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76817 cherry jul and sahara knite in position 69
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This is my first time writing i hope you like it feel free to comment and leave me tips on night cheeting sex with mom to do next time. It was a warm early summer morning, I was playing my Xbox when there was knock on the door. "knock, knock, knock" I pause my game throw the controller back at the recliner to open the door. I was greeted with our maid Violet "morning" I nodded.

"this is Jocelyn" she said. I smiled at Lyn. "Come in" they walked in while they were walking pass by the living room looking at our new maid wearing mid thigh black skirt paired with a tight button up blouse.

I notice her dark brown hair just a few inches below her shoulderbeautiful brown eyes with a DD breast, long thicc thighs and a curvy body. "my new maid is THICC!!! "I whispered to my self. Then my sister Jill came down the stairs wearing her thin white nightdress saying with a sleepy voice.

"morning all". Not realizing Jocelyn is standing behind violet. Oh our new maid is short standing at 5"3' a few inches shorter than my sister she's 5"5' with a dirty blond hair, a blue sparkling eyes and with a "THICC" body just like Lyn.

I called mom "mom Violet's replacement is here" yelling. "just one sec" she replied. A few minutes later I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

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"you must be Lyn nice to meet you" mom said to Lyn. Jill interrupted them saying" what's for breakfast I'm starving". While watching my game.

Then mom ordered Violet to take Lyn at the maids quarter then helped her cook for breakfast. I took a glance at Lyn while coming out from her room wearing green tank top with her cleavage hanging out a little and a mid thigh black shorts.

And she joined violet assisting my mom cook. After awhile breakfast is ready. Jill and I rushed to the dining table to eat. Then mom called Violet and Lyn to the dining table to eat with us. Mom did this to our maids that we must eat together so that our maids feels they are part of the family.

Lyn sat across from me. While eating breakfast my eyes glued at Lyn's cleavage for like 30 seconds day dreaming kneading her tits when we are alone. Just like what I did to violet when were alone together.

Yeah I make romance with my maid instead of dating other girls take them to diner that will cost me some dime. Few days have past standing at the porch we say our good byes to violet. She'll leave us tiffany brookes blows a friend after a breakup good.

I reminisced about the good times i had with her (the countless sex we had). All of a sudden i made a huge bulge in my shorts. Lyn notice it biting her lower lips. I glanced her way again, and again as she was staring at my bulge. I let a chuckle slip out and looked away. Pretend not to notice it. I ran back to my room to beat my meat. After doing so, Lyn knocking on my door saying "David diner is ready".

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After diner, I played my Xbox and enjoying a nice cold beer by my side after several minutes Jill joined me reading her favorite novel. Then Lyn joined us after she's done doing the dishes and doing the laundry. After my second beer, few minutes later Jill said "I'll go to bed now" followed with a yawn.

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On her way out, I said "night sis" "night-night and no more beer!" "One more?" "Okay" I order Lyn to get a cold one in the fridge behind the mini bar." can I have one too?" She asked. I nodded. "Thanks" she said. Then she sat next to me handling me my beer. We have a little chit chat. then I pause my game and twist my body so that were face to face then asked her a question. "Lyn that day when violet left I notice you eyeballing my dick. what gives?". Lyn's face blushed she is speechless as she break our eye contact.

then with a shy voice saying "I know you two screwing each other". "You knew?" my eyes widened. "Yes she mistress leather skirt piss drink me everything you have done to her when your mom and jill went on a three day camping". "That bitch! "my face became red with rage. Then she slowly leaned to my ears and whisper with a naughty voice "I'm your new bitch now". And asked her amazing teen alina lopez takes on a huge black man pride question "couch or bed?" She let out a giggled then answered "your bed, better lighting".

Before we head to my bed room i ran to my car to get some protection by the time i got back she's half way up the stairs she was wearing a skirt so her camel toe is in my full view.

When she reach the last step 2she slowly looked back at me and squeeze her ass to give me a tease. When we reached to my bedroom I secure the door behind me. Then she hugged me tightly. then put her hands around my neck and quickly jump and hooked her feet around my waist. then I continue walking towards my bed then fall into it and then she whispered to my ears and said" Fuck me like you fuck Violet" And quickly my dick formed a tent in my shorts.

when Lyn notice she put her finger in my waist band and pull it down continued until the gravity took over then my boxers is on my ankles kick it off aside. And find my fingers unhooked Lyn's bra with one hand in one swift motion then the bra join with my boxers on the floor. I caress the left boob of Lyn with my right hand and I feel the nipples harden in my palm. While licking Lyn's right boob.

And I felt a hand caressing my hard it wasn't mine. Lyn started stroking me up and down motion. Until I have my first orgasm with my maid. Then I felt vibrations on balls down to my knees then back up to my dick. She quickly pushed me to the side laying on my back i did not protest.

and next to her she then bolted to her knees then sucked my dick as my body began to shiver I moaned "I…I'm Cumming!!! a…ah ah!". Then she quickly griped the base of my dick to stop me from Cumming to soon. 2-3 minutes pass by she begin to loosen the grip of my dick. Then started to stroke me again for another 10 minutes or so.

Then my body began to shiver and moaned again "I'm Cumming again!!!". Then she griped the base of my cock again to stop me from Cumming.

She did this 9 months pregnant girl xxxx story me 3-4 times before a rope after pinky kitty in hardcore act pornstar blowjob of cum landed on Lyn's face the second just below her lip. The third on Lyn's thigh and the last 4-6 ropes of cum landed inside her mouth. Lyn continue to suck my cock until the last drop of cum drained form my balls and she swallow the cum her mouth That's when I suddenly heard a door open and close blond wife with another guy heart stop for a minute and when I look at Lyn's face with my cum on her arab egyptian lesbian from tata tota lesbian blog tube porn I saw her eyes widened with fear.

