Super beautiful blonde hottie gets paid for public nudity and sex

Super beautiful blonde hottie gets paid for public nudity and sex
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POV: Kate I awoke and suddenly licked my lips. 'I had sex with Rose,' I thought, rubbing my face slowly. 'I committed incest and cheated on my husband with my sexy daughter,' I thought before I lazily leaned up. I peeked over to my left side and bit my bottom lip. "I'm sorry that I'm not sorry, Chase. I fucked our daughter and made both of us feel incredible both inside and out. I know you are sleeping right now, but I told you this was happening. I certainly hope Rose doesn't want it to be just a one-time thing.

Considering what great sex we had, I can't imagine she would want it that way though. We had amazing sex, Chase, and rainy afternoon with my daddy edited version both loved it. All mothers and daughters should probably hook up, because Rose and I discovered new connections and they were rock solid too," I explained, pleasuring myself naked.

I listened to the silence and just thought of me having sex with Rose. I also licked my lips nonstop and let out my juice to the bed. I knew Chase could have woken up at any moment, but yet, I just masturbated and made the bed quake a bit. "Yes, eat your mommy's pussy, Rose.

Not because it is hot, but because you love me and would be happy to pleasure me anytime, anywhere." I assaulted my twat nonstop, breathed heavily and just enjoyed having Rose on my mind. "Damn, Rose, you are just an angel wrapped in a witch. My wrist is already hurting a bit, but I'm still going.

You have the spell on me, and there seems to be no remedy for it. I don't want one, but I can't just masturbate. I must have you, Rose.

You are my daughter, and I absolutely wish to get between your legs or have you right between mine. Or maybe we could kiss each other, who cares. I just want you, and I shall have you," I moaned before I went silent. Although, I could still hear that weird slimy sound of my juice as it came out.

I leaned my head back as far as I could and even shoved my fingers into my slit. I shook even more and felt my heart pump quite a bit more. "Shit, I'm crying now, Rose. I love you," I moaned, prior to my pussy dispensing out my lady juice all over the bed.

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My orgasm lasted for over a minute and every single second was a little more pleasurable than the last. I knew I loved her in that way, but of course, then I heard Chase moan somewhat.

I sighed, calmly opened my eyes and peeked at him. "What the hell, dude?" I whispered, shaking my head. "You are just a mood killer; you know that?" I brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked off my juice. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sexual activity, even though she wasn't in the room. I imagined being with her and holding her in my arms too. 'I feel to be in love with her, but with Chase in the picture, there is definitely a roadblock.

I do love him, but this newfound love for Rose is thrilling and killing me at the same time.' I maintained my position for a moment with my eyes closed, but kept her on my mind. Ten minutes later, I calmly came up. "Do I hear some water running in the bathroom?" I pondered, glimpsing at the door. "Maybe you'd like a little mother/daughter bonding time in the shower, Rose." I brushed my lips as I thought about getting in there with her.

I had to glance back at Chase though. "Shit, would it be too risky if I went in there with her while her dad sleeps in here?" I wasn't sure, but I placed my right hand on my cherry. "Crap, I hope I don't regret this," I muttered before I nonchalantly exgf francaise amateur amateurfucktube com tube porn off the bed. I looked back at him for a moment and tiptoed towards the door. I clearly feared that he'd wake up, but of course, he had no idea of what my intentions were.

Anyway, as I made it to the door, I grabbed onto the knob and quietly opened the door. "I'm naked, and I'm coming for you, Rose. Mommy is coming," I whispered, slowly going out the door. I closed it without making a sound, and as I was in the clear, I cheesed and strolled right out the bathroom door. "The cool air is hitting me, and my heart honey gold bathing with a hot black hottie pumping hard too, sweetheart. Get ready for me.

I opened it up too calmly and made my way in there silently. As I got the door closed, I lazily walked towards the shower door. I slathered my lips one more time before I grabbed onto the bar. "I love you, Rose," I whispered before I opened it. "Mom," she whined, covering up her tits. "What are you doing in here naked?" "What?" I asked, coming into the shower with her. "We've had sex, Rose, don't you remember?" I pondered, coming towards her.

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"No, Mom," she protested, putting her hands up. "We can't do this. It is wrong, and we both know it is wrong." I came onto her palms anyway and grabbed onto her wrists. "What's wrong, Rose? I'm just looking to spend some quality time with my daughter.

There isn't anything wrong with that, is there?" She sighed and lowered her hands. "Well, there is when you are looking to have sex with me, Mom. You are married, remember? You already cheated on dad once, but you can't do that again.

It was fine doing when you were just discovering your sexual tastes so to speak, but now that's over. You can't cheat on dad again, by then you'd be having an affair. You can't do that, Mom. No matter how much we might love each other." "So what, you are just cutting me off then?" I asked, backing away somewhat.

"We just had fun with Lil and then went out on a date, so that you can get me hooked? You aren't seriously telling me that, are you, Rose? I've masturbated thinking about us having sex like three-hundred times since our date.

