Sunny leone sex 2019 xnxx storys download sex stories full sex stories

Sunny leone sex 2019 xnxx storys download sex stories full sex stories
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There she was, up against the wall with her arms folded. Wearing a see through red robe and black silky lingerie. Slim curvy frame, big juicy breasts that looked like they could quench the thirst of a village. Wide hips which were basically advertising the big and beautiful ass that hid behind her waiting for my viewing pleasure, and firm passionate grasp. She stood there staring at me with those hungry lustful blue eyes. Half of them were showing threw her dark and stringy hair.

" What are you waiting for? An invitation?" She said with a seductive smirk. "I don't believe I really need one" I said while planning my attack. She began to slowly walk over to me with a look on her face that resembled a hungry wolf that's been starving a great deal of time. Once she became face to face with me, she put her arm around my neck and whispered in my air " Then what are you waiting for?

Dinner is served". I began to undo my belt buckle before she rushed me with a kiss of pure passion and lust, I was already hard as a rock as soon as I came through the door and laid eyes on her.

But when she hit me with that kiss, I had the feeling that If I didn't fuck her right this minute, my cock would explode. I forced her back with passion of my own. She jumped and wrapped her legs around me, and I proceeded with grabbing that glorious sized ass of hers and carried her into the bedroom.

She began to undo her robe the second I set her down on the bed while I finished undoing my belt. She got undressed so fast that if there was a world record, she had definitely topped it.

One second I'm looking at her, the next second I'm undoing my pants, and the next second, I look back at her and she's sitting there looking at me cross legged and butt naked with those seductive hungry blue eyes. When I was finally ready, she grabbed my cock and started jerking it, it felt like half of my soul was going to spill out before we actually started. She started putting her face closer and closer to my throbbing ticking time bomb like she was a snake slowly sneaking up on her prey.

And before I knew it, she wrapped her big red juicy lips around my cock like she was intending to take a bite out of it. The sensation was like a jolt of tense pleasure that ran through my body.

All I could hear were loud slurping and smacking sounds with every oral thrust, all I could feel was the tense, stiff, and tingling sensations through out my body. She moaned with pleasure and even made little chuckles every few thrusts. It didn't take a rocket scientist to tell that she was enjoying this. She stopped for a moment and looked up at me. And then slowly began to take my cock further and further into her throat while staring into my soul. The more she took it further, the more my balls began to feel as if they were being drained.

I hadn't cum yet and I was doing my damn best not to. I felt her bottom lip touch my balls and that was it, I couldn't hold back any longer! I put both my hands on each sides of her head. She made a seductive moan of agreement and her eyes told me " feed me" and that's exactly what I did. I pulled my cock out a bit to thrust it back into her throat she gagged and moaned with every invasion.

But regardless of what happened, she just continued starring into my eyes with those blue seductive eyes of hers, those soul sucking, hypnotizing eyes! " AWW!-RAHH!" I blew my load, and filled her mouth up with at least three to four gushes. And when I finally pulled out, she began to play with her mouth full perfect round tits russian hot babe on webcam p one my white bodily liquid and began to smile ashlynn brooke office porn with boss after swallowing the whole load with merely one gulp.

I began to walk on the side of the bed when she grabbed my cock again and starting jerking it. " Where the hell do you think you're going?

Were not done here." She said with a raised eyebrow. She began feeling on my balls and massaging them. "It seems to me that you still have a bit of gasoline in your tanks" I started to get rock hard again.

I honestly couldn't believe it. Usually It only takes one go, and then I'm not ready for action for another hour or so. But this woman, she's not like any other woman I've fucked before.

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She climbed back into the bed and started to spread her legs while massaging one of her cannon sized glorious boobs, and spreading the lips of her juicy overflowing pussy.

" Fill er up" I climbed onto the bed going in between her opened gates that lead to her vessel of divine satisfaction.

It had the aroma that was sweet, inviting and I began to feel like it was somehow sucking me in. I grew hungry and thirsty, it was strange but I didn't care. I shoved my tongue right into her juices and began to make my way up to her clitoris. I could feel her shiver and vibrate as I slid my tongue around her inner walls. And once the tip of my tongue met the tip of her clit, I made sure that they became well familiar with each other. Around and around her button I went with my tongue and even did a couple of quick pushes.

She grabbed my head and moaned while rotating her hips and chest I could see those mountains rotating and jiggling from small jolts of pleasure. As I began to lick her hentai stunner in glasses giving a pov blowjob clitoris with slow and long stokes with my tongue, she began to grab on to the bed sheets fallowed by grunts instead of moans.

I could tell by the way she sounded that it was a very tense feeling for her.

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And also by the fact that I had tasted more of her cock sucking amp cum swallowing hot asianchicks love juice as I did so. I've been around the block enough times to know that there is an art when it comes to going down on a woman. Basically the process is to warm them up first and then when they try to force you to give them more, THAT is when you can go bat shit crazy. But I was hungry. So I repeatedly treated her clitoris with the same approach.

She began to moan again but it was higher this time, It had more of a squeal to it. She even started to breath heavy and her body was jerking all over as if she was getting struck by small bolts of lightening. Then she set up and to push my head away a bit.

" Easy cowboy" She said with a laugh. "we have the whole night to ourselves" she said while holding a finger under my chin and had a smile that would make any man fall to their knees.

Just to add some humor to the activity, I moved down on her to lick her clit in the same fashion as before but with quicker strokes. She burst out with a loud moan and grabbed my head. I did again and she made a even louder moan that was high pitched. " stop it!" she said with laughter. " Come here" she said while pulling me up to lay on her.

As we began to kiss with fire and passion, my cock began to throb. As I slowly eased it in, she threw her head back and began to moan fallowed by some heavy breathing. I began to move back to thrust. She started to grab my ass as I started to thrust farther and harder. After I go in as far as I can, I do a hump motion to make sure that she feels all of me.

As I do this motion in a rhythm, she began to pull me harder with every thrust. Her moans growing higher then the last.

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"Oh god!" she yelled as her body vibrated and jerked. I began to move my face down on her big and delicious looking breasts. Utilizing the same system that I used on her clit, I began to lick around her nipple and using the tip of my tongue to play with her nipples which was already erect while still trying to go harder and deeper inside her.

As I sucked on her nipples, she placed a hand on the back of my head while the other was on my back while she was moving her hips up and down with every forward and backward motion that I did. Still vibrating and jerking, she made long and high pitched moans. I was ready to cum, but before I new it, she flipped me over onto the bed with her on top and began to ride me.

As she started to ride me, her thrust became aggressive. I felt her orgasm many times while I was fucking her. But now she was at the point where she was so wet, that every time she dropped down on me, all I could feel was her cumming and cumming. I looked up at her as she began to lean back while she was still riding me.

Her breast were flopping up and down two girls like to please each other a somewhat circular motion. She continued moaning, vibrating, and jerking until I set up, pulled her forward to put my arms around her, and met her lips. She pulled me to her and I pulled her to me.

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After one hell of a orgasmic explosion from the both of us. I slowly laid back with her still in my arms. We stared into each others eyes and drifted off to sleep.together.