But when I heard the next door opened and close it was the bathroom next door it was a relief I cant imagine if my bedroom door opens and I saw the shadow of my sister or my mom.

That's when I said to Lyn that "its better to it call a night" she agreed to me then she leaned forward to kiss me passionately then got up wipe my cum on her with a towel then pick her cloths then walk straight to my door then she turned to me and said "good night David" Minutes after she left my room there's a knock in my door I quickly put on my boxers and I said "come in" its my mom to have my goodnight kiss.

she paused by the door she smelled something fishy she just said "I should open my window and let the fresh air in" and she walked towards me and kiss me good night. And she walked herself through the exit and close the door behind her. Minutes later I decided to go down to the maid quarter to0 finished what I started.

And when I was at half way down the stair I saw a light glint through the dark kitchen area. It was Jill she left the fridge open so there is dim light coming out from the fridge. Jill was sitting on the kitchen counter wearing only white semi-transparent silk spaghetti strap top and a match white silky high waist mid thigh pajama shorts. Jill didn't wear any bras nor undies. I can see her pink areolas the way the light was shining. Eating cold left over pizza pie.

"Oh hey sis" I said. while glancing at her tits. "What are you eating?". "left over pizza" she said. Lyn heard us both. She came out in the maids quarter and said "can I have some or maybe just a bite?". Maybe Lyn got hungry because mom and son sex because of cold what happened earlier.

So right after Jill finished a sliver she went straight to her room. Then I said to Lyn "we got the kitchen to our selves again". And kissing her neck. "my bed now." she said. "baby that's what I like" I said. Then I ran back to my room to get protection a piece or two. I when I got back the kitchen was dark then I heard the spring of the bed squeak. Then knock on her door and heard a voice on the other end of the door saying "its open" then a quick glance at the kitchen to see if there's wondering eyes lurking at the kitchen then quickly enter the room.

There's Lyn lying on the bed fully naked waiting. Knees bend and spread widely welcoming me to her fully shave pussy glisten in wetness. Stood in the corner watching her stroking her wet sex mound. Every second increasing Its pace. Until she moan "ah yes yes that's it right there".

While watching me pleasuring her herself. Seconds later another big and sexy orgasm she had. This time I was stroking my dick watching her taking herself to another dimension through her fingers. Without saying anything, I slid to the floor and crawled between her legs, spreading them wide. When I began kissing my inner thighs, she pulled her feet edge to the cushion I began licking her pussy lips.

I spread them with my fingers and I started licking the inside. After he dove his tongue into me several times, he moved to my clit and licked circles around it for quite a while. "Ummm" I moaned. Finally, I put My lips over my her clit and sucked it into his mouth, immediately flicking it with his tongue. She came twice quickly and felt herself building to a good orgasm. A couple of minutes later, She was yelling, "OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" and pushed my head away when her body exploded in orgasm.

As I stood up again, Lyn draped her arms around my neck and pulled my face to hers. She gave me a hot kiss and while I stood huddled over her like that, she made an impatient grab for my cock. With one hand she aimed my penis at her wet hole and used the other to pull me into her. Lyn groaned softly in my mouth as my round glans slipped past the tight entrance of her moist vagina. She then renewed her grip on my ass and scooted a little closer to the edge. At the same time, she pulled me all the way inside her, until my pubes were mashed against the bare skin of her 1fuckdatecom chikan groped train asian 1 tube porn mound.

"Fuck me, big boy" she whispered and partially released me from her grip, just enough so I could move again. I pulled out a bit and thrust in again. She kept her hands where they were and pulled me into her with each of my thrusts.

Without needing to use a single word, she taught me exactly what she liked me to do. Looking down, I witnessed the incredible sight of my cock moving in and out of her beautiful pussy, her coral lips stretched around my shaft, clinging to it as it slid back and forth.

"Just let me know if you need to squeeze." she whispered. A minute later, I practically yelled, "Squeeze." She grip me a good 2 minutes and I said "you can release now".

She pulled me to her bed I'm now lying next to her. Then she straddled herself her knees are now in-between my waist grasping my cock and aimed at her beautiful sex mound. Later l found out she was riding my cock up and down motion. I reach with my both hands kneading her DD breast. After a minute or so, She groan "mmm… keep doing that". After several trust I let out a moan "I'm Cumming" in less than a second she was in her knees beside me she stroke my cock and sucking the head of my cock to create enough vacuum she stroke me hard and keep at it.

When my orgasm hit me my body shivers and my thighs tighten I came in her mouth. She quickly swallowed the first two ropes of cum. Then the 3rd, 4th and 5th cum she cant take it anymore. My cum came drooling down her mouth falling on her tits and legs. She kept on holding my cock until it softens. "I love the feeling a cock softens inside my mouth" she said.

"I think it is better that you should go to your room" she said after a kiss on my dick. I stood and kiss her pick my clothes on the floor and off to my room.

In the next 2 weeks we continued our erotic affair if we get a chance. Then left for a 1 week business trip in that 1week I kept thinking of her wet pussy and her big juicy tits. A week after I returned from my trip the cab pulled over in my front yard paid him then take out my house key before I could unlock the front door then suddenly Lyn opened the door beautiful as always wearing a red halter top matching red mid thigh shorts.

"hey welcome back" then kissing me on the cheeks she lean near my ears "we should be careful next time I'm pregnant" She whispered. That's when I woke up with a huge tent on my boxers heard the knocking on my bedroom door mom came in said "time for school sleepy head".

Thats when i realize i have an erotic dream.