Then another two-hundred from your video. Don't you want to have sex with me again?" I asked, shedding a couple of tears. She bit her bottom lip and looked away. All I could do was give her a little space, but I also shot her that puppy dog face too. I knew it wasn't the ace in the hole, but I hoped for the best. I couldn't help, but to check out her body again as well. "I swear, Rose, you have the best body I've ever seen. That includes seeing a lot of male figures too; you are ravishing, to say the least." "Mom, complimenting me isn't going to change my mind, or magically make this alright.

It is already in a pretty gray area with you being in here with me," she pointed out, crossing her arms. "If you didn't have a sexual attraction to me, then it'd be fine, but you do. I'm not saying that is your fault, but you can't deny it. You know cheating would be wrong, regardless if you did it with your daughter, best friend or whoever.

It is not like I'm going to hate you for trying to get things started again, but yes, I'm cutting you off, Mom. You have my video, so you can pleasure yourself to it as much as you want.

As you said, you have the memory of it too, so have fun there, but I think us getting involved further wouldn't be good for anyone." I angled my head down and shed a few more tears. 'I don't know know what I could say or do to make her feel different, except divorce her dad.

Although, that might have horrible side effects,' I thought before I peeked back at her. 'And she isn't even checking me out, so it doesn't seem like I can sway her.' "I'm sorry, Mom, I didn't mean to mislead you, but this is just how I feel," she confessed, putting her hands up. "What if I told your dad about your video?" "Mom," she whined, shaking her head.

"I don't believe for one second that you'd stoop that low, regardless of how badly you want me. You wouldn't do that, you are like the perfect mom, and your brain certainly wouldn't let you. Although, the fact that the words dropped out of your mouth tells me that sex fairy tales storys sauna teen sex free porn turk kizi otel atmis sikiyor are desperate.

Is that true?" I took a deep breath and lifted my head back up towards her. "It seems so, babe. What if we had sex with Lil again, maybe she'd even invite Maria into the mix? How hot would that be, two mother/daughter couples in a four-way? That'd be steaming, don't you think?" She closed the gap between us and put her hands out.

I took them and then our boobs came together. "I love you for being my daughter, but I have to say, you just rocked my world in more ways than one. I loved our date and positively cherished every single second of it, even during the minutes that weren't sexual.

May I kiss you?" "Fine, Mom." I calmly brought my lips to hers and closed my eyes. 'I'm making out with my hot daughter, she is right, it would be cheating, but fuck, she is intoxicating.

Who could possibly not want a piece of her?' After a moment, we mom with son fucking movies brought our hands to one another's butts and caressed them.

The intimacy was perfect, but I kept thinking at the back of my mind about what Rose said before. As much as I tried to resist, I pulled her towards me and made her press her body onto mine more. "I love you so much, Rose," I moaned while kissing her. "I know, Mom," she said, parting her lips from mine. "That still doesn't make this right." "Can't we have sex one more time?

Just wait until your dad leaves and then fucks each other's brains out?" I pleaded, taking her hands in mine and shedding more tears. "Pretty please with sugar on top and a cherry? I'll seductive glam babe screwed after a massage you do whatever you want with me, and I do mean anything," I proposed, sunyleon sex stories porn bf xxx to smooching her forehead.

"Please don't make this harder than it needs to be, Mom. We had a great date and wondrous sex, no one can take that way, but that's it. If dad ever comes up with the idea of having you fuck me, then fine, but I don't see that happening. I'm sure you could bring it up, but it is still incest." I rubbed my face for a few seconds, backed away and sighed. "What the fuck ever, Rose," I groaned, hitting the wall. "Yes, it would be cheating, but you can't deny that we have chemistry together," I reminded her, putting my hands up.

"Can't you just overlook that I'm married? Just be a little selfish with me?" "No, Mom," she cried. "I can't do that to dad; I love him too." I took another deep breath. "Fine, just don't tell your dad about this then." "That's fine, Mom, I love you." I took a deep breath. "I love you too, but you fucking suck, Rose," I bitched before I exited the shower. I just ran out and didn't even get a towel. I went back into my room and shut the door. "Son of a bitch, Rose," Belting fat slutty ass my sub natasja complained, pushing my back on the door.

"When your mom wants to get intimate, you just do it." I closed my eyes, covered my face and shed a couple of tears too. I tried to comprehend what she said, but of course, my pussy and my heart trumped my brain.

After a moment, I peeked at the bed. "And you are still sleeping, Chase.

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I could have been screwing your daughter just through that wall, and you would have no idea. Damn, I have to get out of here," I said before I just went to my dresser. I fished out a pair of panties, bra, and a sundress as I never dried off. I got dressed very quickly and took a trip to the front door. "I just have to go," I uttered, slipping into a pair of sandals.

Then I went for the doorknob. "Mom?" I heard her ask. My heart felt like it needed to jump out as I bit down on my bottom lip. "Yes, dear?" I heard the floor creak, and then I felt her hand come onto my shoulder.

"Are we going to be alright?" she sobbed. "What do you mean, babe?" I asked, turning to her and glancing at her. "Why are you crying?" "I just don't want to lose you, Mom," she fretted, hot orall service from skinny japanese hardcore and blowjob my hands in hers. "I know you must have real feelings for me, but I just really hope that don't let this be a thorn in our mother/daughter relationship.

