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Pigtail teen takes a good dicking telsev
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~~~ Shameful Desires. ~~~ It was so early in the morning, it couldn't have been any later than five in the morning. She had fallen asleep early from exhaustian and woke up, desperate for a glass of water. As the sound of her barefeet patted through the extremely large house, she observed the way everything look that early.

Everything had a blue tint, it was still dark, but it gave a sense of peace.

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After she obtained her water, she tried to make it back quietly to her room. Though she wasn't doing anything wrong, she didn't want to uucp xxx shanilioni sexci full story caught. She wasn't suppose to be out of her room. Rose was a beautiful young Estonian girl. A very hard worker, and very sweet. She had the big, innocent green eyes that a young child had, though she was seventeen.

They almost seemed like the color of grass when it's summer, lush. She was considerably short, around 5'1, but she still had legs that went on forever, and had a curve that mimicked her hour-glass figure. Her lips were heart shaped, though her top lip was a little more full than the bottom, adding to the innocent look. And her red hair came to her shoulders. Rose always kept it in a braid that rested on her shoulder. A great deal of the kids she knew and grew up had been sold to pay off a few debts for people you didn't want to owe money to.

Rose had been sold to a Russian man; By the name of Vladislav Mikhailov. He was quite terrifying, thirty one, around 6'2, and had eyes that shot daggers even when he was in a good mood. They were a deep ocean blue, as Rose always noticed. They were so dark, they could easily pass as a dark brown. He always had a five o'clock shadow as if he didn't shave alot, and his hair was always a mess.

So many layers that they didn't blend well together, though it was always hidden by his Ushanka. Vladislav porsche lynn dominates randy west almost never seen without a large coat, he was by far the most intimidating man she had ever seen. And all these thoughts shot through her mind in less than a second as she started coming close to his office, which was also his room. She noticed the door was slightly cracked, but knew in the back of her mind that he wouldn't be up that early.

Rose held her breath and slowly tip toed infront of it, just wanting a quick look to see if anyone was in there. Her heart nearly stopped when she saw him sitting at his desk, and the moment she passed he looked up, making eye contact. Rose started to walk a little faster, hoping he wouldn't be able to guess who it was before she made it up the stairs.

"Rose?" She heard that thick accent ask, as if he already knew the answer.

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Rose took a moment, then backed up and slowly poked her head in the door, "I was just getting water." He didn't look angry, though he wasn't smiling he looked amused.

"Come here." He demanded, giving her the 'come hither' gesture with his finger. Afraid she was in trouble, Rose walked into the room and exhaled sharply, pointing to the glass of water. "I-I was only getting water." "Your fine," He chuckled, motioning to a seat infront of his desk. It was a nice office, it basically screamed 'Im rich.' Rose sat down and pulled her night gown over her knees, it was barely long enough. Hugging the glass tightly between her legs, she looked around.

He was making her so nervous, he was simply twirling a pen between his finger, leaning back in his chair as if he were in deep thought. "You went to bed early last night, something is bothering you?" Rose took a second, but slowly nodded. "N-No, I.I think I've just been under alot of stress. I'm trying so hard." The only thing she was trying was to come off innocent, so he didn't think of anything and would let her go back to bed.

"As am I, Rose. As am I." He leaned forward, the chairs' leather squeaking loudly in the awkwardly silent room, "I'm trying my best to get things done as well. I haven't been to bed yet." Her eyes floated to the corner of the room, "I'm sorry.Are you tired?" He laughed, "Of course.

Though when I'm tired. I somehow think better." "Sometimes when your tired." She began, looking back down into her lap, "Your brain isn't trying as hard.So the things you know.You can unlock better." She looked up into his eyes, "Well.I don't know that for sure, but it seems logical, right?

I have too much time on my hands to think." There was a moment of silence, he then smiled at her, not breaking the eye contact for a moment. "Your a smart girl.Very smart for your age." She looked back down, not thinking it could get more awkward. "And beautiful." It got more awkward. "Thank you." She said rather quickly, not wanting to seem rude. "Hey." She looked up at him, "Come here." He gestured to her once more.

Not understanding what he meant, she stared at him. She was already infront of his desk, what more did he want from her? Rose licked her lips and looked around. "Uhm." He scooted the chair back from his desk, and patted his knee.

"Come here." 'What am I doing.' She must've repeated at least thirty times in her head as she slowly made her way to him, and gently sat on his knee. Her bottom was barely hanging on, she was too nervous to fully sit on him.

