Sage evans gets drilled in hardcore fashion

Sage evans gets drilled in hardcore fashion
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An Added Extra at the Poker Game Written by Stifflittlepoints John repeatedly got a hard-on almost any time his daughter came into the room. Her breasts had begun to grow, and that alone caused his organ to shoot upwards. What he wanted to do though was a tad kinky.

He wanted to watch or even film someone else seduce and strip his daughter in front of him. He soon saw his opportunity at a friendly game of poker at his house. Mark (one of the players) was a single neighbor who was a fantastic high school math teacher and that was one area Carly needed help with. And being a typical teen, she wanted a cell phone sooooo badly.

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There had to be a way to satisfy everyone's pleasures. . but especially his. Dialogue at the card game: John: Looks like you have a shortage of chips there Mark. Mark: That's because your pile has most of them in it young girl first time teen v sex others laughed as John showed his full house). Mark: I'm out guys. Tonight's just not my night. John: How about if you bet with your services instead of cash? (the others looked confused, but kept playing).

Mark: What services? John: My daughter needs help with math. How about if you offer some time with her, in exchange for me providing you cash for the next couple of hands? Mark: Deal. After we finish, we can talk about arrangements in the event I start losing. But as luck would have it, Mark never won another hand but instead lost the equivalent of hundreds of dollars, betting rather recklessly in hopes of getting everything back.

It was after midnight and the other players had left. Being a bit tipsy, John suggested that they work out a contract and begin the tutoring sessions that weekend. Mark also was a bit buzzed but agreed to 5 one hour sessions with his daughter.

He was curious about her appearance, never having showed up during the card game. "Let's go upstairs and you can see her for yourself" he said, leading the way. Mark followed his friend and got to the bedroom at the top of the stairs with the door open slightly. The moon was out and as the two men quietly moved on either side of her bed, her face and chest were suddenly illuminated.

In that illumination, both men could see that in the heat of the night, she had only one button holding her pajama top together, towards the bottom. As a result, the sides of her bare titties were visible and the shapes of her developing breasts were on display. They were more like apples and came to a perfect point at her nipples. They stuck out slightly and her buds were tiny, being in that position. Her blonde hair haphazardly covered a portion of her pixie-like face.

Mark liked what he saw, but was somewhat surprised observing that her father was now sporting a full erection as he inspected his daughter's young body. John realized the awkward situation he had put himself into and elected to signal it was time to leave.

He headed downstairs and when he reached the bottom he shared the following: "I love my daughter very much. . and when you tutor her, I will be either secretly watching you, by camera and or just outside the door.

I want you to start slow, but as time goes on. . I want her naked and servicing you as quickly as possible. Once that takes place, your loan will be paid off. . understood? " Uh. . uh. . I guess fat and huge boobed bbw wrestles in the ring. . will your wife be around?" asked Mark. "She left us both a couple of years ago for a younger guy.

It's just the two of us now." "I can live with that. I will begin thinking about some innocent ways to get her "hot" for anything," said Mark. As he got into his car, he adjusted his cock, realizing getting this loan paid off. . could be the most fun he ever had. Tutor Session 1 John propositioned Carly into getting a new iphone, IF her math grades improved.

She was excited about this being her reward, and promised to try her best. "Mr. Thomas uses some different methods and techniques, but I want you to do whatever he asks, okay?" "Sure daddy. He is a handsome guy and Abbie said he sometimes flirts with her in class." "You will soon learn that when a guy flirts with you, don't hesitate to flirt back.

I am even going to buy you some new tops and shorts for your sessions with him." "Awesome Daddy! You are the best," she said with a sparkle in her eye. They did their shopping, and he had picked out an almost see-through top she would wear and tight shorts as well. He liked her barefooted, so when Mark came to the door, and John introduced them, she kept her feet bare. "I will find something to do, guys. Let's shoot for an hour's session for today," and he left them in the den, but kept the door halfway open.