You are the best mom I could ask for, but if this becomes a real problem, I'll never forgive myself." I sighed again and calmly wrapped my arms around her. "Of course not, angel. We'll always be a great mother/daughter combo. Nothing and no one can take that away from us." She scooted away somewhat.

"Do you promise? I don't know what I'll do if I lose you, Mom." "Yes, but I have to go now. Just give me some time, that's all I ask." "Okay," she answered before she pecked my cheek. "I'll see you later then," she said before she walked away. I watched her stroll away, but then I skedaddled. I didn't say a word; I just had to leave. "The only place I think to go is to Kate's house.

She knows how I feel towards Rose, so maybe she could make things better for me. I don't know, but my daughter rejecting me is just killing me at the moment," I sobbed, getting into my car. I failed to even say a word on the way there. I just let out tears and kept her on my mind.

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"Yes, she is home. It didn't take long for me to make it here, but it still felt like an eternity. My heart feels like someone stabbed it with a knife, and I need my best friend to make me feel better," I said, pulling in front of her house.

I put the car in park, turned it off and ran to the door. I was breathing very slowly, and then I knocked on the door. After that, I stepped back and looked away from it. "I feel like I lost my daughter. I just don't know what the big deal was, because she clearly sexy tranny fucked big titted blonde shemale on the bed tube porn an attraction to me too" I groaned, placing my hands on my hips.

I waited for a moment, but then I knocked again. I continued to wait and looked in the window. "What the hell? Her car is out here, so where is she?" I whined, prior to glancing at the door. A few seconds later, the door cracked open. "Hey, Kate, what's going on?

Why are you crying?" Lil asked, peeking at me. "I'm sorry for just showing up, but can I come in and talk for a little while?

I just need some time; you aren't in the middle of anything, are you?" "I'm a little busy right now, yes, but you're my best friend, and I can see you are upset, just give me a minute," she replied before closing the door. I swallowed and waited another minute. I rubbed my face a few times and just tried to calm myself down a bit, but it wasn't easy. "Come on, Lil, I need to talk," I grumbled, slapping my hands together. "I'm sorry, Kate," Lil said, opening the door.

"I've just been tied up all day." "Is that why you are in your robe?" "Yes." I came in, but couldn't question her much more.

I hurried to the living room and sat down. I still felt my shot nerves, but I fought it as I saw her sit down with me. "What's wrong, Kate?" "Is it wrong for me to cheat on Chase, but with Rose?" She bit down on her bottom and leaned her head back.

I could already tell it was a loaded question for her, but I need to hear her wisdom. "Well, I don't know, Kate. That is probably the grayest area you get into when it comes to cheating. You already love Rose, and she loves you, but I think if you did want to be with her, you'd have to tell Chase," she mentioned, placing her palm on my leg.

"I was with you two at least once, and I could definitely feel the connections with you two. This is why you are crying though?" "Rose rejected me; she thought it would just be wrong for us to get involved.

She didn't want to do that to her dad." I had no idea what would fall out of her mouth next, but I had to wait her out. Although, after a moment, I hit the couch and got up. "You agree with Rose, don't you? You're rubbing your face and trying to hide your smirk." "I guess, Kate," she answered, getting up with me.

"You have to respect her wishes, no matter how hard that might be," she reminded me, taking her hands in mine.

"You never know what might happen down the line. Something could happen, or maybe you could just tell Chase that you want to have sex with her. Although, just asking her to do it while you are still married and under Chase's nose seems to not be in the cards.

Maybe you need to give her some time, but I don't think you should lose hope." "I want to believe you, but why, Lil?" "If you love her that much, then it will happen. Shit happens in mysterious ways, so keep hope, Kate. You are my best friend, and I want you to be happy. Besides." "Besides what, Lil?" She stayed quiet for a moment, but then I heard the floor creak behind me.

"Mom, I'm getting lonely without you, are you going to be talking to Kate for much longer?" I heard Maria ask. "Just a few minutes, honey. Kate is going through something right now and needs her best friend's ear, I'll be back shortly," Lil answered, peeking over my shoulder. "Okay, Mom, I'm sorry, Kate, I didn't know." "It is alright, Maria," I said, glancing back at her.

"You are pretty much my second daughter." Maria waved to me for a few seconds and disappeared. "What's with her, Lil? She seems a little anxious to spend quality time with you. Was she just in a robe too?" She calmly brought her lips to my right ear. "I'm having sex with Maria," she whispered. My pussy suddenly became wet as the thought of Maria and Lil having sex.

I failed to utter a word, but my tongue did the talking as it started to drench my lips regularly. Then she brought her head back and looked at me. "Really? You are hooking she want a double penetration and a cum shot with your daughter?" She nodded, and then she undid her robe.

"I've been naked all day, and we've been fucking nonstop." "Mom, you shouldn't just show her the goods," Maria pointed out, coming into the living room. "I'm sorry, sexy lady," Lil said, picking up her robe. "We at least have to wear robes when we have company," Maria stated, coming towards us.

