Blair williams pussy fucked hard by mr crew pornstars big dick

Blair williams pussy fucked hard by mr crew pornstars big dick
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This is a continuation from my other story, Sanctuary. About the same girl, apart from the tables are turned. Hope you like it! I was at a friend's party that night when I saw Nadine. My heart raced as she strode through the door. She was wearing course fishnets under a very short skirt.

My eyes went from her legs to her chest, her top was super-low cut, black and strappy. She was a minx if ever I'd seen one. I just mingled with the party, doing my best to ignore the growing problem in my trousers.

I was thinking about those conversations online, thinking about what she'd said she'd do. I was trembling at the thought when suddenly she tapped me on the shoulder. We had been talking for a while on MSN before this occurred, we shared so many secrets with each other and in the end I agreed to become her slave. I had told her that every orgasm I had from now on belonged to her. She was thrilled with the idea. Every so often I would receive texts telling me to, or forbidding me to relieve myself.

Some weeks I was permanently hard, when she felt especially evil I would go for weeks without a single orgasm. But I loved it too, it was such a turn on not to know when the next orgasm would be, and the pain of hearing that I wouldn't be allowed to cum was outstanding for an 18 year old teenager that usually masturbated once a day.

Occasionally I would be asked to film my orgasms, to eat my cum, magic hands french massage happy tugs anal fist myself anally- Things that left me humiliated and broken, alas I loved to do it, but it would only be occasionally.

most of the time I was ignored, and I loved it. Happiness in slavery, I told myself. "Having a nice evening?" She asked sweetly. There was no one around, and it was quite dark.

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I looked deep into those eyes before coming up with some not-very-clever retort. She smiled and bent over to pick up her glass. I old man cuts young girl see everything down her top, sweet jesus. She looked up at me grinning evilly. As she lifted the glass to head-height she brushed my erection, spilling some of the drink down my trousers. "Oops! Sorry!" She exclaimed, "better get that sorted out. come with me." She winked.

A couple of her friends walked past, I realised they'd seen the entire charade, my face flashed to red. They just waved, laughing to one another. I followed her beaconing, into a dimly lit toilet and then into a small cubicle in the women's. She pulled her skirt up and sat on the loo.

"Eat my pussy, slave." She ordered. "Yes ma'am," I replied, knowing my role oh-so well. I licked through the tights, savouring the taste of her pussy. She purred seductively. "Take off your shirt." She ordered. I did as I was told and she mewed appreciatively. I licked deeper into her pussy, finding it usually wet and sloppy. "That's right baby, I saved some of my boyfriend's cum for you," she stated cruelly.

I almost vomited.

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She laughed. "Did I tell you to stop licking?" She asked, "bend over the loo." I did this, she slid down my trousers and boxers, giving me a hard slap.

On this occasion I hadn't cum in 3 weeks and my hard dick and balls rested against the cold toilet. I shuddered, enjoying the pain. Suddenly she lesbian cougar makes young gf squirm in pleasure something into my ass, firmly she wedged a slender butt-plug into my anus and kept it there.

She massaged my cock slowly, "Now enjoy the rest of the party. stud" She said, sarcastically. With the smell of cum and pussy juice on my breath I got up and left the loo with her after putting on all my clothes.

The anal plug made it uncomfortable to walk and painful to concentrate, giving me a hard-on at all times. Nadine paraded me around to all her friends, making sure they knew full well how much discomfort I was in. It was getting towards the end of the party and Nadine brought me outside, signalling to a taxi. We got in, and she started to fondle my cock. "You wish you could cum, don't you baby?" She said, gripping the base of my penis, hard. I gulped, "Yes mistress." She took my hand and guided it to her lap where I had to stay, massaging her for the duration of the trip.

The driver gave us a few weird looks but didn't say anything. When we got out she brought me to her door, it was a quiet estate but I knew people would be watching. "Clothes off" she demanded on the door step, so all could see. I obeyed, whipping off my clothes and putting them in the basket Nadine showed to me. "Ok, you have to crawl in" she ordered, which I did, to my mortification.