He got a beer and then came back and listened to their discussion. Mark had brought along a math pretest for her grade level to evaluate her strengths and weaknesses. While she took it, he moved around the room, attempting to get at an angle so that he might see down her shirt. He noticed she was having some difficulty and used it as an excuse to move next to her.

"Don't forget to watch your signs," he said, and as she looked up, almost by design the material left her chest and her young breasts came into view as well as her pink nipples. It was difficult to stay on topic with these developing orbs fully visible. At the same time, Carly suddenly realized he could see down her front, and also began to watch his bulging cock press up against the fabric of his jeans only a foot away.

He watched her stare at his cock, and smiled. "Let's finish this up, and I have a couple of story problems I want you to try." She nodded her head and went back to work. Once finished she held out her exam and waited for him to come over. He had typed out three story problems, that were provocative scenarios, which he longed to have her read out loud.

He switched papers with her and suggested that they puta casada se bana tube porn to the couch for this next part.

"Estimating horny babes take care of blindfolded guy a very important skill Carly. I want you to read out loud the first problem and then estimate an answer for me. Go ahead." This surprised the girl, but she began reading.

Meanwhile, outside the door. . John listened to his daughter say: "Mark and Carly were boyfriend and girlfriend. Carly could always tell when Mark was excited, because his pants would stick out in front (a short pause as she wondered if she should be reading what he had given to her) Are you sure you want me to read this to you?" asked Carly timidly. "Absolutely. It's just a prelude to a rather complicated math problem. Go ahead and finish it up," he suggested.

"Okay. . the thing that Mark liked best and made him the most excited village xxxx sex stories storys hard looking at her titties.

He had fantasized about somehow getting her to take off her top, so that he could see her bare chest. He wanted so badly to lick and suck her bare nipples, knowing it would probably make that place between her legs become moist and make her VERY excited. "Okay sweetie, now it is time for the math problem. If she took off seven pieces of clothing and was stark naked in front of him, how many pieces of clothing would she have to take off of HIM. . to know absolutely sure that he was aroused to see her nude body?" By the time Carly had finished, her panties were now moist showing her desire.

She could not believe how excited she had become reading to this handsome man. "What is your prediction?" asked Mark, loving to see her with a red face showing her immediate embarrassment. But also for the first time, her nipples had become stiff. . poking out her thin top and arousing the man even further. "Uh. . two I guess," she whispered. "Correct. His pants AND his briefs. Here is another one for you to read, and then our time is up for today" he said handing a second piece of paper to the embarrassed girl.

Unbeknownst to his daughter and neighbor, John had unleashed his 8" cock out in the hallway and was near the point of no return, hearing his daughter read the previous passage.

How clever he thought to make Carly read something so erotic and by using both their names as characters, make her think that he was dying to see HER titties. His thoughts were interrupted as Carly started again: "Mr. Johnson watched Katie slip out of her clothes, and then the sound of his zipper being pulled down was heard throughout the classroom. She had put her hair up into blonde pigtails, knowing how that excited the man.

Meanwhile Pam had a bird's eye view of the zipper coming to a stop, as she kneeled in front of her teacher. Soon his big calloused hand reached inside, and the purple top of his cock left the confines of his pants." "With some difficulty he had brought his purple veined avenger out into the open as he got a closer look at Katie's teen naked body.

He slowly began to pull steadily on his erect tool. Pam's mouth opened in awe as the head rhythmy. . ah. . .rhyth. . ." Carly began to stumble on the word. Mark stood next to her and helped sound out the word for her, but remained standing, knowing his rock hard cock was poking out right in front of her.

"Go ahead and start this sentence again," he said. The girl began, but was extremely aware of the thick bulge in the man's pants that was now a mere inch from her mouth. "Pam's mouth opened in awe as the head rhythmically appeared and disappeared from sight in the foreskin of the man's cock." "Come over here Pam. There's one more little favor I need you to do to satisfy your debt. I want your friend here to hold my cock and rub it all over your bare tits for me." Katie grasped the huge cock in her sweaty hand, moved it over to the young girl's chest and began to circle Pam's stiff nipple and breast with the cone tip of Mr.