She put it back on, but then Maria met her mom right in front of me. In the span of five seconds, gorgeous babe dildoing and fingering her pussy wrapped their arms around one another and pasted their lips together. My jaw nearly dropped off my face, and I immediately felt my juice flowing down my legs. "Holy shit, you two are kissing each other passionately, and even using tongue.

Fuck me, is this for real?" After another moment, Lil's lips parted from Maria's. "Yep," she mentioned, getting behind Maria. "I'm fucking my daughter, Kate, and having a good time doing it. You could say we're really taking our mother/daughter relationship up to some sexy new limits," she explained, bringing her hands to Maria's breasts. I just viewed them for a moment as I drooled a bit. I couldn't formulate words, because I was just stunned. "Surprised?" Lil pondered.

"Yes, Lil, you are feeling up your daughter right now." "I know, Kate. Would you like me to take off this robe so she can do it on my bare tits?" No one said a word, but my eyes widened as much as they could.

I felt to be in a dream all of a sudden, but yet the sight in front of me seemed to be real. They were, in fact, hooking up and had that same chemistry I had with Rose. Then I just had to sit down and try to process the whole thing while staring at ardernt cocksmoker gets a ride girlfriend homemade floor. Whether I liked it or not, Lil was screwing her daughter, and I couldn't figure out on how to screw mine.

After a moment, I heard more kissing sounds. "Holy shit, you are intoxicating, babe," Lil moaned while kissing Maria. "I know, Mommy." I had to peek back at them and watch. Even with my eyes wide open, I just saw Rose and I making out as passionately as possible.

My pussy flooded and my entire body vibrated only from the scene set in front of me. "Yes, kiss each other as mothers and daughters shouldn't," I muttered, calmly letting my right hand into my shorts. I was sure they heard me, but they just kept making out. Lil and Maria both rubbed one another's faces and arms nonstop for over five minutes. I felt my soaked pussy and scrubbed it myself even with my shorts and panties still on.

About four minutes into their make-out session, I saw Lil grab onto the sash of Maria's robe, tugged on it for a few seconds, then her robe opened up. "Fuck me; I can see your pussy now, Maria." They kept going at it for that last moment before Maria let the robe off entirely and then her lips came off her mom's.

She peeked at me and slathered her lips as she viewed me with my hand down my shorts. "I saw Rose's video, Kate," Maria let me know, lowering herself to her knees. "I must say, you have one sexy daughter. How was your date?" she asked, positioning her palms on my legs. "What?" I questioned, glimpsing at Lil. "Did you tell her everything?" "Kate," Lil said, getting right behind Maria. "We have to talk about something when we're not having sex.

We should also tell you that her video is kind of responsible for us hooking up." "Yes, I never thought of my mom as a sexual woman, but I walked in the door when she was masturbating. Anyway, let's just say I saw her pleasuring herself to Rose's video, and I developed a crush. One thing led to another, and we've been going at it nonstop for days now. We definitely know how to please each other. Even though we haven't been together for very lewd japanese needs a knob hardcore blowjob, we've unmistakably sparked some real sexual chemistry and have a much better relationship already," Maria explained before she took my hands in hers.

"I've eaten my mom's pussy over twenty times now, and every single time I do, I feel like I'm connecting to her soul. I've never had so much fun having sex with someone before, so I can imagine how you feel. Rose is a beautiful woman, and she loves you, so give her some time. If you like her in that way even half as much as I like my mom like that, then she is worth waiting for, Kate. When you get the chance, I certainly hope you take her around the world.

Make your daughter feel like she is the only person in your life because that's what my sexy mom has been doing for me." "You didn't reject her though." "Maybe you just need to get your mind off her," Maria suggested, calmly snagging my hands.

She slowly brought them over to her melons and lazily covered mine with hers. "Oh, I think you like that, Kate: feeling your goddaughter's tits.

You are one sick chick," she said, caressing my hands. I glared at her breasts and heard the floor creak again. I knew they were moving somewhat, so they were planning something.

I couldn't listen to them saying any words, but I was confident that they had some mother/daughter communication. "I guess we'll have to thank you for increasing the lady juice aroma on the couch, Kate," Lil mentioned, reaching over to my boobs. "And thank you so much for getting our wheels going, because this hot piece of ass is quite a delight. I'd seriously be happy to stop dating, and stay with her." Maria's head slowly turned to Lil.

"Are you serious, Mom?" "Yes, sweetheart," Lil answered before she kissed her daughter. "You are drop dead gorgeous, you love me, and you clearly love the whole incest thing too." Maria suddenly turned to Lil and took her hands in hers. "Are you sue, Mom? I mean, could you just be on a high right now? All we've been doing is having sex and talking about us for the past couple days. I'm surprised we both can even walk, but you do want me to be your serious girlfriend?" Lil kissed Maria.

"If you'll have me, babe. Of course, doing it with Rose and Kate was amazing, but you are my daughter, so you pounced on them. What about you though, Maria?" Maria turned around, and they both let their hands go onto one another's butts. 'Well, seeing them go through this is making me feel a little better.' "Well, if you want me, Mommy, then have me, because you are the best mom there is.

I've never been with another woman, but you've officially made me better than a whole new woman. I love you more voyeur guy fucks both her gf ava taylor and stepmom lisa ann I could ever describe," Maria cried before kissing Lil again.

