S babe returns the favour john fantasy

S babe returns the favour john fantasy
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ok so let me start off by saying i never liked school and that my worst class was home economics because my teacher Mrs.Garner was a real bitch she was maby 39 -43 years old and she always yelled at me either for talking or getting up for stuff so i dident like her at all. One day i had got up for water and she yelled "Sit down and dont get up for the rest of class!!!!!!" i tried to say it in my head but i dident i said what the fuck?

she heard me and said good ill see you during the Staff and student basketball game which was today oh great im gonna miss that now and that was it i had lost my mind.after lunch every1 was suspose to go to the gym and i was gonna try and sneak in but noo she was at the door looking for me "wtf" She said "great you tried and skip ill see you after school" omg i thought i wanna kill this bitch!!

So now im the only kid in class in the whole school so she said follow me we were going to the class and so i thought great i can get her here.

I automaticly knew what i was gonna do i was gonna RAPE HER!

Now Mrs Garner was not a ugly teacher in fact i always thought she was kinda like i a cougar i would fuck but never tried cause she the lovely ashley gives him something sweet to taste a bitch she had big boobs a round ass and that was all i needed to see to get a bonner in class which always was a pain for me because i would say i have a huge penis for being 15 i had a 9 1/2 inch cock 3 inch wide so it would always press against my jeans and bend sort of.

Now being that big the girls in my school couldent take it anywhere the only girl i managed to fit half in was my ex girlfreind and i hurt her man was she real tight. So anyways we got to her class and she always had her door locked so i said great just perfect i double checked by closing it on me fast she said are you stupid you know this door locks when it closes get in here and sit down at your desk.

I said "uhhg ok" i sat down and she said ill be right back i have to find sumthing for you to do a minute later she came and said come here and move this box to the closet i followed her with the box into a pretty big closet with 1 door and no windows i said heres my chance i droped the box and shut the door.

"Hey what do you think you doing" i said "shut the fuck up bitch" and i punched her right in the mouth she fell down she said "now your fun at the beach and to jail you little fuck" she tried to get up and i kicked her in the stomach really hard she dident move just layed there and started to get up i got behind her and choked her but not hard just so i had controll of her i told her if she yelled or tried to leave i would kill her.

i asked if she heard that she nodded i say good and with that i took ducktape and put it over her mouth and around her wrists behind her back her feet were still free and i dident want her to kick me so i tied one to a sturdy shelf in the ground and the other to a pole.

i stood up and i saw her there crying in her jeans an a sweater trying to hid her big boobs.

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i said ill be right back i left the closet and went to shut the lights off and shut the class room door in the sewing room i got some sizzors and some clamps the reall heavy dutty 1's that hurt and clamp shut yea those 1's. i got back in the closet closed the door and locked it.

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was friday and after the game every1 goes home and the janitors dont clean untill saterday cause of the basketball leauge that plays here so now i had her all to my self. i got between her legs on my knees and said your going to pay for putting me threw all this shit this year she started to cry againg as my hands wonder all over her boobs and ass i took the sizzors and cut up her pant legs up to her pussy and cut up her waist so she only had on a thong i said wow your a bad teacher haha i said i started to cut her sweater and i took it off and saw her bra and those huge tits of her i auto maticly got a stiffy and i looked and said hey look who woke up and with that she looked at my pants and saw my huge bulge going down my leg she started to wiggle and scream threw her duct tape i hit her in the stomach and she stoped moving.

my dick was throbing so i took my pants off and my dick sprang right out of my boxer hole she just staired and looked terified i said yea its big aint mom sex with her son i asked if she ever have a dick like this befor she shook her head no?

wow this should be fun with that she started to scream again.i decied to hurry things up i had to get my bus so ripped off her thong and staired at her nicely shaven pussy i got down and ate her out for a minute to get the jucies flowing and get her soaked i heard her moan once and i said so you like this she shook her head no i said i dont like liers your gonna pay.

i took off her bra and saw her nipples rock hard yep you like this so i took the clamps and put 1 on a tit she started to scream and cry and shake with pain i said 1 more and put the other one on her tit. she calmed down but still crying. i looked at my watch it said 2;40 damit school gets out mom and san xxx orjinal 3:00 i gotta hurry so i took my cock and position it at her pussy and with no remorse shoved 5 inches in her pussy the first push shell screamed again i pused harder and got the whole 9 lexi cop and police tease the mummy cops asserted their authority over inches in her pussy damm your tight have u had sex in a while she shook no well this should be fun for both of us.i fucked her for about 5 minutes and said i wanna try sumthing and i turned her over on her stomach after tighting all the straps i could tell she knew wat as coming i was gonna fuck her ass.

she screamed and wiggeld but couldent move at all i found some lotion in the closet and sprayed a huge glob on my hands an got it warm and i lathered some on her ass and her ass hole and my dick i stuck a finger in her ass and then 2 then 3 she was in pain so i aimed my cock in her asshole and rammed 5 inches in her in 1 push dam was that tight i pushed harder and got the whole thing in there uhhg i fucked her for a couple minutes and saw the lotion and blood mixing on my dick gross i speeded up alittle and got close and blew up her ass with my cum the most i ever cumed before i pulled out and saw the mixture of blood cum lotion and a little shit i went to her mouth and took off the tape and said open your mouth she closed it and shook i hit her in the face she opend and i shoved in there getting half down her throat she gagged and almost barfed with the tast i said clean it she licked it clean i got dressed an the the straps she just layed there crying blood and cum leaking out her ass and she wasent moving i made sure to throw all the evidence away but forgot to clean her up i figured she would and with that i left and got on my bus threw the back door so no 1 could see me come threw her room.

over the weekend i was freaking out waiting for the cops to show up and arrest me or somthing but no calls knocks on the door and nothing on t.v. so on monday i walked in school a little worried if she dident die or somthing and i got to her room and i saw her sitting at her desk smiling and saying goodmorning please sit down walked over to Mrs.Garner and asked how her weekend was she said good how was yours i said good she smilled and winked at my athe end of class she stopped me and said "could you stay after school to help clean the closet"?

i then knew what she ment as she grabed my cock and said that is if you are interested i was shocked and said well ermm uhmm O.K ill stay she said good make sure you locke the door when your here?