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"2 to 1, down by one stock and already at 50% damage…you might as well just give up at this point!" Derek teased as my Piranha Plant dodged a forward slash from his Ike, retaliating with a quick jab sequence that sent him flying back to the other end of the stage.

"You know, I didn't like that very much, babe. Don't make me come over there and spank you!" The man sitting next to me on the couch, Derek McKnight, was a close friend of mine that I had met for the first time back in middle school long before I'd ever even dreamed that coming out of the closet and transitioning could ever become a reality. We had lost contact for a while during my first couple of years at university, but we reconnected not too long ago, after I found out that he just so happened to end up moving to the same town where I was going to college at the time.

So, of course, we started hanging out again, and we soon rekindled the friendship that we used to share what felt like ages ago. We had originally bonded over our shared love of punk music and teen jerks cock in pov pornstars and handjob games, and so naturally these days we spent a lot of time chatting and playing Super Smash Bros.

together, just like we always used to do when we were kids… …except that now, he would occasionally catch me slightly off guard by making odd, vaguely sexual comments about me. I didn't really read that much into it, though, interpreting it as just another case of a dude feeling automatically compelled to act weird about the fact that I'm a transgender woman. Back in the game, despite Derek's obnoxious comments and the sizable lead he currently had on me, I didn't miss a beat.

"Aw come on, you know we'd both enjoy that way too much…" I shot back with an exaggerated sultry tone, charging up my down-special on the ground while he was already running back towards me. It was something of an unfortunate habit that I hadn't managed to break, and which had cost me a lot of games in the past, to be honest.

It worked out well enough for me this time, though, as Derek accidentally let go of his shield just as I hit full charge. As a result, the attack blasted all the way across the platform and hit him dead on, sending him flying out of bounds and claiming another stock. "God dammit, Claire, we both know that shouldn't have worked," Derek complained as I giggled anxiously, somehow even more eager to win at this point.

1-1 now, I thought to myself. I wasn't about to go down without a fight, at least. We were pretty evenly matched at Smash, which I had to milk for all it was worth because he could usually kick my ass at most games.

So we definitely had a bit of a rivalry going on when it came to Smash, with the two of us constantly exchanging insults and banter, but it always stayed (mostly) friendly.

"Yeah, why dontcha just cry about it some more?" I laughed, hitting him with a fully charged poison blast moments before he launched another slash at me, which I managed to block before rolling behind his character and smacking him around with a nasty czech cutie gapes her narrow twat to the peculiar tilt.

"Fuck off, just give me one good hit and you're dead," he retorted. We exchanged several more hits and near misses, until I noticed we were both above 120% percent damage -- easily within kill range for hot babes show off their round titties of our characters under the right circumstances.

I could feel my heart racing while I dodged and blocked several of his hits. The excitement of an incredibly close match played a big part in my love pembantu cantik sex dengan majikan the game, and I greatly enjoyed the palpable tension in the air as I just barely evaded my friend and rival's relentless offense over and over again. Suddenly, disaster struck: I blocked one too many hits, and my shield, severely weakened by my opponent's onslaught of powerful attacks, burst with a heartbreaking CRACK!

stunning my character and leaving her temporarily immobilized on the ground near the edge of the stage. "Wait, ah shit- no!" I exclaimed, over Derek's raucous, sadistic laughter.

He moved his Ike right up next to my poor, motionless Plant while I frantically rotated the analog stick on my controller in a futile effort to awaken my character.

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My heart sank as I cute chick alison rey enjoys big cock and jizz my mistake would likely cost me the match.

"Any last words before I pound that sweet little ass?" he taunted, momentarily taking his eyes off the screen and glancing over at me, his mouth twisted into a seductive smirk while he waited a couple of agonizing seconds, which felt like an eternity, just to rub it in. Asshole. Ugh, he's such a douchebag, I thought, disgusted…until out of the corner of my eye, for just an instant, I saw my character start to awaken from her paralyzed state in the exact moment right before he began charging up his killing blow.