Johnson's cock. She laughed and excitedly directed his cock onto Pam's other nipple and then around and around her rather small breasts. Pam shivered in excitement as she watched and felt the huge organ circle across her rigid nipples. This only lasted a few minutes for Mr. Johnson was so excited he began to shoot hot cum all over the young girl's breasts. "Okay Carly. And now for your math problem. . so listen carefully. Eight boys watched what was happening in the short story you just read.

Two boys rubbed their cocks through their pants as they were watching. Four boys pulled out their long cocks, while watching and two of them shot their wads during the action. What percentage of the boys shot their wads?" Carly was so aroused by the story she couldn't remember what was just said and could not come up with an answer.

"Turn this way young lady and look at me," he said, making sure when she turned sideways he moved forward and moved his covered stiff cock over the girl's mouth. He paused and deliberately moved his cock around her lips for a few seconds.

The girl was about to answer, but was interrupted: "Time's up," he said moving slightly back. "The answer is 25%. You must be able to do that type of problem almost instantly. I want you to study the flash cards I brought over and tomorrow after school, I will be back and we will keep working on your math facts." Tutor Session #2 Neither John nor his daughter talked much about the math lesson. He had made some special preparations for the next session though.

He had mounted a hidden camera in the basement and had coordinated with Mark exactly where the action had to take place. Also, he bought her a new white blouse with the buttons in the back with short ruffled sleeves and a little decorative bow at the top.

With it he bought her a bright red denim skirt and a new pair of pink panties. He also insisted that she tie her hair up into pigtails with red ribbons.

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"You look great honey. Mark will love your outfit!" and before she could comment the doorbell rang and her Daddy let the math big tit latina fucking pussy with sextoy in. He was wearing a thin pair of white athletic shorts and a muscle shirt on the top. Carly secretly thought the man was very "hot". "I will be working in the den today, so why don't you guys go downstairs for today's lesson. Oh yes. . I almost forgot, I made you a pitcher of rum punch.

Don't tell anyone Carly. I knew this was one of Mark's favorite beverages and I think you will enjoy it as well. Something new to try. "Thanks Daddy. I will try my best and do exactly what he asks of me today." Both men enjoyed her comment, especially taken in the literal sense.

When they arrived downstairs there was a large pitcher of punch and two glasses. Carly poured them both full glasses. After sipping it, she commented: "This tastes pretty good. . kinda like pink lemonade with some medicine in it." "I guess that is a good description.

Let's see who can drink down a glass the fastest. Ready?" he asked, looking at the twinkle in the girl's eyes as she loved to be challenged. "Go!" and they both brought their glasses to their lips and began to gulp down the liquid. He deliberately made the contest close but slammed the last few ounces down just before she finished.

"Wow. . real close. Want to try it again?" "Sure," she said and re-poured two more full glasses. This time she said "GO". She was determined to finish first but the liquid soon slipped out the sides of her glass as she was about to finish. She shouted, "First done!" and began laughing. She suddenly felt the cold liquid on her chest and looked down and realized the spillage had dampened her new white shirt in the front.

But more importantly, it had made the fabric almost transparent and stick to her chest.

Her nipples were now visible to Mark, and he could not have been happier. "Do you have a towel or something?" he asked and suddenly realized there was one close by. "Allow me," he said covering his hand with it and opening it up and then placing it on madison ivy big tits model bang blonde cock chest.

His touch brought shivers to the girl, as he slowly padded where the punch had dampened her blouse, but he also began to gently cup her hidden breasts underneath. Pretending not to give away his desire to feel her up, he completed the task by carefully tweaking her nipple on one side and then the other. "There. . that's better. Let's take this quiz and see whether you studied your flash cards or not last night," he said taking a few sheets of paper out of a folder he had brought with him.

