Gifted brothas smash a stunning brunette up every holeuborion mins

Gifted brothas smash a stunning brunette up every holeuborion mins
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It was my first day at Hogwarts walking through the castle doors. Looking around i saw Jenny, the girl i had sat with on the train. My name is Chris, i am 16 years old.

i am 5'5' and like to think of my self as a decent looking kid. She smile at me and i waved. The thing is i am gay and Jenny was the only person i intended to know about it.that is until we took our seats at the Griffindor table for dinner. i looked up at the professors all sitting in a row.

"Jenny who is that? the one with the dark eyes and black hair?" she gave me a terrified look "that is Professor Snape. He is truly a total Ass. i don't really think he likes anyone. he hates everyone" i laughed and nodded. The professor was really very sexy. I didn't realize it but Jenny nudged me when she caught me biting my lip at his gorgeous body.

"no. you can't. he doesn't like ANYONE.

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First of all i don't want you to get hurt and 2 that is disgusting." i rolled my eyes. We hadn't realized that Professor Snape had used a spell to be able to hear us after he saw me pointing at him to find out who he was and so we continued talking clueless.

The bell rang "what ever i have him first period for potions. i am going to introduce myself. besides. i love a dominant man." i winked and ran off. "Professor Snape?" he looked at me with the scowl he had been wearing all night.

"My name is Chris" i said and he reluctantly (or japan hidden cam toilet xxx he was playing out) shook my hand and nodded. i followed him to class seeing as i didn't know where i was going anyways. i sat down and pulled out my sketch pad. i was a fare artist and wanted to add his sweet ass face to my collection.

slowly i sketched away not really paying attention. i was hoping he would get irritated and hold me after for detention. but he didn't. i continued this patter for the next couple weeks and at that point my drawings had become very intimate. i flipped through them feeling my cock become raging hard.

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"Chris" i heard him call. i quickly closed the book not wanting him to see what i had drawn. "yes Professor" he glared "come here." i began to walk over there when he stopped me "with the book that has had you so distracted.

I am sick of you not paying attention therefor i will confiscate the distraction and you have detention for the next week." I was horrified. detention i could do but him seeing those drawings made me sick.

he took the book and opened it in front of the class he slowly looked at the drawings. he rose his eyebrow and looked at me "After class we will discuss this" he said closing the book. I met him after class embarrassed and scared of what he was going to say.

"come here." he said sternly. his voice already had me hot despite my fear. He did what i your little cock belongs in a plastic cage least expected him nurse peta jensen fucked rough do.

he grabbed onto my shirt and with one hard tug pulled me onto his lap. "what are you doing?" i gasped wanting nothing more than to have him pound my ass as hard as he could. "I don't know, you can't remember any of your sketches?" it clicked that i had been on his lap with my cock bulging out at him in one of my drawings.

he Grabbed my ass with one hand and pulled my hair back with the other standing so he could slam me onto his desk. he bent his head down to my ear "this is what you wanted right. you want me to fuck you? if that's what you want then you will earn it you little Bitch!" he whispered. that was exactly what i wanted. i wanted to be his perfect little slave and i wanted him to do anything he wanted to do to me. "Yes Sir. I want to earn it! i want you to fuck me. please professor!" i begged just like a good little boy should do.

he got on top of the desk and pulled his cock out shoving his dick into my mouth. at that point as was glad not to have a gag reflex. he with out any signs of mercy fucked my mouth with his thick rod (which had to be at least 9.5 inches) whiled i moaned over how wonderful he tasted. he threw his head back letting out a loud growl "take that dick! oh god yes!"he pulled out of my mouth and got off of the desk. he pulled me up and he bent him self over the desk "eat my fucking ass boy" my head was spinning as rubbed my hand on his ass and spread his cheeks.

i dove my tongue to his ass slowly licking his bud.

lapping up his sweat flavor i began to suck on his ass whole which drove him crazy. he screamed in pleasure. he pulled me off of him and i reluctantly and disappointed obeyed him. He threw me to my hands and knees casting handcuffs and restraints to my wrists and ankles so i could no move.

He then thrust-ed his massive cock into my tight ass.i felt my ass rip and tear and yet through the pain the pleasure was able mask it by far. gasping he grabbed my hair pulling my head back "Look at me boy! beg for it! beg for your masters huge cock" again i obeyed only this time happy to do so "please professor fuck me harder! please master! make me your bitch!" he obliged fucking me harder and faster only to pull out as we both shot our loads all over myself.

He kissed me so passionately that i never wanted him to stop. "you are a good kid chris, and thank you for liking me as much as you told Jenny you do.

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I have never been cared about so much" he was holding me so tightly "I love you Professor Snape" his eyes filled with love nodded "i love you too and i will see you in detention tomorrow" i grinned and got cleaned up so i could go tell jenny the whole thing.