They made out as passionately as I could imagine, and I could tell that they loved each other. I found myself speechless though because it seemed out of this world. Their boobs went against each other, and they scrubbed one another's butts too.

"Fuck me; you two are unbelievable. You two are going at it as I've never seen before. I wish you two all the best, and I will definitely keep your secret," I said before a pause. "I'll leave you two alone now," I let them know before I got off the couch. "Wait, where are you going now?" Maria pondered, peeking at me.

"It seems like you two need some time alone now," I answered, nodding. Maria stood up with me. "Yes, but we're gonna have nothing, but time alone, Kate," she corrected me, taking my hands in hers. "You've been a great godmother to me, so let us let us make you feel better." "By doing what though, Maria?" Her hands calmly made the trip down to my shorts, and she immediately began rubbing my crotch. "How about you get naked and find out?" I checked out her hooters for a few seconds, but then I glanced back at her lips.

"May I kiss you first, Maria?" She nodded and calmly undid my shorts. I instantly shook somewhat and felt my snatch let out some more juice. My feet also began tapping the floor frequently. I slowly leaned towards her, but she backed away. "Before you kiss me though, you need to put your hands on my butt or my jugs. It is your call for which spot, but you have to pick one." "Fine," I groaned, letting my palms on her butt.

She angled her head down slightly and blinked a few times. "Oh, those are beautiful eyelashes, Maria." We stared and smiled for another minute before I calmly leaned back to her. I closed my eyes and gently pressed my lips onto hers. We kissed each other rather slowly for about twenty seconds or so, but five seconds in, she let her hands onto my butt too. 'You have a great daughter too, Lil.' Her lips parted from mine. "How was that, Kate? Are you feeling alright, or do you think you might need more?" "The second one." "Good," she said, nicely grabbing onto my top.

She got it off me and pushed my shorts down. I stepped out of them and stood in just my undergarments. "Well, Rose evidently gets her beauty from your side of the family," Maria commended me, nonchalantly bringing her hands over to my back. "Wait," I objected, grabbing her arms. "What about your mom?" "Don't worry yourself," Lil mentioned before kissing me. "My daughter horny jewels and her tutor alexa have steamy lesbian sex a handful, so you prepare yourself for a bumpy ride." I peeked back at Maria and then she unclasped my bra.

It camryn kis wants to kiss your cock then she want to the floor, and so did she. I had to look at her again as she made eye contact with me once again.

She gradually grabbed onto the side of my panties and brought them down. My figure rattled the whole time, but then I stepped out of them. Maria rose back up with me. "Kate, you are naked," she mentioned, examining my body. "And I certainly love this side of you." "Thank you," I muttered, grinning. She put euro teen outdoor and cute strip tease hd the booty drop point km outside base hand out.

"Let's go to our bedroom." I real slutty girlfriend cum facial amp cute busty babe always swallowing and big boobs it, and we all rushed our way to the bedroom. I couldn't help, but to cheese. My slit leaked out juice like a fire hydrant, and my heartfelt to be bigger than ever. Even as I was still feeling sad about Rose, I loved the scenario I found myself in at the moment. As we got in there, I immediately sat down.

"I never thought of myself as a woman that would do this kind of thing." "Good," Lil mentioned, sitting next to me. I glanced at her, and she swiftly brought her lips to mine, and she grabbed onto both of my thighs.

I couldn't help, but to bring my hands to her breasts. I squeezed them slightly, and closed my eyes, but then I felt some fingers on my twat. 'Am I really getting involved with a mother and daughter right now?' I thought before opening one eye to confirm Maria was finger fucking me. I felt great physically, but I had to part my lips from Lil's. "Just please don't Rose find out about this," I pleaded, going back and forth between them.

"Even if I do have to wait for her, I don't think she'll like this, and I might just blow it to be with her again." "We understand, Kate, there is no need to be worrisome," Maria alerted me, bringing her mouth towards my left boob. Lil placed her head on my shoulder and watched her daughter open her mouth. My nipple entered Maria's mouth, and she immediately began sucking on it.

"Go ahead, place your hands on the back of her head and let her know how much you appreciate her pleasuring, Kate. Pretend it is Rose if you want, I'm sure Maria won't have an issue with that, but enjoy the thrill," she whispered before a pause where she wrapped her arms around me.

"Oh, I can tell you like that, because I recognize that face. Trust me; I know just how good she can be, so don't even fight the urge to go nuts. Just let that freak flag out and let my drop-dead gorgeous daughter please you." Although, then Maria's mouth drifted off my nipple. "Mom, you think I'm that beautiful?" "Of course, babe," Lil answered, getting down on her knees with her.

They kissed once before Maria let my nipple back into her mouth. As she did, Lil pressed her breasts onto her daughter's back, and I even noticed that her hands made it to Maria's slit as well. Of course, that gave Maria the idea to let her fingers onto my pussy too.

"I know I'm biased, but you one extraordinary sexy woman, Maria. Why else would I propose that we be a real couple, sweetie? I want to get between your legs for as long as possible. It is steaming hot to see you making Kate feel good, so be the best daughter you can be, and make her cum.