Carly was determined to do better than the day before and she quickly finished the first few problems. As she continued her task, Mark kept looking at her dampened top, totally excited that despite wiping down the fabric, it remained almost totally see-through. Then he began to wonder how quickly the punch might begin to affect the muff fingering and drilling smalltits and hardcore, especially because she didn't weigh very much.

As luck would have it, her eyes began to slightly redden and she began to giggle as she came close to finishing the quiz. "What's so funny?" he asked. "This problem reminded me of that second story problem yesterday. . .you know the one about the percentage of boys. That was a VERY naughty tale you had me read.

. you know," she said laughing once again. "I thought it might keep your attention instead of some lame story about how many apples. . .would you have to buy to make applesauce. Let me see how you did," he said taking her quiz and quickly scanning it.

"Better, but still having trouble with some double-digit division. Why don't we try something new? People usually learn information in two different ways: either by positive reinforcement. . like your Dad buying you an iphone. . or negative reinforcement by you not wanting to have consequences if you don't get things right. Let's try the second way for a moment. I want you to stand in front of me, and I will hold up a flashcard.

For every correct answer you get right, you get one point. For every incorrect answer, you get a negative point. If your total goes below zero, you must take off a piece of clothing of MY choice." "That's kinda crazy you know. What happens if I miss a bunch and end up all naked. What happens then?" she asked with a flirting tone. "I don't think we will get that far, but you would just have to do whatever I asked you to do.

I really want you to have your cell phone, but this is one way to get you to be serious. Do you understand?" Carly was having a hard time processing what he had suggested, and was getting pretty excited at the thought of taking off her clothes in front of her teacher. She knew the kinds of naughty things he liked from yesterday's story problems. . and maybe she would be made to do that stuff.

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. and the way her body felt right now. . her wet pussy twitched with desire just thinking about it. "I think I'm all ready for anything," she confirmed while standing up and then giggled. "Fine. Let's begin. He shuffled the cards, but made sure the first few problems were easy and then manipulated them to be more difficult.

Carly got the first five problems correct and Mark wrote down her score. Then he switched from two digits to three digit numbers and she slowed down and then began to miss them.

Soon she was back to zero. "Hang in their girl," he said as he displayed 135 divided by 15 and she said 8. She offered a guess, but it was not correct.

"Your score in this game, is now into negative numbers, and we need to take things away ok?" "Like my clothes, huh?" she asked timidly. "Exactly.

Let's start off with your panties." "REALLY? Not my shoes or socks?" she asked surprised. "No, I think you will be more careful the next time you offer a guess with your panties off. Just turn around and slip them off and give them to me." Carly followed his instructions and facing the opposite direction slipped the panties down her legs as she stepped out of them and handed them to her tutor.

He let his finger rub over the crotch area of the panties, during the exchange and he noted the wetness that had gathered there. He ass fucking a brunette on the bed them out on the couch next to him. "They are all set for you to slip back on, whenever you answer the next problem correctly." "Let's keep going," she said suddenly feeling very naughty without anything covering her pussy.

Suddenly, she was unexpectedly tempted to pull up sampling beautys taut honey pot of attractive teen mia hurley hardcore and blowjob skirt and show him her bare crotch but then started giggling instead.

"Let's stay serious. Here is the next one," as he showed 112 divided by 14 to the teen who was now feeling the full impact of her first alcohol buzz. She looked at the numbers, and then did something he did not expect. She placed her foot on the table in front of him and began to take off her shoe. Whether it was done deliberately or not, he was able to look down her leg and see her hairless pussy lips with her leg raised in that position, which kept him from saying anything.

Someone must have recently shaved he thought, remembering her age. Then she put her foot down and did the same thing with the other foot, this time opening up her skirt a little bit more so that her entire pussy was now on display. "Aren't you going to even try?" he asked. His comment brought her back to reality and she dropped her foot, now only covered in a footie to the carpet.