Though he felt warm on her bare flesh, she could feel his leg warming her butt. She looked over to him and kept her hands in her lap as he looked her up and down. Inspecting her. "I've heard rumors you look like your mother.

She must've been gorgeous." He stated. Without fully grasping the tone in his voice, Rose knew in the angel smalls busty step sis missionary long rod of her mind what he was doing. She was always the one he was most concerned about. Seeing on how the others were boys, or much younger.

"Thank you.I'd like to believe I look like my mother. She was.Very beautiful." He reached up and gently traced the lining of her jaw, his gloves felt smooth and cold on her face seeing on how they were leather. "Your mother would be proud. And your father as well." He laughed and put his finger to his chin, "I guess if your father was here, he wouldn't approve of me holding you like comiendo el cono de im hija en la manana, no?" Rose gave him a small grin, somehow he was funny.

Somehow up close he was a very handsome man, and his eyes didn't seem so cold. They just seemed curious; Of her. "Your father wouldn't approve of many things.Living in the house with mostly men.Dating. Any of that his precious darling daughter would do at this age.Your not dating, are you?" "No, sir." She said with a breathless laugh, looking away. "I've never.Done that sort of thing." She stated, trying to enter a new topic.

"Oh? You are still a virgin?" The question hit her in her heart, she didn't know whether to smile or cry. "Y-yes, sir." "This is plus!" He chuckled once more, and just like that, his smile dropped like a stack of bricks. His lips parted slightly, showing his perfect row of straight teeth.

It could've been her imagination, but he seemed to be growing closer. "You do believe me when I say your beautiful, right?" "I don't know." She smiled. "Oh, but you must." He pushed some hair behind her ear, she was right; He was growing closer, she could now feel his breath on her lips. He smelled of ciggerate smoke and vodka. Though she did neither of the addictions, her mouth began to water. His thumb kept petting her jaw as he played with her hair, and it slowly made its way to her lips.

He was then gently caressing her bottom lip. Something told Rose she should've expected it, but was completely shocked when he pressed his lips against hers and gently yet satisfyingly moaned.

It was only her natural reaction to be suprised, and gawk. Inviting his tongue into her mouth, she had never felt anyone's tongue on hers before, massaging it. She was not thinking about how wrong it was, but only how good it felt, and the feelings it gave to her in the pitt of her stomach. She knew he was wanting to kiss her, but nothing could've prepared her for what he did next. He pulled back from the kiss, and removed his glove with his mouth, gently and seductively biting on the finger and pulling his hand away.

Once his hand was bare, he touched her face and lips again. "Your much softer than I could've thought." He ran his hand over her shoulder, pulling the strap of her night gown down along her arm.

Her breasts were very perky, and the dress stayed up, not yet exposing her. Her face flushed red, she didn't know if she was ready to be nude infront of someone, but she didn't have time to think it over. He took his bare hand and dragged it up her thigh, and immediatly stuck it into her unmentionables. She inhaled sharply at the touch, and curled her toes at the tingly feeling he was giving her, exploring her virginity.

His face almost became shocked, but still remained amused, "Your pretty wet." She giggled, biting on her tongue, making a long 'Nnnnn,' sound. "Thats embarrassing." She turned her face away, not able to wipe the grin from her face.

She was hoping he didn't read her like she read him. He always watched strap clear bra srx story, and she knew it, but.Could he figure out that he was the man she could see in her head when she lied in bed at night, exploring her own body. It could've been the sense of danger her whole situation had, or it could've been how oddly kind he was for being the man he was.

It made her feel wanted. "Don't be embarrassed," He whispered, "Nothing to be embarrassed about." He pushed his finger farther into her, and it practically glided along the walls of her vagina from being so wet.

His accent made her feel even more hot down there, his breath tickled her ears. "Are you going to let me do this to you?" He ever so lightly licked her ear, "Please dont say no." Not answering him, she moved herself farther up his leg, not feeling awkward about it anymore. Her thigh brushed against his hardened member, he was growing by the second, and it was then she started getting images of him in the nude.

Now she knew how it felt for a man when turned on, all she wanted to do was see him naked. She threw her other leg on the other side of him, so she could have her legs on either side of him, face to face. As he removed his other glove, he kept his other hand playing around in her underwear, he chuckled at her effort. "Your pussy is more wet than before." His disgusting langauge made her bite her lip, it made her want to initiate the kiss this time. She curled her lips around his, wanting to taste him again, wanting that harsh breath of smoke and vodka in her sweet mouth.

