Natkhat pari xxx story downlod

Natkhat pari xxx story downlod
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First of all I wanna say - sorry this took so long!!! Hope you all enjoy it. Fucking Sleeping Leah part 3! So it's been a while and I've been taking care of my raging lesbian needs regularly. I've been too afraid to fuck her while she's awake. Until now. Touching myself, or fucking my unconscious friend has been pretty good, but I'm becoming a more advanced lesbian, you could say, and I need something really naughty to suffice my horniness.

Well I was packing for our regular sleep over, but left out the sleeping pill. Tonight, sunny leon xxxx storys play was going to be awake to feel me fucking her tight pussy. I could hardly wait just picturing it.

Plus, I'll get to hear her scream and moan. Although, I don't know if her parents would hear her pleads (unless she enjoys it).

I packed my dildo and some duct tape (just incase). I thought about packing a sleeping pill incase I chickened out, but I just kept telling myself that I was going to fuck my friend tonight, and she'd be awake, and that's all the more convincing my drenched pussy needed before taking over my brain.

I made a plan, and I'd be sure to put it to action as soon as possible. I got to her house in record time, and we were active at once. I took her onto her trampoline, we rode bikes, we played DDR, I made sure she was exhausted, so she'd fall asleep and the preparation could begin.

I drank lots of pop and strained myself to stay awake as I watched her drift off. As she began to sleep I looked her over. She was only in a tank top and shorts. It wouldn't be too difficult to get her clothes off without waking her.

Her parents so usefully were out to dinner and bars until about one, and it was only eleven. My plan was working perfectly. Her light snores started up and I got to work quickly and erotic and juicy some sex hardcore blowjob. I snuck up to her and slowly removed everything from around her (pillows, blankets, etc) and laid her flat.

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I pulled off her shorts, looking at her face every five seconds to make sure she was still sleeping. Her pussy was exposed not long after I got to work and it took all I had not to start playing with it as soon as I saw it and it's shaved wonder. I decided that moving her arms around would be too dangerous, so I grabbed the scissors and cut directly up her tank top, not caring one bit. Her tits lulled on her test and I allowed myself one lick before I moved her into the spread eagle pose.

Some how the duct tape stuck very nicely to the floor. Her elbow to her wrist was soon duct taped on both arms, each piece extending many inches from her arm. Leah wasn't very strong, so I'm sure this would hold her until she started to enjoy (I hoped). I duct tapped her legs even more. Her knees to her ankles were duct taped, with each piece going further.

There were a few pieces on her feet as well. I decided to be safe and I put two pieces across her stomach. I left her neck alone, I wanted her to be able to watch.

Then I thought about how I wanted to wake her. It only took one glance at her tight ebony mom son sis brforced sex and I knew I wanted her to wake up with me licking her wet clit.

I got between her legs and licked her clit lightly till she started getting wet. I saw her drowsily roll her head and I got excited. I started tongue fucking her and licking and sucking harder.

She moaned to life and blinked her eyes.

She took a few seconds to realize that she was naked and tied down, which shocked her. But the bigger shock was my head between her pussy lips lapping at her tight cunt.

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She widened her eyes and fought between the feeling of pleasure and the fact that her best friend was lapping at her pussy.

She was speech less so I took one last lick before I sat up and said "Leah, I'm a lesbian, and I've been fucking you in your sleep for three months. I figured it's time you found out. I don't know if this will ruin our friendship. But your cunt is the best thing I've ever tasted and I wanna fuck you for the rest of my life." She almost fainted with shock.

She screamed "WHAT!?" at me and looked over her naked body again.

I nodded and said "I'm either gonna rape you, or you can fuck with me, your choice." I said this calmly and it made her even more confused. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY PUSSY!" she screamed at me. I nodded and went for the duct tape.

I had expected this, and I was still gonna fuck her. I put many pieces of tape over her mouth and she screamed into the tape. "Just relax, and enjoy" I persuaded her. I went to her titties and licked each nipple. I rubbed them both and sucked and nibbled each nipple back and forth. I loved watching her fight between reason and what she wanted to feel. But some how, reason always won her over and her eyes stayed wide.

I finger fucked her and teased her clit while I played with her titties. "Oh I bet you're loving this" I said between sucks. I looked up and she stayed frozen. " Mmm come on Leah, don't you want me to fuck you?" I laughed to myself and didn't look up for her response, because I was gonna do it any ways!

I heard a couple moans escape her once I started licking all over her pussy. I'd tongue fuck her as rough as I could, then lick at her clit while I stuffed four fingers at a time in and out of her drenched cunt. "I have a surprise for you, cunt," I whispered as I went to my bag out my huge dildo.

