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Two raunchy blondes share a bbc interracial big tits
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Sorry for the extremely long life has been crazy!! between School and my significant other having 2 surgeries in a month. But I am back and going to try to keep it going.I had to edit and repost some of the series removing all mention of age from the story.I have to do the same to some of my other stories.

It has been so long you may want to go back and read the rest of the series. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After our shower we all settled on the couch for the evening, and watched movies.

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Alice spent about an hour on the phone, I assumed at the time it was business. Brittney and Becca were both snuggled up with me. May texted me back. "Looking forward to it, but it might have to wait a few day's. Kinda yucky right now." "Whenever you're ready, no rush.

Love ya sis. I will probably spend the night here, do you or Mom need anything?" I replied. "Nah, were good. Night." She replied. Alice had just hung up the phone and came back in the room.

"Girls, I have a whopper of an announcement. Some people want to open my business in DC, that means they will have to pay me a butt load of money for the rights, so I won't have to work as much." Brittney and Becca cheered and congratulated Alice.

"But.there is always bad news. I will have to go to DC for two months. I just spoke to Ms Ann, and she thinks it would be fantastic if you girls stayed with her, Steve, and May. This way you won't have to relocate, mess up your school, and miss your friends." "But we'll miss you." Becca squeaked. " I know sugar, and I will miss you too. But now you hardly see me and I'm always home.

After this someone else will be doing the work, and I will be getting paid to stay home with the girls I love." "When do you leave?" Brittney asked. "I fly out Monday morning. You guys are going to stay at Steve's house, you both have keys to this house to get your clothes do laundry, and what ever else you need." She said. We spent an hour or so in casual conversation. Becca was sound asleep on the couch.

Alice decided it was time for her to turn in. She grabbed the blanket off the back of the couch, covered Becca, and kissed her on the forehead, and went kink whipped ass brittney white takes it hard to her room. Brittney and I went to her room, stripped to nothing and climbed in under the comforter.

Once we got comfy I heard her chuckling. "Whats so funny?" I asked. "Hmm lets many girlfriends let their boyfriend take their virginity with their mom participating, then helping the same boyfriend take her sister's virginity also with her mom participating, then curling up in bed with him like it was all normal." She said. "Dunno, but I'm glad she's my girlfriend." I said as I kissed her softly on the back of the head.

We slept spooned together all night. We spent the rest of the weekend preparing for Alice's trip. Alice was on the phone most of the weekend taking care of bills, stopping the paper, and all the other calls that go along with taking an extended trip.

Brittney was doing laundry and packing for the three of them. She carefully packed her moms luggage passion hd sexy teen sabrina banks gets oily massage and hard fuck things into every square inch.

Her own clothes as well as Becca's were folded into laundry baskets, that I was charged with carrying across the street to my house. Sunday evening my mom made an absurdly huge going away dinner with all the trimmings for the six of us.

A huge pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and gravy. For dessert a scratch made lemon meringue pie. We all sat and talked in the dining room for two hours afterward because we were all too full to move. After dinner Alice prepared to head back to their house to turn in as she had an early AM flight.

So a long litany of goodbyes, hugs, and crying commenced, lasting another hour. We all went to our respective rooms to go to bed, as we all had school the following morning. Becca was going to stay in May's room with her, and Brittney was going to stay with me in my room. I woke up next to her and woke her softly so she could get ready for school.

I looked at the clock and the date, and just knew today was going to suck. Today was Dad's birthday. "Stick with Paul or other friends, never alone. Ride the bus both ways, and keep your head on a swivel!" I told Brittney as she prepared to leave for school.

"Yes yes.I got it. Worry wart." She replied. "We don't know if those guys were talking shit, or if they were serious! Yes I worry because I can't be there, and I don't want you hurt!" I snapped. "I love you." I said softly. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me softly for several minutes, as I took in the smell of her freshly showered body and the coconut shampoo she used.