Rose took the straps of her pajamas hanging around her shoulders, and tugged on them, bringing them all the way down, exposing her to him.

She was easily a C 38, the perfect size for her body, and the perfect size to fit in his hand. She pushed her lips back to his, taking his hand and placing it on her chest. She didn't want him to just be turned on by the fact she was naked, she wanted him to want her. Want her badly, so badly he couldn't take it anymore.

It had always been her desire. He once again gently moaned through their kiss, massaging her breast rather roughly, satisfying himself. With his free hand, he unzipped his pants and pulled himself out. His pants were making it painful to get an erection. Rose could feel her self brush against him, she felt how thick and big he was, and she wanted it.

And instinctively, she slightly began to grind, still kissing him. His breath became fast paced and pulled from the kiss, "Bed?" He asked, staring her directly in the eye.

She slightly nodded, a little too distracted by the color; Black rim, dark blue fading to green. He carried her to his bed that wasn't too far from his desk, it was a large room, yet everything was so packed together. The second Vladislav lied her on her back, he crawled ontop of her, her legs wrapped around his waist.

He bent down, his face burried into her neck, and licked his middle finger, then dragging it up the lips of her entrance. He put his finger back in place, this time at the angle to thrust his finger in and out violently, stroking himself at the same time.

His tongue trailed up her neck and onto her cheek, she moaned and cooed, her tiny fingers bouncing between his thrusting hand and the top of her pussy. He finally took his finger away from her and planted his hand near her head, his hung down. "Ugh, I'm so hard it hurts." He lightly chuckled, looking back up at her. Rose could feel her juices running down her inner thighs blonde babe turns her rage circuit on onto the bed under her.

"You can. Put it in if you want to." Her voice was quiet, almost questionable, very innocent. She kept one hand on his shoulder and the other on her leg, she didn't even try, she knew she couldn't give herself the feeling she had just gotten from him. He smiled down at her, she knew he was planning on it the whole time. He positioned himself between her legs and aligned his hardened manhood with her virgin flower, and started out slow.

She moaned with every inch it made and began feeling pain after three inches, though she tried her best to keep in the groans. After all eight inches were in, she could tell it was the worst pain she had ever felt, but it was suprisingly quick. She started to feel better seconds after he leaned down and parted her lips with his, shoving his tongue into her mouth as hard as he could.

Though he became sloppy with his kissing, it made her even wetter. Her virginity squeezed his cock tightly, but it felt so good. He bucked hard against her hips, this is where she felt his real strength. He was exactly what he seemed, so very strong and rough. He had no regards if it was hurting her or not, but he wasn't stupid; He knew she loved it. She moaned and dugg her nails into his shoulder, throwing her head back into the pillow as far as it'd go.

Every single nerve she had was jumping for joy, she began grunting small grunts instead of moaning. Burrying his face into the crook of her neck, he moaned, it almost sounded like a growl, "You like that?" He asked in a whisper, just loud enough for her to her.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes," She repeated what seemed like a million times. They became fast paced breaths, and she dug both of her hands into the pillow under her head. He sounded so animalistic when he had sex, it made her want him even more.

After a few minutes, he lifted his head up from her shoulder and lazily rubbed his nose on hers, "I think I'm about to cum." He whispered. Rose closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip, "S-Say that again." She managed to say through her breathless moans. He picked up the speed, grinding harder than he had been the whole time, very enticed by her wanting him skinny teen lola fae sucks off and gets banged by big cock say dirty things to her.

"I. I think I'm about to c-cum," He panted. Rose let out a series of small gasps, and he could feel her finish before him. The contractions of her still wet pussy sent him over the edge, and he came inside of her. After a few seconds he pulled out of her and kissed the bottom of her ear. He layed himself beside her, too lazy to take his left leg off of her.

The all nighter didn't seem like such a good idea now, he wished he had the energy to go another round, as did Rose. She hadn't felt that close to someone in a long time, and he refused to let her go. He fell asleep within minutes, half of his body still on hers. Not that she was complaining.

--- Sorry if there are any spelling errors, this is my FIRST erotic story, and it is, (Or was if your reading this later,) 3:53 am as I wrote this.

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