Her eyes widened more at it, but I told her calmly "Don't worry, it'll fit. It's been in your pussy for the past two months I think". I laughed to myself and realized I was still clothed. I stripped quickly and got between her legs. I stuffed the dildo into her cunt roughly. "Oh, yes this is wonderful." I murmured to myself. I started moving it around slightly while I rubbed her clit with my finger softly. She had to be going crazy! "I know you like this, bigtit babe in highheels dildoing her pussy matter how wrong you think it is." I told her as I looked into her eyes.

She had calmed down. "I'll take the tape off, if you're not gonna scream. And if I take it off, you're gonna lick my pussy for me." I shrugged. I don't know if she answered, but I took off the tape. I throat fucked her as she tasted her cunt juiced and then let go of the dildo after shoving it deep enough to stay while I told her the deal. "Listen, the only sounds you make is moaning, and begging to be fucked harder, and dirty talk.

You're going to lick my pussy like your life depends on it, because you definitely owe me for all the fucking and pleasure I did for you! So no screaming while I fuck you're tight cunt, got it?" I took the dildo out of her throat.

She nodded and croaked "for three months?! How? Why?". I nodded and said " cause you have a nice tight cunt, and I'm a lesbian." Then I went to work on her pussy and quit the teasing, it was fucking time for this tight piece of ass. (hmm, ass I thought to myself. Maybe I'll fuck this bitch's ass.) She moaned like I told her and fucked her pussy hard. I got an idea and immediately took action. I moved to her side so I could have access to her tits, her pussy, and her hand.

I put her hand upward, and since she couldn't move her arm, I stuck two of her fingers in my wet pussy, and commanded her to move them around as much as she could.

"Come on, baby, I wanna feel those fingers moving around my tight dick hole" I moaned to her. She moved them around and I moaned with her. I rubbed the lubed dildo around on her clit while I licked her tits.

I felt her orgasm and I knew it was my turn now. I shoved the dildo deep in her cunt, and left it there. I straddled her head so that I was looking over her body and my ass was on her forehead. "Okay, cunt, now you're going to munch my pussy with all your might. If you don't do it right, I'm going to do this to you," I pinched and twisted her nipples then slapped her tits hard and heard her yelp.

"So get to work on this wet cunt!". Her tongue jabbed up into my hole and it darted around wildly. I moaned and grinded my hips lightly on her face, pushing my pussy closer to her nose and mouth.

She teased my clit and I wet my fingers and teased her nipples. "yes, that's it baby, keep going," I moaned as I teased her tits. I moaned louder and then my juices flowed onto her face.

"Drink up, bitch" I laughed to myself and I leaned forward and went for a 69 position. I licked delicious stunners have some naughty lesbian fun brunette and big tits her clit while she licked at my hole and lapped at my cheating big tit horny redhead milf wife rayveness fucks big dick. I got off her face and decided it was ass fucking time.

It was already 12 and I still had to persuade her not to tell anyone. I looked at her face and smiled. "you look cute with cum all over your face," I laughed. I leaned in and kissed her and forced a response out of her.

"Okay, now I'm going to fuck your ass, if you won't do something for me," once I saw her eyes widen at the word ass I knew I would use this to get her to keep it a secret, and agree to fuck me by choice. "I'll do anything!" she pleaded. I nodded to myself. "You can't april reid scary cumshot by her stepbrother anyone about this," I said sternly.

"It's a deal! I don't tell anyone about this, and I'll even fuck you myself. Because as wrong as it feels, I could get used to it. I was just in shock." "Good, because we should fuck regularly. It's wonderful and we're good friends," I said to her. I began to take off her tape slowly. "So now we're going to have some real fun," I began with a smile. "Like what?" she asked with interest.

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"Well, if you actually wanna fuck me back, you're going to fuck my pussy with the dildo in yours, and we're just going to munch each others pussies like hell," I laughed. She actually laughed too! I couldn't believe this.

My urn to rape was over, and now I just wanted to fuck her for the rest of my life. As soon as she was free she pushed me down and spread my legs.

She licked furiously at my drenched cunt and I held her head as I arched my back with a moan. "Oh yes, you're so good at this!" I moaned to her louder. I must have gotten her so horny because we only stopped touching when her the hottest college lesbian couple i ever saw came to check on us, thinking we're asleep, then we got out from under the blankets and revealed our cum covered selves.

We kissed and touched all night. It was four A.M when I moaned loudly with my eighth orgasm of the night. She licked at my nipples and teased the hell out of my clit, before we decided to go to bed. "Thank you," she whispered to me. I laughed and said "God no, thank you. I've been needing to be fucked like that since I stared licking your pussy." She laughed and said "You're going to wake up one night with my head between your naked pussy lips as pay back, you know?" I laughed as my eyes closed and said "can't wait, baby," as I fell asleep with dreams of what was to come.

Hope you liked it! I don't know if this will continue or not, but I'll be writing more I hope.! Comment!