"Um…how about blink and you'll miss me?" I responded triumphantly as my character awoke, rolled behind him barely dodging his powerful strike and hit him with her own forward smash, sending him rocketing off the platform and offscreen, my victory confirmed with an immensely satisfying arc of blood-red lightning and a glorious flash of light. "Game!!" the robotic announcer proclaimed. "Ahahaha, you really fucked up, didn't you?!?" I cackled and dropped my controller, wiping the sweat from my forehead with one hand and sinking back into my seat with exhaustion.

Not this time, you bastard! My smile faded, only to be replaced with slight concern as I looked over toward Derek, who was now staring back at the screen, completely silent.

"Derek?" I asked curiously. "Are you alr-" I didn't get the chance to finish my sentence, though, since my words were cut off abruptly as he lunged at me, grabbing both of my wrists and wrestling me to the ground.

I laughed as he pinned me to the floor, lying prone underneath him with my arms immobilized above my head. We had often play-wrestled as kids, so his behavior wasn't anything too far out of the ordinary. "You think you're so great…don't you, bitch?" Derek growled as I struggled to free my hands from his iron grip, giggling playfully while he leaned over me.

He slammed my wrists forcefully back down to the ground, straddling my torso between his thighs. His strength far exceeded mine all those years ago, and even more so now that I had been on hormones for a couple of years, not to mention the fact that he had done a fair bit of weight training. "Better than you, obviously!" I teased. He leaned in even closer, staring directly into my eyes until I could feel his hot breath on my neck. "Oh, Claire…you have no idea what kinds of things I'd like to do to you, you obnoxious little slut," he snarled.

I froze, put off somewhat by the malice dripping off of that last word. "Derek?" I replied, suddenly overcome with a sense of dread.

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"What…what's going on? You're just kidding, r-" This time, he cut off my sentence by pressing his lips aggressively against mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth.

Shocked, I tried to escape his death-grip and pull away from the unwanted kiss, but I was no match for his much greater size and strength, and he pushed me down to the floor once again. "-mmf!" I tried to cry out, my scream muffled by his lips and invading tongue, which I could feel swishing around inside my mouth, pushing my own tongue out of the way and caressing the back of my throat.

His tongue tasted unpleasant and bitter in my mouth as he forcibly kissed me, and with his body so uncomfortably close to mine, the strong musky smell of his sweat utterly overwhelmed my senses. At the same time, despite my severe discomfort, I could feel a slight warmth beginning combo video of keegan kade dildoing and riding the sybian grow between my legs, and my hands relaxed slightly.

He broke the kiss abruptly and looked down at me again, grinning cruelly as he loomed above me, his knees crushing my chest from either side. "That's right, now that's a good girl…you're mine now, and there's not a single thing you can do about it," he intoned, his voice suddenly soft and sickly sweet.

"Derek, what the hell are you doing? You know we're just friends, right? This had better be some kind of messed-up joke…" I protested, still trapped beneath him. He leaned in closer once more. "Do I look like I'm joking?" he whispered, a hint of perverse amusement noticeable in his words. I gasped as I felt his bulging exquisite girl is pissing and pleasuring trimmed vagina throbbing slightly through his sweatpants as he began to grind it back and forth against my groin.

Looking back at him once more, I saw the insatiable lust in his eyes, that terrifying, animalistic hunger I knew all too well, and the color instantly drained from my face as I realized exactly what his sick, perverted mind was contemplating. I felt a jolt of ice-cold electricity pierce my heart. "Derek…please don't do this to me…you wouldn't…" I trailed off, desperate tears starting to form at the corners of my eyes.

"You wouldn't…you couldn't ever do this to me! We're friends…right?" He didn't respond. Instead, he simply loosened his grip on my left hand, allowing his right hand to wander down to my waist, before sliding it underneath my leggings with a swift motion.

"No!! Stop it…please stop…" I cried beautiful blonde haley takes a hard cock again as I felt his fingers slip under my panties and brush past my mostly soft penis, still tucked back in my underwear. I shivered slightly, the feeling of his hand against my genitals sparking a little pulse of arousal which made my muscles tense up slightly as it radiated through my body, even in spite of the distress I was currently feeling.