Make her not think so much about Rose, but about exploring her lesbian side. Help her to discover all the sexual arousals she has buried deep inside." "For fuck sakes, Lil," I groaned. "Shut the hell up and take my other nipple." "Yes, best friend," Lil said lovingly before she calmly made her way to it. From one second to the next, I felt a mother and daughter suddenly cheering me up with their mouths.

I never placed my hands on Maria's head before, but as I did the math in my head, I couldn't help, but to let a palm land both of their heads. I still felt Maria's fingers wowing me, but of course, Lil couldn't resist the temptation to join her daughter by placing a couple of fingers towards the bottom of my slit. Maria caressed the top and Lil scrubbed the bottom portion of my lips. "Holy shit, you two are a match made in heaven," I let out, rubbing their heads. I made the bed quake, sweated like I was in a sauna and all of my insides seemed to be draining as well.

Even with Lil's words in my head, I couldn't help, but to fight the pleasure a bit. I twitched as my body tingled from each passing lick, suck and pussy play from them. 'I'm giving the bed my juice, and them my love it seems. I love these two, but fuck, I want Rose so much more. She is my match made in heaven; maybe if I get good enough in bed, I can at least get her to let me sway her.

These two sure know how to suck on nipples. My skin feels it is boiling, but everything inside feels to be cooling down quickly.' That went on for over five minutes, but I managed to keep myself on the bed. Although, then Maria's lips drifted off my nipple again and her lips came up to mine. She kissed, and we made out.

I failed to make any move at all; I just let them take the lead and prepare myself for the ride. "Did you rock Rose's world?" "Yes, the most I could anyway." "I'm sure you made your role as her mom well known and made sure to take care of her needs like no one else ever would." "Yes." "You know, you are quite enticing too, godmother, now why don't you lie down?" I did it willingly, and they both followed me.

Lil's mouth failed to come off my nipple even for a second, but then Maria kissed me on the lips again. Then she made her way down on my body going just a few inches with each kiss. After a moment, I peeked down at her and watched her arrive right at my pussy. I vibrated once again, but then Lil's mouth came off my nipple. She brought her hands under my right leg and lifted it up. She pushed my leg up a bit and made it a point straight at the ceiling. She stayed at my side, kept my leg up and watched Maria lean down to my slit.

She failed to make eye contact with me, and she just let her fingers onto it. She rubbed my lips going back and forth slowly, which enhanced the pleasure. "Oh, you are insanely sexy, Maria." "Don't tease our guest though, babe, she wants to be thrilled, so do it, and she'll be eating out of our hands." "Okay, Mommy," Maria replied before she let her tongue out. It landed down right in the center of my lips, and fucked latina nympho takes a load to the face licked my clit in a single stroke.

"Yes, just like that," I muttered, shuddering around. "Rose licked me like that a thousand times on our date." "If that's already hitting your ceiling, it is going to be an incredibly bumpy ride," Lil warned me before kissing me. "She is dynamite, to say the least." Maria brought out her 'A' game and sped up her licking thrusts. She licked me faster than Rose did, but of course, she wasn't my daughter. That certainly didn't stop me from loving every single second of Maria's thrilling.

As time went on, I shook more and made Lil have to hold onto my leg harder and harder. I closed my eyes and lied back as far as I could. I felt Maria's tongue and fingers making me feel like I was back on my date with Rose.

I brought my hands to my breasts, but my right one was quickly pushed off. I didn't open my eyes, but I was sure that Lil did it because then I felt a mouth come down on my nipple again.

She instantly sucked on it, but rather slowly. "Once again, you two make a great combo, a perfect mother/daughter mix that I love.

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Please, don't stop, not either of you." Neither of them showed any signs of stopping, but I couldn't help, but to beg them not to stop. I just moaned over and over again as I tried to deal with the pleasure. They unequivocally opened up my lesbian side, and there was no closing it.

Feeling the intense pleasure from both of them was mind-blowing. As I attempted to add it all up in my head, I just felt stupid so to speak. I nearly thought that I was in a sexual dream, but I certainly knew this was all real.

"Yes, dear daughter, make this MILF cum. Make her cum like you've made me shoot. Do it not because I'm ordering you to, but because you love your godmother. You love her so much that you want to invite Rose into this bedroom, don't you? You don't just want Kate in here with us; you want another mother/daughter combo in here don't you?" "Yes, Mommy." "Good, young daughter," she let out, placing her hand on Maria's head. "We can be mother and daughter and girlfriends. We can invite Kate and Rose in here if you'd fancy, but I don't think we need anyone else.

I'm sure between the four of us; we can be delighted." "Yes, Mommy." Then Lil released my leg and laid the top half of her body onto mine. Our boobs clashed, and she brought her face within only a sexy blondes get nailed in a threesome of inches of mine. After staring for a moment, she kissed me. I couldn't help, but to bring my hands to the back of her head. We made out like pros for over three minutes, but I had to fight with every fiber of my being not to cum all over her daughter's face.

I didn't want the sex to end, but it had to sooner or later. "Fuck, I do love you both," I cried, kissing her. "Let it out, Kate," Lil moaned, keeping her lips on mine. "There is no shame in cumming before you are ready." I shed several tears and just released my juice to Maria's face.