"I love you too, and thank you for looking out for me." She whispered in my ear. School drug by that day like every other school day. Brittney texted me at lunch. "Wazzup sweety? No stalkers for me yet today.except for Paul. He is keeping a close eye on me from afar. I'm sitting here talking to Michelle." "Ehhh trying to decide if this is greasy pizza or a chunk of zombie flesh. Who's Michelle?" "A freshman girl that sits with me at lunch. She's from somewhere up north and everyone fucks with her and makes fun of her accent.

Did you sleep good last night?" "Of course! I was curled up with you." I replied. ":-) you have two months of that to look forward to!" "I will sleep like a baby!" "Oh no mister it wont all be sleep! I gotta run ttyl." "Ok be carefull ILY!" I texted back. My day kinky lesbo models are gaping and fisting anal holes much better after that, knowing I had two months of her sleeping snuggled of in front of me.

My mind wasn't on my classes it was on the smell of Brittney's hair in my face, and her curvy ass pressed firmly in my midsection as we slept. But there was still Dad's birthday hanging over my head. "Right Mr Arnold?" The voice of Mr Cook my history teacher kicked me back to reality.

"Right sir!" Being startled I responded without thinking. The whole class burst into laughter including Mr Cook. All I could do was look around confused. "Mr Arnold we are all so glad to know that you had four alien children with the martian that abducted you!" "I'm sorry sir.I was actually thinking about my girlfriend." Which was partially true.

"Is she human?" "Yes sir, very much so." I replied. "Good. I can sleep better knowing we aren't going to be overrun with half bred alien children! Please stay on this planet during class." "Yes sir." I replied. The bus ride seemed like an eternity, as I finally arrived home to an empty house. Mom at work, May, Becca, and Brittney due home any second. I had a few minutes to my self. I was fighting back tears and just about ready to let it go, when May got home.

She walked in head hung low dried tears on her cheeks, just dragging her book bag. She sat next to me put her head in my lap and busted out crying. I just stroked her hair and just let her release.

Brittney came bouncing in and jokingly said "Why so glum guys? You look like someone died." May shot out of my lap, charged toward her room, knocking Brittney out of the way. "Bitch!" she screamed in tears, strap clear bra srx story the bedroom door behind her.

"Whoa.still hormonal." Brittney said. "That and today would have been my Dad's birthday." I choked out. "Oh shit.oh damn.I.I.I am such a piece of shit. I.I.I'm so sorry." She kept repeating herself, pacing in circles, not sure if she needed to comfort me or May. I grabbed her hand and pulled her on to the couch next to me. I rested my head on her shoulder. "I know you didn't mean it.

You were just trying to lighten the room, which is what you're so good at." I said to her, as I cried on her shoulder. A few minutes later I went to check on May. I opened her door, she was curled up fetal, and sobbing. I wriggled in behind her and put my arms around her. "You ok squirt?" "Yeah.I miss him." "I miss him too squirt. I only told Brittney what happened to Dad a few months ago when we first moved in, so she didn't remember before, she was trying to cheer things up.

I don't think she deserved to be called a you?" "No.I'm sorry." "You need to tell her that. She's out there feeling horrible that she accidentally hurt you." "Ok I will." May said as we both stood up and went out to the den, but we noticed Brittney had moved into my room and laid down, curled up back to the door. "Go ahead, I'll be in the den." I prodded May.

She went into my room and curled up with Brittney. Sitting on the couch, I texted Mom. "How R U?" "Glad to be working, to silent asian teen got punished with a dick of justice my mind busy. How are my babies?" "We cried a little together, but we're ok now." "Good I love cuties drill bfs anal with big belt dicks and burst charge two!" "Love ya too mom.and I have something more pleasurable for you to think about the rest of the day." I sent her the pic of me sunk deep in Becca.

I went back to my room and peered through the door. May was still curled up with Brittney, their backs were to me, but I could see in the mirror that May was sound asleep.

Brittney looked at me in the mirror and smiled. I went upstairs to start some dinner for us as it seemed mom was working a day shift and would be home before too long. Becca was sitting at the kitchen table doing homework. "Whats up little sis two?" I asked, placing a glass of sweet tea in front of her. "Nothin.finishing up my homework." "Sounds like a blast.everything know yesterday and all?" I asked.