"Yes. Let's try another one," she said now gazing at Mark's thin shorts that were thrust forward with his cock pushing up HARD against them. The next problem was 65 divided by 13. "Six. . no four", she hesitated, and then smiled knowing she was wrong again. "How about five?" said Mark. "Looks like you will need help with the next piece of clothing. . I want to take off," he said standing up and going behind her.

"This top is still a bit wet anyway and this way we can give it a chance to dry." Carly began to quiver, blonde teen gets her pussy fucked and creampied by big dick that this horny man was going to be looking at her bare titties from now on.

She felt him start at the top and then quickly undue each button. Finally, he pulled the rest of the garment that was tucked inside the skirt out, and then pulled it awkwardly forward and down her arms. "We need to keep going Carly. We got to focus on your new cell phone. You look a little wobbly, but I have to admit, your titties look fantastic!

I like the way they got all stiff. Why don't we pull out this table slightly and you can sit on the edge of it in front of me, and I will see if you have any better luck with a story problem.

This way I can look at your tits much easier. By the way, I know you enjoyed reading yesterday's story. . didn't you?" "Uh huh. Those stories made me feel all tingly inside. . it was awesome!" she said sitting down with her legs spread out slightly and her back straight, showing off her developing breasts to the man. "Let's try this one," he said taking out a single sheet of paper from his folder. "Let me hear you read it out loud with expression." Carly quickly surveyed the story and then pretending she was on stage, she began: "The girl felt funny sitting in front of her teacher, topless and without her panties on.

She had tried to get all of the problems right, but she seemed to forget most of what she had learned. Then the man surprised her by standing up and taking off his shirt." (Following the words in the story, Mark stripped off his muscle shirt and remained standing showing off his abs in front of the girl.

While he did this, Carly stopped, her heart mom and san xxx orjinal thumping with desire. How far would he have her go she wondered). "She knew he liked looking at her almost naked body, because the COCK (she said with emphasis) inside his pants was now lewdly pointing out the thin fabric towards her.

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She had not seen very many cocks so far in her life and wondered whether he would show her EVERYTHING that was inside his shorts. Maybe if I lifted up my skirt a bit more. . he would do it, thought the girl." (Carly held the story in one hand and slowly found the hem of her skirt and began to pull it up slowly while she continued to read. Mark couldn't believe his luck as more of Carly's bare thighs began to be shown as she playfully followed her own words and continued reading.) "Pretty soon she had pulled up the fabric all the way to the base of her breasts and she was giving him a full stare at her hairless pussy lips that were now glistening with her own excitement.

Her teacher began to slide his shorts down past his waist, just far enough so that his thick COCK head was beginning to show, but then he stopped. (Mark kept looking at her virgin pussy in front of him as he mimicked her words, allowing his cock crown to become visible, but not entirely showing its full length to the curious teen. When he stopped, she continued to read). "Sitting in this position, with his long cock mostly hidden only a few feet away, made her slip her hand down towards her clitoris and begin to rub it back and forth.

(Without any hesitation, Carly followed the words, and soon her middle finger was gently rubbing her clit back and forth, adding to the sexual heat in between her legs. A soft moan from her lips introduced the next section). "Seeing the young girl masturbate in front of him caused the teacher to finish what he had started as his fingers slipped into the sides of his shorts and in one continuous movement he yanked them to his ankles.

He then hastily stepped out of the article of clothing and then quickly grasped the base of his cock and began to manipulate it. The girl watched him as she increased the friction on her clit, knowing that both of them were entering near paradise.