"Shit!" I screeched, keeping my lips close to Lil's. The pleasure became dangerously more intense with each passing second. My pussy hurt and seemed to burn too, but I still found myself loving it. I could only really determine that it was like the situation with Rose because I loved them. I wasn't sure how long it all lasted, but all I needed was just a few seconds. Just a few seconds where I could let that sexual freak fly and get that prize too.

Although, after the first drop exited my slit, I remembered it was not my dream woman though. "Fuck," I muttered, covering my face with my both hands. I had to imagine it was Rose receiving the juice, but even as Maria did it for me, I still found myself satisfied.

They knew to give me a minute to catch my breath too. "I think she liked it, babe, you made your second mommy cum," Lil mentioned. "Only because I love her just as much as my mommy." "You do, Maria?" I asked, uncovering my face. "Yes," Maria answered, climbing up towards me.

"And your juice too." Lil moved off me, and Maria laid her body on me. She kissed me many times all over my face, and everyone stayed silent the time being.

I let my hands come onto her butt, and I caressed it a bit too. The mattress moved slightly, so I knew that Lil had gotten off the bed. I moved a little hair out of Maria's eyes. "Maria, I just want my daughter so badly." "Don't worry, the best things in life are worth waiting for, Kate," she reminded me before kissing me.

"Now, maybe we can do something else for you now," she said before she got off me. I found myself intrigued even though I still had Rose on my mind, so I leaned back up and saw them both over towards the dresser. "Are you both putting on strap-ons now?" "Yes, but worry, we have some lube for your holes." "Maria, did you say 'Holes.'?" "Yes," she answered as they both came back to the bed. Maria got on my left and Lil got on my right.

I knew what was coming, so I felt the anticipation. Maria let her right hand on my leg. "Kate, promise me that you won't lose faith in getting back with Rose, if you want it that badly, then you can't lose hope. My mom and I firmly want it for you, even though you'd be cheating on Chase," she spoke before kissing me. "Mother/daughter sex is remarkable, so don't lose faith. I know how great it is not just because I've shared it with my mom, but because she allowed me to do so.

You have to wait until Rose allows you as well. Once you do, all the bullshit, waiting and anticipation will be worth it." "Aren't all three of those things really the same thing, Maria?" "Maybe," she replied before kissing me.

I felt the mattress move slightly again, so I peeked over at Lil and saw her lying down on her back. "Go and get my mom, Kate." I smirked somewhat and calmly leaned over to Lil. I kissed her once and placed my right hand on her boob too.

Our lips stayed together for a moment as I reached down towards the dildo. I grabbed onto it, but just squeezed it for the time being.

"You love me, Kate?" "Yes, a little bit." "Good to know," she said before pushing me off her. I smiled, and she immediately came up onto her knees. She put her hand out, and I took it. She peeked down and grabbed onto the dildo. "I love you too, just more than a little bit," she announced, guiding it towards my pussy.

"We both just got pregnant, but vidisex perawan ful sex stories both got wonderful daughters out of it. Although, if we didn't, we could have hooked up sooner or later." "Although, she loves you more than she could tell you," Maria mentioned, pushing me slightly.

As a result, the dildo slid right into my twat. "Oh, fuck yes, that is so much thicker than Chase's cock," I moaned, shaking around. Lil helped herself to my jugs with both hands and squeezed them firmly. She also laid a long string of kisses all over my chest. I had to place both of my hands on her head and caress it as she pleasured me. The dildo failed to move much, but it didn't need to at the moment.

I looked at Lil's face as she kept her eyes on mine. Then Maria even pressed her melons on my back and kissed my neck a bunch of times too. She came to my right ear.

"Enjoy my mommy, godmother. Let your breasts come onto hers and kiss her too." Then we suddenly encased our arms around each other and kissed one another a few times too. Her hands moved down to my butt and brushed it slowly. It might the intimacy go up even more, and I felt the head of Maria's dildo gliding all over my back.

The emotional spike was that was needed, but of course, Maria came back to my ear. "May I?" "What, Maria?" I asked, failing to look at her. She shoved both of us down, so Lil fell to her back. "I want to fill up your other hole, Kate," she admitted, guiding it to that hole.

"I hope you like it," she mentioned before it took shelter in my asshole. napali sex with sister in law shit, Maria, you are one kinky bitch," I whined, leaning down to Lil. "That's my daughter, slut," Lil moaned through her teeth. I angled myself back up and then Maria encased her arms around my stomach. Even in that position, they both were able to start thrusting their dildos in and out of my twat.

I also help to hold myself up and just tried to endure all the physical two lesbians use a new sex toy too. I kept my hands down on Lil's melons and seemed to squeeze them every time I felt one of the dildos go back in one of my holes. Of course, Maria also kept pushing her knockers onto my back as well. "You two are the perfect storm, and I do feel better, thanks to you.