"Yup, just walking a little funny today. All good." She said giggling. I heard the garage door, and a minute later Mom came up the stairs. "Hi guys! Smells good in here. Congrats Becca I just found out today. How does it feel to be a full fledged woman now?" My mom asked.

"Lighter.yeah lighter that's how I feel. I was so nervous and anxious to do it that is seemed like a ton on my shoulders. But Steve was so patient and gentle.I worried for nothing." Becca replied.

"Awesome! Glad you enjoyed yourself. Wheres May and Brit?" "May was down in the dumps she curled up with Brittney in my room and fell asleep. You can go wake them for dinner, while I get it out of the oven." I told her. Mom turned and went downstairs. She went to my room and gently sat on the edge of the bed. "May.Brittney.wake up, time for dinner." She said while stroking each of their hair.

"Come on my sleeping beauties." Mom said softly. "Wow, great nap. May, you're so cute and cuddly, it was like holding a living version of my favorite stuffed animal." Brittney said.

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Both Mom and May chuckled. "Steve has dinner ready girls.see you upstairs." Mom said as she left the room. "We good? I truly am sorry." Brittney said. "We're good. I was tired and bitchy. I shouldn't have called you a bitch." May replied. With the added company, we actually used our dining room table for once. It was nice having a meal together all in the same place. Mom had one end, I had the other, May and Becca were right next to each other, and Brittney had a side just to my right all to herself.

"Thanks again for having us Ms Ann." Brittney said. "You guys are most certainly welcome. It beats the hell out of a hotel room doesn't it?" "Oh yea, snuggling up with Steve.and May for that matter, is far more comfy." Brittney replied.

"Hey make sure everyone saves some snuggling for me!" Mom exclaimed, as she made her way around the table serving more food. I gathered up dishes and piled them in the sink and was getting ready to wash them. "I got those go keep our company, company.

Besides you cooked it dinner." Mom said. "Go ahead Steve. I'm gonna dry." Brittney said. Mom started to object but Brittney cut her off. "We are staying here free and helping dirty things up so I think I can handle lets get to work.

Brittney said. "I guess I can't argue with that." Mom replied laughing. May, Becca, and I all went down stairs. The girls disappeared into May's room, I sprawled out on the couch and turned on a game show to pass some time. Mom and Brittney were upstairs making quick work of the dishes. "May I ask you a question Brit?" Mom asked shyly "Ask away Ms A" Brittney replied "I am sure you know I have.

well.oh the hell with niceties, I have fucked Steve. Doesn't that upset you in the least, being his girlfriend?" Mom asked "Not at all you're his Mom and have every right to love him in what ever form you like." "Well what about him with your mom and Becca?" "I love my Mom and Becca and have no gripes sharing with them." "After my husband was killed, I was so lonely for so long, that one day.Well you know.

I always tell myself, and the kids, that if it fells good then it can't be wrong.does all this make me a bad person?" "No way Ms A! Steve stepped up at a horrible time and took care of you and May, he's always a polite perfect gentleman, he looks out for others.hell he got in a full on fight and nearly got arrested protecting me and my family.

That alone shows how good of a parent you are. May seems happy go lucky. You work your ass off, a single mom with two kids, and a nice house.Ms A.They aught to put you on the cover of frigging Parenting Magazine!" Brittney replied, giving Mom a playful smack on the butt. "How did you guys become.well.incestuous?" "My dad was a worthless piece of shit drunk.

Thankfully he never did anything to Becca or I, he had lost all interest in mom. He usually just passed out wherever. It all started innocently enough cuddling and sleeping with mom at night, we brought each other comfort. We love each other and it has never felt wrong. Only recently have we brought Becca in on it." Brittney replied. "I think you hit it on the head Ms A.It it feels good and if it doesn't harm anyone, then it cant be wrong." "Thank you Brit.

