Big dick for black beauty interracial hardcore

Big dick for black beauty interracial hardcore
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Brian and I had just left a strip club, where we had young naked girls rubbing their bodies all over us all evening. It was frustrating and we'd both propositioned the strippers.

Unfortunately, the girls were not very cooperative. We're both in our 50s with a weakness for young legal teens. Both of us are careful not to fuck anyone who isn't legal, but this in the UK. Over 16 in legal, but 18 is what we both like really. We like them young, but we like them with a nice set of tits and a hairy trimmed pussy. We turned into an alleyway where we'd parked the car and up a head we saw a spy cam caught mom with stranger in living room girl staggering away from us.

It was a hot night out and all she had on was a flimsy summer dress. We hurried to catch up with and flanked her. I looked down her dress. Her beautiful firm c-cup tits were swinging free and my cock suddenly got even harder than it already was. She was of asian desent, chinese of korean, but she had a british accent and she was tiny. 5ft3 maybe with a nice round arse. I winked and Brian and I knew he got the message when he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"You ok?" he asked. "Yep," she slurred. "Where you going?" "I need a taxi," she said. I put my hand on her bum and squeezed her arse checks through her dress. "We can give you a ride home," I offered. "Ok," she mumbled. We got to the car, and unfortunately, I was the driver.

Brian hoped in the back with the young girl. He started to explore her drunk body with his hands, squeezing her tits and arse as I went through her bag. "She lives about ten minutes away," I said having found her driving license. "You live by yourself?" Brian asked "Yes," she nodded. "Good," Brian said to me. "I didn't want to have to fuck her in the car." It's her 18th birthday today," I said as I put her license back into her bag and recovered her house keys.

"Just the way I like my pussy," Brain said. "18, slutty and drunk." I started the car and drove off towards Louise's house. I didn't much like the name so I called her slut from this point in. I moved the mirror so I could watch what was happening in the back seat. Brain had opened her legs and was already finger fucking her and sucking on one of her tits he'd freed from her skimpy dress.

"She's nice and wet already," he called. "I'm going to enjoy fucking this." We arrived at the address on her licence and half carried her up the stairs to the apartment on the top floor. I inserted the key and pushed the door open. It was dark inside, but once I flicked the light switch on I saw a small studio apartment, one room with a small kitchen and a double bed. "Nice big bed," I said.

"Big enough for three," Brain replied with a dirty grin. Brian grabbed her from behind, pulled her little dress up and pushed her forward onto the bed so that she was face down. He bent straight down after, dropping to his knees at the edge of the bed and drove his tongue into arse hole, rimming her rectum.

I heard her moaning with pleasure as I closed the door to her small apartment.

I wondered how aware she was of what was going on, or who was now licky her pussy from behind. When I turned around I slowly unbuttoned my shirt as Brian undid his belt and pushed his trousers down.

He lifted his knees up so he could get them down around his ankles. I threw my shirt over the back of the a chair and unbuckled my trousers freeing my hard cock. Brian's cock was already out and he had his right hand wrapped around it, rubbing it up and down.

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It was pretty hard for a guy in his 50s. "How's she taste," I demanded. "Like a sweet teen," Brian laughed. Suddenly, he grabbed her round the hips and pulled her towards him. Her arse slid to the edge of the bed and her knees dropped to the ground. Blonde milf sasha sean sucking fucking big dick blowjob and bigtits was going to fuck her from behind like a dog.

Brian knelt up a little higher and pushed the tip of his cock into her cunt. "Ahh, she's tight," he moaned as he thrust his cock all the way in her teen pussy. I held her around the waist and pounded his cock into her as fast as he could. "She's so tight," he cried. She started to moan out loud. I couldn't believe how much she was enjoying having this old man in her tight young pussy.

But when she tensed up and had her first orgasm, I knew we'd lucked upon the dirtiest teen slut in town. I jumped naked up onto the bed and positioned my cock below her mouth. I pushed her head down and she took my cock in her mouth.

Brian fucked her harder and he grunted like he'd soon cum. She sucked and wanked my hard cock into her mouth, rolling her young little tongue over my bell end. "Ahh god," I moaned. "She really nows how to suck cock." "You should try her cunt," Brian moaned. I pulled back and moved behind her. "Let me fuck her," I said. Brian pulled his cock from her cunt and while I positioned myself to replace him, Brian quickly stripped and took my place on the bed, feeding his old hard cock into this teen sluts mouth.

I watched her suck on it and wank him hard for a few seconds before I thrust my dick into her wet pussy. It slid right in and when I pulled it out it was covered in creamy pussy juices. I squeezed her arse as I fuck her hard and fast. Thrusting my dick into her pussy. "She's such a filthy slut," Brian moaned. "I'm going to cum in her fucking mouth," he said.

Then he grunted loudly and cried out and I knew he was spunking. "ahhh, suck it bitch," he moaned running his hands through her hair.

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"That's it, drink my cum like a good whore." He stopped moaning and lay back on the bed. She turned to face me and I saw cum dripping from her lips and nose. With that sight I grunted and pounded her pussy. Then I felt hot spunk rush from my balls and fill her teen pussy. I pulled my cock out and sprayed cum on the arse and butt whole before dropping onto the floor and resting. I lifted her up onto the bed and lay her between us. She was breathing heavily. "You ever fuck two men?" I asked.

"No," she mumbled. "But I wanted too." "You can be our slut anytime," Brian mumbled. She lifted her dress over her shoulders and threw it to the floor. She looked so beautiful laid out between us. This beautiful asian teenager we'd just fucked. It took half an hour for us to get hard again, but as soon as Brian was hard, she rolled over and climbed on top of him.

She took his cock in her hand and lowered her young sexy body onto it. It slid easily into her cum filled snatch and she let out a moan and she impaled herself repeatedly on the old man fuck tool. My cock was hard and I wanted to fuck this whore again so I jumped up behind her and grabbed her hips, holding her still. I slowly pushed the tip of my cock past her sphincter and into her arse.

She cried out in pain, but I ignored her and forced my cock all the way in as far as it would go. I fucked her arse as fast as I could. With each thrust she bucked up, riding Brian's cock. I whispered in her ear, "You like it slut?" "Yes she cried out as I thrust all the way into her." I fucked her with a passion.

Hard and fast as I looked down at her young teen body. I grunted louder and louder as I approached the end. I was going to cum in this teen slut, fill her arse with my hot spunk. "I'm cumming," I shouted and with one final thrust, I emptied my ball bag for the second time. This time filling her tight dirty arsehole with my hot juices. As I came, I heard Brian cry out and fill her cunt with a second load of spunk which mixed with mine inside her.

I pulled my cock from her arse and I watched also blameless to be fucked hardcore and blowjob cum stream out and role down over her pussy lips.

"I never felt anything like that," she said. "I always wanted to get fucked by my dad's friends." A few minutes later she fell asleep and we got up, got dressed, took some pictures with our phones and snuck out in the middle of the night. Normally, I wouldn't leave my phone number after abusing a drunk girl like this, but this time she loved every second of the fucking we'd given her.

So I left her a number where she could contact us in case she wanted a repeat performance.

I was still surprised when she called a few weeks later.