Not only was I naked and crawling, but the plug was in clear sight. A tear rolled down my face. I entered the plush house; she guided me to a chair and sat me down. She knelt in front of me and clipped a leather band around my cock. I had heard about these, they allow the man to be hard at all times, but doesn't allow them to cum.

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I choked down cries when I saw it being applied. Nadine then proceeded to circle the top of my cock with her tongue, teasing me slowly before licking the entire shaft up and down. I was shaking, I could hardly contain myself.

She took some lube and spread it across her hands. She then placed them on my cock and started massaging, hard, giving me a very rough hand job. When I was relaxed, she took the plug and ripped it out of me, I gasped slightly and to my horror started to cum. I was slightly excited but after a moment had passed, I realised that no feeling had passed through me, only semen was pouring out of my cock.

Nadine smiled; this was obviously what she wanted to happen. I lay back, watching the cum flow and I felt sick to think I couldn't feel any relief. She clenched around my scrotum, milking every drop out of me. "How was that, baby?" She asked, not needing an answer. I cried openly now, tears clouding my vision. "Awful, mistress" I replied. "Good." She lowered over me with a vial of my own cum, held my nose until I opened my mouth and emptied it into my gullet.

I choked slightly. it was more than I'd ever eaten before, the dryness really getting to me. Three weeks of cum, gone, like that I thought to myself.

"Good boy!" She exclaimed as I swallowed the remnants of my ruined orgasm. Slowly then, she began to undress, leaving her top on. She repositioned me to lie across the sofa and sat on my face. "Eat my ass, slave," she said. her voice muffled through her thighs. She left me just enough space for me to breathe through my nose and to eat her out with my mouth; she could still see my eyes. She stroked my hair as I tongued her ass, darting my tongue in and out. I hated the taste but she fondled her nipples with her other hand.

Suddenly and forefinger and thumb came down and pinched my nose shut, I struggled for a few seconds, trying desperately to lick her enough to let me go. Just when I think I'm going to black out she lets go and I breathe again. "Haha, I can't believe you actually made me cum!" Yes said. I just looked at her blankly before she moves off to get something. She comes back with a dildo with a sucker on the end. I look inquisitively at the device. "Now here's what's going to happen baby," she explained, "I'm going to stick this to the side of the sofa spicy czech nympho spreads her tight snatch to the special your ass height so that when you're on top, impaling me, you'll be impaling yourself at the same time on the way out.

isn't that lovely?" The blood drained from my face as I looked at the dildo, it was huge. "Yeah, tonight's plug was only for starters" She explained. I gulped, but the promise of relief so close kept me from running. "Come and try it out then, slave," she beaconed me, now completely naked herself, the dildo arranged perfectly.

She watched to make sure it would go in. "Oh and by the way baby, only when I say- can you cum." "Yes mistress." I prepared myself, slowly lowing myself onto the massive cock.

It felt huge and wasn't lubed. My face contorted into pain, "That's it baby, just a little further in. oh my god you filthy animal!" She exclaimed, excited to see that I'd managed it. She positioned herself under me and slapped my ass a few times. "Come on the darling, show us what you're made of," she whispered. I drove my way into her, the soft, warm pussy enveloping my desperate cock.

The dildo slid out and I felt sick, slowly I repeated the movement, each time getting easier. Soon I was going at a decent speed, ready to cum almost. "Hold it" she said, sensing the climax, "say cheese!" Straight guy gay sex drunk pushed a button on the floor connected to a camera on the other side of the room that flashed and caught me right in the middle.

I was mortified, humiliated and beaten, yet I pounded on, fucking myself and fucking my dominatrix. I was coming to my climax, so close, so near, "Yes, cum now!" She screamed, as I pumped myself into her, my ass was hurting so much but I didn't care.

I gritted my teeth and emptied my load into this beautiful sadist, slowing, collapsing into one another kissing each other as I slid off my pole. I was a sweating heaving mess, but at least I'd managed it. "That photo will be one for the collection, eh?" Nadine whispered giggling softly, I groaned and soon my face was back to its reddish-embarrassed state.