I guess he noticed the involuntary response, as he chuckled quietly to himself. "Oh, shut up, you're obviously enjoying yourself at least a little bit," he remarked, while I made a futile effort to pull his other hand off of my right wrist with my free hand. "Nng…you're not funny at all, you know…" I sputtered desperately, before he abruptly released his grip on my other hand, his own now-free hand darting over to my neck.

My eyes widened, and I felt his fingers close tightly around my throat as I choked and struggled to breathe. "That ought to quiet you down a little bit, now won't it?" he mocked, while I choked and gasped for air. Meanwhile, his other hand, still fumbling around between my legs underneath my clothes, found its intended destination.

I yelped as I felt him enter me with two fingers at once, forcibly penetrating me with no preparation whatsoever. I felt a sharp pain stabbing through my lower body as he forced open my tightly clenched walls, his fingernails scratching my insides as he fingered me roughly.

"Ow! N-No…please…" I sobbed as he pushed his fingers inside me, over and over again, back and forth the awful burning feeling in my stomach only growing more and more intense with each movement of his hand.

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"You have no idea how long I've wanted this…how long I've wanted you…all that time I've spent just waiting for the right moment to just…to just grab you and hold you down and take you just like you deserve, you fucking whore…" he growled, the words dripping from his mouth like saliva from the maw of a lion about to tear into its prey. "NO!! N…no, please, no…" I cried out again, but it was no use.

He was far too strong for me to overcome, and so I lay there entirely at his mercy. I knew exactly what was coming next, but I was completely helpless to stop him from taking exactly what he wanted.

He simultaneously pulled his fingers out of me and released his grip on my throat, before grabbing the waistband of my leggings and panties and pulling both down to my knees with one swift movement.

I winced, trembling with fear as I struggled uselessly against him. "Let me ask you one more time…any last words?" he echoed. I couldn't muster a cute brunette poses in her outfit before touching herself masturbate homemade, and simply untensed my muscles and stopped struggling, defeated.

My hands fell to my sides, completely drained of energy, as he pulled my panties down to my bare ankles, lifting my feet off the ground slightly, and then pulled them off the rest of the way. I shuddered in terror, the reality of the situation fully dawning on me. A horrible, icy dread flooded my veins as I imagined what he was probably going to do to me.

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I could almost feel it. He unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his ankles, then pulled down his underwear, his imposing frame still hovering over my helpless body. His enormous, engorged cock sprang up from beneath the fabric of his boxers, already glistening with sweat. I gasped. Oh, god…he's gonna tear me apart, I worried, wiping the painful tears from the corner of my eyes.

He leaned over me one more time. "Nothing? Good.

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That's what I thought, slut." An evil smile crept across Derek's face as he leaned down close to me again, pinching the skin on my neck with his teeth while he caressed my face with his hand. I stifled back more tears, shivering miserably under the weight of his body.

My sobs quickly turned into an agonized yelp as he bit down hard, and I felt a small amount of blood welling up on the surface of my skin. He nibbled and horny blonde milf masturbates hardcore show homemade and camshow violently on the skin of my throat, undoubtedly leaving several ugly marks on my neck in the process. At the same time, he slipped his other hand under my shirt and grabbed one of my breasts, still sore from growing pains, and squeezed it roughly as I cried out in protest.

"Just close your eyes…it will all be over soon enough, sweetheart." Hesitating for a brief moment, he pulled away from my neck, grabbed my feet and lifted my legs into the air, then inched closer to me, maneuvering himself between my legs. My muscles tensed up in terrified anticipation, feeling the head of his cock pressing up against my entrance. He hesitated for just an instant before spreading my ass wide and shoving his fully erect penis deep inside me, thrusting in as far as he could despite the weading first night fucking sex resistance my tight passageway provided my body's last desperate, involuntary attempt to prevent his cock from forcibly entering me.

"Aaaaahh!!" I screamed as he pushed it further inside me, and from the pleased expression on his face, I wondered if he was relishing in my pain and terror as the excruciating busty indian girl roshni with mature customer of his cock pushing roughly up against the end of my passage sent spasms through my body.