I swear, if I get Rose back in my bed, I'll be in your debt forever. Anything you want, it is yours." "Give us a million dollars then, hussy," Maria giggled. "Okay, as soon as I win the lottery." "Fine, smug bitch," Maria let out, letting her hands down to my butt. "Just for making us wait, I'm gonna do this," she announced before she let the dildo out most of the way and shoved back into my asshole.

"Oh, fuck yes, Maria, that hurts so good," I sobbed. "I fucking love you, sexy bitch. Just keep going now until I can't take it anymore, and spank me too." "Oh, you kinky harlot, Kate," Lil moaned, placing her palms on my tits. "We both love those of quirky women, don't we, Maria?" "What are you saying, Mom, you want to invite other women into this bedroom?" "Maybe, but let's just focus on this one for right now, babe." Hearing them both go back and forth was quite the treat all by itself, so I felt some more tingles going throughout my body.

I felt like I just got out of a pool and my organs seemed like they'd go out at any second. Although, there was no way I was going to stop the fun. I was having a lot of fun, and indeed the only thing that could have enhanced it was if Rose joined us.

I settled for just letting them pleasure me for the time being, but I couldn't get my daughter off my mind. "Are you crying, Kate?" Lil pondered. I instantly wiped away my tears and peeked at her. I blew her a kiss, and she immediately returned the favor. She already knew exactly what the issue was, but didn't ask me to confirm it. She just kept gratifying me along with her daughter and stopped at nothing to make me feel good. "We're getting closer now, Maria, so keep shoving that dildo into her twat deep," Lil commanded Maria, jolting around as much as she could.

"Yes, Mommy, I love you." "I love you too, sweetheart, now more than ever. I swear, I just want to get into your panties forever, Maria. It might have a large helping of incest, but love is the main dish here. I'll treat you right too, Maria. The only way a mother can when she is in love with her daughter. Not just loves her, but is in love with her too." "Okay, Mommy." I bit my bottom lip and attempted to suppress my tears, but their words suddenly make my feelings take a turn.

"Shit," I sobbed, covering my face with both hands. I just started balling a bit, and they both suddenly ceased movement. I just hid my face and failed to communicate with them for a couple of minutes as the mother/daughter combo both maintained their positions.

"I'm sorry, you two," I wept, uncovering my face. "I know you two had the best of intentions, but what you two just related to each other just tugged my heartstrings a little too much," I let them know, slanting my head down. "It is quite alright, special lady," Lil made clear, enveloping her arms around me. "I guess it is fair to say you love Rose just as I love Maria.

It is nothing to be ashamed of, but it looks like you are gonna be in for an uphill battle," she mentioned, caressing bd jhalokhati xxx villag storys com back. "I'm sorry we can't just make Rose want to be with you, but we can offer you this: you may come and see us any time you want. If you want to have sex, or just talk, we'll be here for you, we promise. You are our #1, right, Maria?" "Yes, Mom." I smiled somewhat and then Lil transported her lips to mine.

We made out as lesbian lovers so to speak, and both dildos stayed in my holes. Neither of them moved, but they still made me tense up just a little bit. "Holy shit, Mom, it couldn't be sexier to see you kiss any other woman. My two moms are making out like sexual ninjas and making me hot as hell.

Yes, Kate, come over whenever the hell you want. My mom and I could always use another woman in the bedroom," Maria moaned, pushing her melons on my back. We went on for over five minutes before her lips parted from mine. "Would you like to kiss my daughter, Kate?" "Sure, Lil." Then they both let out the dildos from me, and I gradually turned around to Maria. She took the liberty of placing her hands on my butt and then her boobs on mine too.

She kissed me for a second. "Pretend I'm Rose if you want, I won't deny you that, Kate. Just close your eyes and kiss me now." "Okay, Maria," I muttered before positioning my palms on her butt as well. "I promise, I will always love you," I made clear before I pasted my lips to hers. We stayed close the whole time and made out as passionately as possible too. I did indeed close my eyes and picture Rose. I couldn't help it, but even if I didn't get Maria's permission, I was going to do it anyway.

'Yes, Rose, let your mommy be your woman, just like Lil is to Maria. I want to be your fuck buddy, lover, and mother too. Once you allow me to be all three, then we'll be the perfect couple, just like those two. If you just let me get into your panties anytime I want, I'll easily return the favor to you, sexy woman. I'll do it, even though it means I'd be cheating on your dad.

I don't care, you've been my #1 since the day you were born.' Maria's lips slowly drifted off mine. "You are a wonderful woman, Kate. You undoubtedly deserve to be with Rose if you want her." "Thank you, goddaughter; I guess I'll have to make sure she is comfortable and ready for me first. If you are this confident, then it has got to happen sooner or later." "Well, when you do, you have to bring her over here.

You got to see another mother and daughter go at it, so it is only fair that you show it to us too." "Okay, Maria," I whispered before I hugged her. We all stayed silent for a moment as I felt Maria's body like never before. Of course, it had a sexual edge to it, but it was indeed more emotional and not to so physical. I felt my heart connect to Maria's in a way, but even then, I still had to let go of her. "Would you like to go another round, godmother?" "Yes, but then I have to go." "Okay," Maria said before she pasted her lips on mine.

'Fuck it,' I thought, placing my hands on her butt. 'I'll just call this a half jackpot.'