That really does make me feel better.I think I am going to grab a shower now, thanks for the ear, and the help." Ann said as she made her way to her room. Ann started the shower running to get hot as she undressed in front of the vanity. She admired herself in the nude in front of the mirror for a few moments, before stepping in and letting the hot water ease the woes of the day. She kept thinking about her talk with Brittney and still couldn't believe how at ease as well as turned on she felt by the whole incest situation.

She soon found herself rubbing on her ample tits, not only to clean them but for sexual gratification. She was lost in deep thought and taking her nipples between her fingers, when she was shocked into reality by a pair of hands other than her own that had wrapped around her waist from behind and were making their way upward toward her chest to couple with her own hands. "Can I help Ms A" Brittney's soft lovable college girl was seduced and penetrated by her senior teacher amateur and babe whispered in her ear.

"Uhhuh" was all the words Ann could muster at the moment. Brittney slowly kissed on Ann's neck working down her back until Brittney now on her knees had Ann's fine toned butt in her face. She kissed and lightly nibbled on Ann's cheeks while reaching a hand between her legs from behind and stroked her pussy using the running water as lubricant.

She could feel Ann's legs start to tremble from the massage. She placed her hands on Ann's hips and turned her around so Ann's shaved bare womanhood was now in her face. Brittney looked up and locked eyes with Ann as she extended her tongue and gently licked on Ann's clit.

Ann shuddered from the erotic touch but the two never broke eye contact. Brittney softly drove a finger into Ann's now sopping wet tunnel while she continued licking around her clit occasionally sucking Ann's juices off of her finger. Between the pleasure of being eaten and watching her son's girlfriend doing it, Ann soon erupted, her legs nearly failing her she shuddered in orgasmic ecstasy. Ann wanting to return the favor had Brittney sit on the bench in the huge shower stall, and got on her own knees in front of her.

The two exchanged passionate kisses for some time before Ann summoned enough courage to kiss down Brittney's chest and on to her supple teen tits. Taking one at a time she explored her light pink areolas and the slightly darker nipple of each. She then made her way downward spreading Brittney's thighs and began licking on Brittney's clit just as had been done to her own. She could hear Brittney cooing as she licked and gently sucked on the teens clit.

She traveled down a little more to lick on Brittney's hot oozing juices mixed with the water from the shower. She thrust her tongue as deep as she could into Brittney's box while stroking her clit with a finger.

Brittney started to stiffen and her bottom started to rise from the seat pushing harder into Ann's face, her eyes then rolled back her body became rigid as a power pole. "OOOOOH Ann Ohhhh" Brittney yelled as a fierce orgasm racked her body, and soon she collapsed back onto the bench.

Giggling and gabbing the whole time they helped each other finish showering. "That hot audrey bitoni loves his stiff shaft the first time I have ever done anything with another woman" Ann explained. "And as long as I am around certainly not the last. You were fantastic Ms A!" Brittney exclaimed.

As Brittney made her way downstairs to go to bed, she saw May sitting up awake. Becca had fallen asleep next to her. May appeared deep in thought. So Brittney stuck her head in and asked if everything was ok. "Yea I guess, just a little nervous." May replied. "Why are you nervous?" Brittney asked. "Well.I'm the only virgin left in the house. I think I am going to let Steve.uhhh.fuck me." "Steve loves you a lot so he would make love to you not "fuck you." But I think that is a great that you trust him enough to take your virginity." "Do you feel different after you lose it?" "Physically no, but mentally you feel.mmm.stronger, more grown up, more empowered.

Does that make sense?" "Kinda.yea." "Hey you don't have to do it until you are ready. You have the final say in the matter. If you want when it happens Becca, me, and even your mom can be there to help and support you.

Me, and my mom were there for Becca when she lost hers." "I think it might be weird with my mom there." "You would be surprised how cool your mom is. I just had a little fun in the shower with her. Your mom is awesome." Brittney gave May a soft kiss before she left the room and came to bed with me. She filled me in on the night's happenings and cuddled up with me an crashed for the night.