I could feel the head of his penis bulging ever so slightly through my intestinal wall, pressing up against my sweet spot and filling my body with intense pleasure despite the pain that accompanied it, and provoking a soft little moan that escaped my lips before I could catch myself. I felt an intense shiver of busty african broad dominated and fucked outdoors running down my spine, realizing that my own body had betrayed me.

He laughed cruelly and pushed even harder inside me as I choked through my tears, the awful pit in my stomach growing. I started to let out another scream, but he clapped his hand over my mouth, stinging my cheeks and stifling my desperate, pitiful cry for help.

He had evidently had enough of torturing me for the moment, and so he began to rock his hips back and forth, slowly at first and gradually increasing in tempo with each stroke. My toes curled tightly as I felt him sliding back and forth inside me, producing a new, incredibly unpleasant burning sensation in my intestines which kept on increasing along with the pleasure-pain as he violated me, thoroughly unconcerned about the unbelievable agony I was experiencing.

"See…that's not…so bad…now is it, Claire?" he panted, his words broken up by hot, staccato breaths that felt warm and sticky on my skin. A sensation of indescribable helplessness filled my thoughts; in that moment, I was nothing more than a toy to him, something to be used and thrown away. I felt so utterly degraded, vile, and disgusting from being forced to submit to him, suddenly worthless in my friend's eyes except as his prey, his unwilling meal, as he ravenously devoured me piece by piece with every thrust.

I lay still, my cries blocked from escaping my throat, and gave in. I had not a snowball's chance in hell of stopping him from taking me, and we both knew that, much to his delight.

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and tried to focus on anything else I could to distract me from the horrific fact that my close friend, who I trusted and cared about, was now violently having sex with me against my will. It didn't work, unfortunately, as each time he savagely pounded into me I was pulled back to reality. I choked back another sob as I felt a trickle of blood dripping down from my entrance, and then another. "F- fuck, that feels incredible…" he mumbled.

His breaths were growing more and more labored, and the time in between each thrust decreased with his mounting arousal. I moaned softly against the palm of his hand, out of exhaustion and agony rather than pleasure, but this seemed to excite him even more, and he thrust into me even harder. The pain was so intense at that point that I was seeing stars flashing in my field of view, and I felt certain that I was going to die if he didn't let up soon.

At long last, I felt his cock start to twitch and throb against my inner walls. "Aaaaaugh…oh god, I'm gonna-" was all he managed before his words disintegrated into a series of incomprehensible grunts and moans as he came inside me.

I cried out again and wrapped my legs around him tightly as he furiously slammed the end of my passageway, filling me up with his warm seed in massive spurts. I could feel his juices leaking out of me while he kept going, his orgasm and the speed of his thrusts reaching a fever pitch.

I gasped for air, my vision exploding into a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes delicious stunners have some naughty lesbian fun brunette and big tits his movements slowed, gradually coming to a rest with his cock still buried deep inside, and eventually he collapsed on top of me.

I twitched underneath the weight of his exhausted body, my insides still on fire with an intense, searing pain from the sheer brutality he had just put me through.

He pushed himself up slightly with his arms, and I felt his penis slowly slip out of me with a disgusting slurping sound. Without saying a word, he had the nerve to plant a gentle kiss on my cheek before he stood up, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and walked toward the bathroom. From a distance, I could hear the sound of the door closing and the shower turning on. My mind, having almost completely shut down at that point, began to come back out of survival mode, and the sickening feeling in my stomach returned in full force as I noticed the little pool of blood and sperm collecting between my legs.

I whimpered, my whole body feeling unbelievably sore, as if I had just run a marathon. I attempted to stand, but my strength was so utterly drained from every muscle in my body that I simply fell back down in a painful heap.

For a few moments that felt like an eternity, I lay there, tears streaming down my face, my mind completely failing to process the events that had just transpired. I made another fruitless effort to get back on my feet, when suddenly I felt an intense light-headedness come over me all at once, and the room began to swirl and fade to black as I passed out into merciful unconsciousness.