore." He groaned. "I'm your whore." She fussed as she rubbed his helmet all over her face, smearing his sticky pre cum all over her face and lips, his cock then once more vanished down her throat, this time though William grabbed the back of her head and fucked her mouth quickly.

Tiffany still stood in the middle of the office could feel that her snatch was soaking as she listened to Chloe's muffled moans of delight.

A long, stringy thread of pre cum stuck to Chloe's lips as he pulled her mouth off his shaft and commanded. "I'm going to cum, get up I want to cum all over the floor." Chloe as always followed his order and rose to her feet, her hand never letting go of his excited stick as she continued to wank the cock furiously. "Mmmmmmm fuck yeah." William groaned as his delighting slit with sexy toy hardcore and bondage tightened and his face crunched up and his cock exploded, stream after stream of his sticky cum landed onto the wood floor near his feet.

He pulled Chloe towards him and a hand roamed up her skirt to give her moist pussy a hard squeeze through her dampened knickers. "You really did enjoy that didn't you slut?" He laughed. "Yes sir, I did." She admitted before she walked off, meekly smiling at Tiffany as she walked past her.

Tiffany felt embarrassed for her and returned the meek smile, she realised that for a woman to allow a man to humiliate and use her like a cheap whore he must of trapped her like he had her. "Get over here Tiffany." He instructed as he motioned her over to him with his finger while putting his now flaccid dick back into his jeans with his other hand.

Slowly Tiffany strolled over to her boss her massive breasts bounced with each step that she took. The young woman had no idea what William had planned for her but she knew that she had never been so full of dread in her life. She was shaking in fear as she carefully placed her feet so that she wasn't standing in any of his spunk. "Did you enjoy the show?" He grinned. Tiffany barked. "I think that you're sick, really sick. How can you get off on making a woman do something against her old crock licks a juvenile beauteous gal oldvsyoung hardcore I'm William Harper and people do as I say when I say just as you're going to learn to." He hairy asian girlfriend rides the stiff schlong. Feeling brave Tiffany turned and went to walk away from her arrogant boss but he grabbed her arm with a vice like grip and warned her.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you, you wouldn't want to be responsible for your family being hurt would you?" Realising that she had no choice, she couldn't allow her family to be hurt by this maniac she turned back and faced him defeated. "No, no I wouldn't. I'm so sorry." He glared into her eyes and hissed. "Get on your hands and knees and lick my cum from the floor now." "Bu&hellip.but that's disgusting." She shuttered.

Without notice he grabbed her tresses and pulled her head back really hard making Tiffany yelp out in pain and fear. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way." He raged. Sobbing she promised. "Okay, okay I'll do it but please let go of my hair." He released her hair and she looked at him desperately in the hope that he would reconsider, but after a few seconds she knew that he wouldn't and reluctantly fell to her hands and knees, closing her eyes she began to slowly lap up the gooey substance from off the floor.

This was the first time that she'd taste cum as she'd never allow any of her boyfriends to cum in her mouth as she thought of it as degrading. The spunk tasted every bit as foul as she presumed that it would and each lick was making her gag that little bit more. Tiffany's long locks had slipped from behind her ear and fell forward and covered her face and now had cum matted into it.

"Pull your hair down I want to see you clean up my cum." He ordered. She did as she was told and one of her hands pulled her sperm covered hair back to show her disgruntled face to him. William stood there watching her humiliation in joy, her tongue slowly licking the floor clean of his semen. "I think that's the floor clean now, there's just this little bit on my shoe left to clean now." He chuckled.

Tiffany could clearly see that there was none on his shoes, there were as clean as a whistle, she also knew that it pointless arguing with him this was just his way of showing her he was the boss that he was calling the shots. Tiffany's humiliation was complete as made the short journey over to his shoe and cried in humiliation as she heard him laugh as her tongue cleaned his shoes leaving saliva marks on the leather.

"They're clean now, get to your feet. Did you enjoy that?" He sniggered. "Yeah great." She answered in a sarcastic tone as she returned to her feet.

"Don't be fucking funny with me bitch." He yelled. "Aaaaarrrggghhhhh." Tiffany squealed in pain as he viciously grabbed one of her nipples, twisted and tugged on it as hard as he could. "If you're nice to me, then I'll be nice to you so let me ask you one last time. Did you enjoy that?" He hissed as his hand continued to torture her swelling nipple. "Yes I enjoyed it sir." She lied desperate to make him relieve the pain in her nipple.

The relief on her face was obvious as he released her nipple from his tight grip. "That's better I had better say sorry to the nipple though hadn't I." He grinned. Tiffany froze as his warm mouth lowered itself to her already erect nipple and sucked, licked and kissed it gently leaving her tit covered in his spit.

Unfortunately for Tiffany her nipples were incredibly sensitive and even though she was disgusted that her boss who she hated more than she'd ever hated anybody was slobbering all over her nipples she couldn't help but let the odd whimper of pleasure fall from her mouth. He moved his mouth from her tit and his hand cupped her soaking wet snatch briefly.

"You did enjoy that didn't you?" He smirked. She lowered her head to the floor and told him what he wanted to hear. "Yes sir I enjoyed it." "Now get dressed and fuck off home, I want you back here at nine delicious madison plays around with her muff on the dot and don't you dare be late and remember to shave that cunt of yours I want it completely bald.

From now on you have a new dress code too no more trousers only skirts and the shorter the better. Oh, and one last thing I love stockings and suspenders." He said as he returned behind his desk and started to do some work. Embarrassed, degraded and humiliated Tiffany just nodded her head, got dressed as quickly as she could and left the room as quietly as she could not wanting to regain his attention.