Sexy yo brunette lapdances for shy stranger

Sexy yo brunette lapdances for shy stranger
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Ben Garland awoke early with an aching back. He scowled at the sleeping bag on the bare hardwood floor.

He looked at the clock, in a few hours the movers will be here with his bed, and other furniture. With a groan he stood up, and started digging through the few boxes he had with him.

As he was setting up the coffee pot, his phone rang, scaring the hell out of him. "Yeah!" he barked. A soft female laugher echoed back at him. "Well, well it would seem lack of pussy makes you mean." Ben laughed.

"Sorry honey, but the damn phone startled the hell out asian babe ayumi shinoda gives rimjob and blowjob me. Although three days with no pussy does make me a little cranky." More laughter. "Aww poor baby, it won't be long Sarah will be out of school in three weeks and we will be there three days after that.

You're the one that had to get the house set up, and had to be on the job a.s.p." Ben scowled he hoped Debbie didn't call up to start this argument all over again. It was not his fault his company moved to Florida. Hell he thought she would be happy after all she spends all winter bitching about the snow in Philly.

"Come on Deb you know I was lucky the company didn't just cut me like they did so many others. We were lucky, the company found us this house and paid for the movers. After all I'm not the only geek out there that can program their computers; in fact there are guys out there younger than me that can probably do it faster." Deb didn't t reply; they had been over this enough.

Ben hung up shortly after, He loved his wife, but she was so against changes. He took his coffee out on the back porch. If only Deb could see this. Florida was beautiful, right now there was 12 inches of snow back in Philly, but here there was nothing but green grass and sun shine.

He was so lost in his thoughts that at first he did not notice the girl lying in the sun, just on the other side of the fence. He moved to the right to get a better view of the girl. Hot did not even do her justice. She looked to be the same age as his daughter. She had long tan legs, the kind a man could dream about. Her hair was in a braid but it reached the middle of her back, so he imagined if it was loose, it would reach her slender hips.

Just about then she rolled over, her face was pure perfection. Small delicate features graced smooth sun kissed skin. Ben felt his cock stir. At first he was shocked, he had seen pretty girls before, hell his wife is a pure knock out. But something in this girl's face called to the primal urges in him. He inhaled deeply, he thought he caught her scent in the air. This thought gave him a full fledge hardon. It took a bit to realize the hentai stunner in glasses giving a pov blowjob was looking at him, her green eyes raked up and down his body, stopping on the bulge in his shorts.

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A mischievous grin tugged at her full lips. Slowly not taking her eyes off of him she slowly raised her slender hips up, and slid her bathing suit bottoms off.

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Ben could not believe what he was seeing. She laid there her naked pussy staring him in the face. She opened her legs as wide as she could. He noticed she was bald down there. Normally he thought bald pussies looked a bit childish, but right now that one looked damn good, he wanted to be between those tan firm thighs licking the hell out of that hairless cunt. She ran her finger over her pussy lips, spreading her moisture, until her pussy glistened in the sunlight.

Slowly her shove a finger deep inside of her. A little purr slipped from her parted pink lips. She pumped her finger in and out a few times, then added another finger.

Little moans floated across the hot air. Ben was not sure when he did, but he found his shorts down around his ankles and his hard throbbing cock in his hand. He pumped his cock in time with her thrusting fingers.

He couldn't believe what was going on, she was finger fucking herself while he stroked his cock, soon they were both moaning, and sweating. Her hips pumped against her hand. He felt the pressure building in his balls, he knew he was about to cum.

She must have been getting close as well because in a matter of seconds she was biting her bottom lip, her legs pushed wider, her pussy pulsed and cum gushed out of her covering the top of her thighs. He shot his load too, he could not remember the last time he shot such a big load of cum, it covered his hand, and pooled on the porch between his feet. After a moment or huge tits blonde gagged and anal banged his breathing began to slow.

She giggled stood up wrapped her towel around her slim hips, and as she made it to the back door, she said in a musical voice&hellip. "Welcome to the neighborhood." Ben stood there a little bit, his heart still pounding his now softening cock in his hand, cum drying on his knuckles, he smiled he was really going like it here.

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He thought happily. ……………………………………………………………The End……………………………&hellip.