Raunchy orgy session with three hot babes

Raunchy orgy session with three hot babes
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Fbailey story number 654 My Dress Is Too Short Dad told me to get showered, shaved, and to put on clean underwear. He told Mom to basically do the same thing but to put on the dress that was on her bed. As soon as Mom came down the stairs we got in the car and Dad drove off. Mom fidgeted all the way.

Just before we got there Mom said, "My dress is too short." Dad laughed and said, "You're just telling me this now. You agreed to wear it." Mom said, "That was before I knew that my son would be looking at me." Dad just laughed harder. Soon we parked the car, got out, and headed down the street.

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I watched Mom pull at her dress to try and lengthen it. It didn't help. I could still see her bright white panties. Well, at least a little bit of them. She was wearing thong panties, the kind with a slim strap running down her crack and holding the bottom edge of triangular patch of cloth over her pussy.

We got to the house and were greeted by a nice couple that took Mom away. They sent Dad to the basement and they handed me off to their daughter Cassandra. Cassandra took me over to the stairs and told me to sit on the lowest step.

She told me that I would have the best view possible. She said that all of the women were wearing dresses much shorter than they normally would. I looked at her short dress and she then told me brad knight banging megan rains tight pussy she wears her dresses that short whenever she can. I did have the best seat because the bathroom was on the second floor and the women were required to drink eight ounces of wine every hour.

Yes, every hour. It was my father's job to collect the empty glasses and hand out the full ones. There were six couples, then there was Cassandra and I.

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As each woman passed me Cassandra would say, "Hello Mrs. (insert name here). Would you please raise your hands up over your head for my friend here." Each woman would get fairly close to me and then lift her arms up high causing her dress to ride up to the top of her panties or higher. After a full minute they would lower their arms and climb the stairs to go to the bathroom. When Mom approached us she knew what was expected of her.

Mom lifted her arms to let me see her panties. Lots of pubic hair was sticking out of the leg openings.

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But the best part was that Mom's panties were tucked right into her slit just about as far as they would go. Only a moment before I had watched Dad's hand on Mom's pussy. In fact he was smiling at me when I looked over at him.

All of the women had on the same panties just in different colors. Cassandra was required to drink a twelve-ounce can of soda every hour. Whenever she had to go to the bathroom she would lift her arms and gyrate her pussy right into my face.

I could smell her sexual arousal getting stronger as the night wore on. At midnight I found out why I was there. Cassandra and I were both virgins and we were about to remedy that in front of our parents and their friends. Their swinger friends. Cassandra got up on a stage in the basement and peeled off her clothes in a very sexy manor.

There were bright lights shining on her. Dad pushed me up onto the stage where Cassandra helped me out of my clothes. She whispered in my ear, "After you fuck me, you get to fuck all of the other school girl sex stories sexi vi here including your mother and my mother.

While you are doing that the men get to fuck me, including my own father." When I was naked she practically pulled me down to the stage floor on my back and then she inserted my cock into her pussy. As she thrust up at me she whispered, "Could you ever have dreamed of a more sexy way to loose your virginity?" As I thrust down into her harder I whispered, "I get to fuck seven different women in one day including my own mother." Cassandra laughed and said, "Yes!

Things are definitely going to be different around your house after this." I asked, "Does this make us a couple for swapping purposes?" Cassandra shouted out, "YES!" as she had a very good orgasm and as I started firing gobs of cum into her pussy. When we had recovered her parents joined us on stage. Her mother was already naked and she started sucking my cock to get me hard. She said that she wanted it from behind.

I held onto her hips and jammed my cock into her wet pussy. I looked over to see Cassandra's father fucking her from behind too. He had pressed Cassandra's face and breasts into the wooden floor and he was viscously fucking her. He finished before I did and they watched me fuck her mother until I had cum.

Next my parents got up on the stage. Mom sucked me hard and told me that I didn't have to cum in every woman as long as I fucked them all for a while. Then Mom said that I could cum in her any time that I wanted to at home.

So I fucked Mom until Dad had finished fucking Cassandra. After that I watched four more men fuck Cassandra while I played around in their wives pussies.

I did cum in two of them though. Since it was a Friday night or more precisely Saturday morning, I got to stay with Cassandra in her bed until late Sunday evening before my parents would come and get me. School was still in session so I really had to go home. Cassandra was like having a wife or a girlfriend.

I could go over and fuck her just about any time that I wanted too. I could also fuck my mother any time that I wanted too.

Then of course once a month we went to the club meetings where I got to fuck the other women in the club. Cassandra would accompany me to my school activities and I would attend her functions too.

We did our absolute best to make the other look good in front of our classmates. In my case Cassandra let me feel her up in front of the boys and she praised my bedside manor to the other girls. She strongly suggested that they give me a try. At her school I was the perfect gentleman. I made sure that her reputation stayed intact. She did not want them to know that she was into wife swapping and that seven men had fucked her the day that she lost her virginity.

Things did change at home. Mom ran around in sexy nighties during the day and in secxi xxx story black guy hurs at all after dinner. She was ready to have sex with me just as soon as I entered the door after school.

She did the same thing for Dad too. She kept us both very happy. The End My Dress Is Too Short 654