As the teacher continued to masturbate, he elected to all sex stories ebony audixstory com a foot or so forward. The girl moved her story to the side, letting the man move close enough so that his raging COCK tip was now inches away from her waiting lips and tongue." (Carly looked up and for the first time in her life, she was looking straight ahead at a man's naked cock. With some difficulty, she continued reading the story.) "She had heard about girls kissing and licking their guy's organs and to help him make his cock become more slippery, she stopped reading for a few seconds, and stuck out her tongue and began to coat the thick purple head of his cock with her spit." This was the big test for Mark, wondering whether Carly would follow suit.

"You are a VERY naughty man," Carly said, still staring at the huge cock in front of her. "Probably all along you wanted me to do this to you. . didn't you?" And before he could utter an answer, the aroused girl leaned forward and very carefully kissed the tip of his cock, and then opened up her mouth slightly to let her pink tongue slip out and touch the skin on the purple tip.

There was no bad taste or anything, so she began to travel up to a bigger area all along the crown. When her mischievous tongue began to wander along the underside of his cock, he began to moan telling her of the sacred location that she was about to lubricate. Up and down she aimed her tongue along this sensitive area of his shaft.

Soon the entire area, and down several inches, was coated with her saliva. She looked up black widow episode hentai raped 2 him and winked as she moved her head back and found her place in the story and continued reading.

"In a surprise move, the girl gave the man the script so that he could read the rest of the story. (Carly shook her head in surprise, but once again did what was asked. Mark kept slowly jacking on his shaft with reverse gangbang session with ravishing fillies brunette big tits one hand, but took the script and began to read his part).

"Hidden in his clothing was a blindfold and he located it and placed it over the curious girl's eyes, making sure she could not see anything.

(Mark stopped reading and pulled the black blindfold out of this shorts pocket, fitted it over her eyes and tied it securely in the back. This added a new dimension to Carly's arousal, not knowing what was going to happen next. Then she hear Mark continue reading: "The girl knew that licking a guy's COCK sweet young angel licked by pold guy only a precursor to what was coming next.

Soon she felt the tip of a guy's cock move in between her lips and knowing to cover up her teeth, she let the guy move forward a few inches and soon four or so inches of his stiff cock was inside her waiting mouth.

(Note: Once the blindfold was in place moments earlier. . Carly's Dad's entered the room naked and moved in front of his daughter, inserting his cock into her waiting mouth). The tutor continued reading: "The girl knew if she wiggled her tongue inside her mouth and at the same time sucked in his organ that it would give him the most pleasure, so for the next couple of minutes, that is exactly what she did." (Mark stopped reading and watched the blindfolded young girl slowly develop a rhythm and soon give her Daddy the best blowjob he had ever had.

Soon 3, 4, 5 inches of cock was traveling in and out of her mouth very rapidly. She soon began to moan with excitement, which further added to her newly discovered oral talents. Although she did not see her dad signaling the cut sign, Mark knew he was about to explode and he went back to pretending to read).

"The man was so excited he pulled his cock out of the girl's mouth and began to spray her face with his hot load of cum." (On cue, John regained control of his cock, by grasping it at the base, and began to shoot a thick stream of white semen at Carly's lips and mouth). "The girl wanted badly to taste the man's cum so she opened her mouth up and he shot several loads into it.

Knowing she was expected to swallow the hot liquid, she gulped it down, loving every ounce of it. Then she also felt streams of cum being sprayed over her young breasts." hot webcam girl striptease for you f What Carly ebony hottie bangs bfs big cock bro not see, was that Mark was now spraying, along with his poker friend, her breasts and face at the same time as Carly's Daddy.

Trying as best as he could, he continued to read the story: "All the girl needed to get herself off was to pinch and pull on her nipples, so she kept rubbing her clit but soon captured a cum soaked nipple in her thumb and finger and began to manipulate it.

(Mark watched Carly follow his instructions and soon she began to moan in climax as her body shook with fervor. He also waved off John who quickly moved out of the room silently and went upstairs). "You look spent Carly. We will pick up again tomorrow. When I come by, I want you downstairs waiting for me so we can continue our lessons.

I will compose some additional story problems to match how far